Happy birthday, Jessy!


//busy imagining cute headcanons with totally glamorous fashion disaster lady tsukiyama and badass beauty kaneki-chan to forget the horrors of chapter 139

“I’m almost 19. I love my boyfriend and I just want our life to start already.”

Dean/Benny AU.

Benny is a lonely wrestling coach with an empty house, pesky grey hairs popping up in droves, and a team of mediocre athletes. He wouldn’t say he’s unhappy, but he isn’t exactly thrilled with his life either. Then Dean Winchester walks into his life. Dean is strong and quick and able to defeat any opponent Benny throws at him. On top of his wrestling skills, he’s also funny, quick witted, and smiles at Benny like he holds up the sun. Benny can’t help but develop a little crush on Dean. Much to his surprise, Dean shares his attraction, and is more than willing to act upon his desires. Benny finds his boring little life isn’t so boring anymore.

So there’s been this text post floating around describing how fabulous the Cardassian’s would look like had they been modeled in the 1960’s like the aliens of TOS. Of course being the procrastinator I am I decided to doodle this instead of doing the work I’ve been postponing for this whole weekend.

So one of my favourite things about the Cardassian’s is how there isn’t any huge variance in their armour when it comes to differentiating sexes so I wanted to keep that sentiment intact. I did add some scandalous sequence tunics though, but as you can see everyone has to wear them! The shoulders I took some influence in how the Cardassian disruptor is shaped, also I tried to adhere to the triangle/oval dynamics you see in a lot of Cardassian architecture .

And because this would have been done on such a low budget there would have been no visible neck ridges, instead they have fabulous flowing scarves! Also copious amounts of blue eyeshadow to go along with their drawn-on facial ridges…