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This has been my dream. We’ve come such a long way fighting for women’s wrestling and tonight, I think we proved that women can hang. This is an era of women’s wrestling and we’re taking over and we’re changing the game.To have this and to know that I am the leader of the women’s division now, I couldn’t be more proud. [..] It’s the era of the boss.

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are you honestly not embarrassed to be a 30+ year old who still participates in the ace discourse and doesn't understand that cishets have no place in the lgbt community

Translation: shut up, old person, how dare you want to keep us young people from bullying minors, older teenagers and adults! How dare you have a vested interest in not letting us kids trash the community you worked on building?

Of course I’m not embarrassed. I’m proud as hell of still participating in the queer community I’ve spent most of my life in, and I’m proud as hell of not allowing a bunch of kids tell me what the history I lived through is. 

Your use of the word ‘cishets’ I assume refers to ace and aro people. I’ve already written quite a bit on why that’s all wrong so, shoo, kid.

Let me make something clear: I am about to block you. Do not contact me from any other blog or in any other fashion, as that is harassment. I understand that dodging blocks by using other blogs is very popular with your set, but know that it’s a violation of Tumblr’s Terms of Service, and I do report it. 

Run along.

  • me:*begins every dan praise sentence with "i hate dan BUT"*
  • me:hold up! is that fair at all, to me or to dan? i dont hate him in the slightest, so why must i claim hatred as a defense mechanism to make my caring for this person sound more socially acceptable? i am so proud of him, of his outstanding kindness, and i really actually want him to feel supported and comfortable and secure!! for years with every bone in my body i have wanted this person to feel happy. my affection for this person is good natured - therefore why should i be ashamed of professing it? is love not stronger than hate? how weak of me
  • me:
  • me, 2 minutes later:i still hate him tho ;))
  • me:fuc

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What are the best Hamilton smuts on tumblr??

OOOH YES GIRL/BOI (sidenote: i just pressed play on spotify and my headphones weren’t in all the way so clipping starts playing FULL BAST at 8:30 in the morning I’m sorry family)

my fave @u-snavi just ventured into the world of smut and I am a proud sin mother (it’s really good too!) I LUH HER SO MUCH

@mon-petit-lion has some super good smuts! I especially like her poly Hamilquad x reader one called Date Night that was SPICY They do a lot of poly fics that are just amazing and make me super excited to get to my poly requests like damn

@sparkintoflame takes smut requests and gave everyone an oil kink sooooo speaking of kink…THEY WRITE KINKY SMUT and I know how much you guys love h a i r p u l l i n g and ~angry sex~ (they wrote my fav Jefferson smut ever Endless Devotion. I’ve read it like 4 times. No shame ✌) Masterlist

@idiggdaveed has some gr9 Laf smut like YUS PLEASE

everyone already knows who @general-squashington is but they gotta be included because they write ALL KINDS OF SMUT :D

@hamil-garbage babe knows what they’re doing like *heavy breathing*

I’m probably forgetting SO MANY GOOD PEOPLE but yeah that’s a small list of some people from my dirty dirty likes 


Guys could you help?

My sister is trying to become a yoga therapist to help those with eating disorders. A watched her suffer with an eating disorder herself and am so proud of her, I’m so happy she finally figured out what she wanted to do. She has been offered a place on a yoga course that is once in a life time. It is extremely difficult to get on a course like this so she may not get another chance, but unfortunately she does not have the funding to go on it. So I that you help her, please reblog this and if you can donate to her fundraising that’d be amazing. You can donate and find out more here:


It would be much appreciated if you could help her it would mean the world, and for those who would gain her help!!!!
💕 ( ´ ▽ ` ).。o♡
Thank you for reading!!! ( ∩ˇωˇ∩)♡ ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚