I keep foam stickers in my backpack to give to people who I think need or deserve one and they’re very colorful and I have an assortment of not only aliens but also dinosaurs and like as silly as it sounds I genuinely want to mail one of those stickers to Dan like I dunno if it would help but he could have a little purple dinosaur or a little green alien to stick on his fridge or whatever and I think that’s always a nice thing

Dan if you’re reading this go buy some foam dinosaur/alien stickers and put them on ur fridge like it’s definitely not gonna solve any of your problems but it’ll look super silly and you’ll feel like a seven year old and it’ll be great I promise trust me on this one I’m a scientist


eunhyukee44: I can still remember our first meeting with the Japanese fans in Budokan on 2008.7.9. Since then,the time we have spent with tours and meeting you has been 7 years with everyone.Now i am saying goodbye for a short while,i was really happy that for the last stage in Japan,we were able to do it at such a big and cool stage. We were not able to promote as much as everybody wanted and although our clumsy skills at the Japanese language don’t always make it easy to convey our hearts to you,we have been able to grow because of our fans who always look at us warmly, cheer us on and give us so much love.Once again,i really thank you. Even if you can’t see me for the time being, please always think of me where you are, stay healthy and with a bright appearance,please wait for me.Thank you.I love you. E.L.F JAPAN.I love you (In japanese kanji) (c)

Smells Sweet

Chloe could read people easily.Well, not expertly, per se, but she was able to recognize when someone was uncomfortable without asking.She considered it to be some sort superpower.

She put her ‘superpower’ to use by observing Max and what bothered her.What seemed to bother her the most, Chloe had noted, was her habit to smoke.She shrugged it off, not everyone was comfortable breathing in smoke.But she later theorized that it was due to her addiction, Max didn’t spend as much time as the delinquent would like.She was torn between wanting to spend more time with her girlfriend and smoking.Her addiction was strong, but she would prefer staying by Max’s side any day.

Max was about to doze off after spending hours on an assignment.She sauntered from her desk to her bed and sunk her head into the pillow.She plugged her earphones into her phone and let the music slowly lull her to sleep.

“Hey, Max, holy fuck!”

The brunette nearly fell from her bed when her girlfriend suddenly kicked her dormroom’s door down.Max faced her phone’s screen towards Chloe and frowned and slightly relieved it was just Chloe.

“Che, what the fuck!“Max hissed, shutting the door after Chloe.The blue haired woman grinned and took a seat on the couch.

“It’s almost 3 in the morning, how did you even-did you get the keys from David again.“Max’s demand came out as a statement rather than a question.

“Maybe…C'mon, I’m a Blackwell Ninja!No one saw me get in.”

“But you probably woke the entire girl’s dormitory.“Max muttered and sat next to Chloe, curiously observing the box.

“Check it.“she watched as Chloe slowly and expertly open the cardboard box.

"A fancy cigar?”,Max asked, amused,“You can’t smoke in here, there’s a fire alarm right there.”

Chloe held up a patient finger and winked.She put the end of the cigar in her lips and breathed in.Not wanting the fire alarm to go off, Max quickly connected their lips.

Max winced, expecting the bitter taste of the smoke to coat her tongue but sat dumbfounded when it never came.Instead it was replaced by a sweet taste.

“A vape?”

Chloe nodded happily and brought it back to her lips, breathing in deeply.

“Yeah.I know you don’t really like it when I smoke around you, so I bought the cheapest one I can find."Chloe blew the vapour into the brunette’s face with a grin.

"I appreciate the fact that your trying to quit, and that’s a good thing.”,Max rambled before staring at her curiously but spoke in a serious tone,“You paid some ungodly amount for that?Why?”

Chloe shifted uncomfortably and brought the vape to her lips.

“Well, in just wanted to spend more time with you.”

“By getting a vape?”

“Well kinda’.The smoke makes you uncomfortable and I wanna spend more time with you."Chloe admitted.

Max blushed and grinned.She slowly kissed her girlfriend, pulling the vape out of Chloe’s mouth.

"You nerd."Max teased into the kiss, pulling the beanie off her girlfriend’s head.

Chloe pulled away and scowled.






Chloe suddenly drew the vape to her lips from Max’s hand then breathing in before releasing the vapour into Max’s face.

“Che, what the heck."Max grinned.She was happy Chloe made the change for the better, but felt slightly guilty Chloe gave up one of her favorite pass times for her, not to mention, the delinquent was already on debt.

"Y'know you didn’t have to get that.Yeah it bothers me when you smoke, but I love spending time with you.”

“Yeah, don’t worry about it Mad Max.”,she kissed the photographer’s neck softly, grinning when she blushed bashfully,“Plus, I can do this now.”

She puffed circles of smoke towards Max’s face, smirking when the brunette cringed playfully.

“Smells weird, but I like it.”

Based off of a anon answered by the fabulous arcadia-gay

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I've been seeing a lot of people shaming het-romantic aces, insisting that they should identify as straight. I feel that a het-ace is only straight if they wish to identify that way, and that no one can tell them how to identify. Am I wrong in this?

Not at all. A person’s identity and the terminology they use is no one’s choice but there own. If a heteroromantic ace doesn’t feel a connection to the “straight” label, they don’t have to use it. Period.

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Lol, anon. Listen, I’m a coffee and red wine enthusiast. 

Colgate Optic White. I swear by that stuff. It lets me drink what I want and still manage to have pretty teeth.

Here’s the fuckin’ thing, here’s the fuckin reason - here, here’s the fuckin’ thing, you see these guys; they come in here and they fucking think - they fucking think that they can really, really work it through. They think that they can come to me - They think that they can come in here, come into my house - that they can just come in and just do what ever they want. They think that they can come in here and do what ever they want. They think that they’re OK, that they’re OK to do what ever they want, they just don’t want to come into my house, MY house, a - because, I will be READY for them. I am one-hundred percent justifiably ready; every single second of my life I’ve trained for this moment. Every single - every single, waking moment of my life I’ve been trained; ready and willing to fight and beat up anyone who comes into MY house and they think they can come into my house; they just believe, they think they know, they think they feel, they think they can speak whatever they want in My house; then they come into MY house and I can beat them up, do whatever I want to them in MY house and they think they can do whatever they want, but I will fight them with every last tooth and nail. In MY house, they will be ready for it - they can’t understand that I’m ready for it in MY house and they don’t know that I will always be ready for them in MY house, and I just wanna let you know that I will be ready for you in MY. HOUSE. Because if you come into MY house I will be so ready for you, that your ass is gonna fall out, you’re just gonna walk right in and your ass is gonna fall out onto the floor and I’m gonna have to go get the shovel and scoop it up, and then maybe you and I can go to a Caribou Coffee, or a Starbucks, then MY house, come back later then drink some of that coffee; then I’m gonna beat. you. the. fuck. up, and then I’m gonna take you to the hospital because earlier your ass fell out and neither of us noticed. So I’m gonna take you to the hospital, I’m gonna treat you to a nice hospital dinner, I’m gonna go to the hospital cafeteria and get you a milk, maybe a chocolate milk if I’m feelin’ really good. Then I’m gonna come back to the hospital room, where you’re sitting there, your ass fallen out; they’re doing surgery but I don’t give a fuck; I walk in hand you the chocolate milk, your ass is knocked out because your ass is OUT… and they’re trying to put it back in. So I hand you a chocolate milk, but you’re asleep so I keep trying to force feed you the chocolate milk and the doctors are trying to get me out and then I go back to MY house and then I take a nap… and then I wake up.


Those are the things that I bring to university (almost) everyday.

1. My backpack
I found this one at Tk Maxx for 17€ It’s by the brand Custom Deluxe

2. Folder
I only take on folder with me to Uni. In there are papers I still need to read or readings that I need in a lecture.
(If you are wondering, I wrote lyrics on it. It says:“If you never shoot you’ll never know”.)

3. Netbook
Usually, I don’t take it with me but when my exams approach, I work on my course summaries in my free periods.
This is the Asus Transformerbook

4. Notebook
Grid paper. Nothing fancy. The notes that I take during lectures are always messy, so that’s why I use one notebook for everything when I am at uni.
I re write them at home in separate notebooks

5. Journal 1
I use this one for deadlines and to do lists. Sometimes I draw in it as well.

6. Journal 2
Another one? Yes. This is for my creative writing. When I’m on the train I write quite a lot so this one has to be in my bag all the time.

7. Books
Well, not all of those. I like to keep a book in my bag, since I spend a lot of time on the train.
Those are just some examples of the books that I carry with me
(Pride and Prejudice, The Zombie Survival Guide, Tokyo Ghoul)

8. Headphones
Surviving without headphones? Unimaginable. When I’m not hanging out with people, I am ALWAYS wearing headphones.
Those are by Sony but I have no clue what specific model they are.

9. Water
Depending on how long I have to stay at uni, I either carry a smaller or a bigger bottle with me.
In the picture is a refillable, small one.

10. Snacks / Lunch
I’m not a big fan of the lunch you get at the canteen, so I decided to bring my own food with me. (Even if it means that my bag will be really stuffed)
It really depends on the day, whether I bring an actual lunch with me or just a snack. In the picture above is one of my snacks. Cashew and dried cranberries. This lastsme a couple of days.

11. Purse 1
Isn’t this little guy cute?! I found it at Primark for 1€ and it’s been my little change keeper ever since.

12. Purse 2
The important one. All important cards are in here,my student ID and money.

13. Pencil Case
I just got this recently but I am SO in love with it.

14. Deodorant

15. Powerbank
This one is by intenso. My phone battery dies faster than you can say quidditch so this is an essential as well

16. Eyedrops
The air at our library is so awful :( Wearing contacts in there can become a living hell.

17. Blistering plasters
I’ve learnt my lesson. Never without them anymore. N E V E R!

18. Cosmetic Bag
You can’t tell, but it has some sort of Bambi pattern on it :)

19. Sanitizer

20. Face Powder

21. Lipstick I am wearing that day

22. Lip Balm

23. Hand cream

25. Lighter
I don’t smoke but having one on hand is always a good thing

26. 2 in 1 pocket mirror & brush

That’s all I got on me when I am leaving for a day at uni (:.

Something I have not (yet) read much of, and would be interested in reading more of

The expierences, worries, & thoughts of human services supervisors/managers who are aware of (at least some of) the very common, but not widely recognized, forms of abuse done by front-line staff, and who have repeatedly taken the step of repimanding and even firing staff they supervise for doing this sort of abuse. I imagine that such supervisors can get pretty worn down from watching for this stuff, and acting to curb it, and likely worry about (and have expierenced) various forms of push-back (ranging from issues with unions/professional organizations, to worries about hiring new people, to concerns over retaining their own position) due to the abuse in question being not widely recognized.

I’ve read various things advising front-line staff on how not to abuse people, and how to resist pressure from their superviors to abuse people – but less from the other direction. If anyone reading this knows where this has been written about, or knows people in this position who might be willing or able to write about their expierences (either in public or privately (although I can’t promise to make much use of private communications)), please let me know or direct them to this post.

(This was prompted by my reading Real Social Skill’s post on “Nice Lady Therapists”, but isn’t particularly related to it, as far as I can tell.)

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omg i think you have a massive following of people who would be down to date you. i am one of them. there's probably like a club somewhere that has weekly meetings to discuss how great and cute you are.

haha i’m blushing, you guys don’t even know what I look like, you silly kids!

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pls don't make dan's problem about phan :\

When did I make it about phan???
Like I am trying to find reasons and that could be one of them but saying that Phil could have comforted dan is not making it about phan??
Phil is his best friend of course he would comfort him?
And having an argument with him could also lead to him having a crisis like that has nothing to do with me making it about phan


On his way,
the old man sleeps
underneath a tree.
On his arm a tattoo
of his life. Nothing less.

The boys are walking
back home with fishing rods.
I believe in their safe passage,
as they disappear forever
beyond the tree-line.

It is so quiet.
With a field of flowers
they may be as one,
while I am gladly separate
here just to see them.

I need my borders.
My little black lake
to draw water from.

My cracked cup
too small to bear
an entirety, and yet..

I need my life;
an entirety
of nothing
to cry, fulfill
this moment.

To Those Who Requested Drabbles...

I promise you I am getting to them! I will respond to each and every one that was submitted. I’ve currently posted 1 - 10 here, if you want to see if I’ve responded. That being said, I have 11 - 24 drafted, LOL. It may take a couple of days to respond, but I WILL respond. I’m taking my time to get to them because I don’t want to write them just for the sake of writing. I want them to be good and something worthwhile since you took the time to request them of me! :-)

This fandom is the best I’ve ever been in. 

I thought my life was cursed because every best friend of mine left me…Now I grew up and I share a special connection with each one of them…I am lucky to have so many best friends when people dont even have one…Bad things happen for your own good..Point is do you recognize it…
—  #HiddenOne

B.A.P and their adventures in the water ♥


Peaceful mornings at the Skywalker residence. Sorry I was too lazy to google a more legit prosthetic.