Featuring The Signless and The Grand High Blood as Jean Valjean and Javert, The Handmaid as Fantine, Aradia as her daughter Cosette, and The Midnight Crew as Le Minuit Bande, who have been raising the newly-orphaned child in an environment of questionable suitability. Also featuring Equius as Marius However-You-Spell-His-Name, Nepeta as Eponine his moirail, The Summoner as Enjolras, leader of the rebellion, and Karkat and Gamzee as random rebellion dudes. :I  KK was going to be Enjolras, but then Toasty suggested The Summoner and since Eponine/Enjolras isn’t a thing in the musical anyway, I moved KK back into the ranks.


See this stuff on my hands?


so, HOTS...

Now that King Leoric AKA the Skeleton King is confirmed to be on his way into Heroes of the Storm, I just want Blizzard to do one thing with him.

Make him and the Lich King bro it up.

seriously there’s been like, 3 trailers of people beating on Arthas (which, not surprising…Arthas screwed over a lot of people after all) and now there’s an opportunity for him instead fight back-to-back and slaughter the living with his Diabloverse counterpart.

seriously I want a disgustingly cheery bromance between these two, no backstabbing or secret plots, just two evil kings of the dead beating the shit out of everyone.  Leoric can shout stuff like “I guess they didn’t have the spirit!” when he gets a kill and Arthas can reply in his growly Lich King voice “NO BONES ABOUT IT.”

“I could really go for some spare ribs.”
“Hey now!  Don’t speak ill of the dead!”

“What a boneheaded way to die!”

“Arthas, do you know how I remain calm?”
“Because nothing gets under my skin.”

Okay sorry one more DP pic and then I promise I’ll do something else.

Sort of a gift pic to Badger that I’d been wanting to do for a little while of both our redesigns for Danny.  I’ve had my Gun Dog AU in my head for a while, but coming across Badger’s Trepidation AU was kind of what helped rekindle my interest in Danny Phantom and my desire to further explore my own redesign. Which I’m having a grand old time doing that, so thank you Badger!

But this pic happened today because thanks to a random anon question that Badger got about my AU, we chatted and figured out that he’s actually freaked right out by my version of Danny and doesn’t like looking at him. Soooo…. whoops. Haha! I thought it was kind of ironically funny though and went ahead and did my pic.

Sorry Badger I’m not sorry but really not sorry at all for this maybe a little.i like both version of him. :>

Dumb ghost boys trying to take photos of themselves. Don’t they know those pics are gonna come out all glitched out and nasty?

Brain and Braun | University AU

Bertholdt knew the drill by now. Go to class. Go get food. Go back to the dorm. Do homework and goof off. Simple. Unfortunately, it was now his job as a sophomore to help a new freshman get used to the same routine. It was a new program his university was trying out this year to help freshmen acclimate to the campus and make connections with other students that were already established. It was supposed to make the transition to university life overall more comfortable and smooth.

He wasn’t sure how he’d been roped into helping out, given that he was only a sophomore, but one of his teachers must have recommended him for the program… or something. He didn’t know but when he’d gotten the e-mail from the Campus Life department, he didn’t have the gall to turn it down. Besides, it would look good on a resume. Fine. Maybe he’d end up with a bright one that would catch on quickly, especially since Bertholdt wasn’t the most sociable in his own right.

Classes had only started a few days prior, so the new student would have likely already been tossed into the fray of higher education and nearly drowned in syllabuses. Poor thing. Well, they were supposed to meet in one of the study rooms in the library. Second floor, Study Room A… The freshman’s name was supposed to be Reiner Braun according to the e-mail he’d received.

Bertholdt shifted his grasp of the binder and textbooks in his arms as he’d just come from his last class for the day and they were slipping everywhere. He was already missing lunch for these shenanigans. Nudging open the door to the study room with his elbow, he forgot to duck and smacked his forehead on the frame, the books and binder falling to the floor. “Blast!”