Neil Gaiman on his favourite American Gods Scenes...

There are moments in American Gods that are almost word-for-word your book, and then there’s something like Episode 4, which takes off on its own. You’ve touched on this a little, but how do you compare watching a scene that is lifted directly from your work, versus watching something that is wholly different?

For me, as the author—and I’m probably the only person who can have this particular conversation about this particular thing—it can go both ways. My favorite episode is Episode 4, and there is scarcely a line of my dialogue in there. My favorite scene apart from that is in Episode 5, when we get Gillian Anderson as David Bowie, chewing out the Technical Boy. It’s straight out of Bryan’s head. Those are, so far, my favorite moments, because I got to be surprised and delighted. 

-Neil Gaiman interviewed by Vanity Fair

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My little heart it's gonna stop beating after the episode 7 (if the rumours are truth). I am so excited to the scene development, the intimacy, the love, the lust. Also I feel so bad to like kimilia, I think about leslie, and it's not nice of me rooting against her. Kimilia make me question my morals. But yeah, a shipper life isn't easy.

Yes, anon-me too. It’s going to be lovely. For me at least it wouldn’t make up for what’s going to happen tomorrow night but it’ll still be amazing! I’ve loved watching the Jonerys romance build up throughout the season and I can’t wait for it to all pay off-it’s going to be intimate and romantic, especially because they truly love each other. I can’t wait to see exactly how they build up to it. 

I understand you about Kimilia lol. I really try not to ship actors (it’s fine with fictional characters, but I always feel weird about it when it comes to real people) but Kit and Emilia have such great chemistry and they’re also good friends…? Ultimately, I want them to be happy-and I love Rose Leslie-but I ship it lol. Their IG picture from season 7 is lovely! No shame-we’re all friends here :) 

Shipping isn’t easy-but we can’t always help it, can we? 

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Season 7 apparently ends on a cliffhanger - what do you think that would be? And also, what do you HOPE it will be? (go as tinfoil-y as you like on that one) :-)

Ooooooh! My first anon! Hiiiii nonnie! Thanks for stopping by :)

Well, while I’m not too inclined to trust the leaks, it’s not much of a stretch to assume that the season will, indeed, end on a cliff-hanger, as most seasons do. I gotta say, though, 6x10 was possibly the most satisfying hour of television I have seen in my short life. 

What do I think it will be? Since I haven’t really thought about this until now, bear with me while I break down my thoughts:

Of actual, conclusive information, we only know that which we have been shown in the trailers and leaked pics from set. There will definitely be a meeting between Jon and Dany, along with their respective entourages. But that looks like it will be happening earlier on in the season. There will also be a battle, likely north of the Wall. Also, a highly emotional scene for Sansa in the godswood with a mystery someone (three guess who!), and my favorite, Jon choking LF almost to death somewhere in the crypts of Winterfell. I AM SO EXCITED FOR THAT SCENE!

Bran, and possibly Arya, will be making it back home and our Stark babies will finally (hopefully) be back together again. 

But, what’s a season of GoT without an EPIC battle, right? There have been reports of a battle being filmed. Following the format of previous seasons, I think said epic battle is likely to take place in 7x06. Which leaves us with 7x07.

I kind of want to say it will have something to do with Jon finding out from Bran who his parents really are, but another part of me says that that will likely happen sometime during the course of the season.

It would, admittedly, be cool if they did a version of “is Jon Snow really dead” but this time with Dany, and when we open on S8, she’s ACTUALLY DEAD. Possibly torched by her own baby Drogon. What a tragic turn of events. Yea, I don’t like her much. That way, when Emilia does interviews saying that her character is really dead, no one will believe her and will expect to see Dany return, but little do they know, she ain’t comin’ back!

What do I HOPE will happen? Anon, you said I can be as tinfoil-y as I want, so here goes!

My Jonsa brain is showing me blurred images of a dragon cloak and direwolf cloak side by side in a lantern-lit forest, while gentle snow falls on the bystanders, and strains of the Stark theme echo through our stereos. The camera pans to show that the gathering is presided over a young man sitting in a wheelchair before a heartree, with white orbs where his pupils should be, as a figure in black boiled leather with a needle-like sword strapped to his (her?) side gazes upon the scene with a resolute look in his (her?) eyes.

The boy in the wheelchair is intoning “Sansa of House Stark comes here to be wed. A woman grown and flowered, trueborn and noble, she comes to beg the blessings of the gods. Who comes to claim her?”

He is answered by the dragon-cloaked man who speaks in a voice rough with emotion and the cold, “I, Jon of the Houses Stark and Targaryen, King in the North, Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North. I claim her. Who gives her?”

The boy in the wheelchair himself, answers this query. “I, Brandon, of the House Stark, heir to Winterfell”. He turns to the white cloaked figure. “Sansa, will you take this man?”

Sansa looks up to gaze lovingly into her betrothed’s eyes and begins to say “I take this man”, but before the words can leave her mouth, a shiver of cold passes through the crowd and the last thing the audience sees is the angry blue gleam of eyes in the darkness and a puff of ice on the air. Then the screen goes dark and the credits roll.

Dammit, now I want to write fanfiction!

Sorry for getting carried away over there. Come back anytime!



18″x 24″, watercolor and gouache

My piece for Light Grey Art Lab’s “Botanica”show and the opening is tonight! I am so excited about it.

The painting depicts a scene of the Sakura blossoms in Spring.
“Sakura” is the Japanese name of Cherry Blossom. It is a symbol of simplicity, spring and innocence.
The intensity and liveliness of the cherry blossom gives people to dream and hope for big things in the future and to be optimistic.

In the beginning, I actually wanted to do a sunflower painting. However, the sunflower painting did not work out well, so I stopped to paint it in a half way and started a new concept from zero! Everyone have the painting experience would know that the feeling of start over was so depressed.

Since I had wasted a lot of time and the deadline was coming soon, I was quite stressed. I asked myself if I started a new concept, should I paint it traditionally in gouache that was more time consuming or finish it digitally in photoshop that was less time consuming? I finally chose to paint it traditionally despite the fact of my previous failure and the coming deadline. I think I am kind of stubborn and irrational sometimes…

Thus, I felt so relieved when Jenny (the gallery manager) told me my painting was arrived on time and safe. Thank you!

Besides, I think I will go back to redo the sunflower painting sometime in the future.

Finally,  I put some process images here, hope you like it! (I like my thumbnail most><” haha)

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I am so excited for Felicity/Iris scenes when Felicity is in the ep "girls night out"!! I'm so excited that there are going to be scenes of the girls hanging out without the guys. It's going to be awesome

I have no idea what this is about please help a girl out

The ToG coloring book is going to be from scenes from the whole series, from each book so far, and I am so excited to color my favorite scenes from the books. I will probably cry

I knew it. I knew that one of the first things that would open the door for Outlaw Queen was Regina somehow saving little Roland. I knew it! I know, obvious call, but still. I am a physic god. Nobody argue with me. 

I just thought that Robin will probably need something pretty significant to show him that Regina is more than just ‘the evil queen’. And





I am so excited!

(and I really hope this scene turns out how it looks because I need it like I need air, okay)


So I’m wondering if we will see Brallie by the piano in the next episode? The top picture is a bts picture posted a few months ago. The bottom two are screenshots from the promo where you can see Callie and Brandon wearing the same shirts as the top picture.

In the top picture you can see out the window that it’s the festival that they’re at. I am so excited to see what the scene will be. I miss Brallie bonding over music. They sorta dropped that and it upsets me.

I am so excited to see Sakura's scenes appear in the anime

Personally, music is so important to me when watching anime and as a die-hard Sakura fan, i’ve been wondering what soundtrack will they use for:

this speech

this heart-wrenching smile

the awesomeness of this power

the nostalgia of this reunion

this determination

this unconquerable willpower

this amazing development

this bravery

and finally, this painful look that still causes me to tear up

Haruno Sakura is one of a kind and her happiness is far more important to me than anything else in the anime. These upcoming scenes in the anime will definitely be my source of inspiration.

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I AM SO THRILLED... Racism is FAR from over but I have a great example of how important representation is! I'm watching Disney channel with kids and Zendaya's new show KC Undercover is on. It's been 5 min and I have only seen ONE white person! And he got knocked out in 5 seconds! I am so excited about this! This scene had TWO poc, of different ethnicities, who weren't related, in badass non-secondary roles! We're all screaming and vowing to watch this show more often. REPRESENTATION MATTERS!