I was thinking about this page again and it’s funnny because it has three parts:

  • Hinata, sweet summer child, who is just thinking about getting hungry because of all the analyzing he’s been doing on everyone. No bias here. Just improving himself through hard work.
  • Tsukishima who is hyper aware of Hinata and is annoyed at the feeling of having an urge to try harder because of him. (Hinata ain’t even watching you specifically!!! He’s thinking about food!!! Why are you so #extra!!!)
  • Ushiwaka who is watching this scene from afar between the two blockers who were able to block him just a few weeks ago. (The Ushiwaka parts of the Shiratorizawa arc were very MB-centric, so this is really hilarious whether it’s in purpose or not.)

It’d be really funny if Ushi is watching Tsukki who is watching Hinata *u*