i will love you in motels with aching hands
and heavy hearts and breaths
stuttering in our throats

i will love you like you are hurricane rain and i am forest fire but have we ever cared about that,
how your hands turn to sizzling coal when you touch me and how mine get washed away with the waves
have we ever cared?

i ran into the riptide,
let it pull me down for a moment where i could not breathe and
when my lungs were filling with saltwater,
holy water,
i swear it was the first time i knew peace.

you stood on the shore and laughed because you knew how this story ends,
hands stained with blood and hearts ready
for the rapture.

they want to know who is samson and who is delilah in this story,
who holds the scissors and who has the strength,
did you make me weak or did i make your throne collapse under you?

but we laugh because we are wretched and wicked and our bodies are sore with centuries of looking over our shoulders.

we laugh because you cut my hair and i cut yours,
and it’s alright,
you didn’t destroy me,
i didn’t destroy you,

when we had to plunge into the darkness,
we went together and destroyed each other.

—  a preacher’s daughter and a conman shouldn’t sound like the start of a love story // l.r.c.

jessu christ why the fuck do i ship taengsic like all they give is the msot painful im so dumb and stupid i keep wantign more from a ship we all kno won’t have any plans of reuniting regardless if they’re in the same group omg i cant’ believe this i cant’ belive this life im living godo bye world im crawlign to my hole of death