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MY GIRLS <3 I am butting in because I love all of the Archeron-sisters to bits. Nesta protecting Elain and not Feyre makes perfect sense to me. My oldest sister is more protective over one of my middle sisters than she is me, because she knows I can take care of myself and that I am a little, "tougher" than my softer middle sister. Just because you're the youngest does not equal you being in need of protection. And your older sister usually knows you well enough to feel this.

This is true! I am very protective of my sister because i know she is more soft then I am and she’s the older one and i’m younger(damn i am protective as shit of my own mother because she is a big softie). Unless it’s A BIG span of years the “protective” thing is a matter of character then much else in a brother/sister situation. I LOVE THE ARCHERON GIRLS TOOi can’t wait to read about them in book 3 because they all will have much more page time and i can’t wait!