Space (Part 2) (Niall)

Part 1

As Y/N and Niall’s best friend, it was practically my duty to make sure they were both happy and as far as I could tell, happiness would come from being with each other. The only problem was I knew both of them like the back of my hand so I knew that they were both way too shy to say anything to the other. That’s where I would step in.

After I had gone over to apologize to Y/N for being the idiot that I am when I’m drunk, I had found out from the redness in her cheeks upon asking her what was going on with her and Niall that she did in fact like him. And by the way Niall had been so protective of her when I went to apologize to him made it very clear that he liked her, as well. So here we are. It was 7pm and I was waiting for Niall to come over and hang out for a bit and by hanging out, I meant I was going to get the scoop on his feelings for Y/N and then fill him in on the things that I knew but he most likely did not.  When the doorbell rang, I took my time in answering. I had to act normal. For a second, I mentally wondered why I felt so nervous. It wasn’t me that was laying my feelings on the line but it was like I had first date jitters. I low key began to question myself but laughed at the thought as I opened the door to let Niall in. He wasted no time in asking questions.

“What do you need to talk about?” I didn’t even have time to tell him to come in. I didn’t even get to ask him if he wanted to play FIFA and order pizza. He must still be a little mad at me. He was pretending to be okay with me earlier for Y/N’s benefit. I saw that very clearly now.

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In which soulmates exist, and Spencer discovers Hanna is her’s. 


               “Did you get it?” Aria asked excitedly the second Spencer walked into school. It was unusual for Spencer to be the last of the four to arrive, but it had been a big morning.

               “Yes,” Spencer said, shoving her books into her locker.

               “Well, who is it?” Hanna asked impatiently, trying to look under the bracelet Spencer was wearing. Spencer tucked her wrist against her chest so Hanna couldn’t see.

               “It’s private,” she said. Her three best friends stared at her in shock. Spencer was the first of them to turn sixteen, and thus receive her soul mark, but there had always been an unspoken assumption that they’d tell each other.

               “Okay. Will you at least tell us if you’re happy with it?” Emily asked. Spencer nodded, a shy smile on her face.

               “Yeah. I think I am,” she said, thinking of the name scrawled on her wrist. Hanna Marin.

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*pops in* hello there I am the nervous nonny and I am here to tell you about my child.
Name: Tyrn
Height: 5'3"
Age: 21
Gender: Male/omnic thing
-is shy
-and smol
-and really quiet
-and doesn’t care for gender norms
-anywhere there be metal on his body, it’s metal all the way through
Tyrn was chosen for a program called Inhabitants at the young age of 9 (year 2063). Inhabitants thought that the best was to defeat omnics was to destroy them from the inside. So essentially they were making participants in omnic assassins. They turned participants into the closest thing they could to being omnics. But every time it failed. And the more it failed the more of the human body would become robotic. They made young Tyrn into a monster. Before sending him off he escaped the facilities into the world( he was 10 year 2064). And omnics being shunned apon ment he had to stay low and be stealthy. And that’s what living on the streets taught him. As soon as Inhabitants received the information that Tyrn escaped they immediately told his family that he was dead.
He lived like this for 5 years (year 2069). Alone and on the streets. Until the group Overwatch found him cowarding away in an alleyway. They took Tyrn in for 2 years teaching him about his abilities and how to nurture again. After the two years were up. They released him back into the world(age 17 yr 2071). And with his newly formed confidence he went to find his family. He was greeted with tears and open arms. ~skip to recall~ he received a message from his arm messager for recall. And joined the newly formed Overwatch.

Flash!: mask lights up brightly and blinds opponent (effects last 5 secs. Cool down is 10 secs)
Boo!: creates shadow creature (16 sec cooldown. Does 35 dmg)
Blackout/Ult: think of Mario cart squids but better (causes poison effect. Lasts 5secs. Does 5 dmg per sec)
Auto: shoots lazor from hand (/100. Blinds/slows 10dmg 15headshot)
Melee: he kicks. He was a ballet dancer afterall. (does 5 dmg)

He looks really good! Very cute, and creative!

Mann how do i sleep when i am so mad. Everyone at the foundation thinks im capable of having a job. Working. A real job. Everyone thinks that but the instructors . im done man. I dont know what to do. I got put in a group to “be less shy” look man i swallow my anxiety every time i step out of my house. And u tell me im not trying- every member of the groups i’ve ever worked with said i’m great, no complaints, or anything they just think i do well and i am trying gdamn i just prefer working alone but if i have to work in group then i’ll do it because that’s what i gotta do. That’s all. I wont whine or cry or any thing I’ll just do what i have to do hnnngggg I’ll get along with people I’ll work with then and treat them with respect even if i dislike things about them because that’s what you’re supposed to do that’s what they taught me and yet it’s not enough im,,,,uff

rosahina49  asked:

First of all, bless your soul for existing. I already love you~ Second of all, do you have any Kazuharu headcanons?

Thank you so much!

But I have to tell you, that this is no shipping blog. I am no yaoi fan at all to be honest and I have absolutely no clue how to write for them.

But I see Kazu being the big protective lover, that always tries to make Haru smile and gives him confidence. Haru would rather be very shy and feel uncomfortable for feeling this way for another man. He’ll need to get used of it first.