Smiling through it, she said she’d do it again.
—  La la land

I am a tougher person now than I was twenty years ago. I have become confident in my craft. If you hire me, you hire someone who is nice to work with, who doesn’t fuss or need too much attention, and tries to get the job done as best as I can. After my family, acting is my other great love. And through the rejection and the work, that is a constant.


“ You stand on guard. “ Daryl says staring me down as I go to turn the door knob. I cock my hip and look him straight in his eyes. “ We have done this before Dixon… get over yourself. I can do it alone or you can come with me. “ I say looking him up and down. He has always looked at me as if I was some child just because I was a year or so younger than him. I am tougher than I seem, I can do what I need to do when it needs to be done. “ Lets go then. “ He says with an astonished look on his face. I open the door quickly and draw my gun scanning the room. “ Clear.. “ I say to actually no one as I turn around to see Daryl gone. I walk into the next room. Couch, T.V, lounge chair… Living room. I look around and find a book that seems to be about some sort of intergalactic journey to some place with aliens. I stuff it in my bag thinking of how the kids would love to read such a fantasy story. I go into the kitchen to scavenge for food considering we are low on rations. I find the usual just cans of food and such. I walk up the stairs trying to be as quite as possible. I see a closed door with some smudged wording on it. I don’t mind it and turn the nob slowly and open the door. I scan the room and a dark blur kills my vision. The door flings me down and something is down at my feet scratching. I look down to see a walker. I try to shoot but all I hear is the click of an empty clip. Fuck fuck fuck…. I grab the nearest thing, a book, and attempt to bash its head. Key word being attempt… It just grabs my arms and pulls me closer towards it. I have tried to keep quiet until now.. I need someone to help. I am not as strong as I thought I was and I need him. I look up and see the ugly face trying to naw on me as I try to escape. I close my eyes, sorta accepting my fate while I still can. I hear a fling of an arrow and a bang of a body to the floor. I open my eyes to see Daryl covered in sweat, breathing hard. “ What the fuck was that? “ He ask looking at me with some sort of mix between fear and anger. “ I just… I opened the door and.. I .. Yesh. “ I say rubbing the back of my neck looking for an escape for the awkwardness. “ That was a close one.. “ I say chuckling trying to change the mood. “ Yeah it fuck’in was…. You should have just listened to me instead of being a simple minded piece of shit and trying to prove some point. “ He says staring at me dead in the eyes. He quickly realizes how he lashed out at me and what he said. His eyes change and I see a flicker of sympathy, shamelessness and anger. Tears bead up in my eyes to the point of no seeing. I push myself up and push past him. He turns around to watch me go down the stairs and without turning around I turn my head to the side. “ I will go guard outside.. “ I walk down the stairs and turn the door knob to go out. I sit in a chair next to the door and wait for Daryl to come out. I think of what he said.. 

                     “ You should have just listened to me instead of being a simple minded piece of shit and trying to prove some point. “

 I guess he didn’t understand what I have been through. I have always been down graded as the little girl who couldn’t do anything just because I kept to myself and tried my best at everything to the point where I fucked it all up. I have always been called names by people but I didn’t care about those people like I did about Daryl. I have always had a problem with self-esteem and believing in myself.. I had to go to those shitty therapist before shit hit the fan. 

                              .. Simple minded piece of shit…

That is all I can think about while I sit and wait. The words swarm around my brain consuming me. I feel the tears flow down my cheeks and hear the door creak open. I quickly wipe my cheeks and eyes and stand up to look at Daryl.   “ Ready to go? “ I ask looking at his eyes which are scanning my face. I guess he can tell I have been crying by the redness of my cheeks and the puffy eyes. “ Yeah.. “ He says walking to his motorcycle. He throws his leg over and offers me his hand to help me. I decline the offer and throw my leg over and try my best to keep my body away from him as I try to hold on to just his jacket. We reach the prison gates and I see Carl running up to open it.. He pauses for a minute when he sees that I have been crying. He quickly snaps back into action and opens the gate. We ride through and as soon as we reach the top of the hill I jump off in a hurry to get away from him. I look back to see him already glued to the wall with a cigarette in between his lips, hanging ever so loosely. I rush in and throw myself into my cell onto the bed. “ Fuck fuck fuckkk…” I say punching the wall beside me. I wince in pain but that subsided quick as I remembered the real pain here. The guy I have had eyes on since the day I got here just degraded me just like everyone else I have ever known has. I don’t know what to do. I sit up when I hear the curtain slide over. I see Carl looking at me then down to my hand that has fresh cuts and bruises from the wall. He looks at me again. “ You okay.. “ He says coming into the cell with me and sitting down on the bed beside me. “ Yeah.. Yeah.. “ I say as I muster a smile trying to keep strong for him. “ No.. You’re not.. That is okay though.. Yo- “ He gets cut off by Daryl waltzing in with no warning. “ I just - “ He stops in his tracks when he sees Carl. “ Aye .. You mind? “ He says looking at him. Carl looks at me and I nod my head to tell him that it’s alright to go. “ I love you “ Carl says as he walks out. “ About at the shack.. I mean.. I said what I meant way to harsh-  “ I jolt up and get in his face, so close that our noses are touching. “ Simple minded piece of shit… Yeah, I think that’s a little harsh. I mean.. you don’t know what I went through before the world went to shit and then you throw that in my face. Fuck you Daryl Dixon… Fuck you.. “ I say as I push him away from me. I turn to go back to the bed but I get tugged around and pulled into him at the waist. “ Listen… I was scared. I heard you scream and ran up. I told you to stand on guard because I knew that would be the safest place. I don’t want you to get hurt.. You mean so much to me..” He breaths out and puts his forehead to mine, closing his eyes. “ I love you. I know I suck at voicing it out but I do. “ He says kissing your forehead gently. “If you wanted to say that.. I mean damn.. I just.. Kiss me you idiot. “ I say laughing. He chuckles and pulls me closer to him and crashes his lips into mine. He kissed with passion, lust, and desire. I parted from him and looked him in the eyes, dark with lust. “ You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do that.. “ He says with a sigh throwing his head back. I pull away from him and grab his had pulling him to the bed. I push him down and straddle him. “ This too.. “ He says before I crash my lips into mine. He looks me up and down and laughs. Is this all we’re gonna d- “ His breath hitches before he can finish. I grab a hold of his sex and squeeze, more like massaging him, through his pants. He moans at my touch and flings his head back. I let go and smirk as he throw his head forward in curiosity of my I stopped. “ Now haven’t we found a tease.. “ He says in a husky voice I’ve never heard before. I roll my hips trying to get a rouse out of him. I feel his pants tighten and his sex harden beneath me. “ You know how you said fuck you Daryl Dixon.. Why don’t you do it.. “ He says almost pleading. I shake my head no as unbuckle his belt. before I could do anything else he flips over to where he is on-top of me. “ Listen.. You’ve been a very bad girl.. You need to be punished. “ He unbuttons my shorts and slides them down. He glides my panties down with his teeth, sending shivers everywhere. He lifts off of me and pushes me onto all fours. I hear him sliding his belt off but before I could think I hear the slap and sting of leather onto my ass. I moan in pain and pleasure, “ Daryl “ He hits me again harder and harder until he stops. I feel his palm rub my red cheeks and then he flips me over. He takes my shirt off and his as well, using them as a restraint tying my hands to the bed. He slips his hands down to my clit rubbing circles over and over again. I throw my head back and moan. He slides his pants off and along comes down his underwear. He parts my thighs and does all the work with his tongue. “ Daryl….” I whimper out. “ I want you.. I need you.. “ I say begging him. He stops with the mouth work and looks up at me. “ How bad do you want it. “ He says with a lust fueled tone. “ I want you so bad.. I want you inside me. “ I muster out. “ Whatever you want.. “ He says lifting himself up to align with me. He slowly enters my walls already tight around him. He lets me adjust to his size and he begins to slam into me. I throw my head back and basically scream his name. “ Daryl “ I say rolling my eyes back. “ Whats my name? “ He says in a shaky voice. “ Daryllll “ I shout out. My walls clench around him and I feel him twitch. He releases his load and pulls out. He flops onto the other side of the bed and sighs. “ I love when you say my name like that.. So much better than how I imagined it.” He says laughing. 

Iiiiit’s WIP o’Clock again! Bit more of Sans coming up next.

Next two parts of Dogs of Future Past that I have planned are thankfully quite a bit shorter than the first, so should go a little quicker. 

I am _____ than you
  • Aries: I am tougher than you.
  • Taurus: I am smarter than you.
  • Gemini: I am more versatile than you.
  • Cancer: I am more caring than you.
  • Leo: I am brighter than you.
  • Virgo: I am more attentive than you.
  • Libra: I am fairer than you.
  • Scorpio: I am braver than you.
  • Sagittarius: I am more adventurous than you.
  • Capricorn: I am more ambitious than you.
  • Aquarius: I am more creative than you.
  • Pisces: I am calmer than you.

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promt: fitz talks to jemma about her being tortured in 3x09 because i have a terrible feeling that it wont be talked about on the show and i just nEED SOME RESOLUTION FOR MY BEAUTIFUL JEMMA SIMMONS

But Maybe Not Tonight 

3270 words

On AO3 

A/N: Can be read as a follow-up to Feather-Light or as a standalone 

The knock on her door was so quiet that Jemma couldn’t be sure she hadn’t imagined it, as hard as she was straining to hear any noises beyond her dimly lit bedroom. She sat up as the silence stretched out, heart thudding hard against her rib cage for no good reason at all.

She was about to go check the hall when the door handle turned a fraction, paused, and then the door opened to reveal Fitz, still in his pajamas and hair tussled. His face was pinched, but widened into shock when he saw her sitting up in the bed, her desk lamp clicked on.

“I-I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you, I just-”

“I was already up,” she assured him, giving him a careful once-over as he fidgeted in the doorway, unsure whether to stay or go. Jemma shifted toward the edge of the bed with a small wince, patting the mattress beside her.

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so much so that he is quick to introduce her to diggle before felicity can

also omg donna’s reaction to baby sara is basically me with any baby ever


when oliver is like “nice to meet you, finally”

I just die okay

because he loves felicity SO MUCH but has never got to meet anyone else in her life

and it just makes him so happy 


and donna can justTELL that this is the man in felicity’s life

the man she is in love with

from the way he looks at her

and the way she looks at him

we’d better see more donna scenes with oliver in season 4 seriously