You’d think these people would be so used to weird ass shit by now that they just wouldn’t even react to it anymore. Like “Oh. Giant plants. Great. *pulls out cell phone* Uh, yeah, I’m gonna be a little late to work, there’s a giant plant sprouting up on fourth and– NO I am not bringing you a latte, go to hell Frank!”

Joker PLEASE stop breaking the fourth wall! You asshole.

*once again grumbles about there never having been a Wally/Artemis spar scene; almost every other pair of characters got one except for them, and their’s would have easily been the most amusing*

“I believe I knew before they did.” loool

Look, Wally and Artemis entering the room together as if they were hanging out or something! <3 

Superman saved those two people on the roof but who knows how many got crushed inside of that crumbling building (SORRY sometimes my brain takes the dark route XD I’m sure the other people got out –maybe–)

Wally’s freckles disappeared in that scene for a minute, lmao

Artemis is just like goddamnit Wally keep the fuck up, you’re awfully slow for a speedster!

“Ow! Will you cut that–” “Hello, Wally! If the big guns are fighting plants, who do you think we’ll be fighting?” “I don’t know, I guess we’ll– Oooooh.”

“What’s in the duffle?” “OUR PLOT DEVICE I mean–”

Awww, I just noticed that when the Bioship goes careening out of control and lands in the bayou, when it shows the Team kind of all bracing themselves and stunned after rolling so much, you can see Conner has his arm around Wolf to keep him from getting hurt, since he doesn’t have a seat belt like the rest of them. How sweet <3

“He’s hurting her!” Conner’s like NOT TODAY!

“No! No way I’m nearly drowning three missions in a row!” Artemis and water have a very complicated relationship in season 1. XD

“Wow, uh, thanks.”

“Out, everyone out!” Noooo Kaldur, they figured they would all just hang out in the Bioship for a while, maybe have an impromptu pool party, you know.

At least Wally’s hair finally got wet instead of magically staying dry like in Home Front.

Wally and Artemis are just too cute in this episode, Idk, they’re constantly around each other I love it

There’s that damn school bus again. Jesus christ talk about some traumatized children.

Hello, Rocket! See you in the last two episodes! (a fucking crime, she shoulda been around for more, she would have fit in just nice. We never even got a real feel for her personality which is why I tend to leave her out in my fics, it makes me feel so bad but shit, idk how she is!)

I appreciate your effort, Kaldur, but uh… nope.

Aw, I also just noticed Artemis had one of her hands on Kaldur’s shoulder in like, consolation when he couldn’t open the magical cage thingy. 

“Robin, she’s made contact.” “Artemis?” “No.” LOL

Can someone tell me how the entire Team survived that high of a drop? That always bothered the shit out of me.

“I feel naked, and not in a fun way.”

(She actually says, “not in a fun way” not “not in the fun way”)



Cool heroes don’t look at explosions.

(awww, I love protective bbys)

Oh god, that fucking CRUNCH when Wally hits the tree seriously pains me. >.<


Just the fact that Artemis was obviously paying enough attention to Wally to notice that his arm was broken, and then to care enough to follow him into the trees just to make him a sling… UGH. That part! And just… ugh, I LOVE THEM. 


God, Wally is fucking upset as shit about that helmet. Not that I blame him, I mean, he knows how fucked up Nabu is.


“It was satisfactory.” LOL that’s the best you’re gonna get out of ‘ole Bats, better take it. 

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Oh my, it's so nice to see 2 of my favourite writers (kurenai&blacktithe) compliment each other! Yeah I'm just going to say this to both of ya, your stories rock, stay awesome!

And here the two of us, I can definitely say I am, are blushing like hell! Well, honestly I am only saying the truth and I am very much sure she is as well!!

And you-

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me reading fics at 3 am: oh man how the time flies i sure wish i could keep reading but i should probably go to sleep as i have read like. 10 fics tonight!!! ah, who cares, one more chapter!!!

me reading actual information from a textbook at 3 am: this must be the latest i have ever stayed up, i can’t function, i obviously wasn’t built to read anything after midnight, i just keep reading the same sentence over and over with no progress, this is what hell is like

I can’t believe that drama track though because rin

- tells everyone in samezuka it’s haru’s birthday
- braves a storm to find haru
- tries to act chill like “oh it’s your birthday tomorrow right”

plz rin

meanwhile haru finally has a chance to put his clothes on rin again and boy does he take it

Nice But Unexpected- Part 2

Hi again! i have finished uni and can work solely on fics! woo! on the downside…i turn 19 on sunday, and i am not dealing with this well at all. You know, no disney princess was ever older than 19? (elsa doesnt count because i dont have magical ice powers) you know what that means though? i’m not a disney princess, this was hard to take. really really hard. So i will ignore my impending old age and write apparently. and probably drink a lot too.

anyway, thank you for the lovely messages on chapter 4 of pet goldfish!! i read and loved them all, especially those of you who genuinely seemed to like the chapter despite the lack of Rinn - you are good people. (and yes chapter 38 was a little salute to jane eyre ;) i love that book)

Sorry, for the ranting. So this is a second part of Nice But Unexpected which was supposed to be a one shot but clearly i’m shit at keeping with one shots. so this will probably go on to three maybe four parts? i was thinking of getting Rae and Finn to Knebworth? maybe.

wandering-soul-7 kneekeyta  flxwxry tinakegg celestev31 ililypop fantasticab raernundo fuckintentshop losingpudge llexis i-dream-of-emus ducky17 courtkismet finnleysraemundo @dontneedamoralcompass fizzezlikecherrycola kerrv0rting-and-sn0rtin kristicallahan sarahlouise88ni shashaauss @myfinnnelsonpls how-ardently irish-girl-84 die4mysins jackiewalsh2013 heyheatherrr anglophileyoungblood @pink-royaute milymargot trout-is-now-charlie - as always just ask to be removed or added :) xxxx (btw, are the tags working? i might have messed up)

It hadn’t been easy. Trying to talk to Rae is like trying to rewind a cassette with your fingertips; painful and it gets you nowhere. He had been trying though. Ever since that night he’d stayed with her after Archie stood her up, he’d been trying. Too bad Rae was having none of it. She consistently rebuffed his woeful attempts at conversation, choosing to favour Archie’s boring history lessons and incomprehensible quotes instead. Finn didn’t understand that at all, Archie had fucking stood her up and they acted as if they were best mates.

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What I planned to do today: write.

What I actually did today: came up with at least three new fic ideas to add to my ever-growing list of fic ideas while neglecting every last one of my works in progress… all while not writing a single word for any of it.


  Usually I am in a state of confusion whenever follower milestones occur - and tbh I still am in this case.

 But at the same time, the idea that so many people find this blog enjoyable is a very nice thought on which to start the new year. 

  Thanks for everything this year guys, and here’s to a jolly good 2016!!

“I’m not mean, but” = “I’m mean.”

(also, “Why do all my meals taste like someone has sneezed on them?”)

- with many thanks to Ashles3000 over on Twitter for this one!

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the 100 fandom is combusting in on itself so... fic recs? or author recs? or both? something to help me ignore the shitstorm and focus on bellarke instead?

fic rec page here

fave fics:

fave authors:

  • lana ( @marauders-groupie) aka soulmate goddess/ word goddess/ actual goddess
  • mel ( @caramelkru) aka fluff so good you gonna either die or spend like a thousand dollars getting cavities fixed
  • emily ( @prosciuttoe) aka 90% sure she made a deal with a demon to be this talented it’s unreal
  • @ajrchaosrising aka i have cried/ had to get up and walk around because emotions
  • @katchyalater aka more fluffy goodness omg
  • @wellsjahasghost aka ??!?!?! *insert how does one begin to describe gif* #flawless
  • @argyledpenguin aka i basically followed her from the jily fandom to the bc fandom and cry because of her fics

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I'm not a larrie, but I for damn sure am NOT an anti. I don't necessarily believe that larry is real, but I follow a lot of you guys, bc the lot of you are such fun loving people who meme to get through tough times (Which, I must say, is phenomenal. You guys are funny as hell.) I used to go an anti blogs to get a fresh perspective, but they literally have no fun unless Harry or Louis do something "straight". They're hateful and have way to much time on their hands. Anyway, keep being you! xx

😚 🙌🏼 thanks anon!