So apparently Uma was too much of a tyrant with her pasture mate, so she was moved into another paddock with a newbie : a 4yo BWP named Manolito a friend of mine should end up buying. I need to record him under saddle because his gaits are to die for.

I find those Crosley’s turntables very cute but when I started gathering information to buy one, every single person I’ve talked to or read online all agree that they are crap that end up damaging your records in the long run. I’ve decided which one I want now but I’ve got to wait until my local shop has them back in stock.


7th May 2016 

I guess that as long as they will be on tour I will keep buying records to feel less lonely :’) This wasn’t exactly a bargain, but it’s sealed after all… mmm, should I open it? I don’t like opening sealed vinyls, but what’s the point in collecting them if you can’t hear their beautiful tracks? °^° 

Seventeen Seconds, 12′’ (180gr), “Music On Vinyl” reissue, Holland (Polydor, 2011). Cat. #MOVLP394.