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So I'm having dinner with the girlfriend's family this evening... Any advice?

Well you see, I don’t have very much experience in that way, myself.  I suspect that tidiness is called for- a good grooming beforehand.  Perhaps bring a gift, and don’t make eye contact with her father.  Unless you are looking to establish dominance and territory, which I wouldn’t recommend if you aren’t prepared to duel.  

Oh, and do wear lots of colors.  The brighter the better, I believe.  Learning the steps to your preferred mating dance may impress her, too.  

I hesitated about making this public. Partially because I feel it’s unfair for victims/survivors to have to open up in order to prove a point or statistic and also because its so personal. But I also believe that sharing your struggles can empower and unite us.

For the past 24 hours I’ve seen pretty much every woman I know post ‘Me Too’ (And some men and non-binary friends too). I’d like to say I was shocked but sadly I know our truth and I also know not everyone is comfortable coming forward as a victim/survivor and that is okay too. (You are still equally as courageous)

WE NEED TO DO BETTER as a society to provide support for victims/survivors of sexual abuse and assault.
We need justice and proper sentencing for perpetrators. We need to listen to hear not to reply. We need to stop victim blaming. We need to stop making jokes about female on male sexual assault. We need men to speak up against misogynistic ‘bro-talk’. We need to acknowledge individual struggles as a result of the patriarchy, ingrained toxic masculinity (the pressure to uphold a macho image in order to be validated as a man) and systematic oppression.

Below I will share my experiences as a survivor. Not because I want brownie/sympathy points but because it took me many many years to be comfortable doing so. I have always downplayed my experiences because there have been so many that it still causes me shame from time to time. Like I’ve been some kinda magnet for assault (people have told me I am because I model). Even though I’m aware that this isn’t true. I think there is so much bravery in vulnerability. So here is my story. You aren’t alone. You matter and I’ll stand with you.

TRIGGER & CONTENT WARNING: Detailed descriptions on my experience with sexual assault

- Age 5 to 7. A close friend of the family. Someone I called uncle. Was made to perform sexual acts and touched inappropriately. Was always rewarded and treated kind after so I didn’t know any better and thought he was probably a nice man even though I felt very uneasy around him.

- Age 12. An older man (in his 50’s) struck up a conversation with me on the bus. Asked my age etc. He then proceeded to get off the bus with me and followed me to my door. He asked if he could pay me for sex and called me a ‘lekker jong ding’ (tasty young thing in Dutch). After I refused intercourse he asked if instead he could just watch me shower as he masturbated. After I declined that he asked if I might have friends my age that would be interested. I was afraid and he knew where I lived now so I stayed polite and took his number so he would leave. I still remember his name unfortunately.

- Age 13/14. 3 older boys in school. Was overpowered in the bathroom. Humiliated, verbally abused, made to perform sexual acts and penetrated by objects. I was told i would no longer be fat when they were done with me. Dropped out of school shortly after.

-Age 14. Had a huge crush on a popular older boy. I was completely over the moon when he asked to get to know me and invited me to a party at his place. When I arrived it was just him and a friend there and they wouldn’t let me leave until I gave them oral sex. I was scared and completely numb.

- Age 14. Had a 18 year old boyfriend who kept trying to force me to have sex eventhough I refused. Because I refused he made me go to the red light district with him and made me wait outside as he had sex with a prostitute. He would say he wouldn’t have to hurt my feelings like this if i just had sex with him. I never did.

These are just some of my experiences. Not including the numerous times getting groped on transit or at a show, the time someone roofied my drink (was thankfully helped by a friend so nothing happened) and ofcourse the vulgar comments and messages on my modeling page every single day.

I’m proud of myself for being strong and able to share my story. I will not be silenced or ashamed. I will not let what happened define me as a person. I will allow myself to love, thrive and enjoy my sensuality. Stay strong and I’m always here to listen.

#metoo #ibelieveyou

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Question, so how long does it take to post a quote. I did one from the Korean movie Shoot My Heart, and was wondering when I'll see it.

Hi friend,

It can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months for your quote to post. Usually, if you are interested in knowing the status of a certain quote, you should come off anon, but I do believe I remember your quote and can tell you it is in the queue.


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That one girls calling girl daddy anon from a few nights ago. I've told most of my friends and immediate family I have a daddy kink. Corrected them when they thought I liked to call people daddy, told them I like to be called daddy. They kink shamed me. None have figured out I'm bi. Will be back and reporting news when they stop being so fucking oblivious. Thanks for your time.

I’m fuckig screaming I can’t believe you told your family I……. would rather die isnjahdbshahsha I also can’t believe they don’t know you’re a lgbt……. they think men are out there calling you daddy that’s so funny I love you

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What would you recommend for a starter deck of tarot cards? Also, what resources did you use to help you learn how to read cards/etc. Im feeling like it's time to truly connect with my inner witch.

There are a lot of opinions on what kind of deck beginners should start with. Many diviners think that the standard rider Waite deck is the way to go and its true that its a good starter deck to help you learn the meanings and certain symbols on the cards cause that’s mostly what books go off of. But I also know many people that don’t like this deck, personally I never cared for it.

There is also the opinion that you should be gifted your first deck which I think is bs. I believe that your first deck should be one that jumps out at you, one that you feel connected to, that you love. You can find a ton on amazon but I recommend finding a store where you can pick them up and feel the energies. Tarot is personal, and finding a deck that you can share a bond with is so important.

As far as resources for learning, I am still learning myself. I get my knowledge wherever I can. Tumblr, multiple books, Google…making flashcards has helped me immensely. I’ve been reading for almost two years and still have to consult with books for interpretations so don’t get discouraged if you can’t memorize all the cards! It takes time. Good luck on your new adventure!

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Bitch you deserved to have your blog hacked lol i can't believe your so fake with your followers i have tea on you

      i’m  ???  sorry  ???   lmao  listen  i  have  no  idea  who  you  are  or  what  you  want  but  for  the  first  time  IN  DAYS  i’ve  managed  to  stay  calm  regarding  the  events  from  this  weekend  and  i  have  zero  time  for  this  petty  ass  stuff   .   i  have  no  knowledge  of  this   “  tea     you’re  talking  about  so  go  ahead  ?  hit  me  with  your  best  whatever  that  is  i  know  it’s  made  up   .   honestly  why  don’t  you  anons  find  something  better  to  do  than  ruining  people’s  days   .   icb  it’s  2017  &  the  rpc  is  still  dealing  w  this  shit  goodbye   .

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can u give ur homegirl tips on how to find aesthetic pics on instagram. im so bad at life man

i cant believe your coming to me for advice lol but…

1. searching trough locations its better than the tags bc you’ll have less spam/non related posts there 

2. if you find an account you like look at the ppl they’re following bc they’re most likely good as well 

3. search specific tags or tags that company’s use to promote their products/campaigns (for example i like to look at #mynylonjp bc its the official one that nylon japan uses to promote ppl on their website and stuff)

4. if you find a pretty pic that doesnt suit the theme of your blog still go take a look at the account bc you might find other pretty pics there

5. search tags in other languages

and i thinks thats it? i hope its helpful 

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i can't believe your just another bitchy popular girl. you act nice but your a bitch and i hope more people realize it like i do.

Alright firstly, I’m not a popular girl, there is nothing wrong with them but I’m not one. A bitch maybe but I prefer ass or dick myself, so we’ll agree to disagree there. Second, I’m…not a girl? Idk if you’re new around here but Dawn ain’t a girl or woman or female or whatever you wanna come up with so I’ll just cover my bases here. 

Finally, cool beans, I hope people realise I’m a dick too if that makes you happy? But chill maybe? George is gonna drop something soon so get hype for that instead of mad at me. 

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i'm so mad that pewdiepie has the same name as my dad because he is nice and pure but pewdiepie is nasty and racist

I cant believe your dad’s name is pewdiepie

gentle reminders

  • wash your face!! (esp important if u wear makeup!)
  • put some moisturizer on!!
  • drink some water
  • if things are confusing it’s okay to not have everything figured out!!
  • breathe in and out. slowly
  • relax your shoulders
  • stop clenching your jaw
  • go pee
  • if things aren’t going so good it’s alright! i believe in you
  • don’t forget your meds!
  • water some plants!! it will help
  • lip balm!!
  • get some sleep if you are tired
  • you will be okay!!
  • i love you !!

I had so much fun on Ready Player 3, I laughed almost nonstop and honestly? It was a blast. I’ve never seen a crowd be so competetive in mario like damn in the end everyone was almosy screaminh their team chant but OBVIOUSLY TEAM YOSHI WON, THE BEST TEAM! I cant fuckinh believe that Italian pickup line like I literally died laughing.

I swear to god that goodbye’s are impossibly hard. I can’t believe it’s over, your show in Sweden was mindblowing but that didn’t help when you walked off the stage.

I know I’ll never meet you Sean and you’ll most likely wont see this either but just know that you’re my biggest inspiration in life. Without you I wouldnt be the person I am today, you and Signe inspires me to become the best version of me so thank you so so much *viral hugs*

Dear Self,

I am so proud of how strong you become. I thought that you can’t make it. But here you are, overcoming your weaknesses and turning them as your strengths. I can say that you are doing it great. You made the best decision to look forward and move on. Keep it up! Don’t let downfalls control you. You are not alone because I’m always here for you and I believe in your capabilities. And the way you smile today radiates an optimistic, a new and a better YOU. So cheers for more challenges that we’ll conquer together!


Better You

bts scenario: learning korean

i changed this a little, so i hope you don’t mind. also, this is honestly so cute, learning a language for someone else is just so sweet in my eyes and aw aw. anyway, i hope you enjoy! 

raising money for my pet’s tumor removal (please read this)


jin: jin softly shut the door behind him as he walked into the quiet house. “babe?” you were sat at a desk, headphones in your ears. jin quietly peaked over your shoulder and tried to take a glance at what you were looking at. ‘한국어’ the title of the worksheet read, which made jin’s eyes widen. leaning forward, jin placed a soft kiss on the exposed skin of your neck as he pointed to the correct answer. “i can’t believe your learning korean,” jin said. you shyly shrugged your shoulders, “i want to learn it. for you.”

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yoongi: “is that korean?” the sound of yoongi’s voice behind you made you jump in your chair as your frantically tried to cover your work. yoongi laughed at your flustered expression, “baby don’t be shy,” he smirked, “i think it’s cute that you’re learning korean, now you’ll understand my dirty talk.” yoongi’s mouth came close to your ear as he whispered, “세게.” your face turned red at his words, “yoongi!” he let out a chuckle, “that’s what you’ll be saying later.” 

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hoseok: hoseok had been cleaning the room when he came across a stack of papers haphazardly thrown on your desk. humming lightly, he flipped over the papers only to be met with big letter that read ‘korean alphabet’. hoseok’s eyes skidded over the paper as you, unknowingly to him, walked in the room. “hobi!” you yelled as you saw him looking at your paper, “don’t read those!” hoseok smiled sheepishly, “too late!” “it was supposed to be a gift!” you frowned. “you’re already a gift babe.” 

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namjoon: namjoon smiled brightly as he heard your voice through the closed door, “an… annyeo…” your pronunciation was terrible, but in no way was he going to tell you that. “annyeonghaseyo,” namjoon said with a smirk as he walked into the room. “hey!” you shouted as you pouted, crossing your arms, “i’m really trying here.” namjoon chuckled, “i know baby, you’re so cute.” a flush took over your face and neck as namjoon sat down next to you, helping you with your pronunciations. 

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jimin: “jiminnnnnnn,” you complained as you reached another hard problem on your korean worksheet. “yes babe?” jimin tried not to smile as you got increasingly more and more frustrated with the language. “why is korean so difficult.” jimin chuckled, “well i-.” you cut him off, “yes jimin, we know english is a dumb language that makes no sense but i just can’t figure this out!” jimin placed a light kiss on your cheek, “it’s okay babe, here, let me help.”

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taehyung: “you have to start with writing the important things,” taehyung said as he took the pen from your hand writing ‘김태형’. you rolled your eyes, “your name isn’t on my list of need to know words, tae.” taehyung fake gasped, placing his hand over his heart. “i beg to differ,” he huffed, “but hey at least you can read it!” you laughed, “of course i know how to write your name taehyung, it was the first thing i learned.” “see i am important!”

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jungkook: “why the hell is your name so hard to write,” was the first thing you said when jungkook walked through the door after practice. “well hello to you too,” jungkook chuckled at the frustrated look on your face, “here let me see.” you passed your paper shyly to jungkook who laughed at your awful writing. “don’t laugh!” jungkook took the pencil from your hand before writing down his name ‘전정국’. “fuck off you fluent piece of shit.”

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I believe in your Galaxy - A Star for Namjoon [PROJECT]

We will name a star after Namjoon…

I chose the star sign “Canis Major” (Big Dog)

Why did I chose this one? I thought about using the sign “Virgo” since its Namjoons zodiac sign…

BUT: Canis Major has the star “Sirius” in its constellation…

 “Sirius” is the brightest star in the sky… Thats why… ♥

You can also see this star/ constellation in Seoul:

When we give Namjoons name to the star, he will recevie the following:

🌟Star certificate and given name, date and dedication

🌟Star map for the location of the star

🌟5 sheets with information on the star, constellation and celestial mechanics

🌟Representative gift card

🌟CD with free planetarium software

🌟Constellation of the star (in color)

🌟DIN A4 framing of the document

🌟Brass compass        

We need to collect at least 200 € to make this happen!

You can send money for this project to my PayPal account:


Please use “Galaxy” as subject when sending the money ♥

Theres no deadline BUT it would be great if we could make it till Namjoons birthday on 12th September or Christmas 2017! ♥

Please share share share this project everywhre! You can tag me in your posts:

Tumblr: NamjoonsGurl

Twitter: @OpparsGurl

YouTube: Oppars Gurl

Instagram: opparsgurl

“Look up, and we are all looking at the same sky..” -RM ♥

Favorite words by Namjoon - 1

- We’re so used to looking out at the world
When there’s a whole galaxy existing inside me

- I believe my father who goes to the office everyday, my mother who is a realtor, my sister, even the stray cats and dogs on the road and the pebbles, we all have a galaxy in our hearts. Many people fail to discover that galaxy even until they die, no matter how they lived, how they died. Our Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa PT.1, PT.2 are, as I said, risk and energy, but they’re also the story we tell with the wish that you could find your own galaxy.

-  I believe in your galaxy, ARMY!

- The ARMY Bombs are sparkling tonight. It feels like we are in the midst of the universe. It’s like we are entering the galaxy with ARMYs. I hope you won’t think that this galaxy, this universe would get bigger and wider and you will drift away from our hearts. Because your eyes, every one of you, they shine even brighter than ARMY Bombs. We are working hard to see and to light up those eyes, those starlights. Do you see this universe? In this galaxy, in this sparkling space, we are one. Please don’t forget that you are our galaxy.

- I think if you alll turn off the ARMY Bombs, we would fall from this universe, this galaxy we are standing in. Purple was my favorite color when I was a child. Looking at this purple sea today, I got goosebumps, because back then I once thought the universe was purple. Right now, I feel like I’m in the midst of a very special universe. ARMYs, I love you.