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i am sick and its my birthday...And my best friend treats me like s*** and my crush doesnt give a f*** about me and yeah its the worst day of my life...Your videos make me smile...So yeah thank you :,)

forget about them and find people who will appreciate you and love you, this is not healthy at all. or talk to them and try to work things out. dont waste your time with the person you like if they dont care. and im glad my videos make you smile honey! tysm ♡


I need to kill a plot bunny, and I’m pretty sure the only way to do so will be to finally write it. For those who don’t know me, I used to fucking adore the Eragon series. Like, I was so bad @celestialbureaucrat had to read the books herself to hold down a conversation with me (in retrospect I am so sorry friend). Looking back, I can say the series is shit and not worth the time to read, but this one fucking behemoth of an Eragon fanfic plot bunny will not leave me alone. Now, I wasn’t in touch with online fandom at the time, otherwise, I probably would have written a really shitty fanfic and gotten rid of this plague, so this monstrosity has been gestating for probably 10 years now.

This shit has everything from terrible OCs who completely take over the story to Frankenstein’s monster-esque worldbuilding additions. It is time to put it to rest. RIP in pizzas, me; I’m probably going to be spending this November (and probably beyond) giving birth to this thing. I really wish I didn’t have to write this, but I feel like it needs to come up in the same way vomit does once it has started its ascent up the esophagus. Jesus fucking Christ, sorry for the short ramble.

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Hello friend. I am the previous Man Bun Babe anon. Sorry, I didn't realize you'd already posted something so similar. Could you just do some general Asahi fluff, then? Like, how he knew he was in love and how he told her/them? I just need some sweet, loving, affectionate Asahi who is happy in my life, please :)

No worries hun! It’s kind of in a weird format? It's  like headcanons but also somewhat scenario form? I dunno what it is

Asahi had fallen. He had fallen so hard for you. He followed you around like a lost little puppy, and held onto every word that you spoke to him. His thoughts about you kept him up at night and it was painfully obvious to everyone around him- even yourself- that he was in love with you.

The night he realized it though was when he had had a particularly rough day at practice and school. But as soon as he thought of you talking to him and trying to cheer him up, giving him comforting and encouraging words it made everything suddenly so much better.

When he finally had the courage to ask you out, he didn’t say straight away that he loved you because he didn’t want to scare you off in case you didn’t have that strong of feelings for him. He was perfectly content with you simply saying yes to his offer to go and get lunch and a movie. He felt his heart soar when he saw your cheeks flush and smile turn towards the floor when you accepted it.

He cherishes you with every inch of his being- absolutely everything he had because he doesn’t want to lose you. He appreciates that you’re patient with him and that you don’t mind the nervous clammy hands, the stuttering of his words, or the late night practices that you stayed for when they went on just a bit too late.

Asahi told you that he loved you by total accident a few weeks into dating. It just kind of came out when you helped try to cheer him up after the game they lost to AobaJosai. He was more than elated when he heard you say it back.


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I’m looking at 13 months of anxiety.

Just be glad I didn’t describe the sound of Death’s fingernails on the glass.

(like little gasps of warning from a thousand dying souls)

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That’s a delicious writing prompt you just made there

Have at it! :) I’m too fucking freaked out to blink right now, by golly.

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I…want to write this for Halloween. Just a short thing. I am sorry I keep stealing your fic promptssss

Haha. Go forth, my friend, and Do The Thing! 

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read some fluffy domestic fanfic and have a drink of water ^^/

I was 10000% with you on this until you said the words “of water”

What … is water?

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I recommend a Thor plushie to guard you.

Oh, I’m on it. Turns out my infant twins are freaking useless at fighting off evil spirits. I’m such a disappointed parent right now.

it’s legitimately kinda scary how fast I can go into “mom friend” mode when my friends do something potentially dangerous

  • when someone says my fave character isn't their fave:what??? how could you not love them???? they're the best character ever in this universe!!!!! i wish you could see how incredible they are!!
  • when someone says my fave character is their fave too:...okay...but you know...i love them more right...lets just be clear...they are my fave first...

“We never wanted to harm organics. …We wish to understand, not incite.”

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Hiddleston said: ‘We talked about Guinness for some reason because I told his assistant that I did give up alcohol once, and then I had a Guinness and realised it was a terrible mistake. She said that Steven loves Guinness, at which point he walked in and said, “You talking about Guinness?“

He soon bonded with Spielberg when he realised they were both Guinness fans.

Bonus :