I can’t believe there’s barely any/no tefferson fanart

not anymore

he’s??? so good?????? 

also,,!!!! you’re my favorite hamilton artist so I wanted to repay you for all the lovely t jeffys and literally everything else as well

thank you!!! for being!! the best!!!! ever!!!!!

Barba and Elisa, for @booyahkendell and her lovely series, To Build A Home.

Ohgosh it doesn`t seem that long ago I reached 400 ;o;. The past few months my activity has grown drastically with the appearance of more and more FF2 blogs. I`ve also started to take the look of my blog more seriously and am in the process of revamping it thanks to the teachings of @infiniitas. Ahh I don`t know where to begin to thank you all for sticking with me through my ups and downs and especially putting up with my muse and his stubbornness when it comes to being active. Thank you so much for sticking with me I love you all and I`m so glad I`ve made so many friends here. 

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I disagree with the stereotype that people say Hufflepuff are "don't fight hate with hate" like it's a good thing but I believe that it is more like picking your battles wisely and thinking about the outcomes of the fight. Hufflepuffs will fight for what is right that is absolutely true, but sometimes they just refuse to get into small meaningless fights with other students unless it's to stand up for someone or something they believe in.

Were the hufflepuffs at the battle of hogwarts fighting hate with love? I think not.

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Why are you so sure that Sherlock is gay? Don't fucking tell me about walking me through it... but I want to know why are you sure? Don't just avoid the answer. That's an idiotic move. Sherlock will be disappointed with your stupidity.

believe me when i say it really is not my job to explain to you how and why a character who has been gay since 1887 is gay


i trusted you.

i took a run and jumped, as i
believed you were down there,
waiting for me with your arms
wide open and your heart even more.

you weren’t.

instead of feather-like floating,
i were marble ancient statue,
forgotten and being released
in the middle of vast ocean.

i slowly started to sink, watching
how you became just a blurr.


you said you loved me
from the bottom of your heart;
when i reached it myself,
there was only mud and complete
absence of the light of your eyes.

don’t worry, i got used to
that darkness after a while.

when century passes i may become
the most precious treasure under the sun.

but for now,
i’m just an embryo,

spilled out
of your body
too soon.

Loving Me - Part 2

Word Count – 867

Characters – BAU x Reader.

It had almost been a year since you left the BAU and you hadn’t been in contact with them since that day. You thought you’d never have to go back but when Emily called you saying that JJ had been kidnapped and they needed your help, you were out on the first plane.
You got out of the taxi after paying the driver. You looked up at the tall building and sighed. Here you were.
‘What’s the recent news?’ You asked as you entered the room, everyone turned to look at you.
‘Y/N?’ Garcia said and everyone looked up.
‘Hi.’ You said with a small wave as Garcia came around the table and gave you a hug.
‘It’s nice to see you all but I believe JJ’s in trouble.’ You said as you fixed your shirt.
‘Yeah.’ Garcia said sadly beside you.
‘She’s been kidnapped and we believe she being tortured as well.’ Hotch said as he had the file open.
‘Do you know who took her?’ You asked.
‘Yeah…’ He said as he slides the folder over to you and you came to a familiar face. Shane Katsu. You looked up at Hotch.
‘When did he…’ You trailed of and Hotch answered.
‘He escaped Monday and kidnapped JJ yesterday.’ Hotch said as you sat down.
‘You okay?’ Rossi asked. You ran your hand through your hair
‘Yeah. It’s just me and JJ worked a case when we were starting together. You were all out on a case so it was just us. We had a lead and we had him cornered. Shane was the unsub. He said he would get revenge back.’ You said as you picked up his photo.
‘We’ll get him.’ Morgan spoke up. You gave him a small smile.
‘I know we will but he has some balls and won’t stop.’ You honestly said looking at them all, your eyes lingering longer on Reid who had grown his hair and had a stubble. You looked back to Hotch.
‘Has he made a ransomed yet?’ You asked Hotch, he shook his head.
‘He’s not sticking to his original MO.’ You said and closed the folder having enough of looking at his face.
You entered the coffee room to see Spencer and Morgan talking and Morgan looked up and Reid left. You started pouring a coffee and placed your forehead on the machine.
‘Y/N?’ Morgan asked. You turned your head.
‘Yeah?’ You asked.
‘You okay?’ He asked and you shook your head.
‘No.’ You told him honestly.
‘I didn’t plan on coming back like this, JJ’s kidnapped and Reid isn’t talking to me, which I don’t blame him for.’ You said to him as you watched everyone.
‘It’s not your fault.’ Morgan said but you stopped him before he could talk anymore.
‘It is though I decided not to tell him, tell any of you.’ You said as you took as sip of your coffee.
‘The chief asked you not to tell us and you were falling the orders.’ He said as he placed a hand on your shoulder. You slumped down and looked out to the team working hard.
‘How is he?’ You asked.
‘Pretty boy, well, he struggles sometimes but he’s getting better. He doesn’t understand why you didn’t tell him, we have tried telling him you couldn’t but he shut us out.’ Morgan said as you watched Reid closely. You had broken him.
‘How are you?’ Morgan asked changing the subject.
‘Stressed.’ You said to him.
‘How come?’ Morgan asked as he turned to face you putting his cup in the sink.
‘The job they wanted me to do was run the London unit, but then they had me undercover as well still do sometimes.’ You said to him as you placed your up in the sink next to his.
‘Really?’ He asked.
‘Yeah.’ You said with a small chuckle.
‘Are you not happy?’ He asked you.
‘I am. It’s just I am away from my family, friends and everything I’m used to.’ You said to him and he nodded as a phone rang the other side.
Your phone buzzed and you looked down at it. It was a text message from an unknown number.
‘Meet me at the cross in half an hour. Don’t tell anyone or she dies.’ It read and you closed it down.
‘Everything okay?’ Morgan asked.
‘Yeah, my boss just wants to talk about new recruits.’ You told him and he nodded. You left the room and the offices, getting into a taxi and sent a message to the number.
‘In taxi. Traffic busy.’ You pressed send and flung your head back and sighed. You sat forward and tied your back so it was out your face. The taxi driver pulled to a stop and you saw that you were at the cross, you paid him and watched as he drove away. You walked closer the centre and waited for the man to arrive. You brung your phone out and was about to send a message when a hand suddenly covered you mouth and knocked your phone out your hand. You smelt chloroform and tried not to breath but it was too late as everything went black.

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More faith in my body than ever

I told my body that it was healing and truly believed it with all the will I could muster and I am almost 80% healed. I believe tomorrow I shall wake up good as new.
Your body is always the first to react to your thoughts because of the close connection…so choose the better thought.



I’m late because I was too tired to post this when I finished it OTL

KAITO, you’re too special to me. Through your warm heart (one that you, technically speaking, don’t even have), I came to know and follow the desire to be kind to people. Your voice has opened my eyes to so many things I had never imagined knowing, and those were wonderful things; I can hear feelings when you sing through a synthesized voice and pre-recorded syllables, and even though the words you speak and sing belong to someone behind the screen, I truly believe that you mean everything nice. Your voice can reach and touch my heart when I hear it. Being your fan has brought me close to many people I love and many places I never imagined going to, and I truly believe that loving you has changed my life. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way; I know you have reached millions with your voice.

Thank you for existing, thank you for these eleven years, and thank you for your hard work! お疲れ様!