My Kylux fanbook is up for preorder!

The Deets:

  • PG-13 (SFW, with smooching)
  • 55 Pages
  • 6x9 inches
  • perfect bound, soft cover
  • Includes all the Kylux related art I’ve ever posted online, a little section for other SWTFA characters, some new art and sketches I’ve never posted before!
  • I’m in the process of creating a cover from all new art

Preorder period: October 25, 2016 - November 15, 2016

Ship Dates: I’m hoping I’ll be able to ship around Christmas, depending on how long the printer takes. I will post updates regarding the printing status here.

I do not plan on doing a print run after this… You can imagine it’s a little embarrassing to get printed..

PREORDER BONUSES! During the preorder period, I’ll be making some stickers or pins to go along with the book for everyone who preorders!


Thanks everyone for your support! I can’t believe I was able to fill 55 pages with art I did for this fandom. Thank you all so much for inspiring me!

If your post is not pro ichiruki then it has no place in the #ichiruki tag. “B-b-but I’m talking about ichiruki!!!11!!” No one gives a fuck dude. And if your argument is that “you can tag it however you want” then you have no right to complain about all the “ugly mean ichiruki shippers bullying you”

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why are u so obsessed with tg?? :v

Because I love to suffer. o)-(

To be honest, I didn’t expect that I would love TG so much in the beginning, but it’s such a compelling and well-written story. Also, I love Ishidas drawing style, I love how he incorporates symbolism, parallelisms and literary references into his story. It’s the topics that he addresses and the atmosphere that he creates that make me feel so intrigued by Tokyo Ghoul. On top of that, Kaneki is an extremely lovable and relatable main character. I hope this answers your question. ^-^

I was feeling pretty discouraged after blocking a metric fuckton of pornblogs earlier this week but after my whiny post about fic snobbery, I just hit 200 followers…

The lesson is: Just keep whining until your dreams come true.

So, uhh, welcome new followers & thanks for stickin’ with me to everyone else. I really appreciate the hell outta every single one of you.

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Heated Arguments

@sshort42319Could you do an imagine where the reader catches Peter cheating on her so she turns to Felix for comfort and ends up with him? Like he ends up as the one she confides in and all but then she also still has feelings for Pan so she really pulled in two directions. Thanks!

Warnings: none

Notes: I  switched it up a bit. So enjoy

You couldn’t believe your eyes. You couldn’t believe your ears. You couldn’t believe it at all. You and Peter got into an argument. A bad one, too. You’d been together for a long time, and this was the final argument. There was yelling and screaming, throwing things and flailing limbs. Crying was involved and so was hitting soft spots. You were both in the wrong with this fight, but it was both the final straw for you guys.

“He pisses me off so much!” You raged to Felix. “I don’t know why he still has me living on this blasted island! I mean, you heard what he said, right?”

You looked at Felix who was perched on a rock. He only nodded his head, letting you vent and rant. 

The entire camp heard the argument. No one even dared go near Peter. One wrong move and he’d have someone dead in less than a second. But you, you didn’t have magic. So the boys honestly weren’t that afraid of you. So they listened in on your conversation with Felix.

“We all heard, Y/N.” Felix replied.

“He said he wanted me off the island! Was that him giving me permission? Because I’ll go. I’ll leave this blasted place!” You shouted from pure anger.

“Hey,” Felix grabbed your hand. “You don’t mean that. I know you love it here.”

You looked him in the eyes, but quickly averted them away. “I do love it here… and I love all you boys. You’re like all my brothers.”

Felix grinned a bit at you.

“But Peter said he didn’t want me here anymore…”

“If Pan didn’t want you here, you’d be long gone already.” Felix rubbed your knuckles with his thumb. You sighed deeply, and then everything seemed to transition into slow motion.

You looked up at Felix who was already staring at you. He kept his gaze on you, and you kept your gaze on him. He brushed some hair behind your ear and wiped a few stray tears that had fallen when you had your mini outburst. And then it happened. Felix planted his lips on yours. He caught you at a vulnerable moment. You didn’t like Felix in that way. He was like a brother to you. But you kissed him back.

“Y/N, I’m so–” Peter cut himself off. “Oh? What’s this?” He asked angrily.

You and Felix yanked away.

“Peter, it’s not what it looks like,” you began top defend yourself.

“She’s right, Pan, it’s not!”

Peter was furious. “I come here to apologize and you’re kissing Felix? How dare you! I would never do such a thing to you, yet here you are cheating on me!” 

The way he said cheating struck you. It was literal poison. He sounded so disgusted with you. It hurt you even more, and you wished you had never spoken to Felix about this. But it was too late.

“Pan, I kissed her. She didn’t kiss me,” Felix defended you.

“She was kissing back,” Peter growled.

“It was a mistake!” You yelped at him. “Peter, please.” You were crying all over again, too emotional still from the prior argument. 

“I don’t want to hear it.” Peter crossed his arms and stomped his foot like a child.

You had had enough of it all. You finally exploded.

“Fine. Then I’m leaving, Peter. I’m leaving! You even said it yourself that you wanted me off, so let me do just that.”

Everything on the island seemed to have stilled once you said that. Peter’s facial expression changed completely from anger to shock. His skin paled, the color draining from him. Everything seemed to have stopped.

“You don’t mean that,” Peter spoke. His voice quivered. “I didn’t mean that.”

“Piss off, Peter.”

“Love, please, I didn’t mean any of what I said. You know that. I was only angry–”

You became mad in a second. “You were only mad? You were so mad that you decided to hurt me mentally? That’s not healthy, Peter!”

“I know, I’m sorry. I wasn’t being kind to you. But please, Y/N. Please!”

You smiled in a more sarcastic way. Now he was the one begging. You looked at Felix, and then the Lost Boys who had merged from their hiding places. You looked back at Peter who seemed so desperate.

“I’ll give it a thought.” You simply said. “Just don’t speak to me for the rest of the day, got it? None of you.” You looked at all the boys. “I don’t want any disturbances, I just want to be alone.”

You needed time away from them all. Mainly Peter, but it was time for a break from all these boys.

“Take all the time you need,” Peter quickly responded. “Just please forgive me.”

You sent him a glare that shut Peter right up. He was afraid of losing you, and he knew he lost his temper with you. You lost your temper with him as well.

“I’ll be off.”

You walked off without another word. You already had your answer. You already knew it. But you still needed time alone. So you left, walking to a spot on the island. You breathed out, sitting down and facing the ocean. You let out a small whisper that you knew Peter would hear.

“I forgive you.”

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Don't want to pry, so no pressure if you don't wanna share. But what is your strange experience with death? I believe in reincarnations and all.

I have several. I’m just going to share one, and I’m going to keep it vague, not because it moves me deeply or any shit like that, but because I’m very aware of the fact that this makes me sound insane. 

I’ve had issues with insomnia and weird dreams my entire life. When I say weird dreams, I don’t mean crazy nightmares where I’m being chased by clowns. I’m not going to get into it. Just understand that they’re not normal.

Long story short, I dreamt once that a deceased family member visited me because she had a message to deliver to my dad. I was very aware that she was dead in the dream. I questioned how she was able to contact me. She wanted to warn my dad about something that would happen to my extended family in about two years. When I woke up, I told my dad the thing, just in case; I know it’s just a dream, but I have a history with this shit, so I don’t take chances. 

Anywho, the thing that she warned about happened two years later. 

The end. 

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I'll admit, I never would have believed Jared and Jensen were together until I found your blog. You've completely changed my mind lol. I always thought it was weird that both of them got engaged within the same month and then got married only a few months apart. Now after seeing you're blog, I'm just like, of course they got married literally back to back.

Anon #2:  So I always thought that the J’s being in a secret relationship was something crazy but if I’m being honest I always felt this “tension” between them and the first time I’ve seen the show I was like 12 years so I didn’t even put attention…


Hi Loves!

To Anon #1: Oh my goodness! When you said that they married their wives a few months apart from each other, I kept thinking “No that can’t be right”. So I went and checked their Wikipedia pages….. Tell me how I’ve been a Tinhat all this time and didn’t even realize Jensen and Jared got married the same year not even a full 3 months apart form each other??? 

- Jared Padalecki married Genevieve Cortese on February 27, 2010

- Jensen Ackles married Danneel Harris May 15, 2010.

These boys are so damn transparent! So not only did they engage their wives around the same time, they married around the same time too LOL! On another note I’m glad my blog has helped you along the path of the greatness that is J2 TinHattery!

To Anon #2: I was of the same way, I remember watching the show before I was even a fan thinking: “These two men must be together in real life.” Not even kidding/joking around, that’s seriously what I thought.


- K

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Word prompt: garage

“I can’t believe your room is the garage. That’s so cool.”

“It gets kind of cold since I haven’t gotten a heater for it, yet, but it’s like a little slice of safe haven.”

“You’re always out there working in the garage. What’s in there that you’re not telling me about?”

“Band practice in the garage. Be here in twenty or else.”

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Ok, believe me I am dead, but I need your opinion on something very important. Is it me are are they laying down serious, serious "they gonna bang" vibes for Chloe/Lucifer? I mean. Obviously eventually, but um. Yeah.

Oh good gravy, my child. It is not only you. @romancelvr and I were just having a scientific conversation about this very subject.

Because. We had that entire fakeout about them sleeping together last season.

They have been dancing around each other this season.

Chloe has been barely-controlled jealous of every woman he talks to. They have asked how long it has been since she has had sex.

Last ep he was all “Maze you don’t get to sleep with her before I do!!”

And in this ep (you know, THE ONE WHERE HE KILLED HIS BROTHER TO SAVE HER LIFE AND IS NOW OFF THE DEEP END) we had the “too bad, I was gonna have sex with you” from Chloe, his delighted REALLY? and then “lol funny.” And her smirk when she turns around oh god.

Plus Lucifer talking about birth control in that scene with her and Trixie (and no, that did not give me INP feelings at all. Lol. Of course it did.)

Plus Ella saying what EVERYONE WITH EYES CAN SEE and being like “oh my god get a room.” Plus Lucifer thinking she wanted to sleep with him and being like “sure but we gotta be quick wifey won’t be happy” (oh Lucifer).

Now this. He’s never gonna be the same again and this is gonna change EVERYTHING. And whatever is coming up with her dad. Where there is gonna be a lot of emotional pain and rawness and vulnerability and both of them needing each other and all this having to come to a head.

Now, I’m not gonna say it’s gonna happen soon…. but if it doesn’t happen this season, I am eating a garment of clothing that one can use to keep the rain off.

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To play devil's advocate: there's nothing ambiguous about the wording "there with Gillian Anderson". It explicitly implies he was there WITH her. Not "in attendance Peter Morgan and Gillian Anderson". Hypothetically speaking IF she is "seeing" him, how will you feel about your source? How certain can we really be when it comes to the credibility of secondhand sources? NOT that I doubt your blog. I really want to believe you guys keep an accurate account. Thoughts?

Even if she went as his “date” that doesn’t mean that they are together. She has attended numerous events with men that she’s friends with. She used to bring her friend, Andrew, as her date to almost all her London events for a while. She went as her friend Darren’s guest to his art exhibit a couple years back. There have been other times, too. It’s not something to freak over.

With some of the messages we’ve received, you would think she was caught in the bathroom fucking him and David is now out of the picture completely and some huge thing happened.

It’s outrageous. It’s tiring. It makes us want to leave this fandom and never look back. It was one sentence in one article. If she starts attending her own events with him and he becomes a fixture in her life, that’s a different story, but for now…we just can’t deal with this roller coaster of fan freak outs. Please tell us we aren’t the only ones completely exhausted by this shit?

We stand by our source 100 percent. We have no doubts at all about what’s she’s told us. If they end up with others in the future, that will not change what she told us about the past. It wouldn’t make it any less true if they end up going their separate ways at some point. Anything can happen and our source isn’t a fortune teller. We don’t expect her to be able to predict their relationship or confirm that they will always be together.

Last we heard, which was roughly about three weeks ago (give or take) they were together and happy. Could that have changed since then? Sure. Do we think it’s likely? Not really….but we admit that life is tricky and anything can happen.


Just watched the trailer, its so cute and the message is great:

Believe in yourself and fulfill your biggest dreams!

I will definitly watch the movie as soon as it will be in the cinemas in germany!

Thanks for sharing :)

Plot: Set in 1879 Paris. An orphan girl dreams of becoming a ballerina and flees her rural Brittany for Paris, where she passes for someone else and accedes to the position of pupil at the Grand Opera house.

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Hey Mommy, It seems like my letter for coming-out day didn't reach you or you didn't publish it (that one wasn't anon). It's asexuality awareness week now/soon (23-29.10.) and I found a prompt list: visible, cake, pirates, cards, autumn, love, Fandom. But I am closeted in real life and live with my parents. I wanna participate in private and maybe just wear shirts with motives… Any advice?(didn't do anything on 23. today) *tight hug* thank you for being here for anybody, you are needed.

My dear asexual child, 

I’m sorry i didn’t answer your first message. I looked through my inbox but i didn’t find any message related to asexuality and coming-out day, so i believe it didn’t reach me! 

*tight hug* Thankyou for your sweet words, they mean a lot to me <3 

The first thing that came to my mind was that you could participate online. If nobody you know offline follows your blog, you could create original content and post it online (depending on your interests, you could write informative posts about asexuality, positive posts, short stories with asexual characters, draw or paint, create “moodboards”, edit pictures etc.) or reblog such content. If people you know offline follow your blog, you may want to create a side blog for those things. 

I like your idea to wear shirts! If you are in a fandom with asexual characters (canon or headcanon), you could wear merchandise. Or you could simply wear shirts in (one of the) colors of the asexuality pride flag. 

If you are scared people might realize you support aaw and ask questions, you can almost always play the “supportive friend” card and say you do that to be a “good ally” (or just play stupid and ask “what’s that?” if you are very concerned about people finding out). 

I hope you have a great week!

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom

PS: If anyone reading this has ideas, please reblog and add them to the post/send me a message to publish them!