hello everyone, it’s skye! recently i reached 8k+ followers which is crazy, so i thought it was deserving of a follow forever post! and ho-ho-holy shit it’s december… so that calls for a somewhat festive header. long winded thank-you’s (i really did try to keep this short) and the actual follow forever under the cut lmao.

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Two shows in one recap: 26th November/3rd December

Before I start, I just want to warn you that this post may be a little confusing. I’m going to talk about two different performances, with two different casts, on two different days. I’m going to talk about some people (Tom Mackley in particular) playing two different characters. I had two completely different seats, there were two completely different audiences. It’s going to be a wild ride, and if anything is confusing, or you want more details, drop me an ask and I will do my best to clarify! 

(Adding in apologies, because this is really long… I knew it was taking me a long time to write, and there’s a reason for that. Also sorry for stupid mistakes. No proofreading occurred in the making of this post.) 

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SoGreatandPowerful : On My Own (reconstructed video)

Align submitted:


It’s finally done. Sorry it took so long. I’ve included a lyric sheet in the description - please note however, I am not experienced with google docs. I’ve taken an unorthodox approach to providing context for the samples. Let me know what you think of this method. And I hope you enjoy the video! On My Own is an amazing song with an amazing video and I hope I did it justice.

Lyrics: On My Own ((Alt))

My own apologies for neglecting to post this for two months or something ridiculous. I was busy when I initially received it and then kept forgetting to get around to it >.<

The provided lyrics make for a fascinating read, especially when taken in conjunction with the video, since it is as always quite remarkable to see where all the vocal snippets originated. Your technique for adding the sample context as comments is very unusual, but not unwelcome. Unfortunately, in creating my own copy of the lyrics doc Google discards the comments, so my backup will just have to do without that supplemental information. I think that’s fine

Thank you profoundly for the work you’ve put into creating this version of the music video; it’s very much an amazing piece in itself

A Word About Submissions

I apologize for not posting any snaps after episode 9. As I said in a previous post, I watched the episode with a friend, so I was focused on watching it with company rather than stopping every half second to take a screenshot. As soon I was planning on going back to being on top of managing the blog, I was immediately laid out with an 102° (F) fever for 2 days. I’m still a bit sick, but I plan on getting to make some posts asap.

However, that doesn’t mean the snapsonice dash has to be barren until I can finally post.

This is meant to be a submission-based blog, meaning most of the content should come from you guys. On top of that, I don’t want to see only my lame jokes on this blog, I want to see what you guys can come up with! This blog has 1.2k people following it, and NONE OF YOU ARE PORN BLOGS, (Believe me, I checked) so it’s honestly a little disheartening to see that the inbox is nearly always empty.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a screenshot with a filter on it, a video, or 10 fully decorated intricately crafted gifs, I want to see your snaps!

anonymous asked:

just for fun, how do you think a leo would dress like? how would leo characteristics manifest in their choice of clothes? also if all the signs were going to a formal event, how would they dress like?

Hey! Sorry for the late reply. x
Also, I’d like to apologize up front for the lack of diversity in these pictures! Google is…vast…and non-white, non-thin models are given few opportunities. Perfect storm for a sea of look-alikes. :\

You’ll want to look to Sun (ego - it colors everything), Venus (art + beauty + creativity + sociability), and Rising (how we approach things/our first impression) for this one.

Hmmm. Leo is decadent, dramatic, bold…I see worldly turquoises and teals, bright orange, beautiful patterns…heavy gold jewelry, heavy makeup, something brilliant done with the thick hair, impressive shoes.
This look demonstrates their innate flair for getting noticed, desire to be noticed, desire to be praised, as well as their natural love of beauty.

Aries is also bold…fierce and sexy and athletic, as well. I see Aries in fightin’ clothes…sure, she might show up in a tight black gown, but it’s undoubtedly going to have spikes on it somewhere, or her heels will. Aries tend to go for updos…though they may find long, loose hair to be attractive, it gets in the way. Big, bold earrings are likely…as is heavy, usually dark makeup. She wants to feel tough and independent and different all while still garnering tons of positive buzz and attention.

In my experience, Taureans wear clothes that reflect their physical environment. Isn’t that so fascinating? A Taurus living in a moderate 4-seasons kind of place wears light greens in spring, happy blues in summer, browns and ivories in autumn, and dark greens or even purples in winter. A Taurus from a desert environment will stick to starchy greys and browns. Taureans often go for embroidered details over full patterns…this will reflect where they live, as well…moderate Taurus may wear a lily or daisy on their shirt, whereas desert Taurus will have a cow skull adorning his top. Taurus is always ready for a hike, it seems. At a formal event, they would prioritize comfort…something long, fitted but not tight, and gently-colored would be a winner in their book…jewelry will be simple but very elegant…nails and hair will be in good condition…their best accessory will be a very sensual aura…it gives them the appearance of gliding across the room as they walk.

Gemini likes it light and bright…airy, floaty fabrics…nothing that clings or restricts movement…in soothing baby pinks and baby blues and light yellows…of course, this is just one day…the next day, Gemini will show up in a gown that puts even Leo to shame, or in a shocking all-black getup that has Aquarius wondering how to be so creative…generally, though, Gemini likes spring/summer clothes…soft, almost childish (like, they’ll take a stylized stretchy waistband over a button/zipper happily), happy either because of a sweet color palette or a fun pattern. They can look a little kooky from time to time. This look demonstrates their lighthearted, easy, novelty-loving approach to life…they’re the type to buy a shirt just because it makes them laugh. Bracelets and rings are big winners with these guys.

Cancer wants something soft, oversized, heavy, and subtly-colored. Expect oatmeal colors, dark blue or black garments, lots of knits and cardigans and layers in general…they’re so sensitive and so full of feeling and turmoil, so accessories usually tend to attempt to reflect that inner pain…I see a lot of Cancer people in sort of edgy jewelry, or with haircuts that any MCR-loving teen would be proud to sport, no matter how grown up or otherwise highly stylish they may be. A Cancer may shock you by showing up in bright July red, however…don’t expect them to be soft babies all the times…these are hostesses, and with their mood changes come style and preference changes. Their clothes can flow…they’d prefer clothes that fell and draped, rather than…clung and pulled.

Virgo is the best-dressed of the zodiac, without a doubt. No eye is sharper, no fingers more nimble…they were built to be fashion critics and authorities, and are often sporting that lanky Mercury frame that most companies design outfits for/around. They’re highly skilled at pulling together different pieces of the puzzle, and their love of fixing and improving will see them wearing a lot of vintage items (literally every Virgo I know has a special Thing for previously-worn clothes)…expect pieces from all over the world, every time period, all blended together into one stylish, simple, fresh, neat cohesive look. The hair will be in place, but not stiffly so, for they know how that makes them appear to others. Expect jewelry around the hands…lots of rings…maybe some pins, too, to further individualize their look. There will be a bag and a hat, too…they won’t miss any steps.

Libra is up there with Virgo…she has an innate sense of beauty that can easily be intellectualized and applied to the world around her rather than just sat in and experienced, and she’s highly socially adept - she knows what people want to see. Libra can, unsurprisingly, adopt the style of any of the signs…depends on what the situation and her own creative urges call for…she tends to go for a sophisticated look over a cute or sexy one, but it really depends on her mood. Makeup will be done very well, and the hair and accessories will ultimately stand out more than the clothes. She probably plans her outfits around possible conversation pieces…”this jacket will protect me from the wind chill outside, but will it be able to break figurative ice at the gala later?”

Scorpio has two goals…stay hidden, but make sure you’ll look super hot and cool if you DO get found. One blatant goal, one subtle one. Staying hidden can translate either to wearing something unremarkable that will allow them to blend with the wall when they get sick of telling wicked stories, or wearing something very bright and loud that they can hide their true personality behind. Generally, Scorpio likes dark, timeless pieces…they prefer to accessorize with their aura and gazes and constant glass of wine…the hair will be a bit wild, either in a messy updo or down loose and somewhat messed up/out of place…or, if they’re in the mood for hiding, it will be carefully slicked and/or coiffed. Makeup will be dark and jewelry will be rich and dangerous. Scorpio evokes the image of deep ruby lipstick stains on napkins. It’s not that she’s incompetent and can’t keep her makeup in place, she snarls…it’s all part of the allure. A calling card she leaves behind.

Sagittarius is a fun fashionista, no matter the occasion…that’s not to say that they can’t dress appropriately…it’s just that they’ll never just leave it at that. There will always be a bright, odd detail to complement the philosophical fire that burns in their eyes and makes them stand out so firmly from everyone else. They’re not so concerned with outfits…they can get dressed quickly and casually and look amazing while you’re there three hours later still nitpicking your eyeliner and that tiny bump in your updo that you can’t smooth down. And then they’ll offer to help and tell you you look great anyway so you can’t even hate them. These are very charismatic people…their luck seems to follow them everywhere, even into the dressing room.

Capricorn is a great dresser, but they can be rather tame, as they rarely stray from timeless, classic, tried-and-true looks. Masculine dressers will have sharp suits, a thumb ring, nice hair, a charismatic laugh (or their best imitation of one)…feminine dressers will sport black gowns in long-accepted cuts and something diamond that tells the other partygoers of her status in society. Colors will typically be dark and muted, jewelry very well may be inherited/an heirloom.

Aquarius will generally choose something dark and typical and then jazz it up with a piece or detail that adds some individualistic flair…they like electric colors…purple, blue, black, some silver maybe…when I think of Aquarius accessories, I see blue sapphire set in a silver band, or a gemstone-studded tie clip…something that connects them to spirit and earth all in one go over some twisty, plain gold band. They don’t really like to stand out, but they do like to put their personality inside everything they do, so look for the wallflower with the violet shoe lace tips when you’re at an event if you need them.

Pisces likes dark blues, blacks, dark purples, heavy glitter, heady perfumes, anything otherworldly, anything that conjures images of the Veil up in onlookers’ minds’ eyes…clothes will need to be flowing, loose, and accessories will be similarly long and light and unusual…expect heavy eye makeup and hair that seems to obscure their features somewhat…Pisces at a party, moving between dozens of energies, seems to almost be faceless…you certainly see a face when you’re talking to them, but your memory shows them blurred…this is likely the result of dark eyeshadow and heavy bangs and earrings that dangle halfway down their neck, guiding the eye to a plunging royal blue neckline.

Anyone else remember when I use to wear a lot of foundation/concealer and then apologize when I would post selfies without editing my skin? I’ve come a long way.

In other news, check out my bangin’ neck rash 🙄


Thank you

Time for another political essay. If you’re not an American citizen or able to vote in this upcoming election, my apologies.

I make no secret that I fucking despise Donald Trump. I actually like Hillary Clinton, which seems to be a weird rarity considering the amount of good work she’s done and the fact that all of the bad press about her is the result of the Republicans trying (and failing) to tear her and her husband down for thirty years.

Trump is now trailing far behind Clinton, which I consider a cause for celebration. But it is NOT a cause for complacency.

The biggest landslide election in US history was the election of Warren G. Harding in 1920, when Harding won with about 60% of the vote to his opponent’s 34.2%.

Some polls are reporting Trump with as little as 35% of the popular vote right now.

If turnout is large enough and loud enough, we can make Donald Trump the least supported major candidate in US history. Since the recording of him bragging about sexual assault came out, he has turned to dragging the whole election into the mud by striking back at Bill Clinton’s affairs; the usual goal of that kind of tactic is to drive down voter turnout. Trump’s band of Redcaps is pretty much guaranteed to vote, so they figure if they reduce turnout enough, they’ll win.

I want their plan to fail. I want their plan to fail so fucking spectacularly that NO ONE will dare to run for President on a platform of thinly-veiled fascism again.

The Republicans thought the House of Representatives was safe this year. In 2010, they gerrymandered the shit out of district lines to keep the House safe for them for at least ten years. But there’s a problem with gerrymandering: if the demographics shift unexpectedly between censuses, then suddenly a lot of districts wind up flipping against the party that the gerrymandering was meant to support. And Donald Trump is driving away the Republicans’ most secure core of voters, the evangelicals. And as I’ve said before: Congress is MORE important than the presidency.

If turnout is strong enough, and if people vote down ballot, the possibility exists for a massive upset. A Democratic presidency, a Democratic House, a Democratic Senate. They’re within our grasp. All you need to do, voters, is show up.

Motherfuckers don’t want you to vote. Young people, people of color, women, LGBTQ+ folks–they want you to be scared away, or to be convinced that voting doesn’t matter. They want your voice silenced. Don’t give the fuckers the satisfaction of letting it happen.




MEMORY_GLITCH - A #Winter Cyborgs AU mini-comic

HYDRA hears rumors of a secret S.H.I.E.L.D. base and sends WS-01 and WS-02 on a quick scouting mission. WS-02 takes an unexpected trip down memory lane.

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