• mom:so what have you done around house while I was at work?
  • me:not much tbh, because I was quite busy
  • mom:busy with what?
  • me:if I told you that I spent a few hours on modifying some pages in CSS, you would say that I did nothing
  • mom:so you actually did... nothing?
  • me:[looks into the camera like on the office]

I spent $55 at the thrift store today and i had a panic attack in the car over it but i also got a whole bunch of stuff, including almost everything I’ve been searching around for since forever, like:
- a waterproofed picnic blanket
- one of those picnic baskets that holds plates and mugs and flatware
- a pair of highwaisted skinny jeans
- a record player (which also plays the radio and tapes and has an aux port!)
-a set of vintage Solo Cozy Cups

And some amazing stuff that I just found and really wanted, like:
- a solid cast iron, red enamel plated Christmas tree stand
- a collection of pictures of San Francisco in the 1880s
- low waisted skinny jeans
- a gorgeous interlocking-style picnic basket

If you can’t tell by now, I kinda hardcore collect picnic supplies

I wanna start a podcast that’s basically a continuing week to week sci-fi/fantasy story but I want to do it in a way that only requires one voice so I can do the whole thing myself but I kind of hate the journal format of supposedly recounting to a recorder everything that just happened to the person even though that’s probably going to be the way it has to be


I got these albums from the antique mall last week. Every time I buy records there the clerk asks if I checked to be sure the right album is in each cover. I always say yes and she always replies, “Because somebody came in here last week and had a field day over there switching albums.” Same words every time. She always says field day.