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Name: Molly

Nicknames: well sometimes as a joke my friends call me linda or sweat heart but no real nicknames 

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Height: 5′5″ or 5′6″ I’m not sure

Sexual Orientation: ?

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Favorite color: Lime green, navy blue, red, gray

Time Right now: 11:33 AM

Avg. hours of sleep: on school nights like 7 on weekends like 5 or 6

Lucky number: 8

Last thing I googled: “Tomorrow is a latter day lyrics” it’s very good but i had no idea what they were saying after elder price’s “I believe”s (turns out it’s “love and joy and all the things that matter day” and “tomorrow’s a doper, phatter, latter day”)

# of blankets I sleep with: One

Favorite Band: I don’t have a favorite band because i solely listen to musical soundtracks

Dream trip: the ruins in Pompeii

Dream job: Archaeologist! I want to dig up old things from the ground in colonial Virginia even though i’ve only visited twice, it’s my favorite place ever (elder price is to orlando as i am to colonial williamsburg along with jamestown and yorktown) and once I made my family walk a rather long distance in the almost-record-breaking 11 degree fahrenheit weather (next to the James River which made it even colder, it was probably like 5 degrees yikes) to get to the Archaerarium in Jamestown so i could look at Cool Old Stuff and it was so worth it except that you weren’t allowed to take pictures inside

When did you make this blog: on the eve of 2011

Follower count: 919 thank you so much!!!!

Posts: 17,835

Do you get asks on a daily basis: No, I did for a while during the Dippy Fresh Discourse™ but not anymore

Why did you choose your URL: it used to be korras-light but i started watching SU and changed it to korras-gem but it really doesn’t matter anymore because now my blog is just an amalgam of cartoons, musicals and memes so

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