In case you all didn't know, the Bruins won the Stanley Cup last night.

This is huge. Like, Red Sox winning the World Series after 86 years huge. 

No, it hasn’t been 86 years, but it has been 39 years. 

Also, we played 3 game 7s in this series to win it. 

Also, we came behind from 2-0 in the series TWICE. 

Also, Tim Thomas got a SHUTOUT in GAME SEVEN of the STANLEY CUP FINALS. I’m telling you, that man is not human. 

So yes, it’s a pretty big freaking deal that we won last night. 


While I bleed black and gold for the Bruins, Bryan Bickell, a left winger for the Chicago Blackhawks, and some of his teammates created a calendar featuring adoptable Pit Bulls. Bickell and his wife, Amanda, created a foundation to create awareness for the compassionate, loyal, and misunderstood breed of Pit Bulls. They work with the Pit Bulls to assist abused children as well. The profits from the calendar go to the Bryan & Amanda Bickell Foundation. As a Pit Bull advocate, I highly recommend buying the calendar, the profits go to a great cause! Go to doggyloot.com to get your own!

The Dragon’s Hole

“The Dragon’s Hole”


My inspiration is entangled,

Strangled, by past shame.

And when has it not?

On ends loose,

Their threads frayed,

Holding onto my immaculate, irrational dreams,

The spoils should I be the victor.

And I have tried, so many times,

To unravel this ball,

Unfurl its secrets,

But with ever knot, untied,

I find, the hues of these threads,

Thickening, and darkening in their tones.

Structurally, they become different,

Deeper, down we go,

Into the dragon’s hole.

Strands of vermilion velvet,

Shape shift to wormwood,

And the tangle, as a whole,

Screams of brambles,

With its thickets, and thorns.

And in my hands I hold it,

Bleeding rose petals,

And black gold.

I murmur, though ever silent,

Of the splendor in this hole.

I can see it glimmer,

And it can hear me weep,

Never can I have it.

And I wish, my pitiful wish,

The one to which we all keep

–Yet never speak,

That I,

That I could hold,

Within me,

What is beautiful,

And not, the silhouettes of me,

I have sold.