this past year I have started saying “bro” a lot. it started out as a joke, however now it has become part of my daily vocab. it has gotten so bad that I have started saying it at work. now that would be all fine and dandy if I still worked at my old job at JCPenneys, however I am now employed as a full-time CNA at a nursing home where I told a 93 year old woman who was hitting me to “please chill out, bro”.

When I think of Ben as Sheriff of Nottingham I want to imagine him something like this….

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But somehow my brain won’t let me get these images out of my head and I wonder what he’d look like in some weird mix of these two 😂😂😂…

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Further evidence that I am a nerd

I am having my composition students write compare/contrast essays (yes, I know that label is redundant; it drives me crazy, too).

In order to talk to them about how to organize their information into a coherent paper, I have just completed two sample outlines for a hypothetical paper comparing the moral positions of Tony Stark and Steve Rogers.


Conversation with my mother
  • <b> Mom:</b> COME OUT OF YOUR ROOM GOD DAMN!<p><b>Me:</b> I AM READING SOMETHING, WAIT UNTIL I'M DONE!<p><b></b> *continues reading Phan smut and NaruSasu smut*<p><b></b> *mom walks in*<p><b>Mom:</b> what are you even reading????<p><b>Me:</b> ... an.... online book...<p><b>Mom:</b> Okay but help me later<p><b>*Me in my head:</b> ugh mom leave me alone, he's about to cum*<p><b>Me:</b> yeah yeah okay...<p>

Making myself sad over musical collabs that will never happen.

Can you imagine how amazing it would be if Prince and Freddie Mercury were both still alive right now? (still not over Prince) The music they would make - ugh, my heart!! And if they went on tour together… Queen and Prince… They could’ve called it the Royalty Tour. jfc

Picture me, collapsed on the floor, and my husband laughing as I tell him this.

I found out today that Elodie Yung auditioned for Wonder Woman. She’s like 5'5". I’m 5'4".

Y'all I’ll totally audition for Wonder Woman in like 10 to 15 years when they wanna reboot comic book franchises.

Y'all can be like “She talked about auditioning for DC movies on Tumblr all the time. And now she is in a DC film!”