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I am an ocean, I am the sea
There is a world inside of me
Lost in the abyss, drowned in the deep
No set of lungs could salvage me
Save yourself, save your breath
The tide’s too strong, you’ll catch your death
So breathe for me, just breathe

There is a Hell, believe me I’ve seen it
There is a Heaven, let’s keep it a secret

-Bring Me The Horizon, Crucify Me

'Sharkcano' - it's sharks in a volcano
They don't have laser beams attached to their heads, but these sharks are living in an active volcano.

I am not worried about our marine species ability to adapt to our changing world.

I am worried about our ability to adapt.

Take a look at this shark discovery! 


There is uncharted territory inside of me, mysteries deep and blue.
A new Bermuda Triangle is drawn between
the base of my spine and each of my lungs.
Sunken ships home to strange fish rest against my ribs
and whether this screams ‘peril’ or ‘paradise’
just depends on the diver.

But it’s hard to feel like I could ever be
anything more than a graveyard,
a destroyer of young sailor dreams,
my heart anything but an angry kraken
looking to drag to the depths
those drifting across my seas.

I have an underworld soul,
I am cloaked in underbelly skin,
I am those corners of the ocean
that are more science fiction
than the dusty and distant galaxies we’ll never get to know.

There is uncharted territory inside of me, I am mysterious, deep and blue
and I can’t help but feel like you are becoming
the next naive cartographer,
doomed in your search for something
to write into your legacy—

The hand on your compass quivers north,
It points towards the base of my spine.