being a seungri stan can be so frustrating. because it’s almost like nobody appreciates him (i’m side eyeing you yg) even though, he works so hard, he does so much to interact with the fans (he’s learned languages fluently so he can mc at their concerts and everything i mean???) and promote bigbang b/c he’s the maknae and he loves his group. like literally since before debut, when yg gave him that second chance, this man has been working so damn hard to better himself and prove that he belongs in bigbang (and he’s proved that way too many times to count). and his album let’s talk about love was so damn good but how could people fully appreciate it at the time when he wasn’t even given proper promotions and gd’s comeback was literally on top of his? seungri needs more love and more hugs tbh.

To the guy who has put up with ALL of my shenanigans since day 1, thanks for being the definition of a best friend. Today is all about you. Happy birthday, Dom!

We very rarely get the chance to celebrate those who have had monumental impacts on our lives and im not letting the chance go by to celebrate the individual who has invested so much time, energy, and love into me since one of the hardest times of my life. He has been a brother and a friend. I can truthfully say he is my best friend and I appreciate him like no other.

So my dad teaches at a SUPER liberal school, and he’s basically right smack dab in between being a republican and being a democrat. He’s just about the only employee who’s not a raging liberal. And there’s one teacher at this school who’s gay, and his car broke down and he couldn’t take the bus because our city’s buses suck.

NO ONE would drive him. Except for my white straight Christian dad, who picked him up for 2 weeks.

A few months later, all the teachers went on a retreat. NOT ONE of the male teachers would room with him because they didn’t want him to hit on them and they were afraid he would. Except my dad, who was his roommate the whole weekend, and he told me the guy’s really nice (and now they’re friends).

A few weeks ago, my dad told me that the school had hired a trans woman as their secretary, and he was upset because there were lots of other employees saying they didn’t want that kind of image for their school, and my dad was the person who told them that this woman deserved the same respect the rest of us do.

Let’s stop pretending that all liberals and democrats actually practice the social justice they preach, and let’s please stop pretending anyone who’s Christian is homophobic or transphobic, because as far as I can see nothing could be farther from the truth.

look at this sweet cute lil ball of sunshine

look at this beautiful elastic faced potato man

look at this sweet pancake getting rejected by his mother

look at this handsome young man using his amazing charms to seduce this lady that never stood a chance

look at this smooth male looking bomb af

look at this adorably annoyed human

look at this sassy king being fabulous af

look at this perfectly seasoned mashed potato

look at this beautiful lil peach getting the shock of his life

look at this perfect cinnamon roll crying

look at this flawless lil piece of toast choking on his own spit

look at this cute rose petal being a lil pig eating with his mouth open/almost choking


look at this baby panda being all excited

look at this ridiculously handsome child being overly dramatic

look at this unique grass leaf being confused af

look at this stud muffin being proposed to by oh sehun (oh i just had to)

look at my flashy son being shy

look at this clumsy baby almost break his neck

this post made me realize that…i am so weak for huang zitao

anonymous asked:

do you know of any poc models?


(this is just an assorted list of my faves. there are a lot of models out there!!) 

(bolded = absolute favourites)

Abiah Hostvedt  - America

Adonis Bosso - Canada 

Arjan van Hesteren - The Netherlands 

Dajé Barbour - America 

Deion Smith - America

Dudley O'Shaughnessy - England

Han Seung Soo - South Korean

Harry Uzoka - England

Henrico Van Niekerk - England?

Jake Lockhart - England

Jino Chun - South Korea 

Joo Eojin - South Korea 

Josh Bartley - England

Jordun Love - Trinidad & Tabago

Kim Sang Woo - England/South Korea

Kim Won Jung - South Korea

Louis Mayhew - America

Markel Williams - America

Michael Lockley - America

Noa Thomas - America

Noma Han - South Korea

Ola-J. Adeyemi - America

Omar Borkan Al Gala - Iraq

Philippe Koo - Canada (Half Chinese-Mauritian)

Richard Edwardes - England

Satoshi Toda - Japan 

Sen Mitsuji - Australia (Japanese)

Sol Goss - England

Ted Velasquez - America

Vince Harrington - England

Willy Cartier - France (Half Vietnamese)

Zach Picotte - America

Zakaria Khiare - Denmark


Snowbarry week: Day 5 favorite granielle moment(s)

Grant: I love Danielle Panabaker, and I love working with her. She’s the best. The karaoke scene was one of my favorite scenes to shoot, and one of the funniest things that’s been on the show. I hope we do more of that, in the future.
Danielle: I adore him. We have such a great relationship, and he has such a youthful spirit. He’s also extremely sensitive and sweet, and I appreciate that about him.



Day 5 of Edward Elric Appreciation Week - Favourite Characteristic

Determination - “There was fire in those eyes.”

This was such a hard one to do because I love so much about Ed omfg  

He wasn’t my boyfriend, but he was something. Someone who made a positive impact on my life regardless of the negative. He changed my perspective for the better and made me who I am in this very second. I appreciate, cherish, and thank him for it; and I will for this life and into any life that may come.

I just want to dedicate this post to Christopher Tony Wolstenholme

We mostly talk about Matt and Dom, but let’s not forget our sweet teddy bear 

and espesially his smile

and his branded headbanging

Muse wouldn’t exist without Chris, he’s a fabulous bassist and vocalist, he makes a great contribution to the development of the band. And also he’s a wonderful person, a devoted friend, a loving father and husband. I love and appreciate him very much. He’s a part of the miracle called Muse.