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I am so sorry anon.

I accidentally deleted a reply to an anon question that asked about the borusara balcony scene. I spent the last hour trying to retrieve it but I was unable to, so I will write down what I remember of the question and my reply to it as well as added modifications. If the anon who asked the question is reading this, I am sorry for the inconvenience. I hope this is sufficient.


As you said, Ikemoto’s art is not everyone’s cup of tea. That includes me. I think he draws the backgrounds beautifully, is good at pacing the scenes and his usage of ink is neater than that of Kishimoto. But he is terrible at character designs and has a terrible fashion sense.

But most controversially, he has a tendency to be “fanservicey” which I am very uncomfortable with because it seems to be catering to an audience which (over)sexualises girls, especially ones who are barely into their puberty (because let’s not deny all the female fanservice which was given by Kishimoto, at least that didn’t make me uncomfortable because most of them were over 15). 

The biggest victim of Ikemoto’s this tendency has been Sarada who in Gaiden was a tomboy who dressed and behaved more practically than any other kunoichi at her age. Putting her in high heels, uncomfortably tiny skirts with panty shots, glossy pouts, and provocative poses with an over-emphasis on her exposed legs, all of which clearly designed for fanservice rather than normal female behaviour, has driven a lot of people up to the wall. Thus, the moment another scene where Sarada is wearing less than what is considered normal appeared, people took up arms immediately. 

However, I am fond of Kodachi’s writing which is very balanced and articulate and therefore, I interpreted the scene as follows:

Sarada is training in the privacy of her room. What she is wearing is irrelevant because it’s in the privacy of her own room. It didn’t seem that fanservicey to me as other examples. I have seen Sakura in less and didn’t consider it distasteful. Similarly, neither was this (at least in this particular scene). Sarada’s training gear/underwear/whatever-it-is is not being presented as a fanservice but as a very normal thing. People just gave a knee-jerk reaction because, as I said, they have been driven up the wall.

Boruto arrives at her balcony late at night, taps the glass, apologises for the inappropriate timing and asks if she has a second. Sarada is surprised but nevertheless concedes. Now this is something usually mangas capitalise on, usually turning it into a sexual thing. Thankfully, what happened next just emphasised how good of writer Kodachi is.

They talk through the glass frame, the blinds drawn and Boruto facing away from the glass. Whether Boruto is aware of Sarada’s state of dressing is unknown. Nevertheless he has the courtesy to stay turned away because it’s the most appropriate thing to do since he has turned up at a girl’s balcony so late at night. 

Sarada immediately senses something is wrong and asks about it. Boruto looks conflicted but informs her that he is not going to be able to make it to the B-ranked mission. He knows that it will be Sarada who will be most affected by his absence. Her dream is to be Hokage and this mission provides her an opportunity to get closer to her dream. He has promised to support her dream and acting counteractive to that is going to hurt her which in turn is hurting him. It is a testimony to their childhood friendship which had a deep respect and trust embedded into it that Boruto goes straight to Sarada and nobody else. 

Sarada and Boruto both look conflicted and contemplative. Sarada asks whether this is important. Boruto affirms this. Sarada asks whether this something he can’t talk about. Boruto again affirms this. Sarada understands Boruto really well and is able to draw out effortlessly what he is reluctant to talk about.

Sarada looks contemplative but later affirms that she understands and tells Boruto that she and Mitsuki will handle the mission so Boruto can take care of whatever he has to do. Boruto is relieved and encouraged, and thanks Sarada by saying he owe her one. Sarada is supportive of Boruto while Boruto looks for her encouragement. Boruto emotionally and mentally relies on Sarada who understands and encourages him .

This clearly shows that while their bond is one of a childhood friendship with deep mutual respect and trust, there is also a connection underneath which I have noticed in other Naruto couples. It is a parallel to Naruto doubting himself before his match with Neji and Hinata cheering him up, Sasuke letting spill a lot of things with Sakura which he doesn’t do with any other person, Shikamaru trusting Temari and being vulnerable in front of her among many other examples. 

This alone belies any claim that Sarada’s crush on Boruto is superficial. 

I will not deny that it’s a crush. It’s not love yet but it’s certainly not superficial. Moreover, it’s mutual. Right now, it’s still a childhood friendship with deep mutual trust and respect which is peppered with a budding mutual crush and heavy romantic undertones. But the said crush is clearly deepening on both sides with time (and puberty) into something that’s much deeper, stronger and lasting, along the set patterns of earlier canon couples. That something is called love.

Coming back to the scene, Boruto leaves. Sarada takes off her glasses contemplatively and then smirks while saying “he’s really gotten all shannaro”. This is accompanied with Sarada putting the ends of the glasses on her lips/mouth. Now I don’t wear glasses or live in close proximity with people who wear glasses, so I don’t really know what Sarada biting the ends of her glasses means. All I know is that Karin had on several occasions taken of her glasses while she had tried to seduce Sasuke (who told her to back off on all occasions). People immediately drew parallels to that and believed thanks to Ikemoto’s tendencies that this scene was supposed to be sexual.

Now, Sarada in Kodachi’s writing is just becoming aware of how “shannaro” Boruto is, but with Ikemoto’s style of drawing, it seems that his intention was to add some kind of shoujo style borderline sexuality to scene. Unfortunately, at least to my interpretation, it was more sensual (appropriate since they are just hitting puberty and thus becoming “aware” of each other) more than sexual.

To sum up, in my opinion, this was one of the best Borusara scenes. It emphasised on their bond, both platonic and romantic, and that alone overrides whatever complaints I might have for this scene. Personally, I am just waiting for this scene to be animated.

Antis claim a lot of things. It’s our job to ignore it. Be positive and be assured that Borusara is going to be canon. We have a decade long ride ahead of us. So, let’s ship Borusara together happily and peacefully.

look sometimes a girl’s just gotta put Brooklyn Baby on repeat and draw really good fae aus

to whoever sent that ask asking for hux in an autumn flower crown and a white dress i am so sorry i accidentally deleted your ask! but yes ive been meaning to draw @ingu‘s fae au for a while so thank you for giving me an excuse to do just that 

Couldn’t actually respond because I’m still trying to track this, but I had to say something:

I am so soooo sorry, I must delete immediately for defiling tumblr with my concerns for my friend’s life. But oh, wait, that isn’t what you said to apologize for is it?

You said to apologize for being a “Stupid vapid cunt.” So basically, a stupid boring vagina. So I would like to deeply and profusely apologize for being a giant walking vagina. Unfortunately such a feature isn’t easily changed, but I understand how it could be rather upsetting to some to simply see a vagina walking around, and I’m so sorry. It isn’t my intention to offend you with my appearance, anon~

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Ah hey goops,, the mouse in the video you reblogged has a fatal neurological disorder that causes it to run in circles, that wasn't natural for it to do,

I’ll delete the video, poor mice og! thanks for telling me, im so sorry!!


The final splatfest is almost upon us. As salty as they have made me sometimes, I’m gonna miss em. 

This joke was actually suggested to me and I am so sorry I accidentally deleted your message so I can’t remember who it was but thank you. As this is the final splatfest joke, I wanted to make it a bit more special and I feel this pun was perfect way to end it.

Thank you everyone who have enjoyed these silly jokes and my splatoon works in general. This has been an amazing year and here’s to future as we wait for splatwoon. Let’s have a great final splatfest, no matter the side. Stay fresh! 

Protector - Cameron Dallas Imagine

A/N: I am so sorry that I deleted this!  It was an honest mistake and I have only just realised.  There is still going to be another piece coming still, so keep an eye out. :)

Y/N’s P.O.V

Does he still like me? This is a question that I keep asking myself.

I started dating Cam about 6 months ago, now I don’t know if this is just a kiwi thing, but he never seems to want to just spend the night with me and I worry he doesn’t like me anymore. It has nothing to do with sex, but just enjoying the company of each other in the same bed overnight.  I just want to feel his body next to mine while I sleep and feel as if I am protected by his touch.

Cam’s P.O.V

I trust y/n with anything and everything, but there is one secret that I have kept to myself for entirety of our relationship.  I am not entirely sure on how well she is going to take it, therefore being the reason why it still remains a secret.  I think that it may be time to tell her, she deserves to know.

Y/N’s P.O.V

Tonight is the night that I ask Cam what is going on.  I want to be with him and have him stay over every now and then, and I in turn want to spend the night at his house now and then.

The buzzer goes off, “Hello.” I say into the intercom that transfers my voice down to the front of my apartment building. “Hey y/n, it’s Cam.” I hear his deep reply.  “Oh, hey! Come on up, the door is unlocked.” I reply as I buzz him in.  I franticly run around my apartment to make sure that it is tidy, I stop in front of the mirror and fix up my hair a little. “Hey babe!” I hear Cam say as he closes the door behind him.  “Oh, hey babe!” I reply as I walk down the hallway towards the front door.

Cam’s P.O.V

As y/n walks down the hallway, I can’t keep my eyes off of her. “What’s wrong?” she asks a little worried and starts to fix her top and hair.  “Nothing, I just can’t believe how lucky I am.”  I reply with a large grin.  “Oh stop it, you!” she reply’s playfully as she wraps her arms around my neck and places a sweet kiss on my lips.  It is quite for a few minutes afterwards and I think to myself that now is the time to tell her my secret.  “Cam?” y/n asks, shit she beat me to it. “What’s up babe?” “I have something that I just really want to know.” She pauses and takes a deep breath. “Do you still like me?”  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

Y/N’s P.O.V

He had a shocked look on his face.  I didn’t know if this was a good or bad thing so I decide to look away.  As soon as I looked away, I felt his hand my chin and turn my head to face him again.  “Y/n, of course I still like you.  I like everything about you, especially that New Zealand accent of yours.” He reply’s with a playful grin.  “Now what made you think that I didn’t?”  He asks with a puzzled look.  I now feel like an absolute muppet, and can feel the anxiety creeping up as I consider asking the question I have wanted to know the answer to for a while now.  I decide to just bite the bullet and go for it. “This may just be a kiwi thing but, how come we have never spent the night together then?  I really like you Cam, and I respect you answer and choices. Now when I say spend the night together, I am not saying that there has to be sex involved, I just want to wake up next to you.”  That felt so good to get off my chest.  

Cam’s P.O.V

I was a little shocked that y/n brought this up but, it has helped to push me into revealing my secret. “I can see where you are coming from y/n, and no, it is not just a ‘Kiwi thing’.  I have been needing to tell you this for a while, and with you bringing this up it has made it a little bit easier, so thank you.”  She reveals a wide, but slightly worried smile on her face. I decide to just spit it out and not leave her to thinking of the worst scenario possible, because believe me, she would do that if she was given enough time to.  “This is hard for me to say out loud but, I am scared of the dark.”

Y/N’s P.O.V

He looks down at his hands with a slight expression of embarrassment on his face. God he is cute!  I gently guide his head back up to face mine and place my lips onto his.  As we part, he places his forehead against mine.  “It’s ok babe, I will protect you.” 

You Wouldn’t Dare//A Remus Lupin Imagine

(I AM SO SORRY I DELETED THE MESSAGE BY ACCIDENT AND LOST YOUR URL) said: “Hello, could you write me a Remus Lupin one during the marauders era where you need to study but Remus keeps distracting you. Super fluffy, please.”

Hell yeah, man. That sounds like a fun one. :)


Title: You Wouldn’t Dare

Character/Celebrity: Remus Lupin (Harry Potter)

Rating: T

Warnings: brief language/implied sexual stuff/underage drinking

Word Count: 489


Thump! Thump! Thump!

You rolled your eyes at the sound of the quaffle hitting the wall, trying your best to focus on the blank parchment in front of you; blank being the part you were concerned about.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

“Moony.” you warned. The thumping stopped for a brief moment, but resumed a moment later.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

“Remus.” your voice was louder and you used his first name. He ignored you this time, the quaffle continuing to hit the wall of the Gryffindor common room.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

“Remus John Lupin!” You’d had enough, and he knew by your use of his full name that you were serious. Your boyfriend caught the quaffle one more time before setting it down at his side.

“I’m sorry!” he said, “I’m just so bored!”

“Well maybe if you were doing your potions essay as well, you wouldn’t be so bored.” you suggested. He all but snorted at you.

“Potions.” he scoffed. “What a stupid subject.” You smirked at his furrowed eyebrows. He was staring at the fire blazing in the fireplace.

“You only think it’s stupid because you’re no good at it.” You teased, poking his shoulder. He looked up at you from where he sat on the floor.

“And you’re mean.” He quickly made his way over to you and gave you a kiss on the cheek before squeezing his way onto the couch next to you. “Come on, love. There are so many more fun things we could be doing…” You knew exactly what he meant by that tone of voice.

“Remus…” Your sentence disappeared as his lips fell to your jaw and then your neck as he snaked an arm around your waist and pulled you closer. Somehow, you found your voice again. “Stop, Remus, stop, please. I have work to do.”

His response was a loud, irritated groan.

“Who cares about work?” He asked, throwing his arms up and flopping down on the couch, his head in your lap.

“Me!” You responded. He groaned again. You suddenly got an idea and smiled. You stood up, his head falling from your lap to the couch. “Fine. I suppose I’ll just have to go ask Severus for help.”

“You wouldn’t dare.” He said simply, quietly. You raised an eyebrow.

“Clearly you don’t know me very well.” You said, making your way to the door out of the common room. You heard footsteps behind you and arms wrapped around you from behind, pulling you back.

“Get back here.” Remus spoke in your ear, a slight growl to his voice.

“Then let me work!”

“Fine!” He said. “But you don’t need Severus.” You didn’t have to look at his face to know he was looking at you, waiting for your agreement.

“Fine.” You finally agreed. He smiled.

“You’re very beautiful when you’re annoyed.” he said, adding under his breath: “Maybe I should annoy you more often.”

Thump! Thump! Thump!



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