Batman had no idea that ‘Hangry’ was even a thing until he had kids.
Whenever a villain shrugged and said ‘I was hungry.’ When asked why they blew up a building Batman just shook his head and walked away.

Then kids happened.

Now he knows that once 3 am hits the hunger pangs start and every single one of his kids gets irritable and impulsive.
In fact half of the stories that hit the press about the Batkids falling out with each other was because Batman had lost track of time and forgot the snacks.

Batman sighs and glances up from where he was brooding on a gargoyle to see Jason and Dick fighting like cat and dog.
Tim and Damian were closing in on full on warfare and the girls were doing that weird thing where they seemed like they were being nice but he knew, just knew it was going to end in blood.

'Alright. Enough. Everyone. McDonalds now!’

Trollhunters: A Journey

me: uuugh this is so cliche.

me: why am i still watching this

me: i’m only watching this because there’s nothing else to watch

me: oh, some character development. 

me: the villains seem cool

me: okay, wow I’m actually really liking some of the story lines here

me: more character development!!!

me: i think i love mr. strickler

me: is it me or is this show getting deeper?


me: i’m kind of really liking literally everything that’s happening right now???




I remember playing the casual story for the first time. On the first day, a chatroom with Seven opened and I chatted with him.

707 said to me,

“Even though I can’t be the knight in shining armor to protect you

I want to be able to tell the knight who the villain is.”

And that kind of got me thinking….

If the theory of 707 loving MC in every route was true then…

That means that even if you wouldn’t choose his route, he still loves you so so so much that he would tell your ‘knight in shining armor’ who the villain is so that they could go rescue you.

He wants to see you safe.

Even though you don’t love him back,

He will always love you.

Tometheus - My Two Cents

@supersillyanddorky06 has an excellent summary theory making the case for Tommy Merlyn to be Prometheus. Definitely read it first! Link here (X

I wanted to pile on, if you don’t mind, Matty. I am so on board with this theory, if only because I just want it to be true. I just don’t buy into this Claybourne’s son thing. I hope it’s a red herring. If they retconned some S1 villain to create Prometheus, then that is just, well, the most boring story arc ever. 

So, it begins…

I remember Constantine saying that he had restored a soul last year as well. Was it an Easter egg or just a clever line?

I’ve always been on board with the theory that Malcolm would’ve used the pit on Tommy or found some other alternative source to bring him back. He is The Magician after all. I found his choice of words very interesting in these two scenes:

“It could all be different. The League. The Undertaking. Tommy.”

There has to be a good reason why that selfish bastard would be so adamant about not using the pit on Thea. He tries to talk Oliver out of it, but Malcolm sees the resolve in Oliver’s eyes. Consequences be damned, Oliver is taking his baby sister to Nanda Parbat. Malcolm relents. Why? Maybe because he knows he has no power over Oliver. Or maybe it’s because he’s seen that same resolve reflected in his own eyes because of his grief over killing his own son. He tried to save Tommy too, and it backfired.

I want to see a deranged Tommy/Tometheus with a warped vision that he’s going to make Oliver suffer as a way to avenge Laurel’s death. It would be an excellent parallel to what Slade did with Shado. 

I also found these two parallels to be striking. I am sure it’s just a *coincidence* that knife lands on Oliver’s eye. Uh-oh, watch out sweet Felicity. We all know who Oliver Queen loves the most.

Then there’s this. We all know how much Arrow loves their parallels. Like father, like son?

If the writers are smart, this is exactly what should happen. But after that whole magic fiasco in Season 4, I am wary. 


  • Keeping Prometheus masked until the end of the season could work until the big reveal.
  • Oliver being forced to kill his best friend (the reason why he decided to not be a killer anymore) would make for more epic must see TV.

  • Or Constantine could come back in, restore his soul, and Tommy could go about his merry way since Colin has his big gig on Chicago Med.

In this story, I am the villain because I swallowed honey by the spoonful to keep my heart from decay until my teeth rotted away, one by one even though you warned me that all sweet things in life come with an awfully heavy price. In this story I am the villain because I buried the remains of what used to be a love sonnet between the cracks of my ribs and now all that’s left of them is rot and ruin and every time I cough, I choke up blood.

No, I am the villain in this story because the only person I didn’t consider was myself. And even though I will never see my own face, only reflections of what I am told I look like—a girl in mourning, and I know exactly where the hurt will burrow the deepest when you tell me it was all just for show. I should’ve known that I too am fragile and capable of shattering. I am the villain in this story because when you push me aside and tell me that I am no longer wanted, I am still always careful that I do not stumble and fall over onto you in case I may sprain your wrist.

But what about mine?

—  Excerpt from “Villainy” by Nicole Moon
Beauty and the Beast (AU)

Originally posted by gotham

So, as you may know, I was thinking about starting a Beauty and the Beast AU series with Negan. Well, I have decided that I am definitely doing this! I’ve spent the past couple of days thinking about the synopsis for the story and a name for my OFC and I am very happy to announce that I now have all of that sorted (thanks to the help of some wonderful ladies: @theoneandonlysaucymo , @thesisterabigail & @zoesmama2024 . You three are lifesavers). The synopsis, the OFC’s name, and tags are below. Let me know what you think!

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Is Pearl applying all of her determination & full sacrifice towards a different cause? Or a similar cause? (BTW, Pearl being Jasper-like is the best. She'll make a scary villain, I think.) Hope your well!

yeah! Pearl’s got a lot of potential as an antagonist. and while she’s in Jasper’s role in this story, she’s still Pearl. so while she doesn’t have the sheer brute strength of a quartz, she does have focus, skill, and precision. that, combined with her power set and unflinching loyalty to a person and a cause, makes her a very dangerous opponent. though, i gotta stress, neither she nor Garnet are villains, they’re antagonists. first impressions are funny like that.

(you said the thing, i had to. but also: narrative relevance)

super || jeon jungkook


how were you supposed to know that your worst enemy was your roommate all along? 

alien!jungkook, superhero!jungkook, alien!reader, supergirl!reader

a/n: this is relieving my tension from the latest supergirl episode literally am dying. also i saw this prompt somewhere where it was like if u were a hero and ur roommate was a villain and the two of you always fought but u never knew lived with each other so ahhh this is my relief

The impact of the blow sent you hurdling through the twentieth story window. 

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okay but what was supposed to be the moral of this story?

that Emma only is the way she is because her tragedies broke her beyond repairs? that she is only brave and stubborn and a hero because she got her heart broken and her walls up? that being a princess is making her “weak” and unable to do the right thing? that she would rather bow and ask for mercy than to fight a villain?

what. the. every. lying. fuck.

I refuse to believe that any version of Emma would be like that. I refuse to believe that Emma needed to be an orphan, needed to be rejected by the Swans, and Ingrid, and Neal, to become who she is today. I refuse to believe the Savior prophecy shaped her to be a hero

and above all I refuse to believe this is a version of herself Emma wishes to be

I’m calling bullshit and I’m hella pissed

Princess Power

Gazing into the dragon’s ruby red eyes, Atticus mused aloud, “Why are stories such as this always told in the form of ‘handsome knight saves pretty princess from horrible beast’? Seems a bit odd doesn’t it? Not that you are horrible, mind you… in fact, you are the handsome one. But you have taken me prisoner.”

“Are you saying you are not a princess, Atty?” the dragon said with a wicked grin built of giant teeth larger than the villain stood tall. The creature turned its mighty head and unleashed a geyser of purple and black flame.

“Are you saying I am pretty?”

“Could. You. Two. Please. Stop,” the warrior yelled from behind her shield, crouching low to avoid the fiery onslaught, “Flirting. I am trying. To save. Your evil skin!”

“…I think she likes you, Atty…”

“Oh, no, this is strictly professional. I knew you were coming today so I felt it best to prepare.”

She is the villain in some poetry.
She is the bad one in many romance stories.
She is the one who left, the heartbreaker.

Who said she really wanna walk away that day?
Who said she never hold on tight till her hands bleeding?
Who said she just playing heart and go?
Who said she never look back and wish she still there?
Who said she didn’t miss him every single night so she cried?
Who said she didn’t care about him anymore ?
Who said she never pray to God asking for one chance for ‘their’ to happens again?
Who said she never wishing he still love her like what they wrote in poems?
Who said she is okay when he found a new one ?
Who said she maybe found a new lover?

Who said she has let go?

—  Truth is after all of this time, the one thing she let go is the honesty that she love him with all of her heart and soul. He still the one // but she has a reason to leave. //
Clr (via clrpringly)

I told myself I wasn’t gonna be salty over the crunchroll awards crap but fricking hell……

Whatever. I know in my heart where the real uniqueness and effort is placed in the animation and that is Mob Psycho 100.


DEADLY EIGHT @ramblingcoyote

have some fun vivienne facts!

  • if the inquisitor romances dorian, vivienne receives a letter from an acquaintance in tevinter expressing shock at the “disturbing rumors” of their relationship, and vivienne responds by ripping the acquaintance a new one
  • repeatedly expresses sorrow at civilian deaths (”the defenseless are always the first casualties of war”)
  • cole said this about her harrowing “no, I will not fall, no one will control me ever again…shaking, hollow, harrowed but smiling at templars to show them i’m me, i am not like that”
  • despite her insistence that cole is a demon, she was worried for him
  • unlike solas, she is afraid of demons
  • finds it delightful that varric is writing a story with her as the villain
  • “my dear, if i didn’t want people to fear me I wouldn’t dress like this”
  • wants to send a sternly worded letter to varric’s tailor
  • was born in wycome 
  • has read hard in hightown
  • “i am the most dangerous thing in the room, darling”
  • treats bull like a favorite son and teaches him to dance
  • bull compares her to a qunari dreadnought, which she enjoys
  • greatly admired divine justinia
  • sees templars as a useful tool
  • “that which makes you different can be a burden or a source of strength”
  • was taken to the circle at such a young age that she doesn’t remember her parents
  • passes information on to sera and the friends of red jenny
  • worries for dorian’s safety in trying to reform the imperium, tells him to be careful

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UO: The mainstream DN fandom frustrates me with its binary thinking of good/evil. Ok so if Light is evil then L must be absolutely good and the hero of the story right? Um no. L is not excused from conducting human experiments, kidnapping, torture, deals with criminals and forced imprisonment of suspects. Just because Light is the "villain" does not mean we gloss over L's actions and assume he's a hero.

send in unpopular opinions and i’ll agree/disagree

… you know, I actually agree with this so much that I am not even sure what else to write here. In what universe is L a good person……..

Please shut up with the hate

Guys! Please! I am so tired of seeing unjustified hate here in Tumblr!

So very, very, VERY, very tired. I can’t even search fandom/character/ship tags anymore, so can y’all please just shut up with the “this is disgusting” and “please kill yourself” when the things have nothing wrong with them??

- Liking an evil/villain/anti-hero character doesn’t make their fans bad people in real life, it just means they might find said characters interesting and important to their respective fandoms, and writing redemption stories or made-up backgrounds/explanations for why they are evil doesn’t mean their fans justify or ignore what said characters did wrong

- Bringing a character dead in canon “back to life” in fanon doesn’t make the fans crazy or mentally ill (I feel like this one is so dumb that I shouldn’t put it here, but trust me when I say that I’ve seen hate messages sent to people merely because they make AUs where character live or they just refuse to believe they died in canon and make theories on how they are alive)

- Shipping enemies/previous enemies doesn’t mean people approve of abusive relationships (unless the stories/fan art they make is strictly abusive, which in some cases can serve to bring awareness to said issues or have shock value, as long as it’s not romanticizing abuse it’s ok) no matter how much the characters hate eachother in canon, sometimes people like to make their own AUS where characters were not enemies to begin with or maybe they grow to like eachother and forgive eachother in a healthy way

- Shipping characters with an age difference is not automatically pedophilia, no matter what age they have in canon or if one met the other whilst they were adults and the others children (even if that freaks you out, as long as they are all portrayed as adults, be the age difference 1 year or 90 years, it’s still legal)

- Shipping a character who did something really bad to another character, no mater how much you hate the ship, is ok to draw/write if it does not encourage violence or abuse (much similar to what I said above with the enemies one)

- Liking something that you don’t understand the appeal to or that is just not that popular (as long as it’s ok and not illegal) doesn’t mean fans are trying to convert you or shipping/liking things on purpose to get you, it means they want to be left alone in their own likings and that you should respect them and go do what you want instead of hating on them

Here’s what you should do if you still hate these things but they are completely legal and ok:

If it’s on one or few SPECIFIC artworks or artists and not the whole ship/fandom, you should:

- Use an anti tag so that it doesn’t flood the tags of people looking for artworks and stuff, or just adress the artists themselves

- If they haven’t shown signs of being rude or approving of actual illegal actions (rape, abuse, violence, murder, etc etc) don’t be disrespectful (for example if they draw something very violent that triggers you but they express that they find it wrong and that it’s meant to bring awareness to that issue, ask them/criticize them politely and don’t jump in attacking them straight away)

- Use clear arguments and organize them so that it’s easy to understand your points and so that people don’t confuse criticism with hate

- Judge the art, not the artist. Only judge the artist when the artist made their points of view and true beliefs extremely clear

If you want to rant on the whole ship/fandom:

- Use the ship/fandom tag but keep your opinion/rant polite and respectful to the people who also use the tag

- Don’t mistake one person’s headcanons or art for the whole fandom and every single fan, because of course there are bad apples in every tree, but that doesn’t make every single one bad

- Don’t accuse all fans of being rapists, pedophiles, abusive, etc without any motive, with your only “proof” being what they ship or what fandoms they are in or what characters they like

And now can y’all please shut the hell up and go easy on the “kill yourself”’s?

I’m gonna tag some ships here that I like or where I’ve seen this sort of hate lately, be free to tag more to stop this non-sense hate

[English Translation] Perfect Boyfriend Style – Lee Jong-Suk's interview for Cosmopolitan Dec 2016


He appeared in the empty space amidst the cold air. Actor Lee Jong-Suk brought warmth to that moment in this winter time. . 

Q: How are you doing?
A: Ah, what am I doing? KK (sound of laughing), I am busy and preparing for the shooting of movie. .

Q: This is your first time playing a villain and it has become a hot topic. What kind of role is it?
A: Just as what you said, this is a role about a bad guy who is absolutely evil without any reason. Generally in some story setting, the character’s emotion may change along the story line. But my role isn’t like that. It is also not like those psychopath we are familiar with in the past. Hence this is stressing me a lot. .

Q: Is it similar to the character of Choi Min-Sik in “I Saw the Devil” or Ha Jung-Woo in “The Chaser”?
A: Director has mentioned about these 2 movies, but my character is different and there is no such villain character found so far.
Q: Have you ever read “The Prayer of the Clock” of Jang Yu-Jin? The book describes about absolutely evil.
A: There were 3 people who recommended this book to me. I am reading it by section and will go in-depth to analysize it.

Q: I wonder what do you think about the concept of “evil”? Do you believe human are naturally good or evil?
A: Human..ha(laugh)..human?
Q: Are you confused?
A: Human are basically born with both natures. But I don’t think they are evil by nature. Good is just like a scarfskin of your body, and I heard some stories talking about what kind of people is good or evil either, is it caused by the thickness of good and evil? If a layer of good nature is too thin then its own evil of course will reveal obviously. Also, the good and evil can be assessed from their conservations, tones and languages.
Q: I read your previous interview and you mentioned your acting style is “acting with your inner self”. We haven’t had such response from a younger actor for a long time. So I wonder what your inner self will express this time?
A: In the past, I used to create a different new me for a new role, and tried to match up with the character. Because the roles I played mostly are fast-paced stories, so even while creating a new character, my inner self came on very naturally in the play. But this time it is completely different; this role is not like any partof me. I have spoken to Kim Ui-Seong senbae about my worries and he said “No matter how you play, it is still Lee Jong-Suk, so you don’t need to carry too much burden on your acting skills, and it’s good enough.”

Q: What are the gain and loss through this new challenge?
A: Even though I’m a man, but I still long for more manliness. However, I belong to the type of people with more delicate beauty. I’m sorry to say that, haha (laughing). Can I try noir film? I always have such a question to myself. I found myself having the thoughts of such possibility during the filming of TV drama, even if it’s just a little hope, I still want to try. But I’m still worried if I can play it well.
Q: You mentioned about “Fear”, “Loneliness” and “I am afraid” in previous interview, but you don’t look like what you said. Because people will hide their own weakness if they are truly afraid of something.
A: How could I have no fear? I would rather confess my weaknesses first and later receive a compliment from others if I have improvement. To disclose self-weaknesses is actually pushing myself forward, which is a sense of determination. So, I am eager to ask people to correct me if I was not good enough.

Q: There was a one and half year break before TV drama shooting, you must be hiding behind some mysterious veil?
A: I almost did nothing, really, indeed. But just visited a lot of friends, old friends. .

Q: Who are they?
A: My friends from primary, junior and high school. We talked a lot and mostly they have just finished their military service, in employment or waiting for employment. I listened to them about their lives. It is completely different from my situation as I am a flexible worker and my working environment is changing all the time. But listening to their stories as they work from “9 to 6” can be very interesting too. .

Q: Did you go travelling?
A: No. Travelling is a troublesome thing for me. I would rather stay home if there is nothing interesting for me. Last year, I mostly went out for meeting my friends.

Q: It seems you like chatting very much? 

A: Yes. If I tell acquaintances about my feelings like “This is troubling me”, they may not understand and may think that “he is still earning a lot of money anyway”. But my old friends will always listen to me and resonate with my situation, so we can talk a lot.

Q: I once read about your thoughts to let go about having the sense of oppression, inferiority and obsession to grow during your downtime. How did you let go of it? I want to learn more about it.
A: Honestly, it’s not that easy to let go, I’m thinking of it even during the break. I feel anxious about my acting skill, that’s why I keep myself busy by taking on works after works. But it seems a bit crazy to do that. I would rather say it’s good, just like this moment, I’m still afraid of acting, a bit hesitated.
Q: When you were overwhelmed by your works, you would separate yourself from work and return to your own life. So, besides working, what do you want to do?
A: I have been asked “what will I do if I was not an actor?” when I was a freshman. My answer was “owner of café”.

Q: Why?
A: Because I can’t drink, no, I don’t drink.

Q: Drinking is such a good thing, why? You don’t like the taste?
A: I have almost never bought myself any drink. It’s just that I am not sure of its taste, and my body can’t take it too. And it makes me uncomfortable when I see how people behave differently after drinking. So, I would rather visit a café and the romantic atmosphere there does attract me. .

Q: Do you plan to run a café?
A: What kind of atmosphere should it be, how could the lightings be better, I have ever such visualization in my mind.
Q: Can this vision become real one day?
A: Probably? A café in a quiet place, even if there isn’t many customers, and just only me sitting there, it will still be a very good place.

Q: I heard that you wanted to try many things besides acting, what’s that?
A: During the break, I was asking myself repeatedly “Besides acting, what can I do? Is there anything I can do? What can I really do?”. With that, I gathered my friends and started making apparels. Of course, I cannot do the same as a designer, but I hope I can have some sort of apparels made by myself, like designing an embroidery pattern, I can have such kind of involvement in the making process, and that’s really interesting, and our conversation in the collaboration project is also good.
Q: We heard that the idea of "Hug and Kiss” on the apparels was inspired by you. What message are you trying to deliver?
A: This is an action people usually do to comfort someone or receive comfort from others. And people do opens their arms to ask someone to come over. The first version was “Come, let me hug you”, but it seems too long, so I decided to use “Hug” and “Kiss” which can widely be adopted in any relationship, even for lovers.

Q: Do u need some hugs and kisses?
A: Of course I do, I need a kiss, a comfort and a hug. There is a song “Exhausted” sung by Yoon Jong-Shin, Kwak Jin-Eon & Kim Feel. The lyrics in this song goes like this, “If someone just says the words, “that’s it”, I think I’ll agree and give up. If someone comforts me, saying that I’ll do well. I think I’ll start to cry.” Every time I hear this song I will be comforted and also feel sad. .

Q: Who is the one you want to kiss and hug?
A: Um, my mother. 

Translator: @sandychong1003
Proofreader: @joanna5959

Cr: jshine_fc_leejongsuk