Tired of people being judgmental towards Stellar.

I’ve been a fan of them since their “Marionette” days and I’ve got to say that their music is actually pretty good if you actually listened to their music. They have been known for their provocative MVs and choreo so I would think that by now people would get used to it(or maybe NOT watch the MV). Also, when they made “Fool” people still complained about them. At that time people were all like, “Wow they tried a cute concept it doesn’t suit them, go back to sexy~” And they’re the same people who complain about them being too provocative in all of their ‘sexy’ songs. Like??????? It’s either one or the other and I feel like people just bash them for basically anything nowadays. 

Anyways, “Vibrato” is a good song. Go listen to it (if you’re 18+). 〜٩(^▿^)۶〜

wispiiish asked:

what is Ren's opinion of the Avengers now?

INTERESTING. So I don’t think he’s met the Avengers, aside from Steve and Natasha (obviously).

And he’s very… He’s trying to keep his distance from Steve, because Ren knows he’s in the wrong and that the Winter Soldier tried, on several occasions, to kill Captain America on the basis of false information. Ren’s also aware that Steve has infinite amounts of knowledge on their friendship and their past together, and this also unsettles the Soldier quite a bit because he remembers nothing of it.

As for Natasha, he only knows her as the woman who worked with Captain America in bringing him down, so he’s wary and suspicious of her. Again, Natasha has more information about their relationship and past affairs than he ever will, which is disconcerting for him.

So avoidance and distance is key here. It makes Ren feel better because it’s easier than facing up to the truth and the problems he’s caused.

And then the others he’s fairly indifferent to. Generally speaking, Ren thinks Stark is a “pompous asshole” and the Hulk is a “bigger problem than I am”. But it varies based on who i’ve interacted with. I think his friendship with gildrmunr is interesting and also think he’d get along with ofalloys and mechanicstark quite well once he gets over the pompous assholery.

ofhomicide asked:


you’re lucky i had this drawn up already

Their fusion name is Dowen and they are not stable at all! running around terrorizing the masses, but if they hurt one innocent human they unfuse and start going at each others throats, oven is obviously the one more incontrol of the fusion and would be an all out asshole.

their fusion theme is Pay No Mind by Madeon featuring Passion Pit and their dance is basically like garnet and amethyst’s fusion dance (i don’t know if there’s a name for garnet’s dance style)