Remember the day when we’ve given up
@, exec ..#.q.. . ##.b give you enough
And all of your friends were saying I’ll be leaving you
She’s lying in bed with my t-shirt on
@, exec ..#.q.. . ##.b about it wrong
This isn’t the stain of a red wine
I’m bleeding love
—  Olivia, One direction
Top 5 Lines in Stydia Songs That Fuck Me Up The Most:
  1. “Your mind/It makes me want to know you more/So tell me what we have in store/Tell me everything.”
  2. “These weary eyes will never rest until they look in yours again.” 
  3. “Maybe we could be the start of something/be together at the start of time.” 
  4. “If you’re there I bleed the same/If you’re scared I’m on my way.” 
  5. Possible Bonus: “We waited too long/Now I have to go.” 

Hi! So I’m gonna try and write a multi-chaptered fanfic based on your boys because I freaking love them and I like their story! :D If I have your permission, that is. I already wrote the intro based on some of the comics you’ve made. I hope you like it! I call it Bleeding Heather.

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Like I want to be alive and awake feeling and do some gentle yoga before I sit down to work but at the same time I had a nose bleed between 2-3am and so I might just lay here on the couch for a while and watch kitten videos on youtube. At least until the caffeine kicks in and I rise from my pit of despair like a B rate movie monster.

ruruuka  asked:

y'know I'd make a good kitten? just put a collar on me, make sure I'm all nicely groomed. carve your name into my legs so if I forget the collar everyone still knows. maybe even permanently sew a bow onto me so I always look pretty. or just beat me up and make me bleed. I look nice in red.

sew a bow onto you? that’s boring and fragile, I’ll make a brand special just for you in the shape of a bow and sear it into the back of your thighs. darling I’ll make sure you never forget the collar, I can lock it onto you and swallow the key if need be. my question is whether you purr or moan when you’re hurt. either way it’s music to my ears

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well then you CAN NOT join

let me extract a sample of your beautiful LIFE FLUIDS and maybe i will let you join

no funny shit I’m so ready to get the fuck outta here, eat some w**d gummies and listen to early 2000’s Kylie Minogue until my ears bleed or I remember who I am outside of being a cog in the capitalist machine

If someone shot my brother

The air is heavy with the last breaths of men being drawn in cars

and women holding theirs beside them,


‘I won’t move, officer.’

If someone shot my brother, beside me,

in the driver’s seat

through the window

and I sat, belted, in the same, small, trap

I would want to throw my body over his,

use my hands to staunch the bleeding,

I would not want

to hold a camera

with a shaking hand

my only form of protection

against a world

that will close its eyes anyway.

If someone shot my brother,

I would want

to tear that person apart with my teeth


at least,

bolt at the shot

but they are holding

my baby

and if I die

who will raise her?

who will tell the truth?

her heart must have

been pounding

as his

pumped blood

out of a leaking system

she held a camera

to speak when no one would believe her



don’t matter

#blacksons crying

don’t matter


mothers weeping

over lost boys

(and girls, too, remember the girls,

don’t matter.)

If someone shot my sister,

if she were pulled over

for a routine stop

denied her medication

or “broke her own

spinal cord”

I would never be quiet.

But here I am



not nearly

as afraid

as my sister holding

a shaking testimony

commanded to

sit still

in a hotbox trap,

a gun through a window,

like a hole in ice,


of course, sir, I won’t move


you have my baby

beside me my man is dying

I can’t leave them

though afterwards

so many sisters will leave me

will not bring themselves to watch him die.

If someone shot my sister

I would pour my body over hers

pour words into her ears


I will feel you in the sun

on my head

I will hold mom for you

        and dad

you will be with me in everything that I do

even as her blood poured out

I would pour in promises

to keep her here

but if I could not keep her,

she would go out

in my love,

knowing she was starlight to me.

If someone shot my brother

I would want to hold his hand in mine as he died

to know he took me with him

and I had taken him with me.

But we take people away

where no one can see them

or touch them

where they are far from any one who would

and in the shadows of these,

our institutions,

and the hot, invisible caverns of cars,

we shoot them,

beat them,

leave them

where no on who cares to

is there to hold them

and the person who might

needs her hands

as her man lies dying beside her

and her baby cries in someone else’s arms.

I Bleed
  • I Bleed
  • the Pixies
  • Doolittle

SONG of the DAY - I Bleed ~ PIXIES - from “Doolittle” (1989)

As loud as hell, a ringing bell
Behind my smile it shakes my teeth
And all the while, as vampires feed
I bleed, I bleed, I bleed

Prithee, my dear, why are we here?
Nobody knows, we go to sleep
As breathing flows, my mind secedes
I bleed, I bleed, I bleed, I bleed, I bleed, I bleed

There’s a place in the buried west in a cave
With a house in it in the clay
The holes of hands, you can place a hand in hand
I bleed, I bleed, I bleed

  • Bruce :Do you bleed?
  • Bruce :I bet with that dress 9 out of 10 men would let you get away with anything.
  • Bruce :So you're fast.
  • Bruce :I hear you can talk to fish.
  • Alfred :Have I taught you nothing about talking to people, Master Wayne?