Geraldine Largay’s Wrong Turn: Death on the Appalachian Trail 


She was afraid of being alone and prone to anxiety, a diminutive 66-year-old woman with a poor sense of direction, hiking the Appalachian Trail by herself, who wandered into terrain so wild, it is used for military training. She waited nearly a month in the Maine woods for help that never came.

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history lessons

hello! i have a bunch of requests that i promise i am working on - but this has been sitting in my drafts unfinished for ages and i finally got inspired to finish it last night.


luke hemmings & y/n
word count - 5375
warnings - sexual content, language


“Your boyfriend is waiting for you.”

You rolled your eyes as Olivia smirked at you.

You could already see Luke sitting on the wall, in the exact same spot he sat in every day. As much as you appreciated not having to get the bus home to and from school everyday, you weren’t exactly thrilled that the trade off meant that you had to share two daily car journeys with Luke Hemmings.

“He’s actually reading one of those extra credit books,” Olivia said, squinting so she could make out the title of the book Luke looked engrossed in. “What a fucking loser.”

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Guild Wars 2 - Caithe - Seeds of Truth/Point of No Return version

“To catch a thief, you must become a thief, but be wary—following Caithe’s trail will take you down a strange, dark path.”

It’s finished!!!! Thank you all so much for your support when I posted some progress a while ago. ♥ ♥ ♥ I am so happy that I got to portray Caithe again after the last time I cosplayed default Caithe in my other outfit of her. ♥

I’ll be cosplaying Caithe again in June at another convention here in the Netherlands and I’ll be performing there in the Cosplay show. :D And after that, somewhere in the summer….. Sophie (the other half of Team Paraluna) will be making her new Faolain!! I can’t wait!!! :’D

Caithe is really the sort of character that embodies why I love cosplaying so much; bringing characters to life.

It is still amazing for me to see how I started out with such non-Sylvari looking materials, but then transformed them into leaves, vines and other plant shapes by dyeing, cutting, painting, sealing and general crafting all over!

I would also like to thank Sophie for helping me so much and doing my bodypaint. It was perfect!! Thank you honey!!!

Photo’s by: Jeroen Weimar  and  JFermie  (Thank you so much both of you! :D)

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I am waiting for you last summer - I am waiting for you last summer [EP] (2011)

This week will conclude the 2014-2015 school year. Yay! After many long study-sessions and a few hundred thousand hours of school work, I am ready to enjoy my summer, kick back on the beach, and well, basically do anything OTHER than study! But, oh, wait. This last week of school is also finals week. If you’re feeling like I am, it is quite difficult to be motivated to study for these very crucial tests. In saying that, below I have listed a “Survival Guide” to finals week. Here are my tips of how I prepare for finals:

  1. Outline Your Test Schedule

This can be very helpful to keep organized during this stressful week. I know for myself, I either jot down my schedule in my yearly calendar or in my bullet journal. If I have an intensive schedule, I may even go on Microsoft Word and create a chart for my study schedule and the coinciding test dates.

     2. Do NOT Cram 

This may literally be my most successful key to how I approach my classes, and, in the end, make the grade I want on my exams. For me, I usually began reviewing for an exam at least three days before, although this may even be too little time to review. Ideally,reviewing the material a little each day a week prior to the exam has proven to be the most successful approach for me, and that’s what I try to shoot for. 

    3. Annotate/ Revise/ Make-Your-Own Study Guide

As a visual learner, I have sort of made up my own method of studying. What I like to do is outline the chapter first. Then, I will draw out mind maps/ diagrams/ whatever to help me be able to recall the information when test time comes around. Also, I use flashcards for quick studying during breaks at school, home, ect.. By rewriting the material several times, I comprehend it a lot faster and easier than if I were just reading a study guide or chapter. Revision is fun too! Fineliners are a studyblr’s best friend!  I use Staedtlers :-)

    4. Study Location

I know it may sound “studyblr cliche,” but studying at a coffee shop or library truly does help me retain more information. The serenity of the library gives off a chill vibe, forsure. Or maybe it’s being surrounded by the sweet aroma of coffee and hundreds of books that motivate me. Plus I get to enjoy some delicious coffee. I love my local coffee shop!


I cannot stress this enough! If your are running on four or five hours of sleep, chances are you are NOT going to wake up motivated and ready to conquer finals. Also, it’s definitely not healthy for your body. So, please do yourself a favor and get close to eight hours of sleep the night before finals! 

     6. Breakfast is the most Important Meal of the Day

I love breakfast.There’s no greater feeling than waking up in the cool, dark morning knowing a hot, tasty breakfast is awaiting you. It’s enough motivation to get me out of bed. Not only is breakfast a dire need to support your body, but it supplies energy and fullness throughout your entire morning. I usually eat gluten free oatmeal with a banana or maybe egg whites with avocado. The options are endless! Also, don’t be like me and eat breakfast at 5 o’clock in the morning of the ACT. My belly growled SO loud. Embarrassing much?

     7. And Last but Not Least, GO KICK THAT FINAL’S BUTT!

The end is near, my friend. School is so close to being out. You’re prepared, and you know the material. You’ve studied your hardest, now get out there and ace that final.

Best of luck fellow studyblrs!

High School M.D.

I Am Waiting For You Last Summer - Medley Season

IWFYLS is a brand new post-rock band from Russia. They produce a very gentle music, but never forget to make the track explode a little bit. ;) Plus, they are not afraid to explore other genres like dubstep, electro, or ambiant, and try new instruments, add different sounds. this is all in their native music. Well they should, post-rock is not getting younger, a lot of things a done already, and I think they manage to bring new atmospheres to the genre!

Their first EP is already available here (name your price!) … and first album is awaited for march 2012 (yay!)

Here is some links to get in touch with them:

Watch on darimataturunkehati.tumblr.com

Treat your ears right.