Ayato and Shu with their S/O on Christmas

(I am so freaking angry and upset. Here is your request. I’m so sorry, but you’ll only be getting two Sakamaki’s for it. “The boys and their S/O on Christmas” As I was answering it, Tumblr screwed up and deleted all the progress I had done on it. I only had Subaru left. It’s almost 1am and I’m exhausted. So I hope you can forgive me for only posting what had successfully saved :( @the-dark-creature)


Ayato: He’ll constantly bug you and ask “Chichinashi! What did you get Ore-Sama for Christmas? It better be good!” and he’ll poke around at the gifts you wrapped, trying to figure out what it could be. You may or may not also catch him trying to open up the gifts while your back is turned. He’ll also use the theme of “Being kind and giving,” that surrounds Christmas as an excuse to get you to be “caring” and make him Takoyaki. Any Christmas activity you want to do, he’ll be down for. He might make a fuss at first, saying “Huh? What’s the point of the that?” but he’ll really start to get into the activity once you two have started. On Christmas, he’ll roughly wake you with a grin adorning his face (I like to think he’d be like a hyper child on Christmas. Sue me) He’d practically drag you downstairs, not giving you time to wake up, and quickly dive into the gifts, wasting no time in opening them. You better be prepared for some water works while unwrapping the things he got you, because among the gifts, there would be one specific present that he spent a lot of time picking out for you, because he wanted it to be meaningful. He would look at you with a slight blush on his face as you opened it, but start to panic a little once the tears come into play.

Shu: He would definitely think that Christmas is a hassle, because of all the decorating, cooking (Forced time with his brothers) and excitement that flows through the air during the whole month of December. Seeing the smile that graces your lips at just the simple thought of Christmas would bring him a feeling of content. Suddenly, those things that make Christmas a hassle, no longer feels troublesome. He won’t admit to it, but he’s a little curious as to what you got him, but he won’t try to peek at what you’re wrapping and he won’t bother prodding the gifts. The presents he wraps for you (If he even decides to wrap them) won’t be anything fancy and they’ll be a little sloppy, but they’ll still look nice. If you catch him under a mistletoe, he’ll smirk at you and say things like “Such a lewd woman. Can’t keep yourself contained so you decide to jump me using a tactic such as this.” You’ll be the on to wake him on Christmas. If you don’t, he’ll never get up. The gifts he gets you will be related to your hobbies. If you like to write, you’ll get a new journal. If you like to draw, you’ll receive a new sketchbook, etc. He will carefully observe your face as you unwrap your presents, because he doesn’t want to miss a single spark of joy that crosses your face.


“You turn up in the middle of the night, you get me out of my bed in my nightie, which you then don’t let me change out of for ages, and take me for a spin in your time machine. No, no, you’re right. No mixed signals there. That is just a signal. Like a great big bat in the sky. Get your coat, love. The Doctor is in.


Send one of the prompts below to get a response from my muse.

drunk texts:

  • ( ✉ → sms ) plea se eh elep me im drunk and i dotn know whe re i am
  • ( ✉ → sms ) i fukcing miss yo u
  • ( ✉ → sms ) i look so fuckigjn GOOD
  • ( ✉ → sms ) i csnst stop throwiging up
  • ( ✉ → sms ) fu ck you  for hurting me
  • ( ✉ → sms ) why dotn you ever call me anymore huh
  • ( ✉ → sms ) stop being so fuckigjn borign and coekm to my party
  • ( ✉ → sms ) i dropped my pzziza o nt eh floror im fuckgin pissed
  • ( ✉ → sms ) i j sut left you a 3 mintue long voicemail singing. sorry
  • ( ✉ → sms ) even when i’m durnk ic ant sotp thinking about oyu

hateful texts:

  • ( ✉ → sms ) you’re pathetic
  • ( ✉ → sms ) you make me miserable
  • ( ✉ → sms ) fuck you. delete my number.
  • ( ✉ → sms ) you never meant anything to me, anyway.
  • ( ✉ → sms ) fuck your apologies, you can keep them.
  • ( ✉ → sms ) congrats on always ruining everything
  • ( ✉ → sms ) my life would be so much easier without you.
  • ( ✉ → sms ) and next time you feel like calling me… don’t.
  • ( ✉ → sms ) i don’t want anything to do with you anymore.
  • ( ✉ → sms ) if your goal was to make me hate you, then congratulations. mission accomplished.

misc/random texts:

  • ( ✉ → sms ) i think my neighbor is an alien.
  • ( ✉ → sms ) help me think of a name for my new dog
  • ( ✉ → sms ) sooooo… what was your first impression of me
  • ( ✉ → sms ) should i get pizza or chicken wings for dinner?
  • ( ✉ → sms ) no one’s ever made me feel the way you do.
  • ( ✉ → sms ) i borrowed your weed. hope you don’t mind.
  • ( ✉ → sms ) why do they say drugs are bad when they make you feel so good
  • ( ✉ → sms ) today is the oldest you’ve ever been, but the youngest you’ll ever be again…
  • ( ✉ → sms ) [ File Attached: 001329.jpg ] of all the drunk pictures i have of you, this one is my favorite.
  • ( ✉ → sms ) i used your pics to catfish someone, and since they bought me a laptop… you have a date with them tomorrow.

i drew this thinking i could play with expressions.. only to realise.. no.. not really.. and then i got really disappointed with myself and started doubting how i draw Rhys and well.. how i draw.. -side eyes- 

Tim Lawrence and Rhys©Borderlands
-disappointeeeeeed- ©me


… Thanks, everyone. Seriously.

You’re awesome.

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Since i’m a very clever girl, i’ve accidentally deleted @attitudeproblem‘s ask and i’m so sorry for my silliness BUT HERE I AM WITH SOME ERERI YOGA as you’ve requested ;) oh and thank you so much, lovely! <3

i think Levi’s little friend is having a lot of fun and yes i’m so perv