this past year I have started saying “bro” a lot. it started out as a joke, however now it has become part of my daily vocab. it has gotten so bad that I have started saying it at work. now that would be all fine and dandy if I still worked at my old job at JCPenneys, however I am now employed as a full-time CNA at a nursing home where I told a 93 year old woman who was hitting me to “please chill out, bro”.

Conversation with my mother
  • <b> Mom:</b> COME OUT OF YOUR ROOM GOD DAMN!<p><b>Me:</b> I AM READING SOMETHING, WAIT UNTIL I'M DONE!<p><b></b> *continues reading Phan smut and NaruSasu smut*<p><b></b> *mom walks in*<p><b>Mom:</b> what are you even reading????<p><b>Me:</b> ... an.... online book...<p><b>Mom:</b> Okay but help me later<p><b>*Me in my head:</b> ugh mom leave me alone, he's about to cum*<p><b>Me:</b> yeah yeah okay...<p>

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liam doesn't fuck around. LIAM PAYNE JUST RAISED TWO FINGERS TO MODEST ON LIVE TV. Liam must be protected at all times. Yes.

It truly annoys me to no end that this shallow, silly fandom continually overlooks what a man of integrity Liam James Payne is. Everything he does he does with the utmost sincerity. His love is sincere. His shade is sincere. Even when he’s bullshitting in interviews, he does it like a man sincerely trying doing his job. Liam is a man.

Maybe it’s because I’m blessed to have a really honorable guy as a dad, but that kinda thing is so so important to me. Zayn is smart and is blessed to have him. No wonder so many of the fans that shade Liam are also at the center of so much bullshit. They have terrible fucking judgment. Liam Goddam Payne is good man.