Pièce de Résistance - Part 4

PAIRING(S): Jai Courtney/Reader
SUMMARY: You are taking a Life/Figure Drawing class in college. The usual model has called out sick at the last minute and the professor has had to ask a friend to help out for a few classes. Much to your surprise, the fill-in is a bulky, sexy, famous movie star.

A/N: This update has been a long time coming, I know. I didn’t know when I posted Part 3 that it would be over a year before I posted Part 4. I do apologize, and I will say that it should not be that long before I post the final part. I have not started Part 5 as of yet, but I plan to soon. Part 4 is a bit of filler, but its main purpose is to move the story along and wrap some things up for the final part. 

I hope you guys enjoy! ♥

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Everyone, please check the Request List because I have removed quite a few requests.

The reason is that I am either uncomfortable doing the request or feel like I cannot do it justice. I know I should’ve done this long ago but I really was afraid of saying ‘no’. But when I’m writing these requests I just can’t do them sometimes and I hate posting stories that are basically just shit or half-assed. This is especially true for those stories I feel so uncomfortable writing or know that I won’t be able to write properly.

So again, I’m sorry, I truly am. There are much better writers out there that can fulfill the requests, who are more prepared and can post quicker than I do. For the people who requested months ago, I’m really sorry it’s taking so long. I don’t have any excuse and I can only say sorry. For those who got their requests removed, I sincerely apologize for that, I really do. 

I hope everyone understands. 

@grumpysimmies I know it was so long ago but thank you very much!!! ♥ It really made me smile :) And is hard for me to smile :p

@breadpanzombiebum and anon, I’m also apologizing for late reply! And thank you for sending me these ♥ So five things, huh? Okay…

Oh, I just noticed these five things are about something else xD

So what I like about myself (hard task!):

  1. High pain threshold (I don’t know if that’s how you call it in English, sorry)
  2. Legs xD
  3. Good hearing
  4. Ability to solve many PC problems by myself
  5. When it works properly, I have a good imagination

Things that make me happy:

  1. My parrots
  2. Downloading cc for sims
  3. Looking at handsome boys (altough it can be painful sometimes!)
  4. Summer
  5. Swimming

Thank you all! *big hug*

anonymous asked:

How do I comment on your posts or otherwise get in touch with you? I find myself saying, "Yes, exactly!" all too often to not reach out and say hello. And we seem to have lots in common - politically, family-wise (I have a "7" instead of a "14"), and professionally - although I gave up litigation long ago in favor of transactional work. And if you'll forgive the ego indulgence, I seem to remember someone once saying, "this guy sounds like you", in reference to a post I made on Ivy Style.

My apologies for the very tardy response. I don’t think you can comment unless you’re following me. As for direct contact. You’re welcome to try justbudfox at gee mail dot com. It doesn’t exist yet, but it will by the time you try it. And thanks for the kind words.

       and here’s part two ! there’s info about max under the cut. he’s a newer muse so hopefully this won’t be as long as my last post lmao. feel free to message me or like this or my post about augusta to plot !!

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at first i just wanted to practise expressions but then it got out of hand :D

Inspired by @drawverylittle, engagement rings and gold medals.

It should’ve come as no surprise when it happened, but it still took Viktor’s breath away. 

When Yuuri finally wins the Grand Prix Final and stands at center ice, a gold medal hung around his neck, Viktor realizes he’s never felt the warmth of happiness the way he is now. Even his own success could never compare. 

Yuuri’s eyes burn with a fierce sense of pride and even from a distance Viktor can see his hand shake as it rises to touch the medal. Disbelief. Pure , but ecstatic, disbelief. Yuuri must think it’s a dream, but Viktor knows it’s anything but that. 

His eyes sweep the crowd, taking in the smiles, the cheers. Each one more justified than the next. They all deserve this praise and more. He comes back to the rink, seeing JJ’s dim smile as he lifts a bronze medal in front of his chest, Yurio’s scowl at the silver that hangs from his neck. 

Viktor is proud of Yurio too, proud of his ability and the way he skirted past JJ with sheer determination, sheer desire. But it’s nothing compared to the way he feels about Katsuki Yuuri taking home the gold. 

He finally sweeps back to the middle and notices Yuuri staring right at him, a smile spread wide across his face. Viktor lifts a hand to blow him a kiss in congratulation when Yuuri opens his mouth and shouts, “Viktor Nikiforov!" 

Viktor’s eyes widen and his finds himself moving to the gate to let himself on to the ice. Something swells in his chest every time Yuuri says his name and his heart is screaming for him to be on the ice beside him. 

Yuuri’s eyes follow him, his smile never wanes. "You were the one to say this first, but… I want to say it now. For real.”

Viktor shoves the gate open and steps on to the ice. He takes slow, sliding steps, listening to the hiss of Yuuri’s skates against the ice as he makes his way toward him. 

His heart skips a beat when Yuuri stops in front of him and reaches out a hand. He doesn’t hesitate to reach forward, lacing their fingers and pulling Yuuri ever closer. His finger brushes the golden ring wrapped around Yuuri’s, catches sight of the gleam out of the corner of his eye. Yuuri uses his free hand to lift the medal between them, a whole different kind of gleam. 

“Gold,“ he whispers. 

Viktor laughs. "I see that." 

"Viktor,” Yuuri’s voice rises, LOUD enough to draw more eyes. “Will you marry me?" 

Viktor stares at him, sees the way Yuuri’s eyes sparkle with unshed tears, sees the way his breath catches in his throat, the way he bites his lips. He’s not uncertain. Viktor hasn’t been shy about his feelings and Yuuri knows this, but he’s still expectant. Never allowing himself to believe he’s worth as much as he really is. 

And Viktor loves him for it. 

Loves him for all the insecurities as much as he loves him for his confidence. Loves him for what he’s afraid of as much as he loves him for what he’s passionate about. Loves him for his drunken honesty as much as he does for the sober way he holds his tongue. 

"Be my coach, Viktor." 

Viktor leans forward, pressing their foreheads together. "Yuuri… I said yes a long time ago.”


so um all you folks asking if I’m gonna do another mp100 doodle comic well


working on it