Welllll what better way to spend the time I lost my tablet pen than to sprite some characters from favorite games/projects I’ve been following for a while and I’m looking forward to play/pal’s ocs in the style I use for my own game? I know it’s not perfect but I’m settling on it, because it was more of an exercise too, and I’m exhausted of it orz


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Preventer Water: Sally Po

It always makes me happy to see fan-works featuring Sally Po, so I thought I would break my 10-year (!!!) fanart hiatus and contribute my own (very) rough sketch. So here is my Sally with even rougher background details. I might get around to sorting it out and colouring it one day…

And because there needs to be more talk about Sally Po, I am also going to talk about her (a lot!)….

….I would go as far as to say she is my favourite character in GW.  But I’ve often heard it said that for a fictional character to be of interest, they have to have some sort of vice or internal conflict going on, which over time, they resolve in one way or another. Sally doesn’t really display any such melodrama and I would argue over the course of the series, she is one of the characters who alters the least. So why is she so compelling (at least to me)?

I think it exactly because she is NOT in a constant state of internal conflict. In a show so glutted with tortured souls, romanticised notions about war, peace, revenge, anger and confusion, sometimes, you just want someone to cut to the chase and be logical and pragmatic. That’s Sally. Her stance is that “Nobody wants to get involved in wars but those that can fight, should fight.” She sees wars as making playthings of peoples’ lives and fights for no other reason, in my eyes, than to spare the involvement of those who are unable to stand up for themselves. She seems to acknowledge war isn’t going away at that moment, so there’s no point denying it. But you can, at least, be a force for good within a situation you cannot immediately change. She is a breath of fresh air. Here is an individual with common sense and decency, someone you can more or less depend on to get things done and to do the right thing. Yes, Sally acknowledges herself that everyone has their “own sense of justice”, but sometimes, certain actions are just plain wrong and for the most part, she doesn’t waste time philosophising about it all. She inhabits many roles in the series and is multi-skilled; doctor, Alliance Major, resistance fighter, battleship commander and finally, Preventer, as well as having moments of being mentor and cheerleader. She can heal people, pilot certain mobile suits, fly aircraft, shoot all the guns. Oh and throw a pretty impressive punch. She has plenty of stuff to do- so no time for navel-gazing!

To be fair, you could argue her appearances in the show and additional material are much sparser than many of the other characters, and her roles spread so thinly, that she does not get much opportunity to go a little nuts or display any emotional vulnerabilities. There is nothing to really dislike about her and along with her range of abilities, does that make her a sort-of Mary-Sue, a convenient jack-of-all trades type with no real depth? I don’t think so. While not an obvious key player, I think her contributions are definitely meaningful and without them, the other cast members may have made different decisions and certain scenarios would have had disastrous (or at the very least, more disastrous) outcomes.

The first notable difference would have been that in AC194, the L5 colony, A0206, would have been obliterated by the Alliance General, Septem’s, evil scheme to dispose of the inhabitants using biological weapons. Wufei and his clan would have been a part of this massacre. Sally defies this order and somehow gets away with it. We see she has a moral compass and will not blindly follow orders if it will cause harm to innocents.

In Episode 3, her first appearance in the show, we see this again, as she balks at the idea of using harmful drugs on the young captive Heero. She seems to sense Heero is an important individual. Who wouldn’t, when he arrives at the hospital having survived, despite serious injuries (I wonder if the broken bones she mentions refer to sites of previous breakages?) and he was still alive and kicking after that epic fall? He made such an impression on her that during Operation Daybreak, Sally throws her trust onto him and begs him to disarm the missiles Lady Une was so intent on allowing to annihilate the base and the surrounding area, without even rescuing injured personnel. Tsk, Une!

Sally is a character who does not hesitate to get involved if she thinks there is a modicum of a chance for good to come of it. She even puts herself in immediate danger without a thought if she feels it is required. An example of this is her decision to defect and join the rebels in Former China (one a side-note, I suppose that Former China must be more multi-racial as there are many Caucasian looking people in the village scenes and Sally herself is blonde and blue eyed.). At the beginning of Episode 12, she can be seen retreating from an attack on a military base and once inside the getaway vehicle, her comrade asks her what is the matter and states he is sorry to have put her in so much danger on her first time home. Here, we see a brief glimpse of her being pensive but she brushes it aside and explains it was her decision.

Later in the episode, she witnesses soldiers attacking a restaurateur after he objects to them eating a meal and refusing to pay up. Instead of standing by and thinking of her own safety, Sally brazenly mouths off at them, openly disparaging of their presence in the region. Of course, she gets a beating for it, though she puts up an admirable fight. If Wufei hadn’t leapt onto the screen (where was he before this? Talk about last minute!) and intervened, who knows what would have happened? The soldiers would have probably got stabbed in the ass by the angry villagers’ pitchforks, at the very least. I would have liked to have seen that just for the comedy value.

Following this encounter, Sally has no problem admitting she is weak, when Wufei states she should not be fighting. She doesn’t appear to have any sort of ego issues. She is practical and accepts that when a person is weak, they need help and there is no shame in it. To her, strength lies in the conviction of a person’s heart (this makes me want to belt out that Michael Bolton song from Disney’s Hercules; “A hero’s strength is measured by his heaaaaaarrrrrtttt.”). She demonstrates the ultimate example of it by being willing to throw away her own life, walking unarmed towards an Aries suit, which takes aim at her (and curiously misses the shot!). Her only hope of survival is if the pilot continues to be a crap shot or if she can convince Wufei to step up to his responsibility to fight for the oppressed. Perhaps she might be spared in the process. And it works.  

Afterwards, she says: “The important thing is that my heart is in it (or strong).”  Wufei seems inspired by this. We even get a wee smile from the lad. Sally is good at inspiring others and seems to be able to reach people with her sincerity. Here is a woman who will go as far as to risk her own life for just the slight chance some good might come of it. She says this herself in the episode where she sneaks into an Oz base and tries to destroy Sandrock, coming face to face with the Maguanacs. She states; “I don’t care what happens to me.” And in turn, once they realise they are not enemies, her courage inspires the same in them. Auda states; “We need to be at least as brave as that lady just was.” (English dub). That is not to say Sally never makes blunders; in setting off the explosions on Sandrock, she almost killed the Maguanacs and herself and made the assumption that Quatre’s wishes, a pilot she had never met, would be identical to what Heero might favour. This was a pretty extreme thing to do based on an assumption, however it’s understandable that she would view Oz having possession of the Gundam as a negative thing.

Sally is also someone who, though she can work well alone, thrives on connecting with others. She has no shortage of mercenary and ex-Alliance contacts around the globe to help her achieve her various objectives, it seems, and says to Heero: “Fighting by yourself is so lonely.” In addition, she instantly bonds with Lucrezia Noin, each sensing the other is a friend, and later, Noin looks to Sally for motivation and reassurance on Peacemillion, feeling more deflated about the battle ahead than her (Sally has not found herself in love with a terrorist threat to Earth, which certainly helps). Sally, for her part, seems unwavering in her support of and belief in what the Gundam Pilots represent and expresses this. She sees allying with them as the only path that will prevent herself from going astray.  Her comment in Episode 29 about the words “righteous” or justice”, depending on the version, suiting the pilots (despite expressing her hesitance to use those terms) and her complete faith in them, could be viewed as slightly naïve. I mean, she has met only two G-boys at this point (and has only had a face-to-face conversation with Wufei), she can’t know them so well as to make such extreme statements (a bit like when she comments about Heero having changed from his “abrasive personality” – she hasn’t had a conversation with him, so how does she know his personality?). But perhaps, in it all, she is simply acknowledging there is little else coming morally close to the Gundam Pilots around at the time. I think they’re the best she’s got to hope in, so, being pragmatic, she does.  

Overall Sally is no sensible, shallow, boring know-all, and indeed sometimes she doesn’t know-all and relies on the help of others a great deal. I think her wit as well as her wisdom is another factor that contributes to her likability, as well as her pleasantly flirtatious manner. In a show that is largely serious in nature, it is refreshing to have moments of humour and Sally has the subtle, wry kind that does not come across as goofy. She even keeps her sharp wit when in a tight situation; “I might just tell a lie so that you’ll free me…” (to Noin). I am sure from that moment on, Noin, decided they would get on famously as allies. I love seeing them interact in Endless Waltz as the ultimate dream team.

Having said all that, I have to gripe a little about Sally’s portrayal. There is so much about her we don’t get to know. Her true age, for one. Some (much older) official sources say 19, some 22 and more recently, 27, so who really knows?  She has no backstory, aside from her cameo in Wufei’s Episode Zero. But that’s okay; that’s what fandom is for. And despite all of the above being true about her lack of personal drama, I do enjoy seeing more vulnerable sides to her in fandom portrayals because we all have our moments, right? Regrettably, it is harder to find Sally-focused material, so it is always a treat to come across some.

But one thing that is certainly not a treat; can we talk about her roles in Glory of Losers and Frozen Teardrop for a brief moment? The former, from what I have gleaned, cuts out some major Sally (see what I did there?) scenes, such as her time in China, presumably because it wasn’t deemed significant enough, which is a shame. In FT, I was hoping that, seeing as her ‘daughter’, Kathy Po appeared to be one of the protagonists, we might find out more about Sally. From the scant amount of translated material and discussion threads I’ve followed, I discovered that Sally makes bad coffee and her daughter, Kathy is not actually her biological child, but a clone of Sally’s assassinated mother, who was also creatively named Katherine. This just strikes me as weird. But I can live with weird if not for the fact that from what I have read of translated material, Sally is missing because she is dead. Yep, dead. DEAD!! Apparently killed on duty. Yes, you read that right, out of all the original characters in the series, the writer has to kill off Sally. Awesome Sally has to suffer a ‘by the way’, footnote type of death. I am still hoping someone will come along with a different translation and tell me it’s not true, that I can’t read and I have it all wrong (anyone??), but as of yet, I haven’t read any such thing to dispute this sad fact.

So, I guess those of us who would like a different ending for her can live in our little headcanon worlds, where Sally gets the recognition and appreciation she deserves. So if you have any such titbits to offer, please send them my way. Fics, art, thoughts, the lot. Thus ends this ranty ramble…I hope you like the pic!

*(Quotes may be slightly inaccurate due to my memory. But the gist is there. Any other inaccuracies are due to the wine consumption while I wrote this.)

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Concept: Michael + filipino memes (kung wala ka nang maintindihaaan, pag 3 pataas, MAY RITEMED BA NITO, TANGINA MO JHEPOY DIZON, nung ako'y bata paaaa, ENERGY ENERGY GAP BEAT ENERGY GAAAP DRINK MILO EVERYDAY milo everyday!!!)


Kung-Futopia Chapter 7

Here’s the next chapter, sorry for the long wait 

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           Jack and Skye entered the cafeteria and found Bogo nursing a cup of coffee. They went up to the counter, grabbed some for themselves, and then sat down to join him. Bogo greeted them with a grunt.

           “So,” Jack began after a protracted silence, “do you have any ideas for interrogating the supposed ancient kung-fu masters residing in the cell block?” Bogo regarded the bunny tiredly and shrugged.

           “The basic routine.” He replied wearily, taking a sip of coffee, “There’s no real way to prove who they are yet, so we should stick to the basics: verifying their story and seeing if there’s a match in the database.”

           “Actually,” Jack said uncomfortably, “there may be a way to get at least some proof.” Bogo raised his eyebrows and appraised the nervous bunny.

           “And what might that be?” He quizzed.

           “Well, they claim to be from ancient China right? So we can quiz them on the time period they claim to be from. It wouldn’t be conclusive, but it could still help.”

           “Yes Savage, but we’d also need an expert in the history of the time period to verify what they’re saying is true!” Bogo snapped at the bunny, his exhaustion and annoyance growing by the minute.

           “I may, uh, have some experience in that field.” Jack replied sheepishly.

           “Oh Jack, you’re too modest!” Skye said gleefully, wrapping an arm around his shoulders, “Jack here majored in ancient Chinese culture and history while he was in school. In fact,” She continued as Jack began to blush furiously, “one of his favorite subjects was the legend of the Jade Palace and its heroes.” Bogo let out a bark of laughter and Jack glared at his smiling wife.

           “She left out that I double majored and that my other one was math and advanced data analysis.” Jack muttered sourly.

           “Well then Savage,” Bogo said with a smile, “it seems that we do have a plan.” Bogo got up and left the cafeteria, tossing his coffee cup in a trash bin on the way out. Jack remained sitting at the table, sipping his coffee, emitting an air of wounded dignity.

           “C’mon Jack, don’t be so sensitive.” Skye teased the bunny, “It’s actually turned out to be pretty useful information, especially with Asha.”

           “Yeah.” He said with a sigh, “I just wish it didn’t sound so nerdy.” Skye chuckled as the bunny stood up.

           “Well, you’re my nerd.” She said affectionately, “Now how about we go interrogate the panda? I heard he may know something about ancient China.” Jack smiled at Skye and the pair walked out of the cafeteria and headed for the cellblock.


           Po was awoken by the sound of footsteps outside his door. He yawned and sat up as best as he could in the straitjacket, surveying the cell around him groggily. The door swung open and a fox, bunny, and buffalo filed in and regarded him warily.

           “You guys should really invest in a better bed.” Po said with a yawn, earning puzzled glances from the assembled mammals.

           “Mr….” Bogo began.

           “Po.” Po replied, “Just Po.”

           “Ok then.” Bogo remarked, “Po, I am Chief Bogo, the chief of police for Zootopia and these two are Jack and Skye Savage, they work for INTERPAW. Now—”

           “So you don’t work for Asha.” Po clarified, sighing in relief, “Well that’s good, I was a little worried that—”

           “Please. Be. Quiet!” Bogo interrupted tetchily, causing the panda to close his mouth. “You were detained in the company of Officers Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps, who work for me incidentally, as well as an unknown tiger. Would you care to tell us how you came to be in such a situation?” Po regarded the chief dubiously.

           “Chief Bogo, the tiger that these agents captured is named Tigress. We are both from ancient China. We came to this time in an accident involving chi that was engineered by Asha. We escaped her attack and hid in a cave, where we were quickly assaulted by other mammals, captured, imprisoned, and placed in whatever this is.” He said angrily, tugging at the straitjacket, “That’s the short version.” Bogo sighed and turned to Jack, who cleared his throat and addressed Po.

           “Po, I am an expert in the history of the time period you claim to be from. If you are really from the past, you should be able to answer my questions with ease.”

           “Or,” Po responded, “you could let me show you that I’m telling the truth.”

           “And how do you propose that?” Jack challenged the panda, “Are you planning on time travelling out of here?”

           “No.” Po retorted, “Bring me a flower that’s dead, take off this thing, and I’ll show you.”

           “No! We’re not going to just—”

           “Jack,” Skye interrupted, “I’ll go get a potted plant, and Bogo can take off the straitjacket. You can keep a tranq gun on him the whole time, and if he can actually prove anything, our jobs will be a lot easier.”

           “You two can’t possibly believe that this panda can do anything special can you?” Jack asked stridently.

           “I trust my officers.” Bogo said simply, “And your wife is trying to keep me happy so that I won’t go to Max to ruin your careers.” Skye looked down at the floor, embarrassed that Bogo had figured out what she was doing so easily.

           “And just so you know Ms. Savage,” Bogo continued, “I wouldn’t do that to either of you. That being said, I would appreciate you and your husband’s continued cooperation.”

           “Of course Chief Bogo.” Skye replied, “But being perfectly honest, both of us would appreciate if you let us take the lead from this point forward.”

           “Fair enough.” He said gruffly. Po cleared his throat and the three mammals turned to look at him again.

           “I’m still here you know.” He interjected, causing Skye to leave the room to retrieve a plant. Jack pulled out his tranq gun and trained it on the sitting panda while Bogo approached.

           “I’m going to take that jacket off Po. I would advise you against trying anything because either Agent Savage will shoot you, or I’ll knock you out myself.” Po merely nodded. Bogo undid the straps binding Po’s arms and quickly stepped away, clearing Jack’s line of fire. Po shrugged off the jacket and shook his arms around, wincing as full feeling returned to his muscles. Po moved to stand up but was stopped by Jack.


           “I’m just—”

           “I don’t care.” Jack said flatly, “If you would like to stay conscious, stay seated.”

           “Fine.” Po grumbled under his breath, “It’s not like I’ve been bound in a cell for a day and a half.” Jack and Bogo remained silent to the panda’s quiet protestations until Skye returned carrying a shriveled orchid.

           “Is this fine?” She asked Po, “It was the only one I could find.”

           “It should work.” He replied with a nod, “If one of you will bring it over here, I can prove my story was possible.” Skye approached Po’s bed, staying clear of Jack’s line of fire, and placed the dead flower next to Po, quickly retreating back to the entrance where Bogo and Jack were. Po looked expectantly at Jack.

           “Now may I stand up?” Jack nodded his head.

           “If you try anything, I will shoot.” He warned. Po stood up from the bed and faced the orchid, clasping his paws in front of his heart. He closed his eyes and focused, searching for his chi, which was still sorely depleted. After a few moments, he extended his paws outward, towards the shriveled orchid, and pushed his remaining chi through his paws. Bogo, Skye, and Jack watched in awe as Po’s paws began to glow and motes of golden light infused the orchid, restoring it to its former glory. Po lowered his paws and slumped to the bed, exhausted. Jack’s gun fell to his side and his mouth fell open as he looked at the orchid, which had gone from a fragile, shriveled, stalk to a vibrant and supple flower, with the bloom a breathtaking blue and yellow.

           “Believe me now?” Po groaned from the bed, utterly drained.

           “Oh my God.” Skye whispered, “That shouldn’t’ve been possible.”

           “It seems that my officers were telling the truth.” Bogo said, a similar look of wonder on his face, “Though it hardly seems believable.” Jack walked over to the bed and picked up the flower, touching the petals in disbelief. Po sat back up and glared tiredly at all three of the shocked mammals.

           “Does this mean that I’m free?” Po questioned expectantly, “Because now I could really use some rest.” Jack exchanged a glance with Skye and Bogo shrugged.

           “You’re definitely not free.” Jack began, “But I don’t think we need to keep you in a cell anymore. Or for that matter, Nick and Judy.” He directed at Bogo. Po smiled and rose to his paws, still somewhat shaky from his exertions.

           “Jack why don’t you take Po upstairs and show him where the bunks are.” Skye suggested, “You can probably release Nick and Judy as well. Bogo and I will interview Tigress and then join you up there.”

           “You guys are going to let her go too, right?” Po asked anxiously.

           “Provided she doesn’t give us a reason not to.” Bogo replied, “I trust Nick and Judy, and you just proved that their story is possible, but if she’s dangerous, we’re going to have to keep her in the cell.” Po frowned and thought for a moment.

           “Would you mind letting me go in first and explain the situation?” He asked hopefully, knowing that Tigress was probably going to attempt an escape. Bogo looked to Jack and Skye for their approval.

           “I don’t see the harm in it.” Skye responded, “Jack, do you have any objections?” The bunny shook his head and Po sighed in relief.

           “Alright then, follow me.” Skye said, walking out of Po’s cell and further down the hall. She stopped outside a heavy iron door and looked at Po.

           “When you’re ready to come out, just wave at the security camera. It will be the thing with the red light in the corner of the room.” Skye continued, answering Po’s question before he could ask it.

           “Ok. But don’t come in until I tell you to.” Po warned.

           “Why?” Jack asked suspiciously, “Are you planning something?” Po snorted.

           “No. But there’s a pretty good chance that Tigress is already out of the straitjacket, I think it was, and is waiting for the door to open so she can escape.”

           “WHAT?!” Skye yelled in alarm. Po raised both paws in the air.

           “Tigress is really good at getting out of things. And if I’m the first one in there, she won’t attack you guys or try to escape. That way, she doesn’t have to stay in a cell forever.” Jack buried his head in his paws.

           “Just let him go in Skye.” He sighed, “We might as well have some mammal she trusts explain it and avoid an escape attempt.”

           “Are we even allowed to do this Jack?” Skye asked in concern, “I realize this isn’t a normal situation, but letting Po go into her cell when he claims she’s planning an escape, even letting him out, seems like it could backfire.” Bogo cleared his throat and his companions turned to face him.

           “Ms. Savage, Max gave me oversight of you two. I have no problem with letting the panda talk to his friend and if something goes wrong, it is my responsibility.” Skye nodded, her bout of uncertainty ended and opened the door for Po, quickly slamming it shut after he was inside.


           Po slipped inside the door and heard the door slam closed behind him just as Tigress’s straitjacket was yanked over his head and he was thrown across the room.

           “Tigress stop!” He yelled in pain, “It’s me!” He pulled the jacket off his face and was then able to see a clearly horrified Tigress.

           “Sorry Po.” She apologized, “I thought you were one of Asha’s minions.” Po stood up and rubbed his sore backside.

           “It’s fine. In fact, I expected it, that’s why I came in first.”

           “What do you mean, ‘came in first?’” Tigress asked warily, “Who else is about to come in?”

           “We weren’t captured by Asha.” Po explained quickly, “We were captured by something called INTERPAW. I’m not exactly sure who they are, but they’re working with Nick and Judy’s boss. Apparently, Nick and Judy already explained everything to them, and they believe us.”

           “Po,” Tigress began concernedly, “why’re your legs shaking?” Po looked down and saw that Tigress was right. His legs were shaking. He sat down immediately and sighed.

           “I had to prove to these ‘agent’ mammals that what happened to us was possible. So, I used my chi to make an old flower bloom again.” Po replied, “I guess I’m more tired than I thought.” Tigress’s face filled with rage.

           “They did this to you?!” She asked furiously, “I’m going to—”

           “Tigress,” Po interrupted, “It’s ok. I had to do it to prove we weren’t lying, and I’m tired for now, but I’ll be fine later. Don’t worry about me.” Tigress walked over to where he was sitting and joined Po on the floor.

           “I know.” She said grumpily, leaning against him slightly, “I’m glad you’re ok though.” She added quietly. Po smiled and put his arm around Tigress.

           “I’m glad you’re ok too.” He added warmly, “But I hate being knocked out by those stupid darts.”

           “It’s cheating to use darts.” Tigress agreed sulkily, annoyed that she’d been brought down by a pinprick. The pair sat in silence for a few minutes until Po was capable of standing again. With Tigress’s assistance, he staggered to his paws.

           “You’re not going to attack them when they come in will you?” Po asked dryly, causing Tigress to chuckle.

           “I won’t attack them when they come inside.” Tigress replied.

           “Tigress…” Po began, “Will you attack them after they come in?” Tigress glared at the panda.

           “No.” She responded reluctantly. Po waved at the camera that was emitting a red light in the corner of the cell.

           “I’ll see you soon then.” He said with a smile as the door opened. Tigress gave him one last smile before he slipped out the door and a bunny and a fox entered.

           “Ms. Tigress,” The bunny began, “I am—”

           “Master Tigress.” She corrected under her breath, eliciting a frustrated groan from the bunny.

           “Not again.” She heard him muttering while the fox chuckled.

           “Master Tigress,” The fox began, emphasizing the word ‘master’, “I am Agent Skye Savage, and this is my husband, Agent Jack Savage. We have spoken with both Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps, as well as your friend Po about your current situation. While we are satisfied that you are in fact from ancient China and that you are not currently working with Asha, we do have some concerns over letting you out of this cell.” Tigress motioned for her to go on.

           “Especially given the conversation you just had with Po.”

           “How did you hear that?” Tigress asked in shock, “It was just Po and I!”

           “That blinking red light in the corner,” Skye said, pointing towards the camera, “shows us and lets us hear everything going on in this room.” Tigress stood, dumbfounded by the existence of such a thing.

           “Either way,” Skye continued, “You are a potential threat.”

           “So is Po.” Tigress countered, “I’m no more of a threat than he is.” Skye chuckled.

           “I’m fairly certain that’s not true.” She said confidently, “Now—”

           “Actually, Skye,” Jack interrupted, “according to records, Po is as dangerous, if not more so than Tigress.” Skye sighed.

           “I wasn’t saying that he wasn’t a potential threat.” She clarified, “I was saying that he was less likely to initiate hostility than Tigress. Who escaped her straightjacket and was planning to ambush us, I might add.”

           “I thought I was captured by Asha.” Tigress said with a shrug, “I had no qualms about attacking her or her mammals, and honestly, given the manner in which you captured us, I wouldn’t’ve felt that bad about it being you either.”

           “How is that supposed to convince us to let you out of the cell?” Jack asked exasperatedly.

           “It’s not.” Tigress replied coolly, “I am simply being honest. At this moment, I don’t particularly like either of you. But I do trust Po. So I give you my word, as a mammal and as a master at the Jade Palace, that I will not attack you or anyone else here unless they pose an imminent threat to the safety of myself, Po, Nick, or Judy.” Skye and Jack exchanged a look and began walking towards the door.

           “We’ll be back shortly.” Jack said, opening the door, “We just need to discuss some things.” With that, the door slammed behind them and Tigress was once again all alone in the cell.


           Skye and Jack walked out of the cell and up to the command center where Nick, Judy, Bogo, and Po were all sitting around a large table.

           “Where’s Tigress?” Po asked anxiously, “Are you going to let her out?”

           “That’s actually why we’re up here.” Skye said with a sigh, “We don’t know.” Judy gave Nick a worried glance.

           “Why wouldn’t you let her out?” She asked angrily, “Po proved that our story was true and she’s done nothing wrong other than being apprehended under false pretenses!”

           “It’s not that simple.” Jack responded, “Yes, she isn’t guilty of working with Asha, but she also planned an ambush so she could escape the cell.”

           “Yeah, and I stopped it!” Po shot back, “Besides, she thought we were all being held by Asha! Are you telling us that you wouldn’t try to escape if she captured you?!”

           “If Asha got one of us, I doubt we’d have the opportunity.” Jack said flatly, “Even though she thought we were with Asha initially, Tigress freely admitted that she would have no qualms about attacking us.” Jack smiled slightly as his last comment silenced their protestations. That smile immediately faded when Bogo cleared his throat.

           “Actually Mr. Savage,” he began, “Tigress said that she wouldn’t’ve felt bad about you falling into her ambush, given the manner in which she was captured. She also said she didn’t particularly like either of you. But at no point did she say that she would attack without a second thought.”

           “Semantics.” Jack replied, glaring at the cape buffalo, “She’s still a risk.”

           “How about this.” Judy interrupted, “You let Tigress out of the cell and either Nick or I will watch her and make sure that she doesn’t attack anyone. If she does, you can arrest all of us again.”

           “Great idea Judy.” Skye replied before Jack could argue further, “Jack, why don’t we go let Tigress out.” The bunny let out a defeated sigh and followed his wife out of the room.

           “I still don’t like letting her out of the cell.” He grumbled while they walked towards the cell block, “Just because they’re watching her doesn’t mean she’ll behave.”

           “Jack, right now, we’re outnumbered. Bogo started interfering in the case and now Nick and Judy will too. Our best option right now is to work with them and use them to our advantage.”

           “You just said we were outnumbered on our own case! How can we use that to our advantage?!”

           “You heard their story. Asha brought Po and Tigress here and then attacked all four of them. They want her just as bad as we do. And more importantly, she wants something from them. We’ve been chasing Asha ever since she started, and we’ve barely come close, but now, we can draw her out.”

           “You want to use them as bait.” Jack stated, stopping in his tracks, “Skye, we can’t trick them into being bait for a trap! Not only is it wrong, but they’re also not that stupid!”

           “Not what I meant.” She replied quickly, “I don’t want to trick them, and we don’t need to either. Luring Asha out into the open is the best plan, and I’m willing to bet they know that. But we do need to work with them because they will feel a lot more comfortable with the plan if they trust us.” Jack nodded in understanding and resumed walking. The pair approached Tigress’s cell and keyed in the code. They pulled the door open and saw Tigress sitting on the floor in meditation. The tiger opened her eyes and raised an eyebrow at the duo.

           “Come with us please.” Jack said, holding the door open for her. Tigress sprang to her paws and exited the cell, suppressing the urge to smile.

           “Just to be clear,” Jack began as they walked back to the command center, “you and Po will remain under the supervision of Nick or Judy at all times. If either of you assault anyone, all four of you will be arrested again. And this time, you won’t be let out.”

           “Understood.” Tigress replied as they neared the room.

           “Chief, it’s the best plan.” Judy pleaded as Jack, Skye, and Tigress entered the room, “What could you possibly have against it?”

           “Are you joking Hopps? Your ‘plan’ has more holes than swiss cheese!” Skye cleared her throat and the four mammals at the table turned to look at her.

           “Perhaps you’d like to tell us what plan this is?” Skye asked while Tigress slipped into the room and sat down next to Po.

           “These geniuses,” Bogo began, gesturing at Nick and Judy, “want to set a trap for Asha and be the bait.”

           “Well, we wouldn’t be the bait per say,” Judy interrupted, “Really we’d be more—”

           “Hopps!” Bogo yelled, leaning forward and slamming his fist on the table, “It’s a bad idea! It’s unnecessarily dangerous and might not even work!”

           “It’s not like we haven’t done dangerous things before chief.” Nick replied angrily, “And we’d have you, Po, Tigress, and a team of INTERPAW agents covering the area. If we play it right, we can capture Asha.”

           “Or,” Bogo responded heatedly, “you’ll be captured or killed yourselves, we will have lost the element of surprise, and Asha will have gotten exactly what she wants.” Bogo locked eyes with his two officers and tried to stare them down.

           “I agree with Nick and Judy.” Jack said suddenly.

           “What?!” Bogo said, whipping his head around to face Jack.

           “You’re too close to the situation.” He continued, standing his ground, “They’re your officers and you want to protect them, so you’re ignoring the best plan we have.” Bogo looked at the bunny in bewilderment and leaned back in his chair.

           “Are you sure it’s me who’s too close to the situation Agent Savage!” Bogo spat furiously, “Because it seems to me that you’ve been chasing the same crook for a long time and you’re desperate! So desperate that you’re willing to risk the lives of two of my officers for the slightest chance to capture her!”

           “Quiet!” Tigress shouted, stunning the fighting mammals into silence. “Stop fighting and think! We have something Asha wants. We have the perfect opportunity to trap her! We need to do something!”

           “Tigress is right.” Skye said, “We need to do something. We can’t just sit around and wait for Asha to move. We need to be proactive. I vote that we go forward with the plan.”

           “Is that what we’re doing?” Bogo interrupted, “Voting on it?”

           “Seems like a fair way to do it.” Jack replied, “I’m for it as well.”

           “I’m for it on one condition.” Po began, “Nick and Judy have already risked enough for us. I can be the bait.”

           “Po, we’re not just going to leave you by yourself as bait.” Nick protested, “What if she brings more henchmammals with her?” Po shrugged.

           “You already said there would be backup there. All I’d have to do is hold out for a few minutes.”

           “Po’s right.” Tigress said, forestalling Judy’s protests, “You two have risked enough for us. I don’t love the idea of Po being the bait, if he says he can do it, he can.”

           “Fine.” Judy sighed. Jack looked around the table.

           “Final vote.” He announced, “All those in favor of this plan, raise your paw.” Everyone but Bogo put there paw in the air.

           “Excellent.” Skye said with a smile, “We’ve got some work to do.”

A/N: I’m alive! Sorry for the huge gap between updates, I’m nearing the end of the school year so all of my teachers decided to give me work. How dare they. Anyways, here’s this chapter, I hope you enjoyed it. I tried to shift the perspective around a few different characters and change it up a little bit so I hope that was good. As for the next chapter, I can’t really make any promises on timelines, but what I can say is that I will get to it. I may not always be the fastest, but it will get done. That’s about it. Thanks for reading!

Again, #captionthis, my mindless blabber inspired by @peace-on excellent art.

My heart fluttered when I saw her. 

There she is, the girl I heard adopted by Shifu. Oh my gosh, she is actually cuter up close. 

She is gorgeous, awesome, and brave, with myriad of accolades. While me? I was just a fat, unmannered panda with nothing to be proud of. 

I saw her picking up a canister behind the restaurant. 

What is she doing? Heck, you know what Po, this is you chance!

For a moment I was torn, should I? or should I not? Duh, maybe not, what can I tell her anyway? My heart started to race as my foot decided otherwise. I swore I forgot to breathe when she looked at me.

Po, say something! I heard my brain rebuked me.

“Uh…. hi, what-a…what-a nice day huh?” I stuttered terribly, completely and utterly lost in my own drivel. But when I look into her ruby eyes, I saw… I saw something familiar. Someone who had gone through the same thing as me. 

“Ah yes, sorry if I disturb you… my canister fell his way. I don’t mean to pry.” She explained while clasping a green cylindrical container within the digits of her paws. Her voice was silky and sweet on my ears, making the fibres on my body shivered in ecstasy, and weakened my knee.

“No…no no, of course not. By the way, I am Po.” I said reluctantly.”…you are Shifu’s daughter, right?” I inquired, while thanking the heavens for restoring my fluency….. and my knee.

“Oh… you know me?” Her beautiful amber eyes widened, and then a smile graced her maw. “Shifu adopted me, he is my Master. By the way, just called me Tigress… I lived up there,” she pointed out to a palace up on the hill. “Maybe I could come again sometimes, at the moment Shifu has given me an important assignment. I better go now.”

My heart stopped….It was casual, nothing to deep. But I know. I know… something is blooming right there.

“Yeah sure. See you Tigress.”

“See you, Po.”

I was 15, she was 14. We were both young, innocent and full of life. Little did I knew, that day, both of us did each other a favour. I picked four of her life-long friends, her brother and sister in arms, and she ignited my long life passion for kung fu. But that remained a secret of the universe, until fate brought us together ten years later.

We don’t meet people by accident, they crossed our path for a reason.

Some KFP3 thoughts:

After Tigress made it to the panda village, I’ll bet you Mr. Ping went right up to her and insisted that she get some food in her and rest because she must have been hungry after such a long trip. She’s grateful and falls asleep nearly instantly in his kitchen for some well-deserved rest. Mr. Ping tucks her in a blanket because he doesn’t want his son’s best friend to get cold from the mountain wind. 


Po:The peacock was there the last time I saw my parents! He knows what happened! Where I came from! Who I am.


Po: Look, I’m going. I have to know. The hardcore can’t understand.

[Tigress lunges at Po]

Viper: Tigress, no!

[Tigress hugs Po; Crane’s jaw drops]

Tigress:The hardcore DO understand. But I can’t watch my friend be killed.

[pulls away]

Tigress: [to the rest] We’re going.

Crane:Uh, maybe you can’t watch *me* be killed?

Tigress:Stop being a wimp.

Monkey:…And, she’s back.

Kung Fu Panda is one of the greatest things in the universe (except for the TV show)…
I love all the characters, but Tigress got me since the first moment.
This scene is my favorite one, from all the three films!

And I was really inspired by Nicolas Marlet’s art!


“Kyosuke Kuga, third-year. I wish to return to the Stride Club, effective today.”