do you think there’s a pun manager at Mod Cloth and they are just. so. tired. “Please,” they beg. “Let’s just call this a purple dress. It’s our purple grey dress, I am out of ideas.” But no one will unlock their cubicle until the pun manager wearily slides out a fine card stock with elegant calligraphy that reads, “Don’t Get Yourself into a Lavender” and then underneath in bic pen they’d scrawled, “lavender sort of sounds like lather, can I go home”

strwberriesncream  asked:

red, white, and grey :)))

red: 5 facts about my best friend

i don’t have any friends irl so i’ll just tag my best friends on tumblr in no particular order. @kawaiidangouniverse(who isn’t my best friend and is actually my daughter) @babe-please-dont-cry(who is my world @kittybug96(who i talk to every day and is my reason to live) @like-a-splinter-in-your-mind(who is beautiful ginger who makes me happy) @distorition(who i feel i relate to a lot) @slutbutvirgin(who is actually Ed Sheeran) @b4rfs(who has helped me through things day in and day out) @kintherye(my pen pal!) and of course @curiouscatopinionss(who puts up with a lot of my tantrums. i am so sorry).

white: 3 facts about my personality

I’m shy, i’m awkward and i’m quiet

grey: 2 facts about my favourite things

i bought my lovely watch when i was sad one day. that watch means a lot to me. and my other favourite things are my friends who i mentioned above who help me get through the day even when i think that i can’t.