i’ve been using my baymax phone case more often these days so i thought i’d feature it in a post! 💗 the annoying thing about it is that it kinda blocked the headphone jack, but i rarely listen to music on my phone anymore tbh. i’m going to be changing phones soon so i decided to get some use out of all my phone cases!! i also have 2 midterms next week…….. rip….. 😰

🌸 outfit 1: lace shirt + pink sweater + wide leg pants
❄️ outfit 2: lace shirt + bomber jacket (the store i bought the dress from shut down yesterday?!)


people have been asking me whats going on and why im saying i cant meet jared anymore/go to torcon, so im just going to explain the situation as best as i can, even though im still totally in shock over all this

basically, im a broke ass bitch, and there was no way i could afford going to torcon on my own. my parents dont have money to put towards that (they have three kids, one of them currently in university at what could be considered canadian ivy league)

anyways, my friend - let’s call her amanda - was going to torcon, and her parents offered to drive me and let me room with them for free. which meant all i had to pay for was my convention ticket and small expenses like food, merch, blah blah whatever

all was good and fine, everyone was happy, i bought my ticket and the plan was working out fine

except yesterday, amanda decided that she hated me (to put it simply. im not gonna explain the whole story because its just too long and exhausting and complicated, but im not saying i hold no part of the blame here)

i’ve been working my ass off all summer to pay my parents back for my convention ticket (that was our deal. they bought my ticket before it sold out, but i need to repay them all 715$) but now i can’t even go because i have no way of getting there and nowhere to sleep. i have no adult supervision, and as chill as my parents may be, theres no way they would send me off alone to a city i dont know for a weekend (because, logic.)

i cant afford transportation or hotel. im still working on paying my parents back, and they honestly dont have the money to pay for my transport/room either. and again, lack of supervision, blah blah.

so i have two options left: either find someone who would be willing to let me room with them for free and provide some sort of adult supervision (then, i could maybe find money to take the train to toronto) or sell my ticket

for those of you who dont already know how much this convention means to me, let me put it simply: i was going to torcon to meet jared, the man who saved my life. this convention is the only thing that has kept me going these last few months, which have been some of the hardest months of my life. without this to hold on to, i know i wont make it to 2017. that seems dramatic but its the truth. my only hope has been ripped away from me and i just dont know what to do.

if you can help, please contact me. if you cant help, please just reblog this. it would mean… everything to me. literally everything

thank you.

I like this dress and I like that it was £7 and I like that maybe I will be confident enough to wear it outside soon 

I like that my hair was extra curly and ringlet-y today 

I like that James, my sister, and her boyfriend all came round and we gave each other loads of temporary tattoos, and it was childish and fun 

I like that Clod was in an uncharacteristically good mood today and let me hold his entire face in my hand 

I like that I have a mug of hot chocolate which James bought me because I was a Brave Soldier and went to therapy yesterday 

Your turn!! 

guys…Guys…. okay so i bought a new toothbrush yesterday and used it last night. i left it in my bathroom in the toothbrush holding pot. i go back today and it is missing. my sister and her boyfriend (who i share the bathroom with) insist they aren’t trolling me and also my parents were like what. WHO THE FUCK LOSES A TOOTHBRUSH IN 24 HOURS. WHO. WHERE IS MY TOOTHBRUSH. I AM SO CONFUSED. I WANT MY FUCKING TOOTHBRUSH.

You know that soft smile The Bull seems to show only to the most important people in his life? Well, I felt like putting it down on paper in the middle of the night, even if there are so many other things I should do right now (sleeping, for example). But hey, I had to try the new paper I bought yesterday, so I guess it’s allright :,D. Besides, it is oddly comforting to draw Bull’s face with all its wrinkles and scars …


I really think that black men are starting to get on my nerves now.

I haven’t worn a weave in over two years and I have always worn my natural hair and braids. This time I decided to wear a weave (for going back to college) and my mom bought me some MAC makeup and I wore the makeup yesterday and my hair was straightened and done and I noticed that more black guys stared at me and tried to talk to me. This hasn’t really happened to me before. But I’m really wondering what was wrong with my natural hair, braids and Maybeline/L'Oreal makeup? What was wrong with that.

All I see online is black men complaining about black women wearing weave and wishing that all of us would wear our hair natural and that we should wear less makeup but yet black men still will make fun of black women and their natural hair unless it’s 3a-3c?? I just don’t understand how black men work. 🙄

Accidentally spent half the day in bed so now this whole day is upside down, oops. No regrets though. Still had the motivation to get cute and put on clothes✌This is the skirt I bought yesterday. So pretty, and fits wonderfully, as long as I’m standing up 😂

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