smartest-of-asses  asked:

9, 19, & 29 ^~^

9: (truth) How did you meet your best friend? (dare) Refresh your dashboard. Open the blog of the person who posted whatever’s at the top of your dash. Reblog their most recent selfie.

I’ll take truth cause I’m lazy. Me and Alex met at church, back when we were in upper elementary school. We’ve grown up together, really.

19: (truth) What is the first thing you remember having to keep secret? (dare) Tag five bloggers who you associate with being obsessed with something particular, and list what each of them is obsessed with.

I’ll go for dare.
@i-am-avacado jacksepticeye
@keenveins daddy grump
@theseusinthemaze abdlgrumps (hell yes btws!!)
@mergrump danny boy
@paxtongrump rubberdoop

29: (truth) What are your worst habits? (dare) Put your Top 25 Most Played songs on shuffle and list the first five.

I’ll do truth because I don’t have a top 25 most played songs setting? I’d say procrastination, picking scabs, writing sloppy, bored eating, and biting nails. TMI but tru.

Thank you!