I can’t draw all my Shiro and Keith adopted brothers au out so I’m just putting some of my super self-indulgent headcanons/ ideas here. Also a reminder in case I do draw some of these out

  • When they were kids Keith got into space because Shiro read him his textbooks about piloting stuff™ like bedtime stories. Soon he starts collecting a hoard of any text related to space (like NASA newspaper clippings) under his bed
  • Shiro bullied Keith a lot growing up but was forgiven everytime by making Keith laugh. (He’d usually do thing where you pull the back of your shirt over your head to make yourself look like jay jay the jet plane)
  • They used to pretend to have gunbattles but stopped when they got too into it and Keith mcfreaking hit his head on a table trying to dodge
  • Shiro always buys Keith those freaky looking spongebob popsicles to cheer him up, even when Keith is a teenager
  • They both had the asain melon bowlcut ™ but only Shiro has photographic evidence
  • The first time Keith beat Shiro at mario kart he was 10 and Shiro cried
  • At the Garrison Keith didn’t like talking about how they lost their parents and if you tried asking Shiro the story changed everytime
  • Shiro’s “dad vibe” and skills come from practically raising Keith on his own and both of them secretly hate the fact that he’s more of a dad than a big brother now
  • Shiro keeps a huge photo album by his bed back at the Garrison that’s just full of pictures of Keith as a kid that he hopes to show off to to Keith’s husband one day (if not, then it’s just good blackmail material)
  • Shiro got the red jacket and fingerless gloves for Keith’s birthday because they “made him look like a pokemon ranger” and Keith shoves it into the back of his closet but starts wearing them daily when his brother goes missing
  • Keith got kicked out because he did what Pidge did and he punched the shit out of Iverson for lying about what happened to his bro 
  • The reason Shiro was staring blankly at the sun outside the shack in episode 1 was because in the year he was gone his little brother got kicked out of school, became a hobo, and started living in a shack in the desert and he was contemplating where he went wrong in his psuedo parenting
  • Keith tries to threaten his big bro by saying he’ll tell the other paladins what a bully he was to him as a kid and Shiro just laughs “They’ll never believe you.”
  • The other paladins just thought they were oddly close and don’t realize they’re brothers until one day Keith does something stupid again and Shiro’s yelling “Keith Kogane Shirogane, if you don’t knock that shit off-” and everyone’s like ??????? what??? and then the brothers are like “oh wait they don’t know oops”
  • The bros thrive off of teasing the other about their crushes. At the castle ship Shiro won’t stop pretending to swoon dramatically with a hand on his chest and say “I cradled you in my arms, Lance. We bonded!” when they have alone time and Keith slowly dies every time he brings it up.
space dad needs a home

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Sorry for posting so much about this painting but I’m very stressed about it since I’m on a time crunch to finish it, but I got a lot done tonight and I feel pretty happy with where it’s heading now!

Hopefully I’ll be able to finish it tomorrow so I can get started on sewing my Garak cosplay (which I need to finish before Friday 😰😭)

imgayandasinner  asked:

In Ep09, You risked her life trying to save a uniform from falling. The very UNIFORM that Mari keeps on showing Kanan to convince her to join the idol group. You is a real hero.

Yes!! I’m proud of You too. But also concerned. We didn’t need any more second years getting dangerously close to falling off a balcony (꒪⌓꒪)

… Meanwhile.

… Looks like character and seiyuu alike are prone to jumping when excited ꉂ(゜▽゜)ゝ


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