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Can you say what happend with kate mckinnon and gillian anderson I havnt heard and I am curious :)

Hey, I’m so sorry if this has been asked before but I’ve gone through your blog and the tags and I just can’t find it. I see a lot about Gillian Anderson and transmisogyny on my dash but nobody writes what she has done or said? So I’m just super confused? Again, sorry if this is a dumb question, I just figured you would be the best to ask!

I’ve been hearing a lot about the stuff that’s happening with Gillian Anderson and Kate McKinnon. They’re being accused of transphobia and I know about the skits Kate McKinnon did but I haven’t seen the comment Gillian made. Can you tell me about that?

how is kate mckinnon transmisogynistic?

again, multiple different anons, but i’m sort of making this a masterpost.

gillian anderson:

kate mckinnon:

both of these women are treated as sort of women loving women idols by large parts of the community, especially in lesbian circles, and their transmisogyny is continually excused or ignored. it’s gross and it needs to stop.

you gotta love how even when amber heard presents photo and video evidence of johnny depp’s abuse, people still defend him.

you gotta love how when she records him being so completely terrifyingly drunk that he’s destroying their kitchen and scaring the hell out of her, people say that’s either not abuse and doesn’t prove anything, or that it’s just psychological abuse which isn’t damaging.

you gotta love how johnny depp supporters say that he has a mental illness, so that completely justifies abuse.

you gotta love how johnny depp supporters say that he has drug and alcohol problems, so that completely justifies abuse.

you gotta love how when people who support amber get just a little angry over the way johnny depp supporters ignore all this fucking evidence, johnny depp supporters just say, “you guys claim johnny’s abusive but all of you are bullies”.

you gotta love how people say amber’s abuse didn’t happen because “she’s not handling it like she’s supposed to”.

you gotta love how people who say amber wasn’t abused haven’t ever experienced abuse.

A sketch that I’m still not sure is a WIP or just a sketch. We’ll see.

Posted to Patreon. (Patreon has added a tagging system currently in beta, which means I am very very interested in making that my primary blog space for art. This means both public and paid posts would be shared, so you can follow and still catch stuff without needing to be a Patron. It’s not a decided on thing, but I’ve been wanting an alternative to tumblr, and it’s certainly tempting. Not a for sure thing, but if you see more cross posting between Patreon and Tumblr, that’s why.)

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Sorry if I come across as rude but maybe we should tone down all the nsfw stuff

If you don’t want to read it I tag everything that even remotely hints at being mature with ‘nsfw’, so I recommend blocking that tag.

Apart from that, all of the smut I post is requested. If you’re referring to the two drabbles I just posted about the condoms, you can literally see that I’m replying to asks. And if you’re complaining about the smutty fic I made for Percy’s birthday, I received no fewer than seven requests for that fic.

I completely understand if you don’t like reading smut, that’s fine, which is why I make sure to tag everything so pedantically. But people keep sending me requests, and I have fun writing for them, so I’m going to keep posting them and tagging them ‘nsfw’ and if you don’t want to see them you can blacklist the tag or unfollow me.

Spread Love

I would like to try to do another burst of positivity by sharing our love for others on this site. Come to my inbox and, on anon or not, tell me what blogs you love and why. It can be your tumblr bestie, someone you admire from afar, a small blog, a popular blog, a fandom blog or not. Just come to me and tell me why they’re great.

The best way to battle negativity, anger, and hate is by putting some love and happiness out into the universe, so let’s work together to help people smile and boost the confidence of those around us! Please help boost this message and I will post the asks as I am able and will make sure to tag the blogs you mention as well so they can see all the nice things you say! Thank you for helping me spread love!


Hello hello! Decided to open commissions back up finally. 

- So to start, you can get a hold of me through email (e.noelle.ross@gmail.com) or Flight Rising
- If you want to see more of my art, you can visit my Art Tag!
- I have a right not to accept the commission if I am not comfortable with it. 
- I request payment before I send you the completed product through email/tumblr/ect. 
- Here is my PayPal for transactions.
- Regarding NSFW, I’ll put it under a readmore if you’re interested in that. 

Have questions? Ask!

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I decided to change my blog a little bit, because i am not only artist, i am also animator, but this was difficult to looking for only animations or only art in my blog, so, i want to change this!

Since now, you will be able to find animation posts in My animation page. You will not see my older posts there, because i didnt use special tag before, but i am working on new content ;)


I no longer have access to this account on any other device besides my iPad because of some technical errors. With that being said, I am leaving this blog here, to rot basically. Once I log out of this blog, I can no longer access this blog. For those of you who care, I will leave my new url here @enby-gaymer. (Enby-gaymer.tumblr.com). /for some stupid reason I can’t tag my new blog/ thank you guys. I’ll keep this blog logged in for quite awhile until most of my current followers have been notified. I will also have this queued for several times a day so everyone has a chance to see this message.

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As you all know, Larisa has locked her twitter account right now but she follows me and I am able to send private messages to her. I suggest everyone write messages on tumblr or even make edits if you want and use a specific tag. She's browsing this website from time to time anyway so I can tell her to click on the tag and read/see everyone's support.


i’ll tidy up @goodluckromania (new url, etc) if that helps too

i was tagged by the lovely @sweateralec (thank you 😚😚) 

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Catarina (Cat)





hogwarts house:

i don’t know anything about Harry Potter :S but I did a quiz and got Gryffindor?? It said that I’m bold, passionate, and brave. I’m all of those things so yeah

favorite color: 



3:48 pm

last things i googled:

nail art pictures 💅

fictional character you’d like as a sibling: 

idk probably simon. we both talk a lot and we’re pretty weird

number of blankets i sleep with: 

2 (3 when it’s winter) . I’m a very cold person

favorite band/artists:

i used to be obsessed with One Direction, went to 2 concerts in Portugal. I don’t really listen to their songs anymore. Now i mostly listen to Halsey, Dua Lipa.. Drake sometimes..

dream vacation:

I would love to visit Italy one day :) and the Grand Canyon in Arizona too!

when did i make this blog: 

I’ve had this account since 2014 i think and turned into a shadowhunters blog when the show first aired

how many blogs do i follow:

about 600

what do i post about: 

shadowhunters and lgbt+ stuff

do you get asks on a regular basis:

unfortunately no (i am a genuinely nice person so talk to me)


i’m not a very aesthetic person but uhm sunsets, thunderstorms, rainy days, rainbows, happy animals and vintage things

I tag:

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Kpop Follow Train Thing!

So I’m not following that many blogs at the moment and would like to see some variety on my dash… also I’m always looking for some mutuals to squawk with.

Reblog and put in your tags who/what you post and I will check you out! then you can check other people’s tags and follow them as well! I’m open to basically any fandom, but for a few examples:

monsta x
block b
…and basically any girl groups tbh

Hello friends, I am starting a tag for my blog for idols original skintone. I am tired of seeing whitewashed pictures of idols to the point you forget what they originally looked like. I will try my best not to reblog any whitewashed pictures. You can use these pictures for references. The tag I have for it is


Sadly the tag only has a few idols and posts. So please if you come across any post with idols with original skintone please feel free to tag me, send me a personal message or simply submit it. I don’t have many followers and it’s currently 968, but being able to reach even 2 people would be amazing. So please send me your idol pictures that might help others know about their original skintone. Absolutely anyone can tag me.

PS-I will reblog any idol you tag me in as long as it’s not Kim Hyun Joong,  Park Yoo-chun, Kuhn from Up10tion or Oh My Girl. (This may be updated later.)


I was tagged by @fhawn @jungthicc @hobismin and @jungukah (and someone else but i cant recall sorry ;_;) to do a selfie tag so here it is. (little late but whatever)

SOOOO - there you can see me when I’m trying to be pretty and the real one fsdfdfd tbh almost all of my photos look like this one from right yassss

Im tagging: @lilchubchim @barefacedv @taeteeth (BECAUSE I LOVE YOUR FACE AND I NEED TO SEE YOU AGAIN HAHAH) @taeisthesun @i-am-your-angel-i-am-your-dope @jin-seokookie @ayoygd and @jm95z


I don’t know what happened to my original post but here is more info


I just recently learned how to create poses and I made this one. This is my very first group pose. I am very happy with even thought there are some flaws but Im still learning. I hope you all enjoy the pose and if you use it please tag#simmerKiki so i can see it. I can’t wait to see all your beautiful sims using my pose. >^-^<

You will need:
Andrew Pose Player
Sim Teleporter Destination
@inabadromance Left hand and right hand phone accessory 

How to pose:
Just overlap three of the statue and pose :D


There will for sure be more poses coming your way :D

Download: Sfs | Dropbox 


Snakes and Planes

Originally posted by robben-addicted

Pairing: RobxReader
Word count: 579
Request: Anonymous. I just saw the comic con video with Rob and Rich the one when they go into the snake pit, poor Rob is scared of snakes, watch the vid you will see what I mean. Can I have a fic when I calming him down and we prank Rich for teasing him. Thanks
A/N: Yeah, I watched that video. I would have been so pissed off -_- I hope this is okay!
Tagging: @nerdflash @faegal04 @damalseer @i-am-not-a-freak @vika-hiddles @mein1928 @craftersdust @panic-everywhereabouteverything @fayemenelmir  @iamthetwickster  @wayward-mirage

“Rob?” You asked, worried, when you saw him. He looked like he would break down and have an anxiety attack at any minute. “What the hell happened, Rich?” You glanced to his best friend, and partner in crime.

Rich shrugged. “We did a little clip for the show.” He sighed. “We went into that snake pit thing.”

You were sitting on the floor, rubbing Rob’s back and shot a look at Rich. “Are you an idiot? He hates snakes!”

“I told him that!” Rob pointed out.

“I thought he was making it up.” He held his hands up in defense.

You rolled your eyes and sighed, holding Rob close. You were the same way with spiders, so you understood. Had Rich brought you into a spider pit, you would have freaked out. Rich left the two of you alone, not wanting to get yelled at anymore.

Throughout the day, you could over hear Rich teasing Rob, and it was starting to piss you off. You loved Rich, he was a good friend, but he did have a habit of going over the top.

By that night, your brain was working on overdrive, trying to find a way to get back at him. You were laying next to Rob on your stomach when it came to you. Sitting up, you grinned at him. “I’ve got it.”

He looked at you, confused. “Context would probably help here, you know.” Rob chuckled.

“I’ve been trying to figure out how to get back at Rich all day.”

Rob shook his head. “We don’t have to do that.”

You rolled your eyes. “Yes, we do.” Moving over, your thigh was touching his. “Down on the floor they have this virtual reality game set up. They have a bunch of different things to try out. Rob is afraid of flying, right?” He nodded. “I’ll just talk to the person who controls it ahead of time and have him put something on to do with flying.”

“Isn’t that a little mean?”

“No. He won’t actually be flying. You were IN a room with snakes. Even if there was glass, that wasn’t cool. And then he teased you about it all day.”

Rob pulled you forward for a gentle kiss. “I love you.”

You grinned. “I know.” He laughed, going back to his book. “Good luck getting him to go with you.”

“Oh, I figured I’d get help from Osric.”

You’d met with the person who ran the virtual reality demo, and explained the situation. He was more than happy to help. So was Osric. You were near by, able to watch the whole thing. When you saw Osric walking over with Rish, you smirked.

“This thing is so cool.” Osric grinned. “It’s already loaded up for you. He gets our schedule is crazy, so this way you don’t have to wait.”

Rich nodded. “Cool. What will I be doing?”

The man smiled and handed Rich the headset. “Something exciting.”

“Okay, let’s do this.” He slipped on the headset and gave the thumbs up. He was all smiles until it loaded up. Within minutes, he ripped it off his head and shoved it back at the guy.

You walked over, laughing. “Payback is a bitch, isn’t it?”

He looked at you, shocked. “You planned this?”

“Don’t like being faced with your fear, do you?”

“No.” He sighed. “I’ll go talk to Rob.”

You gave him a hug and kissed his cheek. “Thank you. Now go.”

I keep reading klance fics (thats how I am spending my summer holiday yes) and it makes me laugh seeing the tags ‘underage drinking’ or 'underage sex’ because they are in their late teens

So I looked up the age of consent and drinking in America and in some places its up to 21 years old?!?
You’re adults, how can the government control to that age (yikes)

I’d like to put it out there that in most countries the legal age of consent is 14-16 and to buy alcohol 15-18

/its really not underaged/only if you are american/ ahaha/

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theres this girl that ive been interested in all last school year and friday after our orientation me and my friends are going out to eat and i invited her and she said yes. i even offered to pay for her and shes gay too is this a good way to flirt with her? oh and can u tag this post as #ask or somthin so i see it thanks !! :)

I think am to late because I got this last week..im sorry I hope everything went well… okaay but for the next time, yes its a good way to flirt, you let her see that you are interested and she is gay sooo 100 points for you. Just talk and be nice to her, maybe touch her arm softly, and look is she pulls back or just let it happen. Give her compliments and look how she reacts :D