Purchasing Another Man in the U.S.

If you guys are like me and don’t fancy spending $100 or more on the magazine, then you’re probably wondering where to buy it in the states.  I got a hold of a very helpful distributor today who was kind enough to provide me with a comprehensive list of retailers by state that would be stocking the Another Man issue featuring Harry.  I will attach it below, but please note that the copies won’t be on shelves until October 27th.  This is very long and I apologize for the ugly formatting, but it is alphabetical by state. Also, I saw that most B&N will be carrying, but I’m choosing to post this anyway because the one closest to me is NOT carrying it and although B&N will carry it, they will likely be unprepared for the shear volume of 1D fans looking to purchase it Therefore, I assume it will sell out very quickly.

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Stolen (Part 1)

IT’S FINALLY HERE. I apologize for taking so long to get something posted; there were still some details I needed to figure out. But thanks to the lovely @valamela196 I was finally able to start writing! Thanks again, doll! ❤

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy~

Summary: The reader was born to a wealthy family. One night, the reader is attending a party with her father. Everything is going well when the Joker and his men storm in and crash the party and the Joker takes off with the reader’s charm bracelet–the one her mother gave to her just before she died. Determined, the reader begins to investigate and watch the Joker while she comes up with a plan to steal it back.

Warning(s): Swearing, some random guy dies.

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taking a break

hey everyone :)

so for the past week, i’ve been doing a lot of self-reflecting and have decided to become less active on tumblr. some may have noticed my lack of posts, so i apologize if the content on this blog hasn’t been quality or something 

i’m just having a really tough time right now. i’m feeling lonely, isolated, and my support system kinda just disappeared on me. tumblr used to be my safe house, the place where i’m surrounded by friends etc but i’m just not feeling it atm. i know spn is supposed to be a family and whatnot, but i feel like no one is ever there for me and its so disheartening. i think its best if i stepped away for a while 

i’m not deleting this blog nor am i going to stop posting. maybe if i feel better, i’ll start going on more often and making graphics again 

lmao if you actually read all of this thank you for your time and i wish you all the best

anonymous asked:

Shocked anon still, you can publicly answer this ask but I'd prefer if you didn't or just made a post about it if you ever need to say something because it's really personal and I'm still very sensitive about that topic

Since you are new here, let me inform you that when on anon, the person who revives your notes cannot reply on private, Tumblr will not allow this and any note from an anon is instantly posted public.

Second, Tumblr has a Black List feature that you can download for your browser. Here you you make a list of the posts/hash tags you would like or do not want to see. This way, topics like the one you’ve mentioned in your other notes will not show on your dash
(Just as long as the person tags the post ).

I apologize if the post shocked you, but I will not remove a personal post of a personal experience in response to someone accusing me of being close minded on the matter. I have tagged the post properly, and those who do not wish to see it, or are afraid to stumble upon it, do not. ( It don’t work on mobile though. That needs to get fixed. )
What I said had to be said for those who have survived and felt the exact same way, relieved that their thoughts have finally been put into words.
My experience was a rough one, all of ours were, and it should not be silenced. You will encounter that everywhere here, and you will get upset constantly, but you cannot run around blog to blog telling people to remove posts that upset you.

Love Will Find A Way...

So this chapter got finished early so i’m posting early!! My apologies for its length, its very long, but i still hope you like it!!

Prologue, 1, 2, 3

Chapter four 

Lallybroch 1748 

It may have been a matter of seconds but it felt like eons before he turned. Even without seeing him, I could tell what was on his mind, the same question in my head too.


It was the same face, the same beautiful face. The face I unconscious hoped to see in every passerby. The face that haunted me in the dark of the night. The face I regretted deeply not waking up to everyday. The face that consumed every thought in my head…

 Ruddy complexion, wide sweet mouth, baby blue eyes, all exactly like I remembered but still like I was seeing him for the first time. All the things I said to him in my dreams, all the things I wanted to say now, but the first thing that came out of my mouth was

 "When did u break your nose?”

 "About three minutes after I last saw ye….Sassenach.“ He said hesitantly with a small smile.

 It wasn’t a thing I consciously thought about, but him calling me by that term again made me realize how deeply I missed it. I moved towards him, lightly touching his slightly off nose. He startled like he was struck by lightning.

 "Ye are real!”

 And then he fell, incredibly graceful for a man of his size….

 It was a minor faint,as he started stirring as soon as I crouched by him,stroking his dear face in my lap. 

 "That bad is it?“ I asked,my voice soft from unshed tears.

 "That bad and worse Sassenach” he said,his voice mirroring mine.

 He sat up scrutinizing my face as I did his. He could always conceal his thoughts well but the overwhelming feelings of joy & relief on his face was hard to hide. 

“Ye really are here mo ghraidh!! A Dhia!!“ 

 The careful control I had over my emotions in these two agonizing years broke & melted away in the form of tears as I jumped right into his arms.

 "Oh Jamie!”

 It was heaven. It was hell. It was cathartic as our tears shook us violently in each other’s arms.

 "It’s you! It’s truly you Jamie!“ Words forced out of my throat. "I..I thought u died” and the feeling of loss,despair & regret for lost time engulfed me once again as a fresh bout of tears started.

 "No mo ghraidh no. I….I thought I lost ye forever. I have lived everyday as half a man,only the memory of yer bonny face to provide solace but I couldna touch ye how much I tried. But now…“

 "Now I can touch you” I put my hand on his heart,feeling its steady beat.

 "Aye” he placed his own hand on mine. “I….I want verra much to kiss ye,may I Claire?“ 

It was getting difficult for words to come out of my mouth so I nodded frantically in yes. He slowly bent & covered his mouth on my own,his tongue seeking an entrance in my mouth. I had dreamed about being kissed by him almost on every night but they now seemed very poor in comparison. He was gentle & firm, forceful yet tender at the same time and I prayed like I had never prayed before that this moment never ends….. 

Eventually reality and the need to breath intruded our moment & I saw something change in Jamie’s eyes,he looked suddenly anxious "The bairn, Sassenach?”


 Before I could answer Jamie’s question my brave Bree made her way towards us, Murtagh holding her hand & leading her. 

"She may look like the spit of him but she is stubborn as her mother! Never staying put!” Murtagh tried to stay gruff but I could see tears brimming on his eyes. An unspoken promise passed between us,we would talk later but this moment was only for Jamie & his daughter. He passed her to me & stepped away. 

“Jamie, I’d like you to meet Brianna Ellen,your daughter.”

 "Daughter…my….daughter?!“ He asked incredulously. "Of course!! Can’t you tell?” I made an attempt to laugh despite my ever flowing tears.

 "Brianna.“ He tested the name. "What an awful name for a wee lassie!!" 

"It’s not awful!” I snapped “It’s a perfectly lovely name! And plus,you asked me to name the baby after your father,his name was Brian wasn’t it?" 

"Aye well, then her name would be ‘Bree-anah Sassenach, and that is a beautiful name!”

 "Breeanah??“ I smiled at his highland pronunciation of her name,making it unique,making it his own, a secret between a father & child. 

 "Who is he mama?” Bree inquired I dint know how to answer that


 "Ye can call me Da, if ye want to.."Jamie said hesitantly

 "Da..” Bree said confused and after a moment smiled her beautiful baby smile, as if her heart tested the name & found it right. “Da!!”

 "Go on Bree, give him a hug” I prompted. She looked at him uncertainly at first, but then with the pure innocence of a child she put her arms around him, hugging him tight. He was transfixed,as if he had turned into stone. The tears flowing from his eyes were the only indication that he was human. My own tears be damned, they were just not stopping! 

“She is just like you, brave and headstrong and stubborn…" 

“Stubborn!! Me?? Nay sassenach, she must have got that from ye!” He said smiling through his tears. I gave a teary chuckle at that and kissed him again, while he held our child, feeling his tears on my lips & his heart reverberate thought my chest. And this was how Frank found us….

 Never in this life or any other life I would have anticipated a situation like this. My two husbands face to face,me and my daughter in between. I began trotting out some vague explanations but Frank beat me to it.

“It was you! You! That day! I saw you by the window,staring at my wife. You were that damn ghost! You did all this!! You brought us here!” Frank spoke hysterically. 

Jamie’s only reaction was giving a small smirk in my direction “I remember ye saying men in yer time didna believe in ghosts and such Claire.” He looked Frank squarely in the eye while he passed Bree to me.

 "I am James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser. Ye can call me whatever ye wish. I am merely a mortal man. I didna make Claire do anything, it’s not up to me. Claire makes her own choices,no one can make her do something she doesna want to do.“ 

"So now using diplomacy to justify you fucking a married woman, are we Fraser?" 

Jamie kept calm outward but I could see the fire rising in his eyes. "Justification are needed for wrongdoings and I donna think I did any wrong. I and Claire are married, blessed by the church and God knows I never touched Claire without her will. And technically we wed a long time before ye did. So maybe my spirit that ye saw was calling out to MY wife….”

 He closed his eyes trying to calm himself   “But, I understand yer position Randall, and I am thankful to ye for caring for my daughter and my wi.. And Claire. If ye think my loving Claire was a crime, I have had more than my share’s punishment for it; if that brings any peace to your heart.”

 In the moment, with the frostiness creeping into Frank’s eyes, he never looked more alike to Black Jack Randall before. 

"Yes.” He said coldly. “It does bring peace to my heart.”

 The atmosphere in the main house was cold,no one speaking more than necessary. Murtagh & Jamie tried to not even look at Frank much and Frank did the same. Murtagh,Jamie & the servants were the only ones in the house. Jenny and Ian were visiting some old acquaintances in the nearby village and the kids & Fergus insisted on going as they never stepped out of Lallybroch before

.“They should be gone a couple of weeks, will give us all time to think as to how to explain things.” Murtagh gave Jamie a queer look at this.

 Yes, explaining all this would be hard, specially explaining Frank to Jenny & Fregus,given their past traumatic experiences.

 We quickly recounted the story of our journey while Murtagh & Jamie gave us bare details of how they survived Culloden. Jamie was grievously injured when he was captured and later spared by an English major. He was sent back to Lallybroch & Murtagh made his way against all odds. Jamie was on his deathbed when he reached, only Jenny’s stubbornness saving him. He ultimately received a pardon from the English very recently, in return for pledging his loyalties to the English & also keeping some of his fellow clans on line.

 "Almost the entire Mackenzie clan is wiped out ye ken, all of it falls on wee Hamish now. So I am supposed to mind him and the rest of the survivors and make the co operate with the English for exchange of our lives.“ Jamie said bitterly. 

Throughout this time he told the story my body were shaking with the effort on not letting my tears flow. I knew this was just the gist of it, I knew a lot of pain was behind this calm exterior and I knew he was concise because he dint want Frank to know. But he would open up to me, I knew it. There would be time to talk ,to pour out our hearts to each other, a lifetime perhaps?

I could not imagine going back & leaving him again. Hope began to rise up again as I looked around the house, my home.

Images filled with our laughter filled my senses. Me, Jamie, Brianna, and perhaps another child….. 

Stop it Beauchamp! You are going too fast.

 "This is madness!” Frank bellowed to me later. “Fraser is making me stay with Reg in the guest rooms!”

 "Well what did you expect Frank, he wouldn’t have you and me share a bed under his roof.“ 

"So does he bloody expect me to sit quietly as you both share a bed?” I was normally not the blushy kind of woman but my cheeks reddened at this comment. “Good god! Damn you and your glass face Claire! You actually want to….." 


"So this is what it has come to! Found yourself a younger man with a bigger cock and off you go!”

 "Frank it’s not like that..“

 "How is it then?? Tell me Claire! GOD DAMN TELL ME!" 

"WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO SAY FRANK?” I screamed at him,last ounce of my control vanishing. “Do you want me to say the sex was better? To say his cock was bigger? YES DAMN IT YES! It was! Happy now?? This is all you see between Jamie and me, fucking! But what we had…have together was a god damn hell of a lot more than fucking!! He is my friend, my soulmate, my lover, my husband, the father of my children. He is the love of my life!!" 

He was flabbergasted. I collapsed on the nearby couch,trying to calm myself. "I did love you Frank,I won’t deny it” I said softly. “But he awakened a part of me that I didn’t even know existed. I was afraid to face that part but now," I stood up and looked him straight in the eye "I’m not afraid anymore." 

I went down to see how Bree and Roger were faring. They would be occupying young Jamie and Maggie’s bed respectively until they returned. Both the kids were peacefully asleep so I went on to check on Mrs Graham. As I went there I found Mrs Crook arranging two sets of bedclothes & sheets. 

"Why do you have two sets of bedclothes here Mrs Crook?" 

"Milady….um..mistress…milord wishes ye share this chamber with Mrs Graham." 

"Oh…I…I’ll just speak to him then.”

 I found in the laird’s chamber, which I hoped I would be sharing with him tonight, if not to reforge or physical ties, just to reconnect. 

 "Jamie did you tell Mrs Crook to make me stay in the guest room?“ My voice came sharper than I intended. 

 He look slightly embarrassed "Och aye, I did" 

"Why?” I asked suppressing a irrational urge to wail and hit him.

 "Sassenach..Claire…I didna wish to disrespect ye in any way, but yer appearance has been a big shock aye? I think we all need some time to think about all this. Me, ye and…Frank.“

 "Oh..yes..ok maybe…”

 "Good night sassenach”

 "Goodnight Jamie" 

It was with a sense of disquiet that I slept that night. True, it was a great shock to him but then it was a great shock to me too! Thinking him dead and dragging on with my meaningless life and then finding out I could have avoided all that. Then why this distance between us?

 War changes people,who better to know that than me? So had culloden changed Jamie? Did it alter his view of me? After this time apart could we really find a way back to each other?


Thank you


MEMORY_GLITCH - A #Winter Cyborgs AU mini-comic

HYDRA hears rumors of a secret S.H.I.E.L.D. base and sends WS-01 and WS-02 on a quick scouting mission. WS-02 takes an unexpected trip down memory lane.

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Lewis seems like the kind of guy who’d crack terrible puns at terrible moments, even when dead

–This was a lot funnier in my head tbh

(Lewis/Arthur – Mystery Skulls Animated - Ghost)


we fail? but screw your courage to the sticking-place, and we’ll not fail.