Some words for Anti Shippers/Haters

Sometimes I got some questions: “Do you scare of haters if you ship [name of the ship]?”. The answer is… I don’t scare of them, I don’t even hate them, because I belive haters/anti shippers also a person like me and they have their taste, like I have my taste. Why don’t we just let both of us enjoy the fun we have in peace instead of argument to hard to change eachother’s mind?

It’s good to speak out your opinion sometimes, but don’t be too serious over something that’s not even real.

It’s supposed to make you feel comfortable, and pleased, not make you feel mad.

Block the tag which you don’t like to see, ignore it, and you’re good my dear~

Ofcourse this is just my opinion so… It’s okay to say something back, I’ll listen to you all. Sorry for my English if it bad~

Don't usually talk much but here I go

So I read the article and I just have to say that Idk. Like I honestly couldn’t care who they’re fucking so I’m not gonna go into that, but the whole them acting like just because we’re girls we don’t count thing kinda hurt. Also the whole article didn’t sound like them, I’ve read many of their (5sos) articles and this one just sounds off. I’m not saying that the article is not real. All I’m saying is that it sounds like a lot was taken out of context because this doesn’t sound like the guys who created the new broken scene for their fans. the new broken scene was for us 5sos fam and I doubt they would talk about us like that. I’m just waiting for all of them to tweet something adressing this tbh. I’m still here for their music at the end of the day because it’s gotten me through a bunch of crap this past year. I’m also staying in the fam because I know that magazines always take things out of context. Just remember guys; real bands save fans, reals fans save bands. I’m done talking now….

~ps. Excuse my grammar english is not my first language.

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Many people starting to left kaisoo for other ship and i feel so sad that they are all leaving and i feel like i'm the only one still ship them hard i feel so lonely also with all the drama going on i just want to leave but i can't stop shipping kaisoo i'm in so deep i don't know what to do anymore :( sometime i look at jongin i feel so hurt i just want everything back i miss the past so much. People may think i'm being delulu but i can't help thinking that.I ship them and belive in them so much

Okay, I’m gonna be real for a second, do what makes you happy and stop caring about what other people think. If you like something, enjoy it. If you don’t then leave, it’s that simple. 

For the people that don’t want to ship them, that’s completely fine, it’s their decision, their life and there’s nothing wrong with difference. Believe me, if everyone had the same opinion we’d, as the human race, still be at square one. Respect people’s opinion and decision and just 

Do what makes you happy! 👏🏼

I can’t stress this enough. Why would someone want to spend their life supporting something/someone they don’t even like or enjoy anymore? 

No one is forcing anyone to do anything. Do what you want, support what you love, end of story. ✌🏼

Workday 14

It’s almost ending, in a way seems like it wasn’t that much, but I’m so tired that I can’t really agree with it

Today was a really boring day, I don’t know what happened but no one seemed to needed help, and when someone finally appeared and i was ready to go with the lady to the hystoric center just to combat the boredom the other group that was with us said immeadiatly “We go!”

Yes, they were just as bored as we were, so I guess I forgive them

I belive that  in part it was our fult, beccause after the first two hours with no one asking us anything we were completly bored, sit down an started speaking to each other

When we are up and looking to people they inderstand we are there to help, but like we were today it probably looked like we were taking a break or something

All I did today was help some tourists that were going towards the wrong station and a men that got stuck on the doors(again! I’m so done with thoose things!)

So, my whole day was just seing people going in and out of the station, I think this is even more tiring than if I was actually working

Since my day was anything but interesting, let’s jump right into desert; and our traditional sweet today is the Bola de Berlim:

Many websites seem to consider this a portuguese sweet, althoutgh i also realised that there exist many different variation of this sweet all around the world. 

From what I’ve read this sweet was brought from germany during the second world war by the Jews and were later adapted. The portuguese version is particulary noun by the sweet egg cream in the middle,although you can also get them without cream (but why would you want it without cream) with chocolate and with milk caramel sauce (but this ones are later inovations)

One of the things I think aren’t present in other countries is that the Bola de Berlim is the perfect beach sweet. The sellers go throw the beach with their refrigeratated things (I don’t know how they are called in english, but it isn’t like a car, since it goes trhow the sand, it’s more like they have a samll freezer as a bag) and yell: “Olha a bolinha fresquinha!”

To anyone that doesn’t understand portuguese, that roughly translates to “look the fresh ball”, I think. But that simply doesn’t sound right

And now a side note, I’ve read that in Brasil the Bolas de Berlim are called “Sonhos”. In Portugal sonhos are eaten during Christmas and they look like this:

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do you belive in larry?

i ship them. but i don’t want to force them into a relationship they aren’t in. i don’t know what’s between them or what has been. but they’re cute together, like a bromance (for me).