Lmfaoooo. Due to pressure from Celi, I replayed Subaru’s route and I’m screaming. 😂😂😂

His Disney princess moment, oh lord.

PS: don’t know where people get that he’s shy about sex or women in general. Have they even fucking played his route? He offers to show his body as an apology, tricks the heroine into straddling him because he’s “anemic” but he really is being a perv, voices that her virginity is his and offers to fuck her in public…. Seriously, y'all. Just because he blushes, doesn’t make him afraid of doing it. 😒

Preference "How they react when they walk in on you changing"

(Yay for our faves being adorable and somewhat pervs XD and yay for Milton being added :3 Gifs not mine/Found them on google/Credits to the original owner.)

Negan- He’d raise an eyebrow and eye you up and down, with a smile curling up to his lips. He’d closed the door behind and would say “Oh, Y/N, you don’t need to put on your clothes to keep me company…You can stay like that or even better…you could get completely naked!”

Daryl- He’d be a little surprise and for your sake, would turn around. He’d apologize saying “I’m sorry, Y/N, I didn’t know you were here…” You’d thank him but as soon as he heard you, he wouldn’t be able to resist turning to get a real good look at you.

Rick- He’d act casual but he’d still smile seeing you moving around while changing. He’d walk in the room and look for what he needed but before leaving he would call out to you just so you’d turn around so he could get a good look at you and say “You know you’re beautiful, right?”

Merle- He’d smirk and close the door behind before walking over to you. He’d chuckle and say “Damn, Y/N….You need a little help there?” before actually helping you out of your clothes, as much as he can, just to make you laugh and for you to end up being naked.

Glenn- He’d be a little surprise but would then just stand by the door frame. He’d smile looking at your every movement and wonder if he should tell you how beautiful you are or just keep staring at you.

Carl- He’d do a double take and quietly walk out of the room so you wouldn’t notice. However, he’d still wouldn’t be able to resist looking at you and peek a little. You’d eventually notice and call out to him, but as soon as he heard you, he’d run to his room.

The Governor- He’d pretend to be gentlemanly and turn around. He’d apologize saying “Oh, i’m sorry, Y/N…didn’t knew you were changing…” in a playful tone. He’d hear you talking to him and then always end up taking peeks at you and smirking to himself.

Abraham- He’d pretend to be surprise but end up smiling and laughing seeing you stumble around to cover yourself. He’d walk in the room and give you a hand and jokingly say “Y/N, you don’t need to hide the goods from me, of all people!”

Eugene- He’d freeze in place and gawk at you. As soon as you heard him, he’d immediately deny looking at you and start to nervously stutter “I’m sorry…I-I didn’t see anything! Well I did…but I wasn’t doing it on purpose…I mean I don’t mind looking at you…”

Jesus- He’d politely walk out and closed the door so you’d get some privacy. However, before shutting the door completely, he’d get a last look at you and playfully tell you “Y/N next time do care to close the door! I wouldn’t want other people other than me staring at you!”

Ron- It would make him smile and he wouldn’t want to leave the room. He’d go sit by your bed, crossing his leg and stare at you lovingly. "Y/N…this sounds weird but…I like looking at you changing for some reason…”

Dwight- Walking into your room, he wouldn’t have noticed until he looked up at you. He’d be a little startled and start to walk out but couldn’t deny he would’ve rather stay to look at you. So he’d purposely say “Oh, Y/N…i’m sorry…” and walk out as slowly as possible. Only for you to tell him it’s alright and he can stay.

Morgan- He’d be slightly embarrassed about himself walking in on you this way and quickly turn around. He’d feel genuinely bad and start to ramble and apologize saying “I’m sorry Y/N. I got distracted…I should’ve knocked in first… I mean, it’s not like I haven’t seen you like this before…but still…I should’ve knocked…i’ll just wait outside…”

Shane- He’d look up and down at you, smirking and just lean in the door frame waiting for you to notice him. The moment you did, he’d chuckle and say “Y/N…I don’t think you should be putting some clothes back on…You should leave them on the floor…” He’d close the door and start to undress himself.

Milton- He’d quickly cover his eyes and profusely apologize nervously.“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, i’m sorry! I-I didn’t see anything, I only saw the floor and your feet! Nothing else!” He’d hear you chuckle and feeling a little confident, he couldn’t resist peeking a look at you through his fingers.

Michonne- She’d be slightly startled and turn around as a reflex. She’d nervously chuckle as a way to ease the tension and say “I’m sorry, Y/N…I didn’t realize you were changing…” She’d then wait for you and would later let out a compliment about you, thinking it would make the situation less awkward.

Maggie- She’d smirk and chuckle to see you undress and putting some new clothes on. She’d then call out to you and eye you from head to toe saying “Careful when you change with the door open like this…other people than me could walk in and steal glances at you!”

Andrea- She’d chuckle and shake her head. She’d closed the door and walk in. She’d the give you a look and playfully say “Are you doing this on purpose, Y/N? Leaving the door open this wide and changing around for everyone to see? Or was it intentionally for me?”

Jessie- She’d be surprise and walk out of the room. She’d wait outside near the door and nervously chuckle saying “I’m so sorry Y/N, I didn’t know you were changing…I-I should’ve called you first…” She’d then walk away and spend the day thinking about how good you looked in your undergarments.

Beth- She’d be surprise but cover it up by acting like it didn’t phase her. She’d lean in the door frame somehow confidently and as you’d look her way, she’d just give a nod. However, the more she looked at you the redder she actually got.

Sasha- She’d smile and end up staring at you. She’d find you adorable and as she’d walk away to let you have some privacy would say “Y/N! That’s some really cute underwear! You should leave the door open more often…”

Rosita- She’d be really nonchalant about it. You’ve walked in on her countless of times so it didn’t bother her to walk in on you. Nonetheless, you’d still catch her glancing and smirking at you.

Enid- She’d be startled and end up just freezing in front of your room. She wouldn’t know what to do or say. You’d call out to her, looking her way and smiling but she’d get too shy and run away from you.

Tara- She’d think of how beautiful you are and shake her head. She’d try to walk away before you’d notice but couldn’t. She’d then be cornered and have no choice but to close the door and walk over to you. She’d tell you about her thought and surprise you with a quick kiss.

Kylo Ren (reunited with his helmet somehow!) searches for information on Rey during a return visit to Jakku and discovers Unkar Plutt is a Jabba-level perv.

I took this idea from an anon here. Since the suggestion came from some hilarious discussion of The Force Awakens novelization, I thought I’d throw in the bit about his arm being ripped off by Chewie.

Apologies to your brain and my lil’ space daughter Rey.