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name? Cristina

star sign? Capricorn

average hours of sleep? 5/6/7 

lucky number? 22

last thing i googled? A cake recipe 

favorite fictional character? Hazel Grace from TFIOS 

what are you wearing right now? leggings and a sweater

when did you start this blog? December 2012 but it wasn’t a haylor blog back then because of the haters. It became a haylor blog in November 2014. 

amount of followers? 3,981

what do i post mostly? Harry Styles and Taylor Swift

do i run anymore blogs? Yes. I also run @after-series, @plockscreensq and @we-live-through-scars 

why did i join tumblr? Boredom lol

do i get a lot of asks? Yep. I hit post limit twice just by answering questions lol

why did i choose this URL? I honestly don’t know…Harry and Taylor are my all time fave couple so I wanted that in my URL but I had no idea what else I could put next to it so I thought of the nickname Taylor had lol

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i want to wrap my fingers tight around your throat. i want you to look at me when you cry, while i push you to the ground and kick and hit you until you bleed. i'll tease you with a blade, and you'll have to beg for me to slice you open 💕

sbdndjsjsbsndnd 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

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Shu how would you react if you had a little sister who just got her period for the first time and she is scared and doesn't know what's happening to her so you have to show her and talk to her about it?

(Let’s name her Mei) The 12 years old little girl was in the bathroom, she hasn’t been feeling well lately so she went there and… a scream. The brothers knew what was happening, she was a lady now, but since all of them didn’t know what to do the ones who had to go were the oldest. Shu and Reiji.

Shu: *knocks on the door* Mei-chan… Are you okay?
Reiji: Mei, please. Stay calm, this is normal for girls of your age…
Mei: I’m not gonna die…?
Shu: No, that only means that you are a lady now.
Mei: ….. What?
Shu: Since now on your body is old enough to have babies.
Reiji: But you won’t until you get married!
Shu: Exactly. Do you understand?
Mei: Yes but… What do I do?
Shu: Take a shower, we’ll get you some pads.
Mei: Pads…?
Reiji: We will explain later, now relax.

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1. Robin Williams is my all-time favorite actor. I’ve looked up to him ever since I saw him in What Dreams May Come [which is one of my favorite movies, btw]

2. My favorite kind of dog are the rib-y ones. Like greyhounds, whippets, and Italian greyhounds. they AR E J US TSoooo cu te omg,

3. I listen to Glass Animals near daily and NEVER tire of it because I bleed that band’s songs and fu c k everyone.

4. I’ve been wedded to someone with a ring pop before. We haven’t seen each other in years and after our ‘wedding’ she smoked a Smarty [the candy. yeah ik]

5. I identify people in colors, so if I know you well enough I can probably tell you what color[s] you are in my mind.

6. I tried to stop drop and roll in the shower once. Most of my mutuals have heard that story before.

Bleed You

I stripped myself
….of everything
…every branch….every leave
every want…every need
…everything except you
…you are the roots to my…
for you I see…I bleed
I breathe….
I believe…you infuse my spirit
you reach my soul
you fill my incompleteness
you render me whole
you can leave me…walk away
but you’ll never leave me
inside me…you’ll always stay
I cannot shake you…
I’ll never forget or forsake you
I won’t ever cast you aside
you are living…breathing…
heartbeats beating….inside
I bleed….you

FollowCB | Chris Bartlett I Copyright 2016

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Break me- Snowbaz? Bc I need some angsty Snowbaz rn Love your stuff😊

Wow hi sorry this took me like ten years to respond to!! THANK YOU! hope you still need this haha :)

One. Two. One again. Two. Two.

I don’t bleed as much as a human would—I don’t have enough of it to spare–but my knuckles are cracked and pink by the time Fiona comes out of her bedroom to find me in her kitchen, attacking the punching bag she’s got out there.

We’ve made fun of her for this before (who keeps a punching bag in their kitchen, honestly), and she’s always just rolled her eyes and said “I’m a single woman living alone in the city. I have to stay sharp.” To her credit, she doesn’t say anything when she catches me using it now. 

I slam my first into the punching bag again, feeling the impact all the way up to my elbow, but it doesn’t hurt. Not yet. I’m sure later my hands will swell and sting and maybe I’ll even regret this, but now I just lash out again.

“You know, you could use your feet, too,” Fiona says, from where she’s leaning against the doorway behind me. I don’t say anything, just grunt at her over the dull sound of my knuckles thudding into the bag. 

She walks around me, grabbing a sheet of paper and a pen, bending over her kitchen table. “So, sixth year at Watford starts tomorrow, hmm?” she says, and I don’t dignify this with a response, because we both know that’s true. But then she surprises me by continuing, “Basil. I know what this is about.”

I’m startled enough that my hands fall to my sides, and she strides forward, pinning a piece of paper to the punching bag. She’s written “Simon Snow” on it in thick black marker, and my stomach lurches unpleasantly at the sight.

Fiona claps me on the shoulder, and I try not to shy away from her. “Go to town,” she said. “It’s good to stay in practice. I know we haven’t been lucky yet, but you’ll get the bastard one way or another. We’ll kill him or we’ll die trying.”

I turn and wallop the punching bag with renewed vigor, hitting it so hard it sways on its chain, and I hear Fiona cluck with approval as she leaves. This time, I do feel it—the pain starting in my hands, a low ache that curls up my arms.

I don’t know how to tell her that, of the two options, die trying is the one I prefer.

okay i love S:HK, I mean right now the crew is engaged in a collective hunt after a sparrow, but oh my god, the inventory, leveling system and the finances SUUUCK

at the beginning of the game I was scrambling to buy the most trivial shit and it went for waay too long, and now I’m bleeding money and have nothing to spend it on. 

the crew are outfitting themselves, which is - thank god, in the beginning we’d all die because I had no money to buy myself two fucking spells, not talking bazillion programs for Izy, but now I was like, okay, the shops probs have some expensive super-cool stuff which is better than what my crew have. I’m gonna treat my guys to some presents

first of all, there’s no way to see what in your companions inventory in home base. you can’t compare items in shop to item they have. I was like, al’right we can deal, so I started mission selection and fucking screenshotted  everyone’s gear. Then I went to the shop and folded\unfolded the game to compare, which is yeah, bullshit. And turns out that the crew already has better stuff then what shops have to offer! I wanted to buy my homie Gaichu something cool, like laser katana which is ON FIRE, but nope, his default one is better.

when you do add-ons like this, you’ve gotta give people new goals, new shit to buy, new abilities to strive for. I only did one side-mission and I’m already buried in money and karma I have nowhere to spend. I don’t know, maybe it’s because mages are OP, but I’ve already leveled anything more or less useful, including charisma and freaking BODY. I’m a mage-bodybuilder, like it’s pillars of eternity. I’m on raising quickness now. If I’ll have to get to the strength, it’d be a grand finale.

im gonna try to remember what I can from my dreams for my dream log ok i can’t remember v much anyways

-I was pregnant ??? at store Logan was there stabbed me w something off the shelf in the neck said I was bleeding cause I was ‘on my period’ was actually bleeding mom was also pregnant felt the kick felt like how tummys look in cartoons when they gurgle

-was being chased by Freddy Kruger said time out bc me and a friend had to go to the store to get clothes ended up going to a disney?? place store w giant stuffed animals and different movies was riding on someone’s back asked how much the giant pikachu was

-was in a cabin place w a boy and logan and ashlyn boy was playing Pokemon he was playing Pokemon XD (to completion) and a 64 one that doesn’t exist we were like in Harry potter cabins we were wizards we were playing the game irl cabin place was dim and creepy looking but was the safe place

-something before all this I was in a colorful neighborhood running from something trying to hide or 'lose it’ can’t remember what it was neighborhood looked like the one from edward scissorhands but more diverse i think my cousin courtney was there but she wasn’t she one i was running from

-was cooking in a restaurant was a competition people kept messing up didn’t get kicked off neither did my friend we hugged

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“ i’m bleeding. ”


He knows; has been following the drop of red make a red path down Madara’s skin, just a shade darker than his is. As if time could be encapsulated in such a small, infinite thing of space. 

(And would he dare to call this a miracle; this impossibility of ninjutsu and dojutsu, that could bring about the dead returning, so perfect, so warm, as perfect as he last remembered him, before Hashirama had turned the lights dark on all of the world. )

He’d been in a council assembly, when he felt the spike of Madara’s chakra; felt it and nearly doubled himself over; had wanted to get away, away, and rush to his side, see for himself–

Madara had smiled at him weakly from the corner of the laboratory he’d found him by. 

(But he was changing, and Tobirama couldn’t tell just how far the change will go, he could see it in Madara’s eyes, in his unsure words. )

He inches forward, and he could still smell death clinging to Madara’s clothes. His skin is warm where Tobirama’s tongue slides, up, up, almost an impossible curve, and the tang of rusty blood fills his throat with a distinct musk. 

He swallows, and rests their foreheads together.

He’s alive.
He’s mine.
Nobody will take him away from me again.