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Spiders With Books || Peter Parker Imagine

Pairing: Peter Parker x female!reader

Word Count: 1345 words

Request: can u do a peter parker/spider man imagine where the reader is a nerdy girl whos nose is always in a book and one day shes talking with her friends about spiderman and they run into each other or smth and the cute books falling thing happens and peter does everything he can to flirt with her and ask her out

No spoilers (i don’t think there are spoilers)

AN: I don’t think I proof read this very well

Originally posted by koenigreus

The bell rang to signal the next class. Everyone in ​Y/N’s class stood up and rushed to the hallways, but Y/N got up slowly, too focused with the book in her hands. She picked up the rest of her books that were on her desk, holding them against her hip and headed towards the door. She finished the page she was on before focusing on the hurdle of bodies in the hallway.

Y/N reached her locker, her friend already standing there waiting for her. “Hey Y/N. How was history?” Michelle asked. Y/N shrugged her shoulders, “Same as usual, I guess. I finished my work early so I had time to get farther in my book.” Michelle chuckled, making Y/N give her a questionable look.

“Which one?” Her friend questioned, pointing to the set of books in Y/N’s arms.

She smiled, wiggling one of the books in her hand, with a smile on her face. She then went on and gave her a non spoiler review of the book, in case she wanted to read it. Y/N opened her locker to place her history textbook inside. “So,” Michelle started, “have you seen that video of Spider-Man on YouTube?”

Y/N raised a brow while she grabbed a few notebooks and a couple more books to carry and read through out the day, “Well, I don’t know which one you’re talking about but, I probably have.” She scoffed at herself, slamming her locker shut and moving to walk to lunch.

“Of course you have. Because you can’t have a crush on someone and NOT stalk them,even if nobody knows what they look like.” Michelle said sarcastically, watching the people in front of her bolt to their next class. Y/N lightly shoved her friend, stopping in the middle of the hallway.

Michelle stopped a few steps in front of her, “What?” She asked bluntly. The number of people in the hallway faded out, but the pair took their time to get to lunch.

“I,I don’t have a crush on Spider-Man.” Y/N scoffed trying to defend herself. Michelle rolled her eyes, “You’re kidding, right? You are totally are in love with him, you never stop talking about him. He’s the only guy I ever hear you talk about, besides Pe-he who shall not be named.“she corrected herself, remembering their code name, "You’re crazy about him.”

Y/N sighed. “Yeah, I guess you’re right. But how could I not like him?” She muttered biting her lip. “I’m gathering that this is no longer about Queens’ web slinger?” Michelle questioned. Y/N looked down, nodding her head.

Y/N’s friend sighed, “If it makes you feel better, I saw him staring at you at the Academic Decathlon team meeting yesterday.”

Y/N crinkled her nose in disbelief, “Really? Everyone knows that he liked Liz, so why wasn’t he staring at her?” Maybe there was something on my face or my clothes looked odd to him. She didn’t want to get her hopes up. Michelle nodded her head, “But he was staring for a really long time. Besides I don’t think he likes her anymore though. ”

Before the conversation could continue, the two rounded a corner but, Y/N was met with the back of Peter Parker. “What are you-Oh shit,” He said as he turned around to see all of her books fall.

“I am so sorry, my friend kind of bumped into me.” He apologized emphasizing the second half of the sentence while glaring at Ned, moving to the ground to grab her books. “Oh hey guys,” Peter’s best friend Ned said to the two girls, giving them a quick wave.

“I’m gonna meet you at lunch. See ya later Y/N,” Michelle states walking away as the bell rang,“You too Peter.” She said giving him a mock solute. Unbeknownst to Y/N and Peter, Michelle gave Ned a look, silently telling him to come with her. He scratched the back of his head, “I’ll just head off with Michelle.”

Y/N moved down to the floor with Peter, to pick up her books. “I’m sorry, I’m just so clumsy.” She said, shaking her head and laughing at herself. Y/N avoided eye contact at all cost, a blush appearing on her cheeks. Peter looked up at her, pausing his actions.

“It’s cute.” Peter said boldly, shocking himself. Peter had a couple of her books in his hand while she had the others. “You have a really good taste in books.” He said, standing up from the floor and then grabbing her arm to help her up after him.

“Thanks,” Y/N said, a small smile on her face. Peter still hasn’t let go of her arm and when she looked at his hand, he immediately pulled it away. He cleared his throat, before speaking to the girl.

“M-Maybe you can give me some book suggestions sometime.” He stuttered out. She stood there with wide eyes shocked, was he trying to ask her out.

“Or, maybe not. Maybe you don’t want to talk to me. I’ll just, ummm, I’ll leave.” He cursed himself, turning around to walk away. “Wait, Peter.” Y/N grabbed his arm and he spun around.

“I do have a couple books in mind.” Y/N said with a side smile. Peter smiled widely at the girl, handing her books back to her.

Peter’s point of view

“How did that robbery go last night?” Ned asked Peter as the two walked to Peter’s locker. The two boys had lunch next period and Peter didn’t want to carry anymore heavy textbooks in his backpack anymore (despite having super strength). “It was awesome. I beat their asses.” Peter said enthusiastically, but got quiet when he realized that they were still in school.

Peter and Ned were just about to round a corner when they heard two other people talking in the hall. Michelle and Y/N talking about Spider-Man. Peter was about to walk when Ned pulled him back, “Dude what the heck?” Peter said, looking at Ned like he was crazy.

“Hear me out, we might be able to eavesdrop on them. See how much she likes Spider-Man.”

Peter gave his best friend a look, debating whether or not this was a good idea. He pressed his back against the wall, “Only because I trust you Ned.”

The two heard a voice say offended, “I-I don’t have a crush on Spider-Man,”

Peter looked at his friend with hunched shoulders, “What did I tell you?” He whispered. Ned was about to say something when they heard their friend Michelle start to speak, “You’re kidding, right? You are totally are in love with him, you never stop talking about him-”

Peter turned to his friend shocked. Ned only smirked, “Maybe this was a good idea, she has the hots for Spider-Man dude.” They focused back onto the conversation the two girls were having, but they heard the subject change. “ I saw him staring at you at the Academic Decathlon team meeting yesterday.”

Peter stood there, shocked yet again, “Oh, no, oh lord.” He said, swallowing the lump in his throat.

“Weren’t you staring at her at the meet- ohhhhhhh,” Ned concluded, realizing they were now talking about Peter.

“Really? Everyone knows that he liked Liz, so why wasn’t he staring at her?” Y/N stated, kind of surprised at her friends statement.

“Dude, I think she likes you."Ned whispered. Peter glanced at his friend, thinking about how unreal it would be if she liked him. "And I’m sorry bro.” Ned finished.

Peter moved a step away from the wall, tilting his head, confused at his friend’s statement. “What are you-Oh shit.” He started but couldn’t end the question due to Ned shoving him backwards towards the girl he liked.

Part Two

I guess feeling friends fade away from your life hurts. It hurts because you don’t connect with people often but with them it just clicked. It hurts because you could feel the distance growing. They stopped texting you as often. You felt you were annoying them. You watched them post on social media with their new friends, and felt a pocket of envy in your stomach. It is so much harder to let go of someone when you are a quiet person like myself, when you know that friendships do not come often or easily. They do not sprout like flowers. They are rare occurrences, like twins, the Grand Canyon, or dogs with two different coloured eyes. So I am sorry, my friend, that my friendship did not satisfy you, and I’m sorry my friendship to you wasn’t as rare an occurrence as yours was to me. I’m sorry you got bored of me, I’m sorry we grew apart.
—  fading friendships

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21 gordlock please

21. “I’d rather jump out a window, thanks.” 

“Let me think abou- no.”


“NO, Jim! Absolutely not.”

“I’m not saying let him off scot-free, I’m just saying let’s help.”

Help Ed Nygma? I’d rather jump out a window, thanks.”

Jim sighed, rubbing his temples as he paced Harvey’s office. “The Riddler is terrorizing the city. Day by day, another city block gets taken out by one of his labyrinthine guessing games and more and more people get scared and lose faith in us.”

“Those are all sounding like reasons not to help him,” Harvey quipped, unhelpfully.

“But there’s a pattern here. All of his solutions are about betrayal and trust and guilt. And his latest question mark was found in the Gotham City Zoo.”

Harvey looked up at Jim, then squinted. “Am I gonna want to hear this?”

Jim grimaced. “He left a question mark on the penguin exhibit,” he muttered.

“God… damn it, NO, I did not want to hear that!” Harvey groaned, shoving his face into his hands.

“We have to find out what happened between them. It may be the only way to stop Ed.” Jim leaned over Harvey’s desk, blinking up at him.

Harvey pursed his lips. “You know I hate it when you look at me that way,” he grouched, not making eye contact, “But you’re telling me we have to recover Oswald Cobblepot’s probably dead body to, what, get Nygma into therapy?”

“In a word… yes.”

Harvey stared at him, stone-faced.

Jim’s shoulders fell. “Harvey-”



But it’s the right thing! Yeah yeah, just let me have my token protest before you drag my down the broken glass boulevard of righteousness, okay?” Harvey humpfed, sulking, arms folded.

Jim broke into a smile. “I didn’t notice it took much convincing to make you do the right thing.”

“I’m just letting you win,” Harvey pouted.

“Yeah, I’ll remember that you’re ‘letting me win’ the next time you call me back to my duty.”

Harvey flushed, looking away even harder. Sometimes, Jim felt personally, Harvey was just too cute for words.


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It’s cool, we’re just

I should really be doing some requests but this was one of the things I had written while I was bored in class so I simply wanted to share this with everyone! Don’t worry, guys! Your requests will be filled and posted as soon as I can! 

I can’t promise to always post a lot every day but I am going to try my hardest because I have a lot of commitments going on right now! So updates might be really scarce and sometimes, I might only even post one or two requests but no worries, I am going to try harder to fill in the requests! Anyways, that aside, hope you enjoy this!


Originally posted by tomhollandhollaatme

Peter drags you in to the living room, his hand entwined with yours as he pulls the both of you towards the sofa before flopping on it, pulling you to him so that he can wrap his arms around you. Ned rolls his eyes, nudging MJ who is sitting beside him. MJ scoffs, shooting Peter a knowing look that he gladly ignores.

You lean back when Peter tightens his hold on you, giggling quietly to yourself as you made yourself comfortable in his arms. The sound of MJ pretending to gag and Ned clicking his tongue causes the two of you to look at the other two who are sitting across of you. Peter raises one of his eyebrows while you tilt your head to the side.

“Just friends.” MJ scoffs, giving the both of you a pointed look, causing you to flush at the implication and the sudden realization of how misleading your actions with Peter can be. Ned nods his head in agreement as he pauses his game, turning to stare at the both of you.

“I don’t do any of those with my friends.” Ned points out and Peter furrows his eyebrows as he stares at his two friends, wiling them to shut up. He tightens his arms around you, pressing his nose to your hair. Now that Ned and MJ have made you very well aware of how close Peter and you are sitting together, you are starting to feel rather embarrassed.

“Jealous?” Peter shoots back, narrowing his eyes at his two friends. Ned shrugs his shoulders, pretending to zip his mouth and throwing away the zipper. He turns back to continue playing his game. Just as Peter is about to talk to you, MJ speaks up.

“That’s rich, Parker; aren’t you the one that wouldn’t tell a certain someone that he is hopelessly in love with her?” MJ shoots, challenging Peter but her words cause the both of you to tense. Peter’s sharp intake of breath overlaps with your gasp. Ned stares at MJ in shock and nudges her slightly, catching MJ by surprise and she finally realizes what she had just said to the both of you. She stares at the two of you in shock, almost looking apologetic.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Peter grits out as he pulls away from your hair. You quickly pull yourself from his hold and get up from the sofa. Your face feels very warm and you know even without looking in the mirror that your entire face is probably red. Your ears are warm too.

“Y-yeah, Peter’s right.” You sputter as you made your way through the living room towards the door. “We are just friends.” You pull the door open, ignoring the panicked looks all three of them have exchanged and close the door behind you. You stand in the corridor, letting out a huge sigh. You didn’t think your feelings for Peter had been that transparent; you have always made sure to keep a tight lid on your feelings. You let out a small dissatisfied goran as you lean back against the wall. Things are going to be so awkward; “Why did you leave the room, Y/N?” You grumble to yourself.

“Y/N, WAIT – oh.” Peter bursts through the door, stopping abruptly when he realizes that you are right beside the door. He stumbles forward when the door hits his back and he stares at you. “Hi.” He says sheepishly, closing the door behind him.

You can’t help but smile despite what had happened in the room. “Hi.” You tuck your hair behind your ear.

“So, um, I just – I don’t want you to – you know,” Peter trails off, combing his fingers through his hair. He drops his hand and takes a step forward, trapping you between the wall and him. “I am so sorry that my friends are idiots?” He looks at you, willing for you to look at him and tell him that everything’s fine – that the two of you are fine.

You finally look at Peter to give him a small smile that quickly drops when you realize just how close Peter is standing. “Lovable idiots though.” You murmur and Peter chuckles as he nods his head. There really is no denying that; as much as Ned and MJ love to pick on him, Peter still loves them and his life would probably be dull without their constant teasing.

“MJ wasn’t supposed to say that.” Peter wraps his fingers around your wrist causing you to glance at your joined hands. Peter steps closer and by the time you look up, Peter is almost an inch away from your face and your breath hitches as you stare directly in his beautiful, brown eyes.

“What wasn’t?” You ask him absently – his eyes are just too mesmerizing and you have always known deep down that Peter has really beautiful eyes and despite always being close to Peter; this is actually the first time you have ever had the chance to really look at him in the eyes.

Peter shrugs his shoulders as he leans in closer and you can feel your heart beat in your throat. You wet your lips and Peter’s eyes seem to linger a little bit too long. “I’m in love with you.” He says softly and just as Peter is about to lean forward to press his lips against yours, the door slams open and MJ and Ned are standing there looking at the two of you smugly.

Peter groans and drops his head to your shoulder, causing you to laugh despite being embarrassed yet again – this time for all the right reasons. “Guys, seriously?”

“Just friends, huh.”

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Hello! Could you do how the RFA + V & Saeran would react to MC having a really close male friend who occasionally flirts with them?? I'm a huge sucker for them being jealous or worried! Thank you!

hello ! this was a lot of fun to write lol :9 thank you for requesting !


  • he got jealous so easily holy shit
  • you were his princess dammit how many hickies did he need to leave to prove that
  • so when your bff visited, he was already a bit wary, keeping his arm around your waist the entire time
  • especially when he went in for a hug
  • but then he said “you were still as beautiful as ever, honey”
  • yeah…..really beautiful….its almost like…..you could have……….a boyfriend…………..
  • also excuse me ???? youre his honey ?????????
  • when he winked, you giggled, and zen scowled
  • when he called you sexy, you waved him off, and zens arm got tighter
  • sensing zens discomfort you gave him an opening to talk about himself and insisted zen was the sexiest one there
  • it worked
  • until your friend commented on how nice your hips looked
  • heeey mc remember that super important date we had planned for that incredibly expensive restaurant today ?
  • no ?
  • surprise !
  • your friend left, much to zen’s relief, but you were promised a date so youll get a goddamn date
  • you two went out for fish-shaped bread and ate them snuggled on the couch together


  • listen this boy barely knows how to handle a skillet
  • he isn’t sure what to do when he gets jealous
  • he was perfectly fine at first ! i mean, male friends kiss their female friends on the cheek all the time right ?
  • he wouldn’t know he let it slide
  • he went to make snacks for the three of you, and when he came back, your friend had scooted closer and lay and arm around your shoulders
  • yoosung had to remind himself he was holding a glass plate so not to break it
  • “mc! could you help me real quick ?”
  • “oh, if you need help yoosung i can-“
  • “NO no, no no, no i think mc can help me with this perfectly fine, dont bother yourself, youre our guest!”
  • so, you went to the kitchen to help him with whatever he needed, curious about his tone and insistence
  • before you could even say his name, he had you pinned against the counter on the far side of the kitchen, away from the doorway
  • “mc… you know youre mine, right?”
  • you would have said yes, honest, but his lips were on yours and you were fervently making out before you knew it
  • you took… longer than expected to show your friend the door
  • but it happened nonetheless, so yoosung was happy
  • he wasn’t getting away from you now though
  • “yoosung you naughty boy… come finish what you’ve started~”


  • she never really thought she could be jealous when it came to you
  • she never really had to worry about it
  • but that boy, your friend, was just… a bit too close
  • her hand was the only one she ever thought shed see on your waist
  • you didn’t seem to have a problem with it, so she assumed it was all in a friendly matter…
  • but still…
  • she couldn’t shake that nasty feeling in her stomach off
  • “ah, mc… could you come here a moment? i know its your break and all, i just wanted to speak with you…”
  • of course jaehee ! anything for the princess
  • when you made your way around the counter to her, she took your hands in hers and gave you multiple smooches on the lips, each lasting a bit longer than the other until they got a bit… less… suitable for work
  • when she was satisfied with herself, your lips were left slightly pinker and shiny from her lip gloss
  • glancing at her friend, she let you go after that, feeling a bit better

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Beauty and The Beast

paring: Bucky Barnes x reader beauty and the beast Au!

plot: based on the Disney movie beauty and the beast. 

a/n: I really hope you guys like it! It’s my first AU!


words: 2827

Originally posted by mawj-t5101994

And the curse was broken with a single kiss, it was no ordinary kiss it was a true love’s kiss. True love the most powerful magic there is. 

“Y/n” you sighed as you marked the page in your book “ I am coming, Papa”. you ran into your dad’s workshop “Y/n” he called once again “I am here Papa” you panted as you stood beside him. “Yes Papa, you called me? I was just reading by book. I am at the part where the prince wakes the princess” you went on. “That’s lovely honey, can you go get some groceries from the market?” he asked, his face full of dirt, he was in the middle of creating something new. 

“Of course, Papa and can I” your father placed his finger on your lips preventing you from speaking “Yes Y/n you can go to the library and get another book” you smiled and gave your  Papa a big kiss on his cheek “oh thank you, Papa” you ran off once again “the list is on the kitchen table” you father shouted. 

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We’ve Lost A Life. From Bullying on WRA.

There is no way I can title this post without it coming off blunt. Yesterday a former officer of mine, an old friend of the community, and an old friend of mine whom I had a falling out with months ago took his life. The character behind the Kaldorei Rogue, known as Faun committed suicide after months of continuous bullying from a user whose name I received from someone else and whose name I will not be sharing. Before I go into anything about bullying–I just want to take a moment to express that I am utterly sorry to my friends, and others friends of his who are grieving right now. A lot of people are asking me how I am, but I can only answer numb. Considering this is the second death I’ve now experienced this month. I’m personally unsure how to feel. I cannot bring myself to regret the falling out I had with him, for at the time we fought and separated over current issues. However, that will not change the countless hours I’ve spent cracking up with him, or watching his character pick on Olivia, because they had that stupid playful bond. Or calling him my favorite unicorn, or the happiest officer. Fact is, there was a time I loved this man, and I will not allow the end of our friendship tarnish all the amazing memories I had with him. So, if I seem cold to all those who spoke with me–I’m sorry. To those who need to talk, know my inbox is always open, so is my discord if you need to call. My thoughts are sent out to the husband and friends he left behind. 

That being said. I want to take a moment to mention this community. It..should NEVER..come to this point. Fact is, you can tell people, “If you’re hurting, get offline.” But guess what, when THIS is their only outlet, you’re literally asking them to take away the only thing that brings them comfort. We’re all here because we’re missing something in our real lives that we choose to roleplay. Whether it’s a creative outlet, a social issue–Every fucking roleplayer you see is DAMAGED in some way. We’re attack outcasts just like ourselves, WHY?! Why are we taking advantage of people who are just like us? I’m sorry if I sound so emotional rather than logical–But honestly. At what point can we come together as a community? At what fucking point can we stop playing a popularity contest, and bond over our common interests. Our passion for writing.. At what point does something change? I’ve never been more heartbroken at this community. A life is gone. Not because of a falling out, or simple dislike, but because someone felt entitled enough to harass and bully another for god knows what reason. We don’t have to like each other, but for gods sake, –You don’t throw food against wall when you dislike it, so don’t treat people that way either. 

Before you say you’re sorry for anyone’s loss. 
I’m sorry for YOUR loss WRA. I’m sorry you, we, us as a community lost someone today. I will grieve along side you all, in my own way. 

..Please..wake up. 

Stydia Proposal

A series of headcanons about how Stiles would propose to Lydia, done with the amazing @rongasm

  • In the year of our lord 2019 or 2020, at a New Year’s Eve party, Stiles kisses Lydia as the ball drops. He smiles his little smile at her and she sighs in contentment, then suddenly “Oh by the way, I’m proposing this year, HAPPY NEW YEAR!”
  • Lydia’s reaction is essentially: fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck
  • Lydia is on red alert all the time, constantly on the watch for any sign of a proposal, a glint of a diamond in his pocket, ANYTHING.
  • Now Stiles knows there’s no way he’s actually going to be able to surprise her, she knows him too well
  • So instead, he decides to fucking torture her
  • He pulls shit like Jim Halpert did on The Office
  • Fake proposals
    • All. The. Time.
  • Several incidents of this:
    • One night they are walking back to their apartment after dinner and Stiles stops in front of a fountain in the park they are walking through. He goes down to one knee, and Lydia gasps so loud and she’s covering her mouth with her hands and he goes “…just wait a minute I need to tie my shoe”
    • One night, at a very nice dinner, Stiles just stops in the middle of dessert and looks at her. He goes full heart eyes, takes her hand and cups her cheek. Lydia’s internal monologue is: “oh shit oh man oh boy okay this is happening stay cool”. Stiles takes a deep breath, smiles like an angel and goes “You have lettuce in your teeth” before continuing to devour his chocolate cake
  • He constantly sets up things like this, and by September Lydia is so tired
  • So one night, he takes her out to dinner, and the waiter brings over two glasses of champagne.
    • He goes to one knee and opens his mouth to speak-
    • “Haha very funny Stiles now tie your shoe”
    • he smiles and goes on
    • “Lydia I-”
    • “Stiles I’m not in the mood for another-”
    • “Lydia Martin, love of my-”
    • “Stiles I swear to god-”
    • “LET ME TALK”
    • she stops and looks at him, carefully calculating the situation
    • He goes on to deliver the most romantic speech about his feelings for her you could have ever heard (I have not thought about it for a long enough amount of time to have that speech prepared for you I am sorry friends)
    • He stops talking and she just raises an eyebrow at him
    • “Okay…but this was fake right?”
    • He rolls his eyes so hard and shoves the ring in her face
    • “This is your own fault”
    • “Lydia”
    • “You did this to yourself”
    • “Lydia, kind of just asked a really huge question, probably need that answered, my whole life hanging in the balance-”
    • “Well yes, obviously, but-”
    • “Yes?”
    • “Yes”
    • “Thank god”
    • and then he slides the ring onto her finger and kisses the crap out of her
  • The end

The zoo is live streaming Grape-kun’s memorial service and it’s sad to see his spot so empty. The rain is falling hard as if to add to the somber mood. But I will say, what a journey. All this began from a low-budget anime that had little-to-no chance of success and out of nowhere it found a following for it’s substance. From that comes one of the greatest stories I’ve ever seen on the internet. In a zoo halfway (for a lot of us) across the world, an old penguin finds happiness and purpose in a cutout of an anime character. His story takes flight and the world shares in his passion. Over the months we cheer on the little friend as we all somewhat know that feeling of caring towards a character we will never truly meet.

If you’ll allow me a few moments of levity in this somber moment I wanted to share a small idea that buried it’s way into my mind and makes me smile and not mourn as much. Within the past weeks we’ve seen the recent scandal from Kadokawa’s firing of Tatsuki and an entire firestorm of fan support against that decision. Now, during the passing of Grape-kun, I find out that Kadokawa has re-opened discussion with Tatsuki and his production team. I like to think that Grape-kun knew his role in this crazy world and determined that his death would be the event to bring things back to their rightful place. I know it’s silly to make such a crazy theory over something like this, but I like to think that Grape-kun gave himself to help all those who had showed him love and support over the years. Sorry for being selfish in my thoughts.

On another note, I want to share my thanks to some of the blogs I’ve come to follow and share laughs, anger, and tears over the short course of this fandom. You’ve all been a pleasure to follow and I love you all

@shitpost-senpai @the-man-who-sold-za-warudo @servals-dank-meme-machine and some others I am forgetting (sorry!)

My friend is reading TWoK for the first time. She sent me this text, while reading the chapter just before Sas Nahn:

I was feeling like a very bad friend…

A few minutes later:

And now she understands.