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Just to clarify: what I was saying is that in that post you are 1) Shaming others for having an eating disorder by drawing attention to the fact that someone"used a photo for thins-po" 2) Using this as a way to try to draw attention to the fact that you are probably insecure about your weight, because your obviously not skinny enough to be "thins-po". All I'm saying is that you shouldn't shame other people for having eating disorders by saying things like "y are u so obsessed with my body?? omg"

.. wow, this is so tumblr. By saying that I don’t like contributing to disordered behaviour/being used to make people feel bad about themselves I am shaming people for having an ED? Jesus christ.. Just to clarify, I am ALWAYS here to give people help and advice, and if you have an ED I’d love to be supportive and give you any help you’d like! 
I am very happy with both my weight and my body, and I don’t mind you not finding me ‘skinny enough’ to use for thinspo :) I wish everybody felt that way, then there wouldn’t be a problem. I work out hard, I eat a lot and I look great!

I hope, however, that you’ll adress your own insecurities and why you feel like you need to be anonymous to tell me this. Are you hoping to make me sad? And why is that?

I will not respond to any further messages on this subject, I think it’s pretty clear how I feel.

Holy shit. So I just got the “Heathers” liquid to matte lipstick from Anastasia Beverly Hills and omfg I am so in love I never want to take it off. I had my doubts about it looking like the bottom photo (bottom photo not mine, check the water mark) but for real it’s perfect. So freaking pigmented and just the exact shade of red I love. I’m very picky about red lipstick. It’s always either too pink or too orange. It’s similar to the “Vamp” color by Anastasia that I have, but without the maroon/brown undertones. The shade goes on exactly like the bottom photo and I’m obsessed. 😍😍😍😍💋

Anastasia Beverly Hills is a cruelty free company and they have some of the best liquid to matte lipsticks I have ever tried. All liquid to matte lipsticks are drying because it needs to really cling onto your lips and dry out to have a matte finish obviously but this brand is one of the least drying liquid lipsticks. Waaaaay more comfortable feeling than Kat Von D brand or LA splash, in my opinion. The staying power is lovely. I have 3 shades so far, and they all stay throughout my entire 9 hour work shift, with only needing 1 touchup after eating.

But this color in particular when I tried it on made me go “wow are you freaking kidding me” 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

also I should be a hand model haha

Okay, okay. One teaser photo because I am so obsessed! Hair color/cut/style by myself. Makeup by Aliza Miklos @alizanoelle. Amazing photography by Megan @meganmossfree. And my absolutely fabulous model Emily! @em_skaug 💕👀😉 #watchout #somuchmoretocome #lyssdidmyhair using all @kenraprofessional color!


Red Carpet Prep. The Captions for each picture above in order Selena wrote.  x

1. Good morning! The day I got ready for the Met Gala!!! I am obsessed with flowers so I usually leave a trail of them wherever I go.

2. Getting hair and makeup at the same time. The pressure is on to be ready.

3. This Polaroid is from my stylist Kate Young. I love when others take photos because you get to see it through their perspective.

4. Listening to music before I hit the craziness

5.  We used real orchids in my hair, keeping with the theme of the evening.

6. This is my second year in a row attending the Met Gala. Celebrating art and fashion is truly inspiring.

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Really annoys me when people are so rude to you when all you do is actually help them to get Kylies style and that's not easy to search for all her outfits, I am so happy that this blog exists tbh! Keep going, because I am obsessed! Ps. To those who ask for photos of "Kylie with blue, blonde or short hair", use google, this blog is for fashion, not google based questions. LOVE U AND THIS BLOG 💕💕

Thank YOU ❤️❤️❤️

Patrickpotatoprotectionsquad intro

Literally already forgot the name okay fixed it wow I’m a genius

So yeah I’m Milly (she/her or they/them) I’m like 14.9 years old I’m nerd and I’m way too obsessed over Patrick stump
Don’t believe me?
Well I have a photo album on my phone of pictures containing Patrick stump. There are 474 pictures of him. Plus I haven’t added more in a while so there’s at least 600. Whoops.
Oh well.
I have kik and snapchat and iMessage if anyone wants them (just message me)
I draw Patrick a lot and I write a lot of fics. A lot. Like…a lot. (All Peterick because I am trash whoops)
My face is tagged/my-face if you want to see that thing for some reason
Yeah okay can’t wait to interact with all of you and make too many potato puns

I have fallen madly in love

with this black and white film. I love how archaic this polaroid is. I am enamored with this stripped down means of taking photos. Its so raw and I find it easier to focus on the most basic lines and shapes. I don’t know. I am just finding it very inspiring. I am rather obsessed right now. 


Like many, many people in the world I am obsessed with MAD MAX FURY ROAD and thought that damn, Tom Hardy is oh so perfect as Max. Just perfect. An Englishman playing an Australian.

Then I saw a photo of Heath Ledger and remembered that he was in talks to play Mad Max 10 years ago with George Miller. Oh sweet, darling, lost Heath. He is the only other actor who could have played Max, and Australian to boot. I beyond LOVE Tom Hardy as Max but can’t help but think how TRANSCENDENT Heath would have been. Oh to live in an alternate universe… 

 ok so if anyone wants to plot or just converse on skype mine is :
autumnmillers, but be warned i am still new to skype & ask stupid
    questions & am just an odd person, etc ; example below….

anyways ; i am now watching my new obsession doctor who. so you
can come chat with me & even have a munday picture just because?

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David Tennant is Fantastic - Wizard World Execs Are Greedy Assholes

It amazes me how different he looks depending on how his hair is or how much facial hair he is sporting. Even more amazing is why I’m obsessing over him. For hell’s sake, I’m too old for this shit. What the hell am I so frantically avoiding in my real life, that I spend so much of my free time trolling fan sites from multiple social media platforms? Hell, I even created this one.
I won’t even admit to how much money I spent renting a car, driving across 2 ½ states and spending 2 nights in a hotel, for the VIP package for David in Philly. Then is was only 2 minutes total time with him (absolutely not kidding) between the photo and the autograph session because we were herded like cattle on an assembly line. Wizard World had also over sold their VIP packages to the David/Billie Duo and then on top of that sold single autograph and photo ops. So multiple people missed out on Billie on Saturday so they bumped them to the next day with just David which shortened everything for those of us who had tickets for just David. It was a brutally frustrating example of corporate greed and how people are worth no more than the $ signs they represent. David was brilliant, fantastic, amazing and beautiful, if for only two minutes, but as rushed as I felt, I said the wrong things, or at least looked at him the wrong way. It was an epic fail on my part. So now I have that to obsess about as well. Yay me!!!
Trust me, you’d be better off running into him accidentally on a plane or in a town where he’s working than paying for access at one of these events. It would at least be far more meaningful anyway. On the other hand - you’re guaranteed an experience, even if it’s not ideal, so I understand the draw these things get. I also got the collage I made of all his Radio Times covers (I actually have all of them, even the issues with cover variants) signed - that is cool. But I think I still wish I hadn’t contributed my funds to Wizard World’s circus of meat trafficking. I was able to find a rare t-shirt from a anime project that my husband loves and he was super excited about it. Maybe that’s why I’m obsessing so much over David - because I’m married to someone who gets more worked up over a t-shirt of an animated character than he does about me, or me spending our money on a trip to meet David Tennant. Maybe I should stop rambling and go do laundry or something.

Binge watching bones at almost 1 am.
Because late night habits die hard.

Also a sign that I need a new show to obsess about because I have problems and need to watch multiple shows at once. Feel free to help me with that 😂😘

i decided—at one am, because of course—that i needed to update and rearrange my photos on okcupid so of course here i am an hour later obsessing over minute flaws and considering handing my entire life over to some oversight committee who can vote on these things and hand their decisions down to me

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I know that you trust in Tay judgment, and is her life so in the end doesn't matter what we think, obviously, but, just for photos, and behavior and hunch, Do you really see chemistry and like romantic feelings in Tayvin?. I know that probably Kaylor never have been real, but I see much more feelings in Kaylor, especially in Karlie's behavior and the way she watch Taylor. And I do know that she have a boyfriend, but I also know that feelings are complicated and unexpected and can be scary. URU

I get these types of questions so often and I think I don’t make it clear that I do ship Kaylor and I am completely obsessed with them and I wish they were really together so bad. Like, I really hope that I’m completely wrong in thinking they’re purely platonic friends. 

But like I’ve said, I just really have always thought Taylor and Karlie are just friends.

I think Taylor and Calvin have done a really good job of giving us relatively little candids (compared to Haylor anyway) so we haven’t seen a lot of them together. But yeah, I mean I think they looked happy together at the award shows. I wish she danced the way she usually does at shows though… But Ed seems to really like him and Ed is a no bullshit man. He is very honest and speaks his mind all the time. 

Re: Picture Stealer

purepowerful said: How much of a loser do you have to be to steal someone else’s ring pic?
theacleo said: Wow, I would be so mad if someone did that!

RIGHT?? What a loser. The fact that her account features no pictures of her face and obviously pictures stolen from other pregnant women is soooo creepy. Like someone obsessed with being married and pregnant. 

I am really mad, but I’m also not someone who ever confronts other people, so I’m sooo hesitant to say anything to her directly. Like, I guess I could always be wrong and we just happen to have the exact same identical ring and have taken nearly identical photos of it (I think she zoomed waaaay in on an old pictures of mine, so it looks “different” but it’s the same), and I just hate starting shit with people. But I’m getting really annoyed. I just want instagram to remove it!!!