I have never been remotely ashamed of having been depressed. Never. What’s there to be ashamed of? I went through a really tough time and I am quite proud that I got out of that.
—  J.K. Rowling

I have never been remotely ashamed of having been depressed. Never. What’s there to be ashamed of? I went through a really tough time and I am quite proud that I got out of that.
—  J.K. Rowling

Welcome to My Life is now online. This is a short I art directed in 2015, created by Elizabeth Ito. We used 3d animation combined with photo bg’s. The animation was done by TeamTo in Paris. We took photos on location and then edited them, added elements or moved stuff around to make them work as backgrounds for the animation. Above is some of the art I made for it.

It was a great project to work on and I’m really proud of how it all turned out.

Here I am on the photo shoot with (on left) Riley Riggen - production coordinator, Elizabeth Ito - creator, writer, director and Rob Getzschman - photographer, editor.

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adjective (adj.) [ae·o·ni·an] eternal; everlasting.

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pairing: jeongguk x reader

genre: a dozen ice cream tubs filled with fluff

words: 4.3K

synopsis: Jeongguk fell in love with you over the course of many years. But there were four specific events that made him fall for you more and more 

A/N: hi, guys. this will be my first one shot and i am quite proud of finally being able to finish one. any form of feedback is very much welcome & please give it a shot

In the course of 10 years, Jeongguk had managed to fall in love with you. But there were a few specific events that really made him really fall head over heels for you. Four events, to be exact.

If eleven-year-old Jeongguk had to describe the place he had moved to in one word, it would be quiet. Although Busan is quite known for being a big city with many skyscrapers decorating the skies and lights visible from miles away, the district he moved to was like a whole other world in. Located in the outskirts of Busan, the area could also be described as a serene place with few people filling up the wide streets. Even though the young boy was used to quite the opposite, he familiarized himself easily. Befriending neighboring kids and meeting new people went without complications. Jeongguk really was a shy kid, but for some reason he managed to get to know many kids and dared to get out of his shell.

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  • Ymir: Babe, have you seen my phone?
  • Bertholdt: *blushes* Wh-what?!
  • Ymir: I said, "Bert, have you seen my phone?"
  • Bertholdt: Oh..
  • Bertholdt: It's on the sofa
  • Ymir: Thanks
  • Ymir: *giggles*
  • ---
  • Ymir: We run out of milk, honey
  • Bertholdt: *sweats* Sorry?
  • Ymir: We run out of milk and honey
  • Bertholdt: Oh..
  • Bertholdt: I'll go buy them tomorrow
  • Ymir: Thanks
  • Ymir: *evil smirks*
  • ---
  • Ymir: Love, please, my jokes are really funny
  • Bertholdt: *goes pale* Did you just call me-
  • Ymir: Laugh please, my jokes are really funny
  • Bertholdt: Oh..
  • Bertholdt: Haha
  • Ymir: Thanks
  • Ymir: *snorts*
  • ---
  • Ymir: I love you
  • Bertholdt: I love you too *smiles*
  • Ymir: Darling
  • Bertholdt: ...
  • Ymir: I love you, darling *smiles*
  • Bertholdt: *passed out*
  • Ymir: Oops!
Somebody Else

Summary/Request: Bucky’s in love, and so is she.

Pairing(s): Bucky x reader, Natasha x Reader

Warnings: Angst

Word Count: 1.4k (yikes)

A/N: This fic strays from my usual Bucky fics, but nonetheless, I hope you all enjoy because I am quite proud of this one :) || main masterlist

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It’s A Hard Noct Life (Noct x Prompto x Ignis)

So I was writing something else, but then I saw @kaciart‘s piece http://kaciart.tumblr.com/post/163650643813 and had to do the Thing ™. The title was something else, but this felt more appropriate and I’m a terrible person. Also head’s up that there’s blood.

Noct’s crying.

There’s no way Prompto can’t hear the restrained sniffles that escape the tough guise Noctis tries his damndest to keep up as he’s stretched out on his stomach across the Regalia’s backseat. The Advisor isn’t immune to the heart wrenching weeping either, gloved hands grasping the steering wheel so hard that he knows his shaking knuckles must be white beneath bloodied leather.

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roommate shenanigans
  • greed: just LOOK at all these lamps i bought today
  • ling: ...why?
  • greed: because i politely asked? damn
  • ling: no- no, i.. meant.. why did you purchase.. so many lamps
  • greed, pushing his godawful shades down so he can look over the rims, sounding oddly solemn: why wouldn't i buy this many lamps?
  • ling: ...you know what? i can't even argue w/ that. and tomorrow i'm going to go out and buy a bunch of new curtains. to complement all the lamps
  • greed: we really don't even have that many windows
  • ling: you think that'll stop me?
  • greed: .........god i love you we were so on the same wavelength from the very beginning but you're learning even more from me w/ each passing day and i, quite frankly, am so proud
     「   THEME #005: PORTFOLIO by angelicxi   」

    ↳ [ 700px preview ]   |   [ 500px preview ]
    ❥ the link to the code is on the sidebar in the theme previews.

Boy was this fun to code! Portfolio is a theme conceived on a whim that I am actually quite proud of. With a design that is, dare I say?, sleek, it can easily transform your tumblr artblog into a digital portfolio! Functions perfectly for both writers and artists.

F E A T U R E S :

— option for 500px or 700px posts;
— home & ask + 3 extra links;
— blog title + slot for your name;
— avatar image (make sure it’s 125x125 px!) on the sidebar;
— slot for description, can be lengthy;
— I recommend you toggle your blog settings to show 1 post per page for the best look.

  Do NOT:
   — remove the credit
   — steal the code / parts of it
   — claim as yours in any way, shape, or form.
  Respect the maker's work, please.
This theme is optimized for Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome.
It is best viewed on a 1366x768 screen resolution.

Soooo basically this started with the #noh8 tag at our school and ‘vandalising’ every single cubicle of the girls bathrooms with AMAZING art and uplifting messages for promoting self confidence and no bullying and no excuse for sexual assault etcetera. So long story short this all started with me as I used poster paint to paint over the hurtful messages over the bathroom doors after school. To let it dry, I locked it from the inside and vaulted over the doorframe (I’m really tall) and then the next morning I got to school at six in the morning to unlock the door. I then spent a whole hour with my friends creating a piece of art that we call #noh8. The teachers have differing opinions on this, some (generally the deputy principals and principal) saying that the person should be caught and punished, but the bulk of the teachers (especially the janitors) said that this is wonderful as it promotes a good cause. My English teacher accidentally found out and now my nickname is Banksy around the school to those who know about the #noh8 project. Not really a horror story but still one that I am quite proud of and thought I’d share. Also, my friend (we’ll call her Caramel because that’s her art name) signs all her art in the bathrooms and I now sign my art with 'Banksy’. Just btw this all started because caramel’s sister was getting bullied and being called a whore and slut cuz she was assaulted at the age of thirteen. And that is my little story of how a freakishly tall Australian girl and her best friends created a project that made its way into the school yearbook and made a now 14 year old girl feel better about herself after a horrible incident.