they’re still babies and their dad wants them to play with the big kids

(based on a real story)

Reasons Lukas Waldenbeck will be the death of me:

(Saying this right now, I have always loved Lukas. Yes, he made me angry at times but he was trying to figure out who he is like every other goddamn high school student. These are some of the reasons why I love Lukas)

1. He sought out Philip

2. He kissed Philip first.

3. He gently held Philip’s face to kiss him after shoving him away

4. He pulled Philip back onto the bed to keep him from leaving after shoving him

5. He saved Philip with a frying pan

6. He hugged Philip tightly at the lake as Philip panicked about almost being killed.

7. “I fixed your flat tire”

8. “I’m not supposed to like you this way”

9. “Because you know I like you”

10. “I’ll teach you how to ride the bike.”

11. “Because I like you, idiot”

12. Bought Philip a Polaroid camera 

13. Thought said camera was a Star Wars spaceship(fekin nerd)

14. “Liking Philip, out here, the way I do…”

15. Took heavily drunk Philip home after Rose’s party

16. His world literally stopped when asshat of a father said Philip was leaving

17. “I’m sorry for the things I said about you”

18. Played with Philip’s fingers/held his hand

19. Cuddled with Philip

20. Looks genuinely happy when he smiles now

21. His eyes aren’t cold and distant anymore

22. Wanted to swim and have fun with Philip

23. Didn’t push Philip to go swimming and sat next to him instead

24. Was willing to ride up to the school with Philip on the back of his bike

25. Broke up with Rose

26. He doesn’t want a girlfriend

27. Looks at Philip with lOTS OF LOVE

28. Got bashful when Philip took his picture

29. Complains about 30 seconds being too long(literally me)

30. Kisses Philip neck and head

31. Accepting who he is

32. Literally the perfect boyfriend once he opens up and is less guarded

so i actually got out today and bought a bike so i can feel less trapped, and i like REALLY liked this bike right? I thought it was super cute and like OOOOH yeah oh i just so like it it’s bright and happy and just i really like it

it’s cute right? Until i realize what i did.

i pretty much just bought a hyperion bike guys ( oДo)i didnt realize until i got it home exactly why i must have liked it so much xD wtf ahahhaa oh god i feel like such a tool i love it even more <3 also ignore the dirty garage floor lolol

• Master List •

• Kim Seokjin  •

• Min Yoongi  •

  • Numb ( platonic Yoonmin)
    Angst, Death involved, drubble. 
    words: +400 
    Summary:   Today I was reading about a bike ride in a book I recently bought and you appeared in my mind, when we were young and we used to ride as fast as we can, feeling the wind between our hair, while our cheeks were freezing.

  • We Were Born To Die
    angst, fluffly, Major Illness involved, death involved, sex scene.
    words: +8K
    Summary:   Until now I envy the infant’s carelessness, a child is a perfect creature, unblemished from the world’s brutality, unaware and unconcerned of the wickedness hidden in the lowest and remote angle of human kind.

  • Healing [Collaboration with @bxngtansmut ]
    smut, there isn’t a real plot, sex involved.
    words: +5K
    Summary:   Let’s just do it slowly, one step at a time. 

  • I hate U (request)
    fluffy, light sex scene, angst, internet friends.
    Chapters: 1 || 2 || 3 
    Summary:  For months I searched a guy in vain, I might take it as a game. I bite my lip looking at my computer on the table. A game. I just have to see it as a game. I swallow the water and I put the glass on the sink.

• Jung Hoseok  •

• Kim Namjoon  •

  • His Voice
    Smut, sexting, public sex, kinky.
    words: +2k
    Summary:  The phone’s vibration made you gasp. You looked around, then you took your phone from your bag unlocking it to look at the message you just received.
    “That red lipstick really suits your lips, hon.” 

  • Kinky Cards
    Adultfic, AU, Het, Kink, NSFW, Oneshot, choke, exhibitionism, fellatio, oral sex, alchool, handjob
    words: +8k
    Summary:   “Rules are easy” The blond guy began as he took the cards. “Each suit has a meaning. For example: I took hearts, this suit means “kissing” and it means that the person that takes this card has to kiss the girl, or the boy, that the bottle indicates” He said smirking at you “The number on the card represents the number of minutes each act have to last”.

• Park Jimin  •

• Kim Taehyung  •

  • PlayRoom
    smut, kinky, V p.o.v, tied up, choke,
    words: +2k
    Summary:   She was my favorite, for sure, and I loved marking her. Every mark was something of ours. Every night were hours in which she was mine.Only mine.

• Jeon Jeongguk  •

  • First Time
    fluffy, smut, first time, language barriers.
    Words: +3k
    Summary: You couldn’t deny to have been pretty worried as you heard he was going to visit your city. How could you have talked since he didn’t speak your language? 

Rivendell Appaloosa Customer Review

Every now and then we are fortunate enough to receive a nice note from a customer telling us how much they love their new bike. Below is a recent one. Thanks for the nice words Herb.


(nothing gets five stars in life except for my wife’s cooking- if I still want to keep eating)

Thirty plus years in the trenches within the bicycle business at many, many different levels. Racer boy, mechanic, shop owner, long distance tourer, rail-trail advocate you name it. Now, as a civilian dismissed from the nuts and bolts part of the bike business, I did some things totally bizarre and shocking according to all who know me.

One, I just bought my most expensive bike ever. (I’ve been spoiled with comp bikes and pro deals)

And two, I rejected the never-ending trend of more and more complicated bicycle components and went sort of retro by buying a Joe Appaloosa from Rivendell. On top of that I did it spur of the moment while perfectly sober after reading only one review from Patrick O’ Grady. I normally move into a major purchase with the speed of a glacier.

Let’s cut to the chase. My other four bikes have not left the garage since the Joe arrived. And I’ve somehow found the joy of cycling again which is noodling around exploring this and that in no particular hurry which the Joe allows you to do since its along for your ride and pretty much disappears underneath me.

Yup, I’m the guy with the big grin because:

  • The plush ride from the frame and meaty tires lets me go anywhere short of serious singletrack.
  • The upright bars give me the eyes of a ten-year-old instead of the contorted views of a soon to be senior citizen.
  • I can pretty much work on every part of the Joe with my trusty old tool set thereby saving both time and money.
  • I know it’s bad form to covet physical beauty but damn…the workmanship and detail simply shames the lack of such in the modern wonders of carbon and aluminum bikes.
  • Lest one think the Joe is a slug on the pavement I can tell you it glides along well and I relearned that comfort=efficiency which in turn gives me all the speed I need to ride next to pals on their road bikes as long as they aren’t in the drops jamming.
  • And finally, I went clipless as suggested by Rivendell although truly by accident since my shoes and pedal were unavailable on my maiden ride on the Joe. And whaddya know? My trail shoes worked just swell.
  • Anyone want to buy 2 pair of overly expensive size 10 bike shoes with cleats?

The only nod to modern cycling changes that I made on my Joe was to have Paul Thumbies added so I could use index shifting. That’s cause my hearing is shot and I didn’t want to drive fellow cyclist nuts by being a pogue and always riding between gears. In retrospect, however, the drivetrain meshes so well that I’m positive I could have felt rather than heard clattering if landed between gears.

Yeah, the Joe is no 16-lb. scat rocket but who cares cause I’m not a 145-lb. racer boy anymore. For the first time, ever, I couldn’t begin to tell you how much Joe weighs nor can I quote as per usual the gear ratios, wheel base or spoke brand. I’m too busy riding.

When reading the specs for the Joe and other Rivendell bikes, I found it sort of cocky NOT to list the specific brand and spec of a component at times. Now I get it. Trust them to match up parts that flat-out work and are modest cost to repair and replace. Leave the spec worshiping to someone else.

Herb Clevenger

anonymous asked:

I think freelee new name is stupid. People know her as freelee the banana girl. So dumb to change your channel name. Why not just make a second channel??

FL can do what she wants with her channel but yes I agree with you 100%.

I came up with Freelee spelling(it was Freelea before) and said she should put banana girl as a catchy name for YouTube SEO and she eventually agreed.

Now she wants to be ‘free from me’ so she changed the name I gave her but won’t give me the 5 grand bike I bought her haha.

FL will never be free because she is too addicted to lots of money and getting approval from fake people.

She was country when I met her but now she is LA style.


Accomplished everything I set out to do today. Sold my bike. Bought a new one with store credit at the Pawn Shop. The gears skip and jump on two specific settings, so I’m going to google how to take care of that. Otherwise, it’s a good bike and I made it home just fine on it. 

Mack got to walk and play at Nokomis Park and we checked out the frozen lake. He loved the car ride!

Bought milk and bread on the way home. Treated myself to a soda pop too. 

It’s been a good day. :)

i was gonna do so many things today but i didnt do them, but it feels okay because i biked to Systembolaget and bought beer and then i drew/painted a pretty big and nice thing :) and i made a great lunch 

stuff that happened: i rode my bike to king soopers and bought cans of arizona tea for my tin can sculpture. dad gave me $5 to buy like 2 or 3 cans, but there weren’t any single cans that were the right flavor / can color, so i had to get a 12 pack, which (looked like) was on sale for $3.99. then i went to buy it and the cashier looked like he was about my age except taller. when he scanned the thingy, it said it cost $4.99, because apparently the “on sale” actually meant “on sale but only for people who have a soopercard (king soopers rewards card)”. and plus tax it was more than $5, but then the cashier scanned his soopercard so it would have the discount.

Sitting here wondering

I’ve been trying to figure out why I’m so insanely emotional every time I think about the coming month of March. Then I realized: 

March 2 - final semester begins
March 10 - 4 years since <HE> died (and it’s not my fault) 
March 22 - 2 years since Daddy died 

There are a few other bad ones. 

However, I would like to focus on the positives of March

March 2nd - 2 years at a job that I really do like (although it’s stressful) 
March 2nd - 2 years since I started the best university experience ever~ (although stressful) 
March 9th - one year since I bought my baby beauty bike Hildy. 
March 14th - This will be the first white day that I don’t have to beg/negotiate a man to spend it with me. 

Ok yes march has some particularly painful memories. But if I really think about it, it has some really good ones too. 

March 25th 2016 - sent my first message to the Dreamboat. 

(Yeah yeah we didn’t actually go on a date or even meet until May, but still. First message.) 

Cheer up Meggie. Life is up and down. Make your own sunshine. 

To quote my late Daddy: 

“You’ve got to make the choice to be happy every day. 

So smile when it hurts, laugh when it’s hard.

Be your own sunshine, baby girl, bring the light into your own life.

You can choose to be sad, and get stuck on everything sad, or you can choose to be happy, and focus on the good things.” 

And I would say “Ok Daddy, I will try.” 

And Daddy would put on a yoda voice and say “Do or do not. There’s no try.” 

And then he would laugh. 

let’s all laugh. 

Just 20months ago I started this journey to be a happier healthier Andrew. I had just left living in my favorite city after 4 years, had just ended a relationship, and just lost 2 grandparents.. Simply put I was the unhappiest I had ever been. I was tired of the pity parties and looking at myself and not feeling great. I was a bitter bitch. So I took ahold of the reigns, and set out to find that happy self I missed. Bought a bike. Discovered my love of nature. Most importantly riding gave me time to think about life and my perspective of things. Ive grown a lot in this 20 months and quite proud of it.. this isn’t just a physical transformation, it’s my personal transformation. If you’re unhappy with something in your life, you have to take the reigns and stop waiting for someone to change it for you. Sadly life isn’t a fairytale, but you best bet your ass I’ll be living happily ever after.☺✌

“I just bought this bike yesterday and took it out to ride it today for the first time. It’s much better than taking the bus. On the bus, I feel like I’m being carried by the bus rather than taking it. One time, on the bus, I thought ‘what am I doing here?’ You know when the bus jerks, you’re also thrown back and forth. Even though I wanted to stand still, I couldn’t even though I wanted to, which made me think about it. On the other hand, biking makes me feel alive, because I’m the one who pushes the pedals. Although I was dying when I was riding my bike, I was so happy. I think the same goes for our lives. We should move on our own.”

“어제 자전거 사서 오늘 처음 타고 나왔어요. 버스 타고 다니는 것 보다 훨씬 좋아요. 버스 타고 다닐 때는 제가 다니는 게 아니라 실려 다닌다는 느낌이 들었거든요. 하루는 버스 타고 가면서 ‘내가 지금 뭐하고 있는 거지?’ 라는 생각이 들었어요. 버스가 흔들리면 몸이 이리저리 흔들리잖아요. 저는 똑바로 서있고 싶은데 내 의지랑 상관없이 흔들리니까 내가 지금 뭐하고 있나 생각이 들었어요. 근데 자전거는 제가 밟아서 움직이니까 살아있는 느낌이 들어요. 자전거 탄다고 힘들어 죽겠는데도 너무 행복하더라고요. 인생도 똑같다고 생각해요. 자기 스스로 움직여야죠.”