At 3:30am we woke up, grabbed muffins, and hit the road for a trip to the beach to take photos for the wonderful @freepeopleparamus. I just want to take a moment and express how happy I am right now. I don’t know if it’s the sand or the waves or just life in general, but it’s all so beautiful. Sounds corny but I also want to thank you guys for letting me share my weird obsessions/passions with you. Sometimes the beauty in this world and the good things are just too much to handle for me, and it’s amazing to share it all with others who think and appreciate the same ★

Petition for Emma Myles (OITNB) to get a role in the revival

Then she did a lot of high school theater and, she said, was “really obsessed with The X-Files and Gillian Anderson, which I still am,” a fact easily confirmed by her repeated online posting of old Mulder and Scully photos. “She’s everything. She’s so fucking phenomenal. She’s one of the best actresses I’ve ever seen, certainly one of the best actresses I’ve ever seen live.”

At 19, Myles had the opportunity to see her hero perform in her London stage debut, What the Night Is For. “Three hours after I arrived [in London], I got a phone call from my mom, who said, ‘Your dad’s in the hospital,’” she remembered. Her father, an alcoholic, wouldn’t last long enough for her to see him again. “He wasn’t in the best shape, but I didn’t expect that at all.” Hours after her dad died, Myles went to see Anderson onstage, “which is probably the best distraction I could’ve ever had,” she said. “So I’ll always have a really deep love for that woman. I feel very connected to her.”

-BuzzFeed News


I was tagged by prettyvisitorsinthebakery to post my phone’s lock/home screens. Thank you so much Deanna! I am finding something to do while taking a break from “studying”. Haha 😋🎶

Lock Screen: That’s Van McCann of Catfish and the Bottlemen. He’s the reason I’m now fascinated by long sleeved, black sweaters. His hair also reminds me of Humbug Alex. Haha :D
Home Screen: Do I need to say his name? Okay. He’s Alex Turner from Arctic Monkeys. I like that photo of him with his pointing obsession. It’s like he’s telling me “Hey, you” or the famous meme “You should be studying right now”. Yay :)))

I tag: beetlebarn cryalexturnercry anythingindie natalie–morgan cheapleatheronthefence catfishandthebottlemn and to anyone who’d like to do this :D

I Was Made For Loving You - Luke Hemmings a.u (Part Eight)


Title: I Was Made For Loving You - Luke Hemmings a.u

Photo made by me, sucks, I know.

Quick Note:   This story is based off the song I Was Made For Loving You” By Tori Kelly. IN NO WAY AM I STEALING HER SONG OR TAKING ANY CREDIT FOR IT, I’M USING IT AS A PROMPT TO WRITE MY STORY. :) I’m utterly obsessed with song, and came up with a cute story based off of it.

You stood out there in the cold talking to Lauren. You were upset about what happened, and more so upset because you screwed it all up. “Y/N, where are you?” She asked. “Walking home.” Your hand was freezing while holding the phone up to your ear. “Why! It’s freezing out.” She sounded worried. “Look, I’m fine, and I’m almost there.” You could hear her sigh. “Bu-” “I’ll talk to you later.” You said, hanging up the phone, not giving her a chance to talk. 

The more you walked, the colder you got. Your feet were so cold they felt numb, and you began regretting walking home. A car horn honked, making you almost slip on the ice covering the sidewalk. You looked at the car, and to your surprise it was Luke. You quickly turned your head, acting like you didn’t see him. He pulled up next to you, trying to get your attention. 

“Y/N!” He called, rolling his window down. You stopped walking and looked at him. “What are you doing?” He sighed. “Walking home.” He rolled his eyes. “It’s super cold out, not the time to be walking home.” Now you rolled your eyes at him. “Just get in.” He pleaded. 

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This is my first post and like many of you, I was “smitten” more struck than in love (LOL) with the chemistry between Jamie and Dakota. Being a romantic by nature I am drawn to people in great relationships. I’ve never obsessively (LOL) followed celebrities before but was curious if what I saw on screen was REAL. Maybe not the best choice of words.It wasn’t until I saw the behind the scenes, premier, and photos shoots that I saw that they might be significantly connected. Best of friends? For sure! Attraction? Definitely! Supportive? Oh yes! And we can say they we’re very committed to one another. How could they not grow close.

But, what has brought me to write is this onslaught of press. So many people in the spot light have to deal with rumor and they ignore it. Why even address this topic? Why the orchestrated attempt to debunk a special friendship? Why the anger? Who cares if people say mean things! This is an anonymous environment where some people get mean. Which I think stinks. It happens all the time to everyone. My advice don’t go to these sites and then you won’t know about it. That’s what celebrities do! J, who in your PR told you to agree to this? Yikes! Bad move. Just sayin! You shouldn’t even be addressing this! I get wanting to protect your wife but in the process more speculation is sure to happen. Ok, we know that D&J truly like each other and I think that’s awesome.

What I’d like to see on this page is more about Dakota. Let’s face it we haven’t seen her in the press, social media etc… Is she removing herself due to the articles? I like her spirit and would hate to think that the chemistry between D&J would be changed because of all this craziness. I believe they both want to make the future FSOG movies!! I hope they do!

switchhasbeenflicked asked:

Hi! I just wanted to say I think you've been the most welcoming tumblr-famous person to someone who just discovered her xfiles obsession must not be suffered alone. Thanks so much :) it means a lot to me!!

lol, thank you for the kind words, but i am so NOT tumblr-famous or even xf-tumblr-famous, i have like twelve followers. i never post numbers but when others do i’m like, yeah, it’s just me and a few buds over here. but everybody i interact with is quality and that counts. i’m loving your photo-shop analysis! 


Photos taken from the last week (Belfast and Glasgow)

Recently, I have come across the issue about how to get a better street shot for newbie street photographer - as I am just start to photograph this type of photography seriously. The answers I get from many websites and many comments of professional street photographers on their blogs for example Eric Kim, Matt Stuart, and Nick Turpin seem to be the very same - just go out , shoot more, but importantly wait for a while to detach yourself from overly obsession of some specific shots and then carefully select and process only good shots.

So this sounds easy but in practice if you took load of shots each day and quite familiar with processing your photos on a daily basis, it will be difficult to control your behaviour. Also as I am quite new in this type of photography, even the shot is just a little bit better than normal, it is likely that I will spent time to process such a shot. As a consequences, a lot of time and energy will be spent on a not good-enough photo. 

To get out of this ineffective process, I thus decide to follow their suggestions to change my habit to only process the photos (that I took everyday) once a week (as a month would be too long for me). I hope that at the end of the first year, this method would help me gain a significant development in terms of both composition and content in street photography.

Thank you for visiting :)

I am 5000% less bothered by my stretch marks than I anticipated I would be. Like if you showed me a photo like this a year ago, I’d probably have said “nah I’d never be comfortable with that”. But it doesn’t bother me at all. I’m also really obsessed with my belly button right now. It’s so close to popping. It’s so weird. I’m not sure where the scratch on my belly came from. I woke up and it was there. I must scratch in my sleep?

anonymous asked:

can you post photos of your favorite Steven matz photos😍😍cause I'm currently obsessed with him 😍😍

Hahaha sure I can do that!! Sorry its taken so long, but I chose some good ones of him and I will put them all together in my next post! And I am currently obsessed with him too hahaha you aren’t alone!

officialantelope asked:

gothic and rococo!!!!!

What is your favourite historic building?

Would it be creepy to say the Anne Frank house? Because I’ve been obsessed with Anne Frank since I was 7 years old and I have always wanted to go there.

Is your bedroom full of trinkets and pictures? If so, which pictures adorn your walls?

It is! I’ve tried to cut it down to essentials this summer (because I’m graduating in May and am gonna have to haul all this crap to an apartment), but I have 

  • a Fringe poster
  • a Black Widow poster
  • an email from my Spanish professor (it meant a lot ok)
  • a couple poems & photos
  • my memory box & blessings jar
  • my best of show ribbons from local fairs
  • my Nat funko
  • Jadzia Dax action figure
  • a Belle animator doll
  • and two Breyer horses – Smarty Jones and then Rio, my oldest, a white Arabian Stablemate

also an obscene amount of books

maybe you guys can help

So i am really pissed off, this girl i’ve met for 3 years has an ryosuke twitter fan account. I really wish i didn’t tell her about instagram. I use to do all the updates and uploads photos, So now she takes over. But that isn’t the point. She’s quite to obsessed with ryosuke, she won’t stop with the “you’re jealous because when i become a magazine model, me and ryon will get married”. Lmfao i keep trying to tell her that idc, she just not gonna be able to marry a 29. She is only 15. I got really mad because she told Ryosuke’s brother something so i have to apologize. If you guys don’t know, Kota has a twitter c:

It pissed me off because she told him this “Kota, my friend won’t stop your brother gay! i want to know is he? Please tell me the truth” :(“

it ticked me off because kota got really mad when she told him that and now he’s angry. I literally feel like shit, he might think badly of me. So what should i do? I know kota said “what? i am really disappointed  with this. Don’t worry and take it easy”

He never answered her question but told her how mad he was at me calling ryosuke gay. Which i didn’t.

this is why i’m never on tumblr or twitter and instagram, this girl just made me leave. If you guys can help or reblog this. Maybe you guys can help me with this problem.