MEMORY_GLITCH - A #Winter Cyborgs AU mini-comic

HYDRA hears rumors of a secret S.H.I.E.L.D. base and sends WS-01 and WS-02 on a quick scouting mission. WS-02 takes an unexpected trip down memory lane.

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Locked Up

Can you do a reaction to getting locked in the school overnight with your crush, the bad boy, BTS

These are more like scenarios if anything but I still hope that it was close to what you wanted, and I apologize for taking so long to post this

[Gifs do not belong to me, all credit goes to rightful owners]


Originally posted by simondismydaddy

Being locked up in school isn’t great. Especially when it’s dark. And alone. Well at least you were until you ran into namjoon, the bad boy of the school and honestly you were thinking that it possibly couldn’t get any better. You liked him and now you were alone with him. He seemed quite surprised to see you out of all people in school so late. Namjoon did know you, kinda, since he sees you in like half his classes and getting the sense that you weren’t ok with being alone he dragged you along to an empty classroom. Great. The whole time you two were in there you personally felt like you were about to explode. Yeah, he made you swoon that much. “So why are you stuck in here?” his head tilts a bit and his gaze meets yours. “I could ask you the same thing,” he smirks a little and pick his head back up, still looking into your eyes. “Fell asleep in class, and the teacher didn’t bother to wake me up.” The way he rolled his eyes told pretty much what he thought of his teacher. “Now you tell me your story.” “Well lets just say last minute restroom breaks aren’t a good idea,” you chuckled awkwardly as he grinned. He opened his mouth to speak but the lights of the room turned off and you instantly cuddled yourself into namjoon without a second thought. After realizing this you blushed muttering a quick sorry and pulled back from him but he put his around you and kept you close. “It’s ok, I don’t mind holding you.”


Originally posted by beagletae

You never thought you’d get detention, you weren’t perfect but you never did anything wrong, and you didn’t think that detention would be the reason you’d be locked up in school. It was already dark and school was already scary enough you didn’t need this. Seokjin soon came along when you found him asleep in one of the schools closets, and all because he wanted alone time. The whole time you guys talked and just strolled the dimly lit halls which was a little more comforting with him. He might of been the bad boy but he was actually pretty nice. Being with him in a situation like this just made being locked in school not so bad. “You know how I got stuck here, what’s your story?” “Detention,” you groaned slightly. “Oh someone’s been naughty,” he says teasingly making you blush. “I didn’t do anything bad, my teacher is just strict, and he ‘forgot’ that I was there and left me.” You grumbled under your breath and jin laughed a little when seeing you puff your cheeks out of irritation. “Ah, cute,” he mumbles to himself. “Hey well on the bright side you’re stuck with me,” he winks at you and you swear you stopped breathing for two seconds. “Yeah, I’m with you,” you smiled.


Originally posted by minniesuga

You weren’t all that surprised when you realized that you were locked in. It’s what you get for hiding away to ditch you’re last hour only because you were trying to avoid your crush. New seating charts aren’t  that all great because now you sit right next to him. And at the moment you thought you were screwed because he suddenly popped up decided to tag along with you at some point even though he seemed to pay no mind to you. You were already hating life at the moment and you were hating it even more because he was here alone with you and you knew you were going to embarrass yourself at some point. The cafeteria was left unlocked so you sat across from each other in silence and glancing at each other every now and then to. Perfect, you thought. I’m not doing anything and I’m already embarrassing, you mentally slapped yourself as you tried avoiding eye contact with yoongi. “So you weren’t in class today,” he says and you finally look at him, but he was staring at his hands. “Why not?” his eye looked up and you looked down again and blushed. “I-I wasn’t feeling it today,” you say. “Just for that class?” he raises a brow. “I mean- well-  no it’s just,” you groaned and your hands rubbed at your face making yoongi chuckle. “You don’t gotta explain it’s fine,” your eyes meet with his now and he smiles slightly. “Just don’t skip it next time, it’s lame when you’re gone.”


Originally posted by jeonsshi

So you’re in school, and it’s way past school hours. And you’re also alone…in the dark…and locked in. What could go wrong? To say were scared was an understatement. You were terrified and who wouldn’t be when you’re stuck in school at night. You were sure you were going to die in here, it was the perfect set up for a horror flick. When you heard a sudden bang you screamed and another scream followed, a scream that wasn’t yours. “God you scared me!” Hoseok huffed and held his hand to his chest. You stared at him relieved that you weren’t the only one her now but also wondering why he was here. “S-sorry I didn’t mean to,” you rubbed your arm sheepishly. “It’s fine, kinda my fault to since I dropped that trash can back there,” he points behind him and laugh. You couldn’t help but giggle “and how did that happen?” Hoseok stood by you now with a shy expression. “Don’t tell anyone but I got a little freaked out and ended up running into it.” You smirked a bit and cross your arms “the famous bad boy, Jung Hoseok, was scared?” you said dramatically. “Yeah, yeah whatever you were even more scared you screamed like you were about to die,” “Well because I thought I was,” you shared a laugh before he gently held your forearm and smiled as you felt the heat rush to your cheeks. Good thing it was dark. “Maybe we should stay close just in case anything else happens,” “O-ok”


Originally posted by gotjimin

Never in your life did you ever think you’d be stuck in a dark room alone with your crush jimin. Well of course you have. And it was happening, but not the way you thought (you dirty person you;)) You were in a dark room alright but that room was the janitors closet…at school…locked in. Now you didn’t know this would happen you were just trying to hide away from the douches that were bugging you. Jimin was hiding away to but that’s for a whole other reason and apparently he had the same idea as you. He startled you as he swung open the door and slipped in with no questions asked. He shut the door and quickly put his ear against it and just as you were about to say something you felt his hands roam around your shoulders then your face before cover your mouth and bringing your head to his chest. “Stay quiet,” he says, ear still pressed against the door. Seconds past and you squirmed out of his grasp “what are yo-” “shh!” you sigh “what are you doing?” you whispered. Jimin stayed there for a moment before leaning away from the door and turned around to face what he assumed to be you. “I was running away from a friend of mine,” “why?” “I pranked  him, and I got him good this time.” You couldn’t see but you knew he was grinning ear to ear. “Who are you by the way?” he asks. “Oh y/n, not sure if you know me but we have the same history class.” He stood silently for a second. “Do you have your phone?” “Yeah, why?” “Turn on the flashlight so I can see you.” You did as you were told and it wasn’t until you turned on the light you realized how close he was. You dropped your phone out of surprise and you both reached for it. At that very moment there was a click. “Did you hear that?” You got up and jiggled the knob only to groan when realizing that you were locked in. “Well were stuck in here,” you huffed and hit you back against the door. Jimin had the light on you and he giggled suddenly. “W-what?” you were beginning to blush. “Nothing, you’re just cute when you’re angry,” “B-but I’m not,” what was he saying? “well, you’re still cute.”


Originally posted by taedamn

When taehyung asked you to help him out with studying after school you were quite happy and took the offer. How could say no to him? Yes he’s the bad boy but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t strive for good grades. Plus you liked him so you were down to help him out. But there you were, by the classroom two hours after the last bell had rung waiting on taehyung to show up. A few more minutes, you thought. And after those few minuets you already made your down the hall. Of course he didn’t show, you scoffed to yourself. You found yourself at the main entrance just about to push open the doors when you hear your name being called. “Hey where are you going?” “Home,” you said a bit harshly. “Why? I thought you were gonna help me out?” he pouted almost. “I was but then you showed up tow hours late and I have to be home.” There was really no reason to be mad but if was gonna be busy before hand he should’ve said something! You tried pushing open the door but it wouldn’t budge so you tried the other one but to no avail it didn’t open either. Taehyung then went in to help but that didn’t work. “We’re stuck in here,” he said all too calmly. “Stuck!?” you eyes widened. “As in we’re locked in here?!” You ended up going through the whole school just to get out but everything was locked. Eventually you gave up and sat in a hall hugging your knees. Taehyung looked at you and really couldn’t help but think it was his fault (really wasn’t) and sat by you. “It’s not so bad y/n, I’m here,” he smiles at you and you sigh and return a slanted smile. “Well I hope you’re good company,” you joked. “I guess to pass the time we can study?” you say unsurely. Taehyung smirks suddenly and his eyes lock with yours. “I have a better Idea.”

(you played hide and seek you nasties) 


Originally posted by jungkookpresent

You just wanted to work in peace and quiet get finished early so you could take a nap but no~ jungkook kept throwing wads of paper into your hair and bugged you anyway he could. And here you thought that sitting right in front of him was a blessing. (Still kinda is I mean he notices you) You tried to stop him but he wouldn’t have it and you were slowly becoming more and more irritated. You were a time bomb and any little thing at that moment could make you explode. Jungkook, of course, helped with that when he poked your back making you yelp and scream at him for not leaving you alone. And now your here. Stuck in a class room tired and annoyed. “C'mon I already said I was sorry,” he kneels in front of your desk with his arms resting on it and head sitting over them looking up at you with his big brown eyes. You rolled your eyes and avoided any eye contact with the boy. “Sorry isn’t gonna take me home now is it.” It was his turn to roll his eyes. “Why must you hate me so,” “I don’t, you just irritate me,” you said bluntly. “So you do like me,” he beamed. You choked on your own air and the blood instantly rushed to your cheeks. Jungkook laughed at your reaction letting himself fall to the ground and just kinda roll there in laughter. You glared at him with your now rosy cheeks and stood up from your seat and made your way to the door. “W-Where you goin’?” He scrambled to pick himself up from the floor and raced to the door to block you from it. “Home I don’t want to be here,” “Aw, I was only joking you seriously can’t be mad, plus you can’t just leave.” “whatever,” you moved him out of the way and reached to turn the knob but it was locked. You groan and tried the other one but you were met with the same fate. A locked door. “Great, Just great!” “Locked?” “What do you think?” He comes near you again leaving you trapped against the door. “Well if that’s the case, I have a way to make you forgive me.”

Hope you liked it😊

and again I’m sorry this took awhile it’s been a busy week and I couldn’t really work on anything.

Much love~💖

7 Things that Require No Talent, But a lot of Hard Work

Lately I’ve seen a post floating around about “10 things that require zero talent”, and the list includes: being on time, work ethic, effort, body language, energy, attitude, passion, being coachable, doing extra, and being prepared.

Now, some of these are questionably controllable, like attitude or body language because those things people interpret differently. My overall opinion of this post was that it was meh, because most of these things DO NOT come naturally. Sure, they don’t require talent but being on time requires planning and being passionate about everything you do just isn’t possible. Not to mention that energy levels are sometimes out of our control - for example, in the spring I need to take allergy medications that make me EXTREMELY sleepy, but if I don’t take them I’m too sick to get out of bed! When I struggled with clinical depression, I always had low energy levels - it would be a shame to judge people by that. 

That being SAID, making the best of the energy you have is what I attempt to do, even if that means getting up and brushing my hair and taking a shower before going back to bed. So because I felt like some of these reasons were a little unfair or really underrepresented the hard work involved in achieving them, I wanted to do a list of my own.

7 Things That Require Zero Talent, BUT a lot of Hard Work and Practice

This title, to me, is more accurate about how to achieve your goals. Nothing comes easily, and implying that there are 10 things you can do to be successful that require “zero talent” is mislabeling. 

1. Being Prepared - I’m copying this one from the original list because it’s SO important, but I wouldn’t call it something that requires zero talent. Everyone has different ways of always being prepared, but I keep both a planner AND a bullet journal. It takes time and effort to do your research and to go into every meeting and every assignment prepared. BUT in the long run, reading the syllabus and the textbook before class, researching the company you’re interviewing with, will always pay off.

2. Stop Procrastinating Everything - It’s so easy to fall into a trap of saying “I’ll do this later” “I can always start tomorrow”, DON’T START TOMORROW, START NOW. If you keep putting something off, you’ll look back and say, “I wish I had started that first day all those months ago.” I do this thing I like to call “selective procrastination” - like when I avoid reading my textbook by working on a paper due in three months, or paying bills, or calling my mom. I try to procrastinate by doing something else productive when I can, but let’s be real - we all need a Netflix day sometimes and there’s nothing wrong with that.

3. Maximum productivity - Don’t do that thing where you’re half studying/half checking your phone every couple minutes. Dedicate yourself completely to studying for blocks of time, and then take breaks when you need to. If you try to multitask while studying, you’ll inevitably end up getting less done. Making one thing at a time your priority without letting yourself get distracted is the best way to make yourself more productive. 

4. Always Be the Hardest Worker in the Room - This is one that I repeat to myself always. Sometimes, I get frustrated when my friends want me to go out on a Thursday night, or go to the movies on a Monday, when I know I have to study. And then I look up from my work, I look around, and think, “Am I the hardest working person in this room yet?” Sometimes I am (sometimes I’m the only person in the room). Sometimes I need to remind myself that it’s impossible to get results, and to get a 4.0, if you don’t want to work for it. Set aside time for your friends, and set aside time to study.

5. Be Patient, Don’t Rush Results - During my freshman yeah, I barely studied, so my sophomore year was a rude awakening. I didn’t go from studying 14 hours a week to 40 hours a week right away, and I was quickly overwhelmed. I had to carve out time to study, and I had to figure out how I studied best and the most efficient study methods for me (I used a pomodoro timer for a while, and now I just instinctively try to study 20 minutes on with a short break.) Find what works for you, and don’t give up: it will be hard at first and that’s okay.

6. Don’t Just Memorize, Actually Understand - I have a really good memory, so sometimes I cheat myself and memorize concepts instead of actually understanding them deeply. Every single time I do this, it comes back around to bite me. Having a solid understanding of the concepts is important in subjects like biology, economics, and psychology, among many many others. It’s worth putting in extra time to understand concepts instead of trying to take the easy way out and memorize info that you think will be a short cut. There are no short cuts to success

7. Give Yourself a Break - If you actually hate studying, or if you’re not passionate about what you’re doing, all of this will be so much harder. Studying came so much more naturally once I found something I was interested in studying! But here’s the thing - even once I found what I wanted to study, I still got burned out and needed breaks. I needed to just lay in bed and watch Netflix sometimes, or watch food videos on my phone during my lunch breaks. You don’t have to study 24/7 to be successful, efficient studying is the key. It’s all about balance: don’t forget to make time for your friends and family and hobbies.

Wow I apologize for this very long, rambling post! These are just a few tips that have really helped me to be successful in college, and will be really helpful to look back on once I get into the stress of junior year 😅

anonymous asked:

Why is Key so pretty? I mean sometimes I can't even look at his photos without crying or taking a minute to digest. Like i know he's not your bias but I iii iiiii iiii can't be suffering alone right? :'/ :'( :'D

at the end of the day I am fully biased towards all members so yes you’re far from being alone in this friend

shinee is obviously a visual group but like. kibum. kim kibum. kim key. he’s so… holy shit he’s so, so beautiful it’s intimidating? like I’m sure if I stumbled across him in the streets I’d haul myself out of his way so as not to subject him to my ugliness

most of the time he’s really, really gorgeous half in that way super models are, bordering perfection and a bit hard to grasp around - how can someone like that exist what wh a - but still somewhat believable; half in that way you just. can’t comprehend because it shouldn’t be possible for someone to look that good. that way that makes you question if maybe he isn’t a figment of everyone’s imagination

this man isn’t real guys we collectively dreamed him up

Allig.ator skull removal

Hey vultures!! A lot of you were interested in the process I used to get the skull out of one of those tourist shop allig.ator heads. Just know that if you follow my process, you will not get a perfect skull. Also, I take zero responsibility for what happens if you choose to give it a shot! If you have any specific questions, feel free to shoot me a message! Also, I apologize for the freakishly long post… 

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Inappropriate Tankmates for Bettas

Hello! Today i’ll be talking about tankmates commonly recommended for bettas that really are inappropriate, for varying reasons. let’s get started! I apologize for the long post, i am on mobile and can’t remember the html for a read more

African Dwarf Frog
This small amphibian seems like a great choice on the surface, but amphibians and fish should not be mixed in home aquariums under any circumstance. They are inefficient swimmers, so it’s easy for a betta to out compete them for food. It’s also quite easy to be given an african clawed frog on accident, a similar species that is very aggressive. Both species tend to try to eat anything that will fit in their mouths, and bettas may be prone to nipping toes. ADF’s prefer cooler temperatures overall than bettas. Additionally, if your betta gets sick and you do not have a quarantine tank, your medicine options are limited. Even something as simple as aquarium salt can be harmful to frogs. Some owners and breeders have reported success with very very low levels of aq salt in frog tanks but that is all anecdotal and i personally would not risk it.

I’ll admit that I was once convinced of the safety of the tetra as a tankmate. My stint with neons ended with half killed by my fish, and the other half dead in a few days because the emergency tank i set up was inadequate for the bio load. Aquarists will tell you that tetras are so fast that a betta will never be able to catch them, and this may be more true for a long finned fish, but a female or a plakat can easily catch and kill a tetra. Neons specifically are prone to bad breeding and often die off for seemingly no reason. Tetras are vibrantly colored and very flashy, a trait bettas detest in tankmates. Bettas will chase and nip tetras, only the very calmest will ignore them. However it is not just the betta that is the issue, tetras themselves tend to be highly aggressive and will antagonize the betta as well.

White Cloud Minnows
A popular choice because they are less flashy than other small schooling fish, these minnows are actual cool water creatures and will not handle the tropical waters of a betta very well. In order to cohouse these fish, one species must be outside of its temperature zone, which will lead to stress, illness, and a reduced lifespan. problems with aggression are still likely to continue, especially with the stress of improper conditions.

Red Cherry Shrimp
As far as this list goes, this species is most likely to get along with a betta. The issue lies with the fact that RCS tend to be expensive, and the bright colors can lead to, you guessed it, aggression from the betta. Lots of bettas will eat these vibrant critters, and that is a problem as bettas can gain health issues from overeating quite easily. These shrimp can sometimes be a safe tankmate provided the betta does not have any interest in eating or killing them.

The guppy is a highly popular live bearer that you can get quite cheap in most pet stores. A typical guppy has vibrant and flowing fins, vaguely reminiscent of a rival male betta. They are also nippy species, and contention between the guppy and the betta is quite common. Feeder guppies may fare better due to their duller color but it is by no means a guarantee.

There are more species that make terrible tankmates for bettas. I will not go into detail as it tends to be common knowledge. Such species include goldfish, tiger barbs, gouramis, cichlids, chinese algae eaters, and other bettas. If you have questions about why those fish are bad tankmates, feel free to send me an ask or a message and I will go into more detail.

Eye Candy - Chapter One

Ship: marliza (Maria Reynolds x Eliza Schuyler)

AU/Time Period: modern time, au where the whole world is black and white until you touch your soulmate

Warnings: Light swearing, threatening behavior, harsh words

Word Count: 2,568

a/n: @puns-and-fics hello this is roadblock anon speaking and i have finally revealed my identity. you told me to tag you in my fanfic, so here i am. i hope y’all enjoy my work :) (also, my computer would not let me as a “READ MORE” button so i SINCERELY apologize for the long post)

Eliza had a bad habit of holding her breath in crowds. It had gotten to the point where she couldn’t control it- she’d just be walking through a big, people-littered area and just forget to breathe. It had started when she was little and her older sister, Angelica, had told her to be careful in crowds, because if you somehow walked past your soulmate and brushed hands, you would see color- but not know who your soulmate was. So, Eliza found herself walking without breathing, her arms always tucked close to her body. She didn’t want to risk it.

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On The Door Step - part 1

Parings: Dean x Sister!Reader x Sam

Summary: In 2000, John Winchester opened the door to his current motel room and found a little girl at his feet, sleeping peacefully with a fuzzy white blanket tucking her in a wicker basket. Now, nearly 16 years later, (Y/N) has still yet to find herself in the world of the Winchesters.


Warning: Slight season 10/11 spoilers, moody teenager, cursing, angry Dean, mentions of character death

Words:  1,332

A/N: Hi again, just wanted to thank everyone for the notes on the prologue. After a while of thinking over the story, I have discovered what I wish to do with it! And I apologize in advance for long periods between posts. Enjoy!

My bare feet feel cold against the bunker’s tile floor as I make my way to the kitchen in the dark. The sleeves of the huge hoodie Sam bought me last Christmas cover my hands, keeping them warm from the chilly air. Expecting to see my brothers sitting at the table, their faces glued to computer screens and bodies jittery from caffeine, my heart sinks closer to my stomach when I find the kitchen empty.

“Where the hell are you?” I breathe into the empty space.

I check my phone, reloading my messages. Nothing. Radio silence.

Sam left me at the bunker a week ago, telling me he had to stop Dean from doing something stupid again. He’d given me a hug, a kiss on the forehead and then rushed out the door in a blur. Other than a message explaining how I have to stay in the bunker and that they’ll call me out of school until further notice three days ago, there’s been nothing.

Balling the ends of my sleeve into my hands, I cross my arms and sink into the floor, pulling my knees to my chest. The dark thoughts I have been fighting so hard to keep back come creeping back in.

I haven’t even heard anything from Castiel or Charlie… At least one of them would give me some kind of update.

I run my fingers through my hair, slightly pulling at the strands as I can feel the tears weld up in my eyes. They can’t be dead. They’re Winchesters.

Just as I’m edging on the ledge of an anxiety attack, my phone lights up and vibrates against the tile floor. I scramble to pick it up, dropping it in the process of switching the small green icon to answer the call from Sam.

“Sammy?” I ask weakly, biting on my thumbnail and hoping it’s not an officer calling me because they found their bodies.

“Hey, (Y/N),” Sam says calmly and releasing a sigh. “I’ve been meaning to call, but things have been… busy.”

I roll my eyes. They’re always hiding things, or trying to hide things from me. They dropped me off at a library before they asked the man who cut off his arm questions and they also tried to cover up the fact that that man’s family was going to burn the bunker to the ground (I wasn’t home for that either, they thought it would be best to drop me off at Jody’s for the weekend).

They can never tell me everything.

“Is Dean okay? And have you heard anything from Charlie, she hasn’t been answering.”

Sam takes a moment to breathe deeply, and I can just imagine how tired and stressed he looks. A heartbeat later, Sam’s ready to talk.

“(Y/N), Charlie’s dead.”

“What?! When?!”

“She’s been dead for a couple of weeks, (Y/N/N).” Tears well up in my eyes, and I have to fight them from falling. “Dean killed the men that did it.”

Of course he did.

“Castiel isn’t doing to well, but the three of us will be home soon.” With that, Sam hangs up and I close my eyes as a few tears trail down my cheek. She was my best friend. How could they not tell me? How come it took so long to tell me?!

I can feel the slow simmer of my blood beneath my flesh and my eyes flicker to the digital clock on my phone’s screen. I have an hour to get to school.

My fingers hold the ice pack against my eye lid as my body shifts in the chair across from the principal’s office door. The secretary judges me from her thick pink rimmed glasses, and I glare back at her in response. My leg bounces with the left over adrenaline from the fight that had just taken place in my math class. To be honest, I don’t know the kid that I started this fight with, I’m not even sure he deserved it, but I had to do something.

“Winchester,” Principal Young calls from her office door, just as Dean and Sam walk into the front office. They both catch the eye of the secretary, and I snicker as she ogles at them. Dean glares at me, silently asking me if I think this is funny (he’s completely unaware of the old woman practically drooling over them). 

I quickly make my way to the small office and take a seat in front of the wooden desk, my hands between my legs and my head ducked down. Young takes his seat at the desk, pointing to the other two uncomfortable chairs for my brothers to sit. Once they do, he sets to work, explaining that I have one last chance to clean up my act or I’ll be expelled.

Young finishes by giving the same spiel that he’s given me before. “You’re a good student,” “You have good grade, you just need a better attitude.” The same tune… yadda yadda.

Frustrated, I drop kick the ice pack into the parking lot once we were excused. Dean is the first to speak up.

“So, what? We come home and you decide you just have to punch the first kid you see?” He hollers, tossing my book bag at me. My bag drops to the concrete, the zipper undoing and spilling the contents. I watch the blank notebook papers dance in the air, tucking my hair behind my ears before bending down to pick it up.


“No, Sam! I wanna know!” Dean continues to yell, tossing his hands up. “Every time we’re gone, you’re “the best student of the school” but when we’re here, you seem to lose your fucking mind!” 

“Dean!” Sam shouts at our brother, pulling on his shoulder to force him to stop. “You’re making it worse.”

My body feels extremely warm and my cheeks are damp with tears I hadn’t realized I was shedding. My stomach clenches tight and my vision blurs with the unsheded salty water and my shoulders quiver and the palms of my hands dig into my eyes as the reality really sets in that Charlie is gone.

“(Y/N)?” Dean kneels down and places a hand on my shoulder.

“I miss her,” I meet his eyes, my voice quivering. I haven’t cried this hard since Sam dragged Dean’s wounded body to his room, telling me that Metatron killed him.

Dean pulls me into his chest, my fingers wrapping tightly around the flannel. Dean hugs me tight, smoothing out my hair, mumbling, “I miss her too.”

After several long minutes of my brothers giving me hugs, Sam walks me to the car with me tucked under his arm, promising me that we’ll get back to the bunker and we’ll sit down and watch whatever movie I want. No matter how cheesy and romantic it is, we’ll watch it.

Castiel greets me with a weak smile as I take my spot in the back of the Impala, and my eyes drift to the cuffs around his wrist. My eyebrows raise, “why is he cuffed?”

“Rowena did something,” Sam answers bluntly. “We’re taking precautions.” Nodding along to Sam’s words, I tuck my bag between the seats and smile at Cas.

“Would you like me to heal that?” Castiel huffs out, slowly raising a hand towards his own eye. Before I can speak, Dean interrupts.

“Cas, you need your strength.” Cas seems to ignore my brother, still watching me as he waits for an answer.

“No, I’m good.” I sniffle, forcing a large smile. “It adds character anyways.”

Castiel smiles weakly before resting his head back and slightly closing his eyes. Dean speeds out of the parking lot, Sam grumbling something underneath his breath, and I lean back into the seat, my eyes growing heavy as I watch the trees pass by.

I’ll never forget you, Charlie. I close my eyes, hoping that maybe, just maybe, she can hear me wherever she is.


Wake Up Part 6

Word Count: 2968
A/N: I apologize that it took so long to post this! I just had a mental block that I had to work through. If you haven’t read Parts 1-5 I suggest that you go find those before you start this part. It would just make more sense! You can find them on my Masterlist. Also, this part includes a few guest stars from outside the immediate batfamily! If you have any suggestions for other characters you’d like to see, even if briefly, just let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

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Bts Reaction to Their S/O Calling Them Papi:

Anonymous asked: Hya! Can I request a Bts reaction to their s/o calling them “papa” (daddy in Spanish) casually Like: “papi can you pass me the salt”

Author’s note: If I’m gonna be honest, I call everyone papi. Anywho, here’s your request and I apologize for how long it took to post this I’ve just been juggling work and school and the musical I’m in and family and I just need to organize my life out but enjoy.


Jin: He gives off the feel of papi material to me. I think he would enjoy being called papi or papa but then get butthurt because he’s getting older and he’d think that you’re taking a jab at his age. Then he’d realize he’s acting cray cray and just let it go.

Yoongi: I don’t think he would notice to be honest. He would treat it like any other situation like if you called him by his name or called him babe or something.

Jhope: You’ve already been calling him papi since day one.

Namjoon: Well its not daddy but it’ll do.

Jimin: Calling him papi would probably make him feel more manly and he’ll just be all giggly and whatever.

Taehyung: Low-key he kinky as hell and this would make him so daddy. Like for real this boy probably makes you call him something like that anyway.

Jungkook: High-key kinky. Again, he not fooling nobody with that ‘I’m afraid of vagina’ bullshit. He would pass you the salt but not without making some kinky treat like “Call me that again and I’ll bend you over this table and the only thing you’ll be eating for the rest of the night is….”

Author’s note: Well again, I am so sorry for all the late responses I’ve just been hella busy and shit lately but I’m trying so be patient with me. As always, thank you for requesting and I hope you enjoyed this.

-Admin Leo


- I think you enjoy shooting people.
- No, I don’t. I hate it. But it’s what I’m good at. And it’s what I have to do.
- You don’t have to save everyone.
- Yes, I do. There are far too many bad people in this world. And not enough good. […] if I don’t save these people nobody else will.

Person of Interest - 4x05

So, this is a man who chose, as his profession, to do something he hates, by duty. This is John Reese, selfless to a fault. Never thinking about himself, only thinking of what needs to be done, saving and protecting people.

And that is what makes John such a good person at heart, despite the fact he did kill 62 persons. Because he wants to protect the good people from the bad. And he believes it so deeply. And killing people does cost him, but he still does it, by duty. Because he needs to save the good people, even at the price of his own soul.

(I apologize for taking so long to post the second part of this episode’s gifset, I’ve been travelling)

anonymous asked:

OMG UR USER do you have any headcanons for robin??? and her relationship with andrew n neil? no one ever talks about her rip

DO I? OF COURSE I DO. sorry, they are all over the place and this got really long.

  • robin’s first time on the court is very similar to neil’s first time on the court. She just has this look on her face of complete awe bc she’s never been in a stadium this big? She’s seen it on tv multiple times, watched countless of games but now she’s here and she can’t believe it? it’s frightening but exciting
  • now, neil pays very close attention to robin(main reason being is Andrew chose her, of course it draws neil’s interest esp bc Andrew is still very ~vague~ about what he plans to do with her)
  • neil  recognizes that look because it reminds him of his first time on the court, in that moment he gets to understand what exy is to her (and it’s something he can strongly relate to. Vaguely he remembers nicky’s commentary of ‘no wonder he chose you’ but he knows andrew’s reasoning for robin is much different than kevin choosing neil)
  • Andrew wants to see what she’s made of so he leaves her to her fend off for herself
  • and well it’s actually kind of pathetic to watch her? All the foxes come in having some sort of bite, robin has none whatsoever. It’s learned helplessness (robin never learned how to fight back but rather come to terms and accepts her situation. It doesn’t help that she really doesn’t know how to deal with such aggression being directed towards her)
  • She’s a walking doormat, letting herself be pushed around (she just wants to go home. Home. Home. Back with her parents. And     sometimes when it gets really bad and the world is too much to take, she  imagines herself back in the little room where steven used to keep. At least she was safe there.)
  • It’s probably no surprise that robin has a lot of bad days in the beginning (everything is overwhelming, too many people, the university is so big)
  • She still carries her exy raquet around everywhere with her (later when she learns to use renee’s knives, she stops carrying it and carries those instead)
  • Andrew on convincing robin to defend herself:
  • ‘what are you going to do wait them out? Hope that one day they’ll stop and be nice to you? Ever the optimist? Answer me were you this optimistic with steven? did you think that one day he was going to let you go free?  People like us won’t survive if we don’t fight back” (it     throws her off. Him grouping himself with her. And well, Andrew knows all  about trying to wait people out, he knows all too well the consequences.)
  • her lessons with andrew are just… brutal. he doesn’t just teach her how to use renee’s knives but also self defense in general. how to throw a punch.
  • Okay, so we also know that she struggles with her feelings of guilt and Andrew is really the first to address this issue and kind of get through to her (talking to betsy helps too) but like neil is there for her too? He understands on another level about feeling guilty(bc Andrew doesn’t) but neil remembers the drake  incident and even though it wasn’t his fault he had a hand in it. that conversation doesn’t come till neil and her are really close

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Auston Matthews - Part 11

Because I love you all so so much, and I feel bad for not posting a few days in a row. Here’s a second post for today and it’s hella long so I apologize if you don’t like long posts. Thank you so much for all the love and support, I hope I’m making this story fun and maybe making you go a little insane? 

Word count: 2949

For the second day in a row, Mrs. Matthews wakes me gently, touching my forehead and whispering to me that it’s time to get up. I groan and push my face into my pillow, while I hear Mrs. Matthews and someone else laugh quietly. I peek up and see Auston standing in the kitchen, already dressed for the day in a suit, I ogle at him for a moment since he hasn’t noticed me staring yet. Instagram just doesn’t do him justice. The suit is tight in all the right places, its design sleek and cool. My eyes go from his head to his feet and back again, only I meet a pair of brown eyes instead.

               Auston gives me a smirk and before I can even blush, he turns his back to me and bends over to grab something from a drawer, and I’m blessed with the full view of his ass in perfectly tailored pants. My jaw drops in shock from A: the fact that he actually just did that and B: the fact that he actually just did that. He emerges from the drawer emptyhanded and meets my gaze again. I narrow my eyes at him and decide that because Alex and Breyana are still asleep and Mrs. Matthews has returned to her bedroom, that two can easily play that game.

               I shimmy out of bed and after making sure Auston is still facing me, although his attention is on something on the counter in front of him, stand slowly. I stretch my hands slowly above my head, my shirt coming up slightly and exposing my midriff, I tighten my leg muscles and bend my back. Once thoroughly “stretched out,” I drop my bands to my side and turn to face Auston. His head is still tilted down towards the counter but his eyes are on me, his expression unreadable.

               “Morning,” I say cheerfully at him as I pass by the counter to go towards the bathroom. I supposed there are worse ways to wake up.

               Twenty minutes later I’m standing at the door with Mrs. Matthews, waiting for Auston to put his coat on so we can go.

               “Call me after you get done,” Mrs. Matthews is saying, her hand running through my now straightened hair. “After you call your parents of course,” she adds.

               “Ema, I’ll call you right away,” I reassure her for the hundredth time.

               She gives me a tight smile, and I swear there’s tears in her eyes.

               “You know how proud we are of you sweetheart, always so proud,” she whispers and pulls me in for a hug. I feel tears well in my eyes and blink rapidly, I am not about to ruin my makeup for a few tears.

               “I know, and I love you for it,” I mumble back, a little embarrassed, but feeling more love than ever.

               She squeezes me once more and then hugs Auston, probably so he doesn’t feel left out.

               Auston opens the door and ushers me out. I wink at Mrs. Matthews and give her a reassuring smile.

               “I’ll see you in a bit,” I say before Auston follows me out the door.

               “I swear she loves you more than she does me,” Auston says as we make our way to the elevator.

               “Can you blame her?” I tease back, pressing the button to call the elevator.

               “I suppose I can’t, I should probably ask for my pucks back,” he replies and I can’t help but laugh.

               Once we make it outside, he opens the car door for me again.

               “You look nice by the way,” he says, gesturing to my outfit, but I think he’s referring to my skirt more than anything else, even if I am wearing tights.

               “Nice suit,” I say as I climb down into my seat. “You’ll have to give me the name of your tailor.”

               He eyes me for a moment before closing the door with a laugh.

               We ride in mostly silence to the university, the nerves setting in. We are pulling around the university towards the building that I need when Auston breaks the silence.

               “Y/N, relax. Your jaw has been clenched for the past five minutes,” he says, as he pulls up in front of the building and shifting into park.

               I tell myself to grab the door and climb out, but my body refuses to cooperate.

               Auston sits there a moment as I try and fail to compose myself, there’s a tightness in my chest that I just can’t seem to get rid of. He reaches over and takes my hand off my lap and into both of his.

               “Y/N, look at me,” he says softly and I slowly am able to do what he says. His eyes are serious as he rubs my hand between his own. “Calm down, breathe.” I still can’t seem to get my jaw to relax. “Breathe.” He repeats and again I try, but can’t. He leans towards me, his face inches from mine, and his breath on my face as he repeats himself once more. “Breathe.”

               Finally my body listens and I suck in a deep, shaky breath.

               “There you go,” he says, his face still close to mine.

               “Thank you,” I whisper, squeezing his hands with mine.

               “You’re welcome. Now, if you’re ready, get your butt inside and decide if these guys are even worth your time,” he nods toward the building behind me.

               I laugh and nod before leaning in and kissing his cheek lightly.

               Auston’s cheeks turn a faint pink and his eyes go to my mouth as I pull away. I part my lips slightly and just like that, the entire temperature changes in the car. I can feel every nerve in my body standing on end, like a lightning bolt went through me. We both breathe in deeply and I have to pull myself back, which is agonizing, another moment broken.

               “Text me when you’re done, I’ll come pick you up, the rink is literally nine minutes away,” he says relaxing back into his seat, although my hand is still between his.

               “Yeah, okay,” I mutter, still recovering my voice. I gently pull my hand away and grab the car door.

               “You don’t need it, but good luck,” he adds, his hand grazing my back as I step out into the cool Toronto air.

               I lean back down and smile at him, “Thank you, Auston. I’ll see you in a bit.”

               He winks at me and I close the car door and step onto the curb, pulling my purse up higher on my shoulder. I stare up at the great doors of the building in front of me. I take in a deep breath and square my shoulders, the heels of my shoes clicking on the stone steps as I make my way up, ready for whatever may be through those doors.


               Alex POV

               Mom checks her phone for the twentieth time in the last hour as we sit around the T.V. in the living room. Auston is still at morning skate and Y/N has yet to call or text. I’m not worried about Y/N at all, but I’m starting to get bored. Having Auston around is always a lot more fun and looking at the clock, he should have been home about thirty minutes ago. So, I pull out my phone and send him a text.

               When r u coming home?

               I wait a moment before his reply comes.

               Waiting for Y/N

               I slowly smile and look up at Breyana who notices, I show her the screen and the same smile forms on her face as another message appears in front of me.

               So I don’t have to come back for her

               Right, just trying to save gas I’m sure…

               What’s the supposed to mean?


               It meant something!!

               U know, we r more than capable of going and getting Y/N ourselves…

               Yeah, but it’s on my way home

               No its not?

               It’s not but im already out. Shut up

               Breyana and I break into a fit of giggles.

               “He likes her!” Breyana exclaims and mom looks over, dad indifferent as ever and ignores us.

               “Who likes who?” Mom asks, squinting at us.

               “Oh, no one who know, mom. Friends from school,” Breyana replies, always super smooth with the poker face and mom nods, her attention back to her own phone.

               Breyana and I exchange a glance and I text out one more message to Auston.

               Remember I found her first, u can’t steal her

               The little bubbles appear as he types something but then they disappear, apparently he thought better than to text me back. Breyana and I spend the next several minutes whispering about Y/N and Auston. Then mom’s phone rings and she about falls of the couch in her eagerness to answer.

               “Y/N! How did it go?”


Your POV

               “It went pretty good,” I say, walking through the hallway to the main doors I walked in, my voice echoing off the walls, but I don’t care there is literally no one remotely close to me. “I already called my parents and told them everything but, they offered to pay my tuition, housing and to even start paying me after my first semester here, as long as everything goes as planned.”

               “Oh, Y/N, that’s so great!” Mrs. Matthews exclaims through the phone. Luckily, she isn’t with me to see the fact that I’m not smiling whatsoever and that there are dried tear streaks down my face. “We should go out for lunch to celebrate!”

               “Oh, no that’s okay, Auston has a game later and we will go out for diner after that. Really, its okay,” I say quickly, my phone vibrates as Auston sends me a text back that he’s on his way.

               “No, we are going someplace, doesn’t have to be lunch, we can go get cheesecake for something,” Mrs. Matthews demands through the phone and I know there’s no point in arguing with her. “Auston can drop you off with us and go home and take his pre-game nap in peace.” She keeps talking but my throat closes up.

               “Yeah, okay, great,” I mutter and she goes silent on the other end of the phone.

               “Is everything okay?” She asks, this time much softer and her mother tone is back.

               “Yeah, just a lot of stairs,” I say, trying to keep the tears out of my voice. “Decide where you want to go and text me, I’ll meet you there.”

               “Okay,” again her tone very soft and I’m not sure I convinced her completely that I’m okay.

               “Alright, I gotta call one more person,” I say and after we say goodbye, I hang up the phone and shove it back in my purse, just a little bit of guilt that I promised Mrs. Poe I would call her right away. It was hard enough talking to my parents and Mrs. Matthews without breaking down.

               I hurry down the stone steps to the great doors that I had first walked in which seems suddenly like a lifetime ago, when it was only three hours. I wipe angrily at the tears streaming down my face, talking to Mrs. Matthews had pushed me over the edge and I could feel another panic attack settling in.

               Stop freaking out. Stop freaking the fuck out.

               I repeat those words over and over again in my head and burst through the great doors, a little more dramatically than I would have liked. Moments later Auston’s car turns the corner and I try to compose my face as I rush down the stairs.

               Do not let him see you cry. Do not cry in front of him.

               Auston pulls to a stop in front of me and I quickly climb in, trying my best not to directly look him in the face.

               “How did it go?” Auston asks, not putting the car into gear and pulling away like I needed him to.

               I freeze, halfway between clicking my seatbelt into place. I take a deep breath and I feel myself breaking, I turn my face to him and meet his excited brown eyes and watch the spark in them disappear the moment he gets a look at my face.

               “Y/N, what’s wrong? What happened?” He asks, his hand reaching out and his thumb gently wipes away a smear of makeup on my face, I unconsciously lean into his hand. When I don’t say anything for a moment he takes my face and makes me look at him. “Y/N, talk to me, please.”

               After a moment of me catching my breath, I answer.

               “I got everything I asked for. Everything I wanted.”

               Auston gives me a confused look, trying to understand.

               “But these don’t look like happy tears, they look like miserable tears.”

               Again, his thumb gently wipes away another stray tear.

               “I know, I’m being stupid. It’s just… I….” I break off, a quiet sob racking over my body.

               “It’s just what? Keep talking to me, Y/N.”

               I hesitate for another moment, but I know I have to tell someone or else I might shatter into a million pieces.

               “It’s everything I want but I’m terrified. I’m scared to leave home. I’ve never ever been someplace where I’m more than thirty minutes from someone I love. Even on vacations to Arizona, I was with your family, with Alex and now they are going to be even farther away. My parents are going to be all the way in Ann Arbor, my dad even farther away when he goes on scouting trips across the league. I have literally no one in Toronto. No one. I’ll be completely alone and as much as I love this program here and as much as I want it, I just can’t.” I pull in a shaky breath, as I prepare to say more.

“I’m letting everyone down. Your mom was right, no twenty-one year old should have this much pressure on them to do something that some people haven’t done in their entire lives. It’s too much and I can’t tell anyone because I’m even more terrified of letting people down, and I made things even worse because I told the professor inside that I would think about his offer, but he saw how happy I was when he first proposed his offer to me and he knows I want it.” I’m babbling but I can’t seem to stop. “I’m scared, Auston. I’m so so scared. Never in my life have I been afraid to fail because I knew I never would until now. Now there’s the possibility that I can fail and destroy everything I’ve built and all I want to do is high tail it back to my safety net.”

My breathing gets out of control and I start hyperventilating, my hands shake in my lap and I try to squeeze them together.

“Breathe, breathe,” Auston whispers next to me, pulling my face to his and leaning his forehead against mine. “Breathe with me, okay?” He asks and I nod, listening to his breath, even and strong, tickling my face.

Slowly, I match my breathing with his and slowly I get the feeling back into my hands, grabbing Auston’s from my cheeks and squeezing them tightly.

“How did you learn to do that?” I ask, after a few minutes of just breathing.

“I once had a teammate who had panic attacks and there were a few ways we could get him to calm down, this was one of them,” he replies, rubbing slow circles on my hand with his thumb.

I lean my forehead back and stare at him.

“I didn’t mean the having no one in Toronto part,” I say quietly. “I was just babbling, I know you’re here.”

“I know,” he says quietly. “You know if you do come here my mother will make me trail after you like a puppy.”

“She’s going to make you? Somehow I feel like you would follow me anywhere without her interference,” I say the words before I realize it and shift slightly in my seat. Way to make things awkward, dumbass.

However, Auston laughs. “I’m starting to think you may be right.”

I smile shyly at him and his phone buzzes in the cup holder distracting us both. I see “mom” flash across his screen and he picks up his phone.

“Well, I’m supposed to drop you off at a bakery downtown. Are you okay to go or do you want to come up with an excuse not to?” He asks, looking back up at me.

“Drop me off, otherwise your mom will be all over me about what’s wrong.” I say slowly, dreading fifteen minutes from now.

He stares at me a moment and then types out a reply that we will be there soon.

“Please don’t mention what I told you to anyone, I just… need a little time.”

“Of course, but we are going to talk about this later, promise?” The look in his eye is so intense and I see a flicker of something but it’s gone before I can put a finger on it.

“I promise, I told him I would have an answer by the day I go home to Ann Arbor,” I say.

He nods once and settles back into his seat, he takes one of his hands and I go to let go of the other but he only squeezes it tighter. Shifting the car into drive, he pulls away from the curb. I look out the sun roof and desperately wish it were night time, needing the North Star and running shoes now more than ever. 

ethemreal  asked:

Hi, right now I'm working on scripting a comic with a multiple system main character, and I was wondering if you wanted to give any suggestions of things you would like to see, or not see, in media portraying multiplicity. If you wanna know more, I'm happy to explain my idea, characters, and plot so far in more detail.

i would be more interested seeing:

  • more than just one alter: a lot of times in media, there’s characters who’s just the “main” person and than one other alter. a person can have up to 100 alters. don’t be afraid to add a lot of them.
  • reason why an alter acts they way they do: some people might not know why they’re alters do certain things. but i think it makes more interesting when they have a reason why they’re the way they are. for example; my alter, chelsea, is very aggressive, but her reason is because of the abuse she went through, she’s always ready to stand up for us. she’s the protector.
  • alters of different genders and ages: i always see alters that are all the same gender but one, i wanna see more alters with different genders. also different ages, not just all of them being 20-25, make one in their teens, one that’s 5-7, one that’s in their 30s. it’s more interesting when the alters are all different ages.
  • people actually listening and understanding: it makes me really happy when people actually listen to the person with alters and understand them or learn to understand them.
  • co-fronting: i can honestly say i’ve never seen any media talk about or have co-fronting in it.
  • dissociation and reason behind switch: media never really shows the dissociation part of a switches. also not every alter has a reason for fronting, some just front on their own and some get triggered by something that makes them front. if you’re trying to be more detailed or gonna have a backstory, i think making an alter having a reason to front might help the reader understand the character better. 

things i wouldn’t be interested in:

  • person with alters being evil or scary: almost everything with a person with alters is always seen by people as scary or they’re made into the villain.
  • over dramatic or painful switches: when a different alter fronts, the person doesn’t run off to change their entire outfit and switches are not painful…..don’t have them scream in pain as if they’re turning into a werewolf.
  • person nice/innocent/helpless with the “evil” alter: what i mean by that, is if you’re going for the “main” person and other alter thing. don’t have them as one sweet and innocent then having their alter turn out to be the bad one. it’s been done many times and it’s not interesting at all.  
  • person not taking responsibility for their alters actions: if someone’s alter does something wrong and the person doesn’t own up to it, then they’re not a very good representation of a person with alters. don’t make them be like “oh, my alter hurt your feelings? not my problem.” because it is their problem, it’s still them, even if they don’t remember it.  

that’s all i can think of for now, i hope it’s okay to publish this, so my followers can add their thoughts too. i hope i’m not sounding demanding…..if i do, then i apologize for that.