“Kyosuke Kuga, third-year. I wish to return to the Stride Club, effective today.”

So since I won’t be on Tumblr till tomorrow after I watch the movie, I’ll leave you with some tooth-rotting fluff. @another-wided-eyed-girl @vgirl1907 and anyone else who might read it, hope you enjoy it!

“But you’ll write, right? Let us know how it’s going?”

“Po, even if I write the minute I get there, the message won’t reach the Palace until I’m already back.”

Po stuck out his lower lip, glancing off to the side in a pseudo-pout. “A week is such a long time, though! I don’t wanna go a whole week without hearing from you!”

“It could be worse,” Tigress chided in return. “I could be gone for a month. Or a year.”

“Hey, don’t jinx it.” But the panda finally looked back at her and smiled, a silent admittance that she was right. “So, the usual – eat at least three times a day, four or five if you can, get lots of sleep–”

A paw coming to rest on his cheek shut him up. “Don’t growl at everyone I think looks suspicious, if I see anyone in your extended family I’ll say hello for you. I think I’ve got it.”

In the early morning sun, the two warriors beamed at each other, extending this more private farewell for as long as it dared to last; their eyes closed as they brought their foreheads together. A gentle paw was placed to the back of her head and a large arm wrapped around her waist. A subtle gesture that she’d only recently decoded. Even routine missions like this worried him, triggered his fear of loss, and so Tigress slid her cheek against his, nuzzling the nook of his shoulder assuringly. It was peaceful, it was beautiful, and it couldn’t last much longer.

“Try not to burn down the Training Hall while I’m gone,” she snarked as the two reluctantly pulled apart. Po gave a softer, more affectionate smile in return, placing a quick kiss to her nose.

“No promises.”

The sun was peeking through the leaves now, throwing dappled patterns of light onto the two forms so hesitant to leave their embrace. It was time to go.

Po couldn’t help the stupid grin that was stuck on his face as he watched her make her way toward the steps. There was no need to worry. She’d been training to kick butts and take names for nearly thirty years. And this wasn’t the first solo mission she’d gone on. Far from it. She would be safe, and he would at least be with her in thought – the thought of their embrace, of his parting words to–

He hadn’t said them.

He hadn’t said them.

Without another thought and completely overridden with panic-induced adrenaline, he sprinted back toward the main Palace grounds, shooting like a blur of black and white past his questioning teammates, not at all concerned with telling them or an agitated-looking Shifu where he had been or where he was going. He ran until he reached the Peach Tree, forcing himself to push past the exhaustion for the greater cause. He glanced at the trees down below.

Through the dense green cover, he saw a moving orange figure.

There she was. Thank Oogway, there she was.

Standing as tall as he could, hands cupped over his mouth, Po inhaled deeply.

Tigress was barely out of sight of the Palace when she (and likely everyone else within a twenty-li radius) heard it.


She stopped short in her tracks, her face filling with blood and her tail twitching. Certainly enough, Po was there on the cliff ledge when she turned around, jumping and waving and finally bringing his paws together to form a heart. Shaking her head, she turned back around and was on her way again.

But not before holding up her hands and sending back a heart of her own.

despicable-moon-thief, i-am-po, veiledstar, only-a-mirage, and bacon-sundae-pig all want cupcakes!

“Why haven’t you opened up the shop? We’re supposed to give these to everyone who comes by! Even if their game is different!” Candlehead scolded Flowerhead, turning the Closed sign to Open. “Whatever. I’ll handle the customers for today.”

He turned towards the five people and cracked a small smile. “Welcome! Please, come inside and have a cupcake.”

Apparently, some of them have caught Flowerhead’s interest. She violently pushed her other half out of the way, pulling out a tray of the colorful desserts. “We insist! Please have one!”

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NOTE: I start off a bit Cullen Critical, but then take a turn for the positive, acknowledging what could have been a great character.

I agree. If you haven’t been able to pull from my #templar tryst posts, the number one thing I find infuriating is that Cullen doesn’t acknowledge his wrongdoings, and you can’t either. They don’t give you the option. Instead the opt to push things under the rug and try and forget it. 

But yeah, if it was actually addressed, and addressed well, meaning he actually saw the error of his ways and worked to redeem himself (actual work, meaning it should be a challenge that you the player will want him to succeed in) they could have made him into a good character.
And just to clarify: I happen to like Loghain as a character, for example. He has also done some terrible shit. But unlike Cullen, he’s written a lot better. And he acknowledges his mistakes. Does that make them go away? No. But it gives him a sense of completion.
With Cullen they chose the fast and easy route.

And as a young boy I can see a misguided Cullen maybe thinking the templars were cool or something, with them parading around the Chantry that he clearly takes very seriously. He would listen to them when they say the templars are heroes. And hell, I’d even be willing to give him some leeway time in DA:2, because Kirkwall was just a mess and he just came from a mess and the guy is clearly unstable at that point in his life… BUT I would have loved to see him have a “What have I done” moment. Look down at his hands, realizing all the horrors he’s done with those hands, realizing what a mistake he’s made himself into. And become a symbol of a templar turned good. He uses what he’s done as an example of what you shouldn’t do.

That would have been cool.


Because I love these movies

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