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IS hawk moth andrian's dad? also. Cat Noir how would you react if you found out that Ladybug is a girl at school who has a huge crush on you?

We don’t know, technically. It’s just that they kind of look alike, they both like butterflies, Gabriel kind of resembles the bad guy from the anime preview… let’s just say we’ll be real surprised if they’re not the same person. 

CN: Take her out right now immediately. But die of happiness first x3

@ Modest! Intern. We get it. Harry and Richard are in Billboard talking out of their asses. No one believes them. This is sad. And I am bored of seeing your ask on my dash. Please relax. 

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Adoribull Sunday Prompt – Adoribull – Modern AU – Bull helps out in a free clinic as an orderly, everyone knows he has a thing for pretty delicate things and lost cases. So it’s no surprise he starts to pay attention to the pretty man who keeps showing up bruised, cut up and once cracked boned with a different name every time, he keeps hoping he says his real one the next time.

Oh my, @theladylily I love your prompts but I am officially incapable of filling one of them without it turning into an 8k epic. lol

For this reason you can find the fill on Ao3 at:  Mistaken Impressions

I would like to quietly and politely complain about the accent market for just a second. Okay? Okay good.

This is a gripe of mine because really, it’s like no one on the site actually knows what they want. There are so many posts (both here on Tumblr and in the forums) complaining about the lack of originality in accents, the absence of any accents at all for certain breeds, the fact that every guy and his dog makes rainbow/space/pastel/whatever accents and there’s no variety. And - no lie - I am one of them. I love those accents, I do, I’m such a sucker for rainbow accents, but good lord do I want other things as well.

So I said to myself, you know, I’m a competent artist, I’ve made custom accents for people who were very happy with what they got; I’ll give it a go. I’ll make some accents for these neglected niches and all those people who whine about it can buy them and I’ll have money and they’ll have variation and everyone will be happy.

Only that’s not what happened at all because I made a point of picking things to make that I’d read any number of people asking for in the past. Most notably that being ‘snapper accents please’ which I was more than happy to go with since… yes snappers! But none of them gained enough interest to print? The WIPs got interest, but no one wanted to buy them when they were finished? Are there secret accent channels I don’t know about? Things other than GASP to get your accents noticed? Is there some sort of ritual sacrifice I need to perform?

I just don’t understand? If you want the accents for X breed with Y theme or whatever, why won’t you support the people making them? In the end, people always seem to go buy the gold jewellery accents for imperials (which are very pretty, I would like to restate that I think they’re wonderful, I have some, I’m not hating on any artists here). Is it because I’m not a 'well known’ accent artist? Is it because my art isn’t worth the price? (In which case let me know how I can improve my accents so I can be better.) I just honestly don’t get it. If you want the thing enough to complain about the lack thereof, why, when someone actually makes it, won’t you acknowledge this and support them? 

At this point, it’s honestly less frustrating to just make custom accents. At least those people know what they want.

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Reggie is it? Anywho, your a power beast, riiiggght?

Reggie: Yes my name is Reggie, though it’s a nickname. And I do not know what these power beasts are, so I am probably not one of them. I am a simple guard worried about his Queen.

Avengers Academy is going to kill me.  Jan just asked Rhodey out.  He said yes.  I am HERE FOR THIS.  I can’t romance them because ONE the Dating feature isn’t operational and TWO Rhodey isn’t a free, unlockable character.  

Safe Place!

So I guess there are idiot trolls in the Ace Attorney fandom. All right. Let it be known I am not one of them.

My name’s Courtney. I ship Narumitsu and Klapollo and will ship them until death do us part. But I don’t care if you ship Juniepollo, Justicykes or Hobopollo. I have Apollo and Nick in a father-son thing but I actually want to get into Hobopollo more.

Whatever your headcanons, whatever your ship, you have a safe place here. Talk to me about any ship, character, or thoughts about the series.

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So I have this bet with Enjolras.

Reblog this if you care about my lonely soul.