hey before i head out for the night (yay midterms tomorrow!) i wanted to just. comment on today’s … uh … events?

i saw a shit ton of negativity on my dash today– from people i talk to and people i don’t talk to, and honestly it makes me really upset as well. i hate seeing other sad/going through what i’ve felt so many times before ( i.e.depression, extreme anxiety, incessant suicidal thoughts, dysphora, etc ) and i just. want you to know that i am here. you can make it. there is, in fact, always a light at the end of the tunnel. however small it is– it is there. it is the smallest flame flickering in the distant, and it can take many forms! a game, a fanfiction, a book, a friend, a loved one, and so many others! there is something in your reach that will lead to so many other wonderful things. life is life for a reason, and we can’t change all the shitty fuckin stuff that happens– but you can turn to all your demons and say “fuck you” 

you are worth it. this isn’t one of those happy-go-lucky, hippie, eternal positivity blogposts– it is a statement of fact. your life is precious, for no other reason than it is yours. you are worth it. you are worth it. i will say it as many times as you need, my friends– please don’t hesitate to ask for help. i’m always here, and i will always believe in you.

Veronica (She/Her)

I am so grateful that I have been able to transition successfully and from a young age. I have never been happier than I am now. :) And let me just say I am so happy to see so many fellow trans folk on my dash today, I want it to be like that everyday! We are all so diverse, it is literally the most inspiring thing. Happy TVoD <3


I didn’t think I would post today. I so often use this blog for other things, and when I post my own work, it’s, well, my work. Not me. To show you how old I am, I’ve never ever ever ever posted a selfie in my life.

But fuck, wow, I’m so inspired and happy about all the people I’m seeing today on my dash. And I’m learning so many things, mostly about how to honor and celebrate those of us whose identities are fluid, blurred, not fixed, invisible, different, non-normative, delegitimized, confusing, “confused,” etc., etc.

So ja, I want to visible-ize myself with all of my glorious trans and queer and nonbinary (et. al!) siblings:

I’m a queer, mixed-race, neuro-atypical, and chronically ill artist in LA. she/her is fine, but I prefer queen/king/mermaid/witch/serpent/creature/trickster/genius. The above photos are from 2011 to a few days ago. I go through phases of looking super masculine and super feminine. I had a friend tell me that I dress either “like a sorceress or a guy in a suit.” Best compliment ever?

I used to be confused when people (boss, friends, teachers, partners) would say things like, “Your look changes so much. Every day you look different.” When I see people I know in public, they almost always say, “Oh wow, I didn’t recognize you.” I was confused for a long time about my white-passing-ness and what being a mixed-race WoC meant. I was confused about my sexuality: “bisexual” was what I thought I was in my early teens, until I heard the term “pansexual.”

I’m still confused. But I’ve come to understand that being confused/confusing is actually a gift, for both ourselves and this fucking white-supremacist hetero-patriarchy we live in. We are here to fuck shit up. We will get through this. We are the future & we are beautiful.

FNAF Fandom

Hello again my dears!  Just so you all know, I’m doing much better and have been working on Noteworthy for the last bit of today, and I hope to have the next (COUPLE OF) parts done soon! :)

Now, browsing my dash, I’m seeing this as something of a topic tonight, and I wanted to throw in my two cents for clarification.

Am I leaving the fandom too? Nope! I still have plenty of drawings and story ideyas in the tank, and I’ve been blessed to be able to enjoy the fun parts of the fandom without having too much drama thrown at me.  So I’ll still be drawing things, and hopefully I’ll be able to unleash my own headcanon/AU for FNAF3!

What about Rebornica? Well, it’s true, I’m sad that they’re leaving the fandom.  I’m extremely sad and disappointed at the people who threw so much hate at Rebs and others in the fandom - no one deserves that.  On that note, I’m very happy for Rebs!  They’re taking care of themselves and focusing on their own original story, which is coming along so famously and getting a ton of attention.  I couldn’t wish anything better for a fellow artist!  Rebs, you’ve got a big bright beautiful future ahead with Pilot!  Keep it up!  And to Cam, who will be handling the AU going forward, I can’t wait to see what you have in store!

And that goes for every single one of you too!  If YOU want to leave the fandom because the drama is too crazy, I will be the last one to stop you.  Your well-being is much more important!  Of course I’ll be sad, but I understand.  And I solemnly promise, as always, that my blog will remain drama-free and will give you good feels at all times, FNAF-related and otherwise!

Wait - FNAF 3 headcanon??  All in good time, my dears - I’ve got some Mike and Doll headcanon backstory to fill first! ;)

Them’s the basics for now!  I have a comic to return to and a new Gravity Falls to wait for impatiently! ^_^  See you soon!