The Summer Fling (Chapter Three) - Dylan O’Brien

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “Main Street, East Hampton”

Relationship: Dylan O’Brien x Reader/OFC

Author’s Note: You guys thought I was joking about writing something about me hating that Dylan smokes… never think that I am kidding (except, always assume that I am kidding…). This will be a short series. I’m imposing a limit on myself. Whatever. Don’t read it. It’s dumb. This will likely be the only Dylan shit I ever write. Okay byeeee.

Additional Note: BIG UPS TO MY MAIN CHILD/WOMAN/HUMAN, @maddie110201 for keeping my pronouns in check. i love you, boo. 

Summary: Y/n is a spaz, and Dylan takes care of her, because, you know, he can probably relate. See gif below.

Chapter Two - Chapter Three - Chapter Four

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You sat in front of your favorite breakfast café on a particularly quiet Wednesday morning on Main Street in East Hampton. The wrist loop for Trixie’s leash sat under the ball of your foot, as you balanced your chair on its back two legs, with only the foot that was covering the leash keeping you upright. You scrolled through your phone, done with the breakfast sandwich in front of you, until you noticed Trixie stand up from under the table.

“What’s up, Trickle?” You asked, noticing the gray dog’s ears perk up. “Trixie..?” You looked up at the sidewalk around you to see if there was another dog that had caught Trixie’s attention. “….Trixie…..?”

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note to myself: invest in sketchbooks with paper thick enough that markers don’t bleed through!!!!! i get so TESTY when i have to skip past unfilled pages because i “MIGHT” decide to ink and color a future doodle BECAUSE i am flighty bastard and MIGHT is a strong word so i have a billion empty spots and get indecisive if i wanna color them after a week or if i am allowed to draw there or not yet and i have to go back and fill them EVENTUALLY and then its CHRONOLOGICALLY OUT OF ORDER AND THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE

anyway @ my own ass: get thicker mixed media paper if u wanna play this game w/yourself smh 

They Lie, Saying, This Too Shall Pass

missing the touch // we act as if it’s been extinguished // fools that we are // in this space only one can exist // I fade into the background // feeling the white walls // how empty they are // they scream like I do // do you hear me? // I’ve become one.

I, the gray // red foam // expelling grief // from my mouth // except, they’re incapable of feeling shame // unlike I am // hard and cold // unmoved by anything // this pain, still sharp // collecting the pieces // they cut my fingers // I still bleed.

belonging // on the verge of nothing // I watch from outside // knowing the signs of impending collapse // unable to stop it // hands- dead weight // I could shout in warning // it’s coming // distracted by the glare // of headlights at the window // staring, mute.

take it // take everything that I am // the turning // shaped and formed // another has stepped over the threshold // I could offer excuses // but they won’t ease your conscious // I’ve given up // all that I’ve worked for // is gone // swept away // and I wasn’t built // for concealment // this is how the lonely live.

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How would the Exwires+Yukio respond if Rin were to lose a limb?

I’m gonna say he lost his arm because I suck at being general. (It’d kinda be like Bucky’s prosthetic from the MCU, yeah?)

  • Rin is so terrified to show anyone. He can’t imagine what they’d say about them and he begins to feel like a liability. I mean, he was bleeding out on that battlefield, his arm had been torn off by a wretched demon, and he’d gone into shock over it.
  • Shura is one of the first to act. She immediately begins to start tying bandages and rattling off instructions so Rin doesn’t die. 
  • She later hooks Rin up with a doctor she knows that could get him a pretty good prosthetic. One that moves and senses and functions as if it were Rin’s arm and it’s so goddamn expensive that Mephisto has to pay for it. He whines about it as if makes a dent in his multi-billionaire status. The fucker. 
  • Yukio is the other one acting as fast as Shura. He’s already tearing his shirt into strips to create a makeshift bandage and keep Rin from losing any more blood. He struggles to comfort Rin after the incident because he’s such so naturally a realist and he knows the Vatican’s thought process. If they begin to see Rin as weaker than he supposed to be, they’ll put him out of his misery. 
  • Shiemi is using herbs to help stem the bleeding, something soft that won’t irritate Rin’s wound like woolly lamb’s ear, aloe vera, and even basil. She helps later helps Rin adapt to picking things up and calms him down when he gets stressed about how slow he’s adapting. 
  • Izumo is frozen in shock. Her mind can’t function and the thick smell of blood is clogging her senses. Uke and Mike are screaming at her to get a grip and yet she can’t. She doesn’t realize it but she started crying. 
  • She later becomes an excellent motivator for Rin to try harder, especially during flame training, which he regressed in thanks to the loss of his arm. 
  • Renzō is the one holding Izumo as she cries. He doesn’t do anything aside from try to comfort those around him even though he sucks at it. It was actually on his watch that they discovered Rin could channel his flames through his prosthetic. 
  • Ryūji knows he has to stay out of the way but he listens when Shura tells him to contact emergency personnel so Rin can be taken to the hospital. He gets oddly curious about Rin’s prosthetic which is cold to the touch. 
  • Koneko, like Izumo, is frozen in horror because he can’t do anything to help. He’s an Aria, he doesn’t have the medical experience of a Doctor or the understanding of a demon like a Tamer. So he respectfully stays out of the way. 
  • He also doesn’t bring up the subject of his arm around Rin because he figures that must be a touchy subject. The least he can do is politely avoid the topic unless Rin wants to discuss it. 

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I luv your bag, am I allowed to steal it? x) Good luck at school tomorrow btw ^_^

Take it anonny, my backpack is so old and reminds me of middle school since I got it when I was in eighth grade lol! But thank you for the sweet words, although my first day of classes didn’t go very well… I sort of tripped while going up the stairs which led to me getting a nose bleed. I was also feeling really sick all day and I kind of threw up in the school bathroom not because I was nervous just because I felt so sick, yuck so yeah today wasn’t the best first day of school and it’s also why I’m not posting a headcanon today I’m so sorry Hey but at least now if anyone thinks that they had a bad first day of classes it’s over now and we can all get some sleep which is always good!!

But at least my Mystic Messenger emoji pillows came in today! Although, they only gave me one pin even though I ordered two pillows so yeah today wasn’t that great. But you’re a sweetheart for being so kind, your message really brighten my day!! ^^

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I dare you to burn holes into me; I will bleed love and kindness from all of them, and you will drown in the things you tried to end in me.
—  Believe it, Eliot Knight
11:57 PM - Peter Parker

request - alright i fuckin love tom holland so please like a smut where you catch peter sneaking in after dark and he tells you about his whole spider thing while you take care of wounds and such, and he’s like super scared your gonna leave him and so you reassure him and take care of him in another way if you catch my drift, this was real long but yeah thank you 

a/n - yes finally i post a smut fic on this blog and tbh it was kind of fun and interesting to write so i hope it isn’t a flop like me but don’t forget to request a peter parker/spider-man fic if you want and follow!

10:46 PM. Nearly 4 hours ever since Peter left me alone in his room. We were doing our Calculus homework with one another until he claimed he got an emergency phone call and ran out the door before I could say anything, taking his backpack with him.

The only thing that kept me company was my textbook and the sound of the falling rain from the outside. May was fast asleep in her room while I was far from that, my heart becoming a mix between anger and fear. I bounced my pencil against the pages of the math book, staring at my calculator as time went by.

I checked my phone again, 10:50 PM. Still no texts, no calls, nothing. I stared at my lockscreen for a few seconds before shutting off my phone and pushing it to the side, growing more frustrated by the minute.

“Dammit Peter.” I muttered, throwing my head back in a fit. I listened to the sound of the raindrops to try to calm me down, but nothing was working at this point.

I huffed and got up from the desk, beginning to pack my things up and call it a night, being more than prepared to give Peter the silent treatment for the next week. Just as I was about to zip my bag up, I heard the locks on the window become undone.

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Humans are Weird- Ignoring Pain

I hit my knee against a table and it hurt like hell, but I was in a hurry so I just rubbed it off you know. While I was on my way to the beach, everyone was looking at me *btw I was panicking cause I thought I had something on my face* When I got to the beach where my friend was waiting for me, she told me my knee was bleeding *I was actually pleased it was that and not that I had something on my face lol*

  • Isn’t horrible when you hit your hip with the table? Or Oh, the pinky toe. That is a suffering which I don’t wish upon ANYONE.

I just can’t believe that I DIDN’T NOTICE, and then it got me thinking, how humans can ignore pain. Like it must be a survival trait we developed through our existence to survive in extreme cases. 

Just imagine aliens being like HOW THE HELL DID YOU NOT NOTICE YOU WERE BLEEDING!? and I can’t stop laughing. 

Or worse, imagine they could feel your pain in a more intense way since some of us if not most have developed to feel less pain. 


He felt it. The sharp pain lanced through his head and colorful spots flashed in front of his four eyes. The pain spread through his body, feeling a wave of agony. Then he saw the Human.

She was biting her lips, making it look she was trying to keep a cry out. Taking a closer look, she had a nasty cut on her ankle. She shrugged it off and continued to shuffle past the crew. Terric would think she would head to the medical room, but instead she was heading the opposite direction. -She would have to take care of it before it was too late that they would have to cut it offor even worse..that she could die- *he thought*


“Yes, Terr?” she answered him. 

“Why aren’t you heading to get medical attention?” he said concerned for her. 

Human-Sasha looked very confused, as if she had no idea what Terric meant. She had to know, right? 

“You’re bleeding!” he cried out. Scared for her survival. 

“Oh shit, I didn’t notice.” she mumbled, looking at her ankle. 

“You didn’t notice..? But didn’t it hurt?” 

Oh it did. But I guess..how would you say it….we humans can ignore pain in some cases if our mind is somewhere else.”

“I wasn’t aware humans had superpowers…” he said in a very serious manner. 

Human-Sarah ‘laughed’ out loud, making it look she was choking. Terric would never understand how that could show amusement in their kind.

“No”-she blurted out while laughing- “I assume humans have developed over the years to withhold pain in extreme cases, to guarantee our survival.”

Terric was horrified. He would have to update the human manual. 

Brooke N. Lohst
  • Brooke’s middle name is Nicolette 
  • Brooke’s mom had her at 18 and has been a singlemom since
  • Brooke’s dad writes her letters from jail and even though it’s a strained relationship she writes him back all the time 
  • Brooke’s mom never left the summer of love
  • Brooke’s mom works as a cleaning lady
  • Brooke currently works at lush
  • She has a knack for all natural things
  • Brooke is a paleo-lacto-ovo vegetarian (Basically no fleshy bits of animals)
  • She swears avacodos are a god send
  • Brooke started a youtube channel doing home hair remedies
  • Now she has an Etsy store and a pretty big pinterest account
  • She makes anything from candles and lipscrubs to lotion and plant base knitted fabrics
  • She thrift shops every Sunday (one of few places in Bergen County that actually is open on Sunday)
  • Brooke’s mom lends her the car during the day because she works nights and graveyard shifts
  • Brooke met Chloe in sixth grade at cheer camp
  • Chloe broke out in hives after falling into poison ivy when someone (Madeline) didn’t spot her right
  • Brooke made a homemade remedey and her redness and itchiness cleared up, they were instantly friends
  • Chloe and Brooke had their first “Kiss” summer before Freshman year because Chloe wanted to be “girlfriend” material early
  • Brooke found out she was lesbian after that kiss; but because Chloe had dreams of them double dating, having a double marriage and raising kids together she started dating guys (very platonically though)
  • Her first bf was Dustin Kropp who told everyone Brooke never slept with him so as a response to any suspicion why she claimed Dustin cheated on her
  • Brooke lowkey hates Jake’s guts up until they break up
  • Chloe gets a discount at lush because of Brooke and Brooke is awesome and making very real knock offs
  • Brooke’s favorite Pinkberry flavor is 1/3 California tart 1/3 blueberry and 1/3 whatever is the special of the day and gets nothing but fruit toppings and nuts
  • Brooke has the best hair and skin in the school
  • Chloe claims the following: “Brooke doesn’t sweat, she always smells like rose water and tea tree oil”