Fragile masculinity: an update

can you imagine seeing another man suggesting in a friendly conversation he might try a face mask if given the chance and then having the overpowering urge to send an anon message to imply he isn’t a man because of that, then continue to send all of this after it’s clear that your bs isn’t being taken

blocked and have fun with your shrek skin


save him. 


Joe Jonas: Are you new here?

Dan Radcliffe: Yeah.. I am very new here…

Dan Radcliffe: …Very new and very shit

anonymous asked:

One time I walked into fantasy Costco and the jingle didn't play and Garfield wasn't at the counter so I walked around the store to find something that will haunt me for the rest of my life: Garfield, in a bikini, looking admiring himself in a mirror, his cloak on the floor. He had the body of a human female? But his head? Was it a spell or does he actually have that body? I'm scarred.