#blackout I never participated in this because im not confident in my appearance. My name is Rokevia and i have congenital muscular dystrophy. Being black, disabled AND A WOMAN is very hard because people look down On black people, disabled people, and women is like i have the entire world against me. Im an honor student in high school and ive proven many times that i got alot going for me despite my odds. I am a BLACK WOMAN AND PROUD TO BE. Yes i am light skin but i embrace my culture and i make sure i use my skin color to shine light on situations that concern my dark-skin brothers and sisters. So fuck all yall if you dnt like black people or disabled people cuz im lit af 😜😜

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OnTae, amnesia, omegaverse. ^u^

(warning for mpreg)

There is a list of important facts pinned to the refrigerator door by a pair of smiley-face magnets. Jinki knows that they are important facts because the list is headed by a huge title in bold, dark red font which reads IMPORTANT FACTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with about ten more exclamation marks than is strictly necessary.

The list goes something like this:

1. your name is Lee Jinki
2. you live here
3. your alpha lives here too, and his name is Lee Taemin, and he looks like this: [insert small picture of a pretty man with an awkward smile and floppy dark hair]
4. you were in a car accident two years ago, and that’s why you can’t remember anything
5. don’t take your meds unless Taemin is there with you
6. don’t panic; you’re okay and safe
7. a binder of more important information is in the kitchen drawer to the right of the dishwasher and left of the silverware
8. if you’re alone and you need to talk to someone, there is a list of people you can call in the front of that binder

And then there is the last item to the list, written in slightly different ink, as if it had been added at a later time:

9. you’re pregnant

Well then.

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Questionable sources

Yeah to talk about my commentary in a previous post.
People are gonna be weird.

Like the other day.

I got a tell from someone.
They were commenting on my outfit and told me I had a cute dress. I responded with a polite “Thank you”. They stood behind my character as I was looking at a NPC.

The next question was… “Are you married?”
What a out of nowhere question. But I responded to them “Yes I do ^^”
Note: I’m not.
They sent another tell all like “Oh… Are you married now?”

Odd.. Very odd. Again. I told them “yes I am married ”

At this point. I started panicking at friends to fetch me. Then they said “I’m sorry for bothering you, I’m looking for a RP wife. I have a few option in mind.”

I’m a really friendly person. A human being behind a character. But to know I’m apparently someone’s dating/wife option. Kinda pisses me the fuck off.

Reminder: Everyone is human behind these character.