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NOT a request. I was wondering could you please link your master list of all one shots/series/etc (I'm new to reading fanfics, I don't know the difference between one shots/series/others--could you please explain the differences?) because I can't click on the mobile link because I damaged my iPad. And I was also wondering if you updated your master list bc I would love to read the new ones!

First off, Hello new homeboy and new friend!! Thanks for joining us!!

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Second of all, of course!!

So: One shots are just single stories-one story, there is not part 2 etc. Series are when there are many different parts to the single story–like right now I am allmosstt done with my Kaleidoscope Series, which is one story, just expanded into parts. 

My master list is updated with my one shots! Just not my imagines…I’ve been slacking on that for a long time…sorry.

Master List

18.07.2015 07:15

I’ve been trying a new method of taking notes inspired by a some on here (there’s a specific user I used but I cannot find them!)

I don’t know whether I’ve been slacking or genuinely have been busy this week. I’ve got a quiet weekend ahead so hopefully I will catch up on everything I’ve missed this week.

8:27pm, 22 July 2015 || I have a math test tomorrow! It was supposed to be today but the teacher postponed it and now I’m using this opportunity for some revision.

I’ve really been slacking this week when I shouldn’t be :( I also have an English oral exam tomorrow and a Biology test on Friday. Can’t wait for this week to end, I have a day off on Monday so I guess it all works out!


Aye yall my bad I’ve been slacking on that big booty Friday shit so here’s a lil treat! Look out next week I got some bad bitches coming!

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going to a wedding with cal

you had decided to drag calum along to a wedding you were invited too, and you were kind of glad you did. you looked at him as you adjusted the collar of his button up. he looked handsome in his white button up and beige slacks. his hair was a little messy, so you ran your hand through it to tidy it up, wiping a stray eyelash from his face. you turned around so you were both looking in the mirror. you cocked your head to the side and squinted, wondering if you should have chosen different heels for your dress. “you look gorgeous, babe.” he smiled, kissing your temple. you couldn’t help but think that maybe the next wedding you attended would be your own. 

blurb night is over now thank u so much ✿


okay… ive been slacking. I said i was going to do this like 3 weeks ago. To make up for it I will do anything you want me to, Text Au’s, Imagines, Blurbs, maybe even Smut, request anyone you want (besides anyone i dont know of) so if you want send me a message on or off anon idc :) …. Anyways lets get on with it :) And if you were tagged thank you for being a cool ass account and i will for sure follow you FOREVER :-))) here’s to another 100 :)

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