Truth or dare

Steve x reader

Prompt: “Kiss the person to your right.“

A/N:the reader has the ability to control plants and talk to animals. Also It’s not the same Rose as my other sorry but i dio like the idea of an OC named Rose but her superhero name is mother nature that can control the elements her speciality plants. Thoughts?? Also request are open!! I had a problem with my ask box but I think I fixed it so feel free to request things!


When you were younger you always loved plants, just nature in General. Your mom would always get angry with you because everyday youd bring home another animal begging to keep it. Most then likey the animal was a neighbors. Youd have to return them and apologize for the robbery. But if it was a stray youd start sobbing and throwing a fit. Youd say how upset it was and hungry so your mom would try and feed it but his was hard depending on the animal. Its not your fault someone couldnt take care on their pet alligator and let it loose in the creek behind your house. That was when your mom realised your gift. She wouldnt let you keep the gator but you found the correct home for it, for all the animals.

When you hit puberty you realised you didnt only have the ability to talk to animals but also plants. You could make them grow whenever you please. Your mother was hesitant at first but soon decided to try and help you learn more about what you could do. You spent most of your time training, you now basically have a forrest in your bedroom. Not that you were complaining.

You decided you should do good with your gift but not like most would assume. You helped farmers grow crops and make fruits and veggies for the homeless shelters. This became widely spread across your county. It felt really good to help. You were in newspapers and all over social media. This caught the eye of the one and only Nick Fury.

The day after he found you Phil Coulson was knocking on your door.


“I was thinking maybe a green suit? It fits the whole plant vib.” Tony said while typing your measurements into a tablet, you nodded not fully paying attention. You’re too focused on meeting the rest of the avengers. “But not Hulk green more of a light green. Thoughts?”

“I dont care as long as theres no stupid head gear or capes, fucking capes.” You mutter. You swirl on your chair trying to swish your hair around. Tony notices and rolls his eyes in response.

“I think thats all we need for now. Lets get you introduced to the gang.” He leads you into a common room where they all sit, you recognise they from TV, especially Steve.

“Everyone this is the Venus Fly Trap, Venus Fly Trap this is Everyone.” You frown and shake your head at the nickname. Everyone else just called you Rose, its basically replaced your actually name.

“Normally, people call me Rose.” You smile and shake Clint and Sams hand. Then Nat, she told you to call her that and Wanda. Then Bucky, who surprisingly smiled at you and Bruce. Then Finally Steve, you were most anxious to meet him.

“Nice to meet you.” His smile is warm and caring. He extends his hand for you to shake but you only stare until you blurt out, “Damn
, you’re a lot taller in person…and wider.” You realise you have thought out loud and a blush instantly rises to your cheeks. Stark makes a gagging noise and Clint mutters a comment you can’t quite make out. Steve smiles again and crosses his arms.

“I’m hoping thats a good thing?” He questions while raising a brow. You nod.

“Well, you’re still as gorgeous as ever.” You cringe hoping to stop the word vomit that is happening because of him.

“This got very awkward very fast. Nat, Can you show Rose to her room?” Tony interrupts. She nods and turns in the direction of the elevator, you follow and look at the ground hiding your embarrassment.


Its been a month now. You and Nat have became really close along with Wanda. They were the only two that knew you liked Steve, well you made it kind of obvious so everyone else probably did as well. You havent talked to Steve much since the word vomit, you were much too embarrassed to face him. Whenever you did speak to him you would become discombobulated and stutter a lot more then you should and then use sarcasm to cover it up, which Stark enjoyed. He has trying multiple occasions to ask you out but you were oblivious and thought you was joking or just trying to be friendly.

 Everyone saw the obvious connection, Nat and Clint even had a bet going on when you two would get together. Tony planned a game night for tonight, saying how they need a relaxation night. After a round of Uno and a few rounds of cards againist humanity. It started to get boring after an hour or two, you werent really keeping track you were to focused on the blonde across the table. You would sneak glances every once and awhile, trying to make sure no one else saw.

 “Lets play truth or dare.“ Tony says with a mischievous look in his eyes. Everyone groans but still end up sitting in a circle. Tony claps his hands loudly making the room fall silent. “I’ll take the honor of going first.” He scans the room, deciding who his victim is, his eyes land on you as a smirk appears on his face. 

 “Rose, truth or dare?” You ponder it for a second, whenever you played this game in, last time it was the fifth grade, you always pick truth. You were different now than then, it was time to pick a different answer. “Truth.” you return the smirk and Nat sends a look saying, “you’re screwed.” You knew you were with either answer you picked. 

 “I dare you to put a rose in the person you likes hands, no thorns of course.” You move your hands, a green light illuminate from your fingers. A small pink rose appears in Nats hands matching the blush on her cheeks. Tony scoffs and rolls his eyes dramatically. “Fine, but Ill get you next time.” He jokingly glares at you which you smirk. You could do this all night. The night continued until it was Tonys turn again. You knew what would happen, He’d pick you and want you to show your feelings for Steve, you werent letting that happen. 

Tony scanned the group of heroes trying to decide who to pick, his eyes landing on you once more but he doesnt say anything only smirks and quickly adverts his eyes to the red headed assassin. “Nat, truth or dare?” His eyes had a look in them you couldnt quite make out. Nat was thinking, probably deciding which to pick, she always ends up picking dare.

 “Dare.” You called it. Tony acts like hes thinking about it and then sticks his finger in the air. “Kiss the person to your right.” Her eyes go wide knowing whos next to her. Steve. She shakes her head no and flips Tony off. Steve looks kind of hurt but then covers it up with a laugh.

 “You know I cant do that.” She glares, leaning back againist the coffee table and crossing her arms. “And why is that?” Tony knows what he’s doing. You feel heat rush up your cheeks but not from embarrassment like normal but from anger.

 A vine starts to grow from in between the crack of the floor and wraps around Tonys head, covering his mouth. He looks alarmed as does everyone else. I feel tear prick my eyes from embarrassment and regret. I release the vines from Tony and stand up, wobbling a bit, normally I brush it off but this feels different. Like a pit in my stomach. I run down the hall, only tripping once, to my room. I tell FRIDAY to not let anyone in, but with in 10 minutes theres a knock at the door.

 "Captain Rogers wishes to come in.“ FRIDAY says, I dont respond, I only hide my face in my hands. Steve finally gets in. "Are you okay?” He questions, his hand on my back, rubbing it slightly. I finally raise my head, rubbing my eyes. 

“Yeah, I guess I just dont deal with jealousy well.” I admit, I know where this will head. Most likely with me admitting my feelings for him, if I didnt already. He smiles, his eyes filled with kindness.

 "Jealousy?“ He actting as if he has no clue but we both know he does. He sucks at lying. "Yeah, a common emotion. Normally associated with romantic feelings. I hope he gets the hint, I really dont want to have to spell it out for him. 

"Do you happen to have romantic feelings?” Hes got to be kidding me.

 "No shit sherlock.“ I say not able to look at him, fear of drowning in the sea that is his eyes. He grabs my chin, forcing me to look at him, he has a huge smile on his face. Our lips meet and a fire inside my stomach goes crazy. Its almost as if this is what Ive been missing all my life. The kiss deepens and my hands find the back of his neck. His arms are around my waist until theres giggles at the doorway. Steve didnt shut the door so standing there is a giggling Tony and Sam and a smirking Nat with Clint behind her. 

 "Get a room!” Tony says almost yelling because of his laughter. I chuckle at his expression. 

 "We do have one but it looks like some nosy teenagers have stumbled upon it and were enjoying the show. But if you excuse us, the curtains are now closing.“ I get up and shut the door, only to be left with Steve and the groans from Tony and Sam.