nem a legjobb album (úgy mint egy pink floyd pl.), de az egyik legjobban szeretett igen, és ilyen szempontból azt mondom rá, hogy tökéletes. ilyen a szerelem.

akarok egy filmet csinálni ami végigmegy azon az estén, amiről ez az album szól.

playlists ☻

(some song choices are based on lyrics, but most are based on the overall feeling/tone of the song)

aries playlist:
- cake // melanie martinez
- i bet you look good on the dance floor // arctic monkeys
- hurt me // låpsley
- got it // marian hill
- don’t let me down // the chainsmokers
- i would like // zara larsson
- rio // duran duran

taurus playlist:
- don’t worry baby // the beach boys
- night ride // the growlers
- falling for you // norman doray
- hold on you // jake bugg
- comfortably numb // pink floyd
- we won’t // jaymes young
- hurricane // halsey

gemini playlist:
- hermit the frog // marina and the diamonds
- grey matter // oingo boingo
- make a circuit with me // the polecats
- don’t leave // snakehips
- sneakin’ // drake
- thinking ‘bout you // dua lipa
- brand new moves // hey violet

cancer playlist:
- this charming man // the smiths
- coming down // halsey
- the quiet // troye sivan
- for no one // the beatles
- happy // marina and the diamonds
- no. 1 party anthem // arctic monkeys
- say something // a great big world

leo playlist:
- call me // blondie
- dangerous woman // ariana grande
- guys my age // hey violet
- maneater // daryl hall & john oates
- not afraid anymore // halsey
- hey ladies // beastie boys
- you don’t own me // grace

virgo playlist:
- lowlife // that poppy
- i see fire // ed sheeran
- rocket man // elton john
- the greatest // sia
- scared to be lonely // martin garrix
- nobody // alxxa
- daddy // rotana

libra playlist:
- hold me close // overcoats
- weak // ajr
- no matter // frances
- nowhere man // the beatles
- cave me in // gallant
- your girl // violet days
- inbetween days // the cure

scorpio playlist:
- hypnotic // zella day
- back to me // marian hill
- bullet with butterfly wings // smashing pumpkins
- what you do to me // john legend
- cry baby // the neighborhood
- i don’t care // ariana grande
- gingerbread man // melanie martinez

sagittarius playlist:
- shape of you // ed sheeran
- fragile // gnash
- stairway to heaven // led zeppelin
- heaven knows i’m miserable now // the smiths
- blue // troye sivan
- young and beautiful // lana del rey
- haunting // halsey

capricorn playlist:
- sad boy // g-eazy
- game plan // ojivolta
- tell me the truth // låpsley
- i walk the line // johnny cash
- big lie // post malone
- make you feel my love // adele (original: bob dylan)
- hotter than hell // dua lipa

aquarius playlist:
- some kind of drug // g-eazy
- i got you // bebe rexha
- love me now // john legend
- dancing with myself // bob dylan
- 24k magic // bruno mars
- H2O // jasmine sokko
- car radio // twenty one pilots

pisces playlist:
- california dreamin’ // the mamas & the papas
- things i’d do for u // astronomyy
- moonlight // ariana grande
- milk & cookies // melanie martinez
- colors // halsey
- waitress in the sky // the replacements
- ill be around // the growlers

I Bet That You Look Good on the Dance Floor - Arctic Monkeys

Okay, here it is!! My first ever taunt video! I would like to love and thank @c-3pno for the clips, you are such an amazing friendo and I love you so much!

Any way, I hyped this up so much because I was so excited, but I apologise if it is terrible (it is my first one, give me a break)

Tagging: @oceanee @lucilaura @chapinfan69 @revengeworld because these guys wanted to see it!

I didn’t give up with the timing at the end what are you talking about…

I just really want them to dance to old school Beyoncé |x| |x| and Fergie |x|

And i blame this dance!au fic —> “I bet you look good on the dance floor.” 

I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor
Arctic Monkeys
I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor

Stop making the eyes at me,
I’ll stop making the eyes at you…

I said I bet that you look good on the dance floor
I don’t know if you’re looking for romance or
Don’t know what you’re looking for…

Oh, there ain’t no love, no Montagues or Capulets
Are just banging tunes and DJ sets and…
Dirty dance floors, and dreams of naughtiness!

wyattghouleff  asked:

oh man and maybe hcs based on" i bet you would look good on the dance floor" by arctic monkeys

(Still shook that you’re in my ask?? Love) 

~Stan was dragged to a party by Richie frickin’ Tozier. And because he was his best friend, he went. Richie tried really hard to stand by him all night but eventually Stan let him wander off, not wanting to hold him back on his fun.

~Stan had developed the tactic of carrying around an empty beer can so people wouldn’t offer him any. So he pretended to sip at it occasionally. 

~Bill came with Beverly, who knew Richie. He was under the impression he’d get to meet Beverly’s friend. And he did….well Richie had his head in the toilet bowl but they had a nice 3 minute conversation.

~Beverly stuck around to hold Richie’s hair away from the bad zone. 

~So Bill just wanders off on his own. He walks past the makeshift dance floor and scrunches up his nose, wondering just who on earth could look could doing those shitty dance moves. He gets his answer when his eyes fall on a boy, leaning on the counter in the kitchen. alone. 

~He isn’t too shy so he goes up to him and holds out his hand, he just had to prove his theory. This guy would take the cake against those shitty Sophomores currently on the floor. 

~Stan had never had this happen to him before but this guy was what Richie had once called ‘Man pretty’. His face flushed and he took the offered hand.

~They danced like there was no tomorrow. Bill didn’t care if he was getting stares cause he was too busy basking in the glory of this guy. 

~Bill was right. He looked damn good.

~Both of them were afraid to ask if the other was looking for something more than just a dance…

~So they danced around the topic. 

~They giggled and asked for each others names. 

~They parted, thinking glumly that they’d never see each other again. 

~But Bill would soon find out that Beverly’s friend Richie was friends with Stanley Uris. 

~Richie was more than welcome in Stan’s book to push the two of them together, cause Stan was afraid to make any move.