𝚁𝙴𝙰𝙳: Pretty Faces by @perseasalt

The dove loomed above her like death warrant, sentencing her to a lethal fate. Of all the godly mothers that could have bore her, it had to have been Aphrodite. The goddess of love and beauty, the paradigm of perfection and everything Lacy was not. She could imagine it now, her cabin turning up their noses and abandoning her the second they got a good look. Being embarrassed to have such an ugly runt among their alluring ranks. Shunning and ignoring her until she broke down and gave in.

“But tonight we’re going to show them. We’ll make them respect us, forcefully strip away every ridiculous assumption through our actions. Prove that we’re more than just a bunch of pretty faces.”

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fave Jason Todd blogs?:)

Hey anon! Idk why you’re specifically coming to me for these dc blog recs because I’m a baby in this fandom but I’ll try my best to list some good Jason Todd blogs for u so here we go (again). 

@rvdhood, @stepnaniebrown, @stephaniebrowm@acesontodd, -thats like, pretty much all I can think of right now

Here are some more courtesy of @she-assassin (I havent checked these out yet but I’m sure they’re great, also Michelle ^ is so great I love her & has so much Jason Todd <3):
@jasonttodd, @haljordont, @jasontoddism, @jasonptodd, @jasontvdds, @baeson-todd, @oh-mother-of-darkness

Some of these are multifandom, most of them if not all of them are not 90%+ Jason Todd. Also, since rhato rebirth came out today, basically any dc blog that respects some good story telling (for once) is probably Jason Todd trash right now so like yeah… I’m sorry I don’t think I’ve helped much.

If any of my followers know any good JT blogs feel free to reblog and tag them!

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hi! i saw that you do tag SU spoilers, but could you please also tag the posts containing the episode itself? the thumbnails themselves can be pretty big spoilers already.. (like /post/148092887850 ) thanks!

oh no! I am so sorry it slipped my mind I will go tag it right away

also likewise guys if I post something without spoiler tags or a tag you would find useful, please let me know! <3

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Relationship Status: single and on the hunt for someone rich and old
Wake Up Time: it’s the summer so like 3pm tbh (I’m working on it) (goal is noon) (i go to sleep at like 4-5am so yeah)
Favorite Color: red, a deep mauve if u wanna get fancy
Cats or Dogs: i love both but cats give me rashes and make it hard to breathe :( (i have the cutest dog named demetri whos a little asshole)
Coke or Pepsi: tbh i don’t really drink pop so whichever one i have to/is available
Call or Text: hm depends on the situation, call for convos, text for everyday planning stuff
Chapstick or Lipstick: chapstick
Last Song You Listened To: Fill in the Blank by Car Seat Headrest

I tag @god7 @protectmarkjin @got7mademedoit @milk-tuan @def-got7 @jrism @fluffyjackson @strxctlygotseven @jinmeowie if you so desire!!

i just found this on my computer:

upon further inspection i have learned that i asked my friend what their favorite type of dog is and then sent that to them at 3am

i can’t write in cursive

i wonder what else 3am me can do that normal me cant

pas-cal said: I’m like 99% sure tumblr does this stupid thing where it tracks partial tags as well?? If it popped up in the regular Vivienne tag I’m thinking that’s why so many people jumped on it \o/ like “#viv discourse” will show up in “#viv” and “#discourse” otherwise people are just dumb

if that’s the case, I am sorry for it showing up in the regular vivienne tag, because that was not my intent.  It is a critical post, it is meant to only be in that tag.  NOT in the regular tag.  But the fandom’s reasoning is apparently I’m racist and misogynistic, because you can’t criticize a character based on their merits as a character, and not based on their skin color or gender.  *rolls eyes*

so there was a donald trump supporting racist on my facebook page trying to justify the shooting of the unarmed, compliant man with his autistic patient and saying a bunch more awful things about other POC and even LGBTQIA+ people so this is what i said please tell me if there’s anything problematic that i said i am so sorry if there is (im red, tagged people are blue, everyone else is black) the second person blacked out is the bigot in question, the third is another asshole, the fourth is a girl who they were attacking earlier on because she posted the video, and the fifth is the third guy again


“Plus, we all know that you only failed because you fucked up your hand that one time, right?”

Doodle requests are still open! Though there are quite a few lots in line so it could take a little while.

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The man who named me, the man that killed me, the man who gave me hope…

someone hold me lol (don’t repost/use/remove captions)

At first I was like “I need to think of a really good reason to draw Crowley’s butt” but then I realized I AM THE ARIST I GET TO MAKE HIM WALK AROUND IN UNDERWEAR AND A FRILLY APRON.

is this a good time to talk about how a former classmate once told me she dreamed that I had god-like drawing abilities as in I altered reality and drew her huge monster eyes and everyone was afraid I’d erase them? We used to be friends at some point…


{19.07.16} // 93 days to O Levels

[6-9/100 days of productivity]

// those 2 photos on the top look similar but i swear those are 2 diff papers //

I realised that all the work I’ve been doing these 3 days are all math related so this post probably isn’t gonna be as colourful as usual. aNYWAY, i included a thing to remind anyone to go STUDY NOW cause why not. hope y’all have a productive day ahead!!   (´∀`*)