do you think there’s a pun manager at Mod Cloth and they are just. so. tired. “Please,” they beg. “Let’s just call this a purple dress. It’s our purple grey dress, I am out of ideas.” But no one will unlock their cubicle until the pun manager wearily slides out a fine card stock with elegant calligraphy that reads, “Don’t Get Yourself into a Lavender” and then underneath in bic pen they’d scrawled, “lavender sort of sounds like lather, can I go home”

to okolnir  OvO 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I always miss this day! BUT NOT TODAY! So i drew you blackbird, traditionally with Copic markers. But one of my copic decided to dry up so I digitally added the light grey (well not like you could see the light grey from the scan anyways) I am so not use to lining with an actual lining pen either. I usually line with a pencil but copic so LOL no can do with a pencil unless I want lots of smugs. 

You are really an inspiration to me! Thank you for being the best you can be! 

I love all your characters~! They are all perfect and pretty~! My favorite is Blackbird out of the female characters UvU

But yup! Hope you enjoy your birthday~!