Actress Aubrey Plaza comes out as bisexual
You probably recognise her from her recurring role on Amy Poehler's hilarious series Parks and Recreation, and now actress Aubrey Plaza has admitted that she's not only a massive ally of the LGBTI community - she also identifies as bisexual.

During a recent interview with American website The Advocate, Plaza was questioned on what it was like to play Natasha Lyonne’s love interest in the new film Addicted to Fresno.

Aubrey replied by saying, “It was less about pretending to be a lesbian and more about portraying a human being with a massive crush on Natasha Lyonne’s character. Natasha’s a friend, and she called me up, like, ‘Do you want to come do a movie and make out with me?’ I have a major crush on her in real life, so it was fun.”

“I know I have an androgynous thing going on, and there’s something masculine about my energy,” she said.

“Girls are into me — that’s no secret. Hey, I’m into them too. I fall in love with girls and guys. I can’t help it.”

I am so excited to hear about this, more than I should be. We love you Aubrey.


1) So I go back to work tomorrow. Not happy or sad about it. That’s the real world and vacations are not. 

2) I saw lots of TV during my vacation. I also saw two movies in the theaters. I had one night of drinking and I caught up on my sleep. I hope I can keep the good sleep going while working. I tried to write but I couldn’t. Ideas are there. I just need to get them together and onto a sheet of electronic paper.

3) I spent time with @nomadic-egg which was damn wonderful. She starts work tomorrow too. She’s great. I am very proud of her and what she has accomplished. I’m very excited for her. 

4) So many great things are happening in the Land of Geekdom. It’s a great time to be alive. If all this stuff existed when I was a kid, I would had never graduated high school. Honestly, I don’t know how I keep a job these days. There’s so much stuff to digest. 

5) During my vacation my job contacted me twice; once to tell me that the Yankees shouldn’t go on “sell mode” and to ask if I did some sort of a certification thingie (which I did before I went on vacation). The first time they contacted me I was too drunk to respond and the second time they contacted me I was too hungover to respond. They have great timing. 

6) I have awesome plans for next Sunday so next Sunday, please hurry up and get here. 

7) I have to sleep. Work tomorrow and whatnot. I’d like to return well-rested and full of whatever it is that will make me get through the week as quickly as possible. 

Hope everyone’s had a wonderful weekend. Good night! 

chiaroscuroverse replied to your post “Okay tumblr. Big news.  (I mean, I think it’s big news, you all might…”

Yay! Be sure to post a lot from the same couch. Tumblr-ites getting together irl is one of my fave things on here! ��

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Please tell me there will be wine-infused tumbling??

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THAT’S AWESOME! I hope you guys have fun :D


And yeah, the plan is for wine + tumblr + Star Trek + poutine + staying up too fucking late + annoying my boyfriend with our shenanigans + generally having too much fun. 

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Okay okay okay, B.A.P reaction when they find out you are super duper into horror movies?

I too, am super duper into horror movies, friend.

Okay, so, Yongguk would totally love to see you get excited about anything. So when you asked him to marathon some horror movies with you, seeing that excited glint in your eye would make it nearly impossible to say no. I don’t think horror movies would be his favorite thing in the world, and honestly he’d jump at the slightest sounds, but he’d totally try to play it off like it was nothing. Oh, and good for you if you’re like me and you love horror movies, but are a total chicken shit as well. Every time you jumped, squeaked, or hid your eyes he’d wrap his arm around you to play the hero, even though he himself is probably dying a little inside at every jump scare.

He’s more of a drama kind of guy, so he’d be a little reluctant to watch any with you. He wouldn’t judge you for it, definitely, but he probably wouldn’t be as gung-ho for it as Yongguk would be. If he did watch any with you, it’d be so he would have an excuse to be all touchy feely, wrap his arms around you, have you burying your head in his chest. But in all honesty, this man would be a total chicken shit and end up in your lap covering his eyes by the end of the movie. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I mean, you’re still cuddling, right? Lol)

I honestly think he’d find this absolutely adorable. Horror movies aren’t his favorite, but he’d be delighted to watch your favorite horror movies with you. I feel like he’d either be the really loud screamer, or the type to squeak and hide his face in your shoulder. No in between. If he did squeak and bury his face in your neck, you better jump right on that and wrap your arm/s around him, because that right there would totally warrant a cuddling session for the rest of the night. I’m serious, he’d be super clingy afterwards (not that anyone would complain)

I feel like he’d be the only one to totally be against it?? Not that you like horror movies (I don’t think he’d judge you too much for that), but the fact that, because you like horror movies, you’d eventually want him to watch some with you. You’d have to practically drag him by his hair. He’s a little scaredy cat, and his reactions are always big and over the top ANYWAYS, so imagine him watching horror movies?? He’d probably scream, yell, cry, hit you a few times (on accident ofc) and probably almost piss himself. By the end of the movie, the poor boy would almost be in tears most likely, and you’d be getting the pouty face a lot, lol

He wouldn’t really be gung-ho for it, hut he wouldn’t be totally against it either. He wouldn’t judge you for it, definitely, but he’d probably a just go with the flow. Uppie would probably jump at the scares but then smile to himself afterwards. Honestly, he’d probably be looking at you more than the movie, watching your reactions and smiling at them. If you got scared, he’d probably just like… hold your hand unless you were super super close. If you buried your face in his chest in an attempt to look away, he’d probably be a little surprised, but he wouldn’t complain. He’d just loosely but his arm around you and smile at how cute you were being.

He would LOVE this. He would be ALL OVER THIS SHIT. He’d get just about as excited as you, if not more. I feel like he’d be the type to suddenly hug you and pull you closer if he got scared, rather than cuddling up to you. He’d adore it if you did that cute thing where you squeak and hide your eyes during suspenseful moments. He’d 100% use it as an excuse to put his arms around you to comfort you. The night would probably end with a lot of laughing and cuddling, tbh.


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story dropped a new video with some epic shots of battle fronts, behind the scenes commentary from the crew, and some new footage of heroes in action. And surprisingly, a whole lot of guns.  At 3 minutes, this “celebration reel” is basically the second trailer of the upcoming film, and it has a ton of material we haven’t seen before. Looking more and more like the intense war story many fans have been waiting for with the classic Star Wars timeline.

“The pressure is so high. Like we’re making a film that’s right touching my favorite movie of all time. But then if you’re too respectful of it that you daren’t do anything new or different or take a risk, then what are you bringing to the table?”

- Director Gareth Edwards

Personally, I’m getting seriously excited for this film. It’s difficult to tamp down how excited I am. Everything we’ve seen of it so far looks professional and badass. I come from the Farscape and Fast & Furious school of fandom, that holds with the philosophy “Everything that can blow up, should blow up.”  This trailer?  I like it.

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i literally just watched ghostbusters and i am so gay and so is holtzmann and holy shit i have a couple of new celebrity crushes (mckinnon and jones ahhhh) but also it was just a really good movie? i genuinely enjoyed it a lot?? anyways, i'm happy you liked it too :) (sorry if this ask is lowkey confusing i just got home from the theater and i'm still v e r y excited)

No this is super great I love this excitement! And I’m so glad to hear some appreciation for Leslie, because as fab as Kate was Leslie and Melissa and Kristen were all amazing too and they deserve the recognition too. Also: Leslie Jones is literally 6 feet tall why are we not all swooning over her??? 

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Yeah I'm just kinda waiting for the new ahs season too I'm pretty excited, I really like that show!! What other shows or movies do u like?

Yeah. I am excited to see what Evan’s role will be. Mr. March was so damn amazing and he got no recognition for it! I am so mad about that but I knew it would happen.

I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer but shows of lately: Mr. Robot, UnReal, OITNB, Crazy Ex Girl Friend, Shameless, The Challenge, Scream. I am trying to get in to Outcast, because I love Patrick Fugit, but that one is slowgoing. I watch a LOT of TV, I am bedridden so there isn’t really much to do. 
You know you can message me and tell me your favorite :)

Hey! I’m Rocio, I am just looking for people to talk to. I am 21 living in SoCal. I have a job nothing too exciting and not in the field I would like to be in. As well as being a computer nerd, I do enjoy playing video games, listening to music, watching netflix, movies, anime, and youtube videos. 

I like Resident Evil, Grand Theft Auto, Watch Dogs, Infamous, Tomb Raider, and many more video games. I do have a PS4 in case you would like to play online together. 

I listen to almost every type of music genre. I have been super in KPOP lately and I would like to say that BTS is my favorite. I also like GOT7, VIXX, and others. I also listen to Pop Punk being Real Friends, The Front Bottoms, Turnover, Citizen, Have Mercy, Moose Blood, and others as well. 

Orange is The New Black is a must of course. I also watch Parks and Recreation (I feel like my spirit animal is Andy but I kind of have parts of Ron and Ben sometimes.) I love Grey’s Anatomy, How I Met Your Mother, Law and Order: SVU, Bob’s Burgers, Gossip Girl, and so many others.

I think I have revealed myself a bit too much lol. If you would like to talk about any of these things just hit me up on here at deadrf.tumblr.com or my snapchat at rebelbarron69 . And my name on there would come up as Chuck Bass. 

I am in a very strange mind space right now and I am feeling very positively about it.  

I am flirting with, holding hands with, and kissing a very cute human being who I never really expected to be as sweet as they are.

I am supervising the costume department on a movie that is going to be filming in town, and am both excited and terrified.

i went to therapy for the first time since high school, cried the entire time, and came out feeling refreshed and good.

There are pros and cons in every situation.  I am too young to be consumed by the negatives, and to exist without creating time in my life for fun.  I am going to figure this life out eventually.  If not now, then at some point, and I will be okay.  I am okay.

i was like “i’m gonna create a ghostbusters verse” and then i realized that philip wouldn’t actually change enough to warrant a whole new verse ( he wouldn’t be a ghostbuster, he’d be far too skittish ) so I’ll just relocate him, it could be plausible ( i’m just honestly so excited because the new movie was so so so good and i also am just such a big fan of the entire franchise )


I used to block the world out. I despised it with all my being.

I wouldn’t live…

I’d spend most of the days hiding in my mind.

All that filled the TV screens were news that reminded me of the horror movies I once were too frightened to reveal my eyes to.

Seventeen years, living in this world, I shut everything out and apathy grew within my soul.

The twinkle in the stars I learned about when I was younger grew lackluster.

The feeling of safety slowly formed into a false sense of security.

It seemed as if everyone was unzipping their pants and shitting upon the magic of the universe.  

Until I met you. 

Eighteen years, inhaling the toxic oxygen that allows me to walk along beside the destroyers and the liars.

Eighteen years, and the world is still in an apocalypse.   

There is no peace. There never will be. But with you all the poison leaves.

The stars shine and I feel okay.

You’re giving me feelings back I never thought I would feel again.

So much I repressed has surfaced,

the tears I failed to shed has inked down my cheeks.

the laughs that were slaughtered are now whistling through my teeth.

Before I met you,

I was numb, unable to pinpoint what exactly I needed

to retrieve everything this mechanism was stealing from me.

but because of you ,all that I’ve lost,

including my smile,

is returning to me.

because of you, my daydreams are becoming a reality.

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Can I just say how ridiculously exited I am about your July project and the Beyond release?! As I won't be able to see it for another two weeks (vowed I'll see it with friends after they get back from holidays, we will combine the whole thing into an epic Trek-weekend consisting of all films and entirely too much popcorn) I am kind of binging on your fics as they have my absolute favourite S/U characterisations. And just last night I re-read Like a Fire in the Sky and aren't they just perfect?!



I’m out of control excited for STB as well and I’m super stoked you’re digging my stories and I wish you the best on your two weeks of not watching the movie and I am majorly impressed by your willpower to wait.  True friendship, that.

[ about ] cailyn, cai, idc. im twenty-two. she/her/hers works but sometimes my friends say sir when i´m ignoring them. meaghan calls me hoe or asshole a lot so i guess that works too????
[ time zone ] eastern
[ favourite tropes ] ANGST THO. messed up families. dysfunction. crime. trouble. did i say angst? i like a lotttttt of drama llama. i literally will do anything new just to develop stuff, y´know?
[ how long have you been rping ] bruh. 11+ hands down. it´s tragic. furcadia taught me. or maybe neopets. or both?? lmao idek. 
[ suggestions ] idk bruh i just really am excited for this site and i just really wanna be creative and free to develop my people bc lately i have not and das not good.  
[ favourite t.v or movie ] uhm i will watch eastern promises or running scared (2006 title) over and over and im currently obsessed with animal kingdom, ray donovan, and north woods law bc i am trash  
[ favourite flavour of ben and jerry’s ] they suck since that other company bought them i gag but i guess cherry garcia
[ kimye or taylor ] dont be fucking rude!!! yeezy taught me ~

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You're happy about all the Guardians stuff? Including the Tower of terror news? And why ignore Dr Strange?

First of all, my “happy about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2″ thing was in reference to the actual movie. 

Because look, I don’t really care about theme park rides getting updated or removed or whatever. I have only been on the Tower of Terror in Orlando and I have only been on it once. It’s fun, I get why people like it. (I’m not really a ride person so, my opinion of it isn’t terribly meaningful)

But the Guardians ride seems fun, too. So, it seems dumb for me to be upset about one taking the place of the other. 

(Personally and rather embarrassingly, I am way more excited to just visit the “museum” aspect of the Guardians ride and see all the production design/creature/prop/set elements – the actual “ride” part is whatever to me.) 

Disney can’t incorporate Marvel into any of the Orlando parks because of Universal’s Islands of Adventure down there so, rides in California Adventure are just going to get sacrificed to make way for stuff from… y’know, this century. This isn’t the first and I’m certain it won’t be the last. I’m sure some people are bummed but I am not really one of them. Sorry. I’ve only been to that park once. 

And really, I can’t blame Disney. It’s 2016. How many people under 25 are even aware of the Twilight Zone, before entering the park? Plus, it’s tough for Disney to justify paying to use the Twilight Zone license for a ride when they could be building attractions (and subsequently selling way more tickets and merchandise) centered around the multiple billion-dollar franchises that they flat-out own. I’m mainly surprised this didn’t start happening a long time ago; I can’t believe most of California Adventure hasn’t been turned into Marvel/Star Wars Land, by now. 

This sort of stuff is going to appeal to modern kids way more. Whoopie flippin’ ding. Those kids’ dollars are paying the bills. And not just for the parks themselves but for the studios that make all these movies on which the parks’ rides are based. Literally, the parks make more than twice the money that all Disney movies do. So. If you like Disney/Pixar/Marvel/Star Wars movies, you need to understand that the decisions made in the parks are being made so as to guarantee more of those movies. Thus, tough noogies.

As for Doctor Strange

Keep reading