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I grew up in the ghetto, I've harassed by cops and arrested during a quite protest, my public school has poor quality education, people mistreat me because of the way I talk, but I'm white. Do I still have privilege?

Yeah, you do. White privilege doesn’t mean your life is perfect, it means you’ll never have to deal with racism and all of it’s ramifications. While I’m not saying your life is easy, believe me there are people of color who are in a similar situation as yours but also have to deal with racism.

Sorry for hurting you. I’m sorry for not fighting for this relationship. Sorry for constantly bringing you pain. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I don’t want to hurt you. But that’s all i ever did. I hurt the man who did nothing but to love me wholeheartedly. Sorry for being such a coward. Sorry for all the pain i caused. If only i could take away the pain you’re feeling right now, i will do it. But how am i going to that, if i’m the one who caused you all the pain you’re feeling right now. But all i can do now is to say sorry, but sorry is not enough and i know not even a single word can cure your bleeding heart. But believe me, I loved you. But you see, things are getting worst and i don’t think i can still continue it. I’m sorry for making your heart broken once again. You don’t deserve a coward girl like me. I hate myself for what i did. I hate having a weak heart. I hate myself for being so scared. I was so scared of hurting you, but now, i just did. And that’s the biggest mistake i’ve ever did. But believe me, it hurts me more knowing i hurt someone like you.I hope one day you’ll forgive me, you’ll forgive me for everything that i’ve done. Please, keep in mind that i will never regret the day i fell in love with you. I hope you won’t regret loving me. You won’t regret having me in your life. I love you, always… please take care of yourself always.
—  i’m sorry for hurting you…

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I'm a white kid from the suburbs of Iowa and when I first saw the show I was laughing for all the wrong reasons. In Iowa, it seems like racial issues don't exist anymore, but that's because I graduated with 700 kids, and 12 of them were black. We are so removed from it. In college,someone pointed out why I was laughing. The show then became an eye opener that led to a lot of new self-education. I'm not perfect, I'm privileged, and I hope others realize the same from watching.

Hi, while it’s good that you’ve come to realize that the reasons why you were laughing at the boondocks were problematic, I believe most white people are more like your former self rather than who you are today due to what you’ve come to learn

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To the anon who didn’t believe I was 6 feet tall until that selfie.
I accidentally deleted your ask.
But this isn’t the shit you lie about. I’m 6 feet tall. My legs are yard sticks.
This is the life I’m forced to live.

It sometimes seems as though the artist, and the philosopher in particular, is only a chance in his (their) time…nature, which never makes a leap, has made its one leap in creating them, and a leap of joy moreover, for nature then feels that for the first time it has reached its goal- where it realizes it has to unlearn having goals and that it has played the game of life and becoming with too high stakes. This knowledge transfigures nature, and a gentle evening-weariness, that which men (some) call beauty reposes upon its face.

 Nietzsche as quoted by Gilles Deleuze in the wonderful book Dialogues.

(Parentheses/Revisions from Justin)

I believe that you are all chances in time. You are more than your goals, or my goals. I think about this a great deal come assessment time. Asking people, much less nature to unlearn having goals is very hard, and most of the world seems to be very much against the idea.

May 6, 2015 | Exploring Horizon

I don’t mind your odd behavior
It’s the very thing I love
If you were an ice cream flavor
You would be my favorite one

Oh, I’ve loved you from the start
In every single way
And more each passing day
You are brighter than the stars
Believe me when I say
It’s not about your scars
It’s all about your heart

I saw MikexEren therefore I did. I’m okay with suggestion for rare eren ships before I start the ereri week things so… yeah. inobix or something. 

I keep seeing this angry post bitching about why people don’t value artists’ work enough to pay for art and thought I’d share what I’d learned from my experiences on both sides of the table.

My experience may not be wholly applicable to artists since I am a writer, but I believe there are more than a few parallels.

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"I'm here, Sayaka! Is there a reason why ya needed me home early? An why the fuck is there a chair in the middle of the livin' room? Someone could trip over that, ya know."


            —-Yes, there is a reason.

    As if for dramatic movie effect, a spotlight shone down on the chair she leaned over, keeping a thick pair of scissors hidden behind her back. Other supplies for the task ahead lay hidden under a towel on a cart in the bathroom.

                            “ Kyouko, have you noticed how…well, knotted and thick and gnarly it has gotten recently?

                                                     As much as I love your hair….I believe it’s time to cut it, trim it so it’s not lost for good.

Dear men,

If a woman is hitting you, hit that bitch back. No woman should put her hands on you, just as much as you shouldn’t put your hands on her.

I believe in defending yourself against ANYONE, man or woman. I’ve seen too many men being punched, kicked, hit ect by a woman and do nothing to defend themselves for fear of being laughed at, or being made out to be the abuser.

Sincerely, A woman

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When you arrest me and say, "anything you say can and will be held against you." Believe me when I say I will repeat your name at least 10 times.

hahahahahahah you’re the best 😂


D: Mom … Austin and I want to leave the island. Not forever, of course, just to experience the world. 

J: I knew this day was coming, I should have told you sooner. Your father and I are cursed and we believe the curse carries on to you three kids as well. Your father and I can’t get 50 yards away from the island without horrible things happening to us. 

A: Woah. I just thought you liked living here.

J: Well, it’s the way our cards were dealt. We would love for you to leave the island, but we’re afraid you could die if you do. Or you would live and never be able to find the island again. 

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I believe you have your facts wrong if you are saying his head was intact. he shot himself with a fucken shotgun at less than 3 feet away, even a small 22 gauge shot gun would blow a considerable wound in someones head hence he shot himself with a 12 gauge I believe, thats prime physics for impact spatter mist, his head was gone. Im not trying to be gross or disrespectful Im merely thinking of it realistically.

I beg your pardon.   kurt shot himself with a light gauge (20 gauge) shotgun.

with birdshot.  he was identifiable.  they had a viewing of his body. and his forehead was covered (I mean it was distorted. )

his head was INTACT.  krist said that.  that “they had fixed him pretty good”

if his head was gone, there’s no fixing that.