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Do you ship Az & Elain?

No friend I do not, not at all I am sorry!! I’m just…too invested in Moriel and Elucien and…Mor and Lucien as characters and I just..don’t really see it in a romantic sense? I can’t make it work for me?? 

HOWEVER!!!! I totally love them being a sweet little brotp together? Like I love it, it’s precious. They just have chill time alone away from everything every now and then that consists of them sitting together in Elain’s garden, relaxing and knitting. (Elain teaches Azriel how to knit and he loves it. It’s very soothing and he practices so hard all the time. When people start having smols he very dutifully makes them tiny little baby clothes. (personalised, of course) He’s very proud of them.) 


(Hamlet in Flynn Rider voice)

This is the story of how I died, and my dad, and my mum, and my uncle, and my girlfriend, well after what I said (But I didn’t mean it really! She was just overreacting)  probably my ex-girlfriend, and her dad, whom I accidentally killed, (yeah ok think that might also have influenced our relationship a bit too), and her brother (But he killed me so we’re even I guess?), my friends (ex-friends they were bastards) and I am sorry if I have forgotten anyone.

Ahem where was I ? Oh, so this is the story of how I died, but don’t worry it is actually a very funny story, like come on we even have a jester in the most famous scene (ok he’s been dead 23 years, never mind) and the truth is it isn’t even mine.

This is the story of revenge!

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I am sorry my soft lesbian friend, did no mean offend!!! much love! Here have this bit of furby lore to make better: 1998 furbys live in the clouds, 2005 furbys live on an island, 2012 furbys are from another planet. There's no word on the 2016 Furb's heritage, but it's generally believed that they are artificial intelligent life forms created by 2012 Furbys.

Thats cool !!!


The God of Poverty ||  小福

Dedicated to @dirkgentlyx
Happy belated Birthday Uliana-chan~! (ɔˆз(ˆ⌣ˆc)

Victuuri Week // Day 6 // AU: Soulmates, Reincarnation (kinda, also, falls into the Yuuri prompt: proposals)
“I would live a thousand lives just to fall in love with you a thousand times.”


NEON HIGHWAY: A Rhack serial killer Americana road trip AU set in the vague 70’s/80’s; Southwestern gothic-flavoured. Shitty food, cheap motels, and desert for days; driving for miles and digging shallow graves.

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Okay honestly one of my favorite things about Ouran is Kyoya’s character development???

 He’s one of the most static characters; he’s calm, cool, collected, intelligent, and the obvious moral compass of the group,

 But as the season goes on you start to notice a few cracks…like, the kind where you see the real Kyoya poking through, begging for someone to let him out???

 As you learn his backstory you realize that while he’s the mother of the group, he’s actually the child of his family, which makes SO MUCH SENSE, 


 And I feel like that somehow corresponds with everything he does within the club, and why he’s so meticulous about everything, because maybe in his subconscious somewhere he thought to himself,

 "If my father were to ever catch me in this club, at least I would have something to show for it,“ which is why he’s so undeniably efficient with all that he controls.

 And the way he feels about Tamaki is absolutely PRECIOUS to see, because at first you feel like he thinks of Tamaki as a genuine moron, (which is how I felt really, I can’t really speak for everyone,) and then you get to the, “And so Kyoya Met Him!” episode.

Which is when you finally get to see how exactly their friendship began in the first place, the history behind our daddy and mommy of the Host Club. And you realize, “Hey, I wasn’t that far off. Kyoya DID think he was a moron, at one point.”

And while Kyoya still thinks Tamaki is an idiot, it’s more of a term of endearment at this point, rather than an insult. Because as weary as he is of Tamaki’s antics, when he thought he was gonna lose him, Kyoya absolutely lost it.

And that was A FREAKING PLEASURE to see because you realize NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES KYOYA CALLS HIM AN IDIOT, OR MORON, OR REFERS TO HIM AS A BURDEN, you know in your heart that that silly blonde prince means the world to Kyoya, and that is in fact his best friend. 

So throughout the season, obviously each character makes their own significant steps to becoming more individual, coming into themselves, but Kyoya’s developement is definitely one of my favorites.