Aphrodite cabin headcanons:
  • They’re ridiculously healthy
  • Like really healthy
  • They eat mostly all organic foods and looove dark chocolate (it’s good for your heart and très romantique)
  • There’s a group of kids who are just obsessed with fashion
  • and they design and create clothes for the chb camp store
  • Also – matching godly parent t-shirts for an entire cabin
  • Lots of them grow up and move to the big cities bc their scent isn’t that strong to monsters and lots of them go to college or uni and open up beauty stores or have their own clothing line
  • Project runway marathons
  • They’re major fangirls (even the boys, especially the boys) and freak out about everything
  • Greek gossip center
  • an daughter of aphrodite and a daughter of athena have a very popular beauty blog/ online journal
  • !!! traveling !!!
  • Love (private) airplanes and jet setting fashionably bc most of their mortal parents are filthy rich
  • Very artsy and love makeup and the power of beauty
  • Relationship gurus
  • Squeal a LOT (you can always hear piper grumbling in the morning about not getting enough sleep bc of a late night gossip sesh)
  • Usually very cheery and just nice to be around
  • Romanticize the shit out of everything
  • Really accepting of all body types
  • The entire cabin was sooo happy when Ashley Nell Tipton won in PR
  • F l o r a l s
  • Have a cabin “theme” for each season
  • Pretty good with numbers and accounting
  • Know the best places to shop, the best time to go, and where the sales are at
  • Cute little cafes
  • Host the best parties/bashes with the Dionysus and Apollo kids
  • all the new campers look for an Aphrodite kid so that they can see the legend of the color changing eyes for themselves
  • Beautiful on the inside (well maybe not Drew)
  • They just have this magnetic force around them and everyone is so infatuated
  • These two Aphrodite and Hephaestus demigods worked together and developed a cellphone that didn’t attract monsters
  • Adele is their QUEEN
  • Give monthly makeovers to unsuspecting demigods
  • //misunderstood//
  • Dance and cheerleading are sports
  • Teach a yoga and aerobics class at camp
  • Suckers for romantic movies
  • The entire cabin’s eyes were red after they had watched 50 First Dates and everyone at camp avoided the topic of waffles and pineapples for a whole week
  • Always, always have a pocket mirror or a tissue handy
  • CHARMED PURSES THAT CAN HOLD EVERYTHING (courtesy of Aphrodite’s visits)
  • Actually know a lot about history and the romantic life of Greek heroes
  • Have a confidential book on everybody’s relationship (since the beginning of time started by Aphrodite herself)
  • !!!!!! Easily excited !!!!!!
  • Camp matchmakers
  • No one (not even the Hermes cabin) bets against their predicted pairings
  • But one time this one young cocky new Hermes kid bet against Percabeth and in the future was coincidentally rejected by every single girl at camp he asked out
  • Scary as hell if you insult their siblings bc they’re close knit and protective AF
  • ~ obsessed with roses and doves ~
  • Made tratie as camp’s most likely to get together and had the ship name trending online for about a good three weeks
  • Constantly take pictures for “the wall of relationship goals”
  • Emoji Queens (and Kings)
  • How to be a Heartbreaker by Marina and the Diamonds is Drew’s a n t h e m
  • Ability to get everyone to melt in “feels”
  • Perfected shocked gasps while clutching heart
  • Good actors and major drama queens that could maybe rival Zeus
  • There’s always that one kid who’s a fashionable punk and had an undercut and wears designer ripped jeans and leather jackets
  • Most used emoji is heart eyes
  • Call everyone by first initial like gossip girl
  • Piper fumes everytime drew calls her “P(ee)” and smiles smugly
  • Prideful and passionate and will rally to make things happen
  • #piperforpres2k22
  • Survive by watching cute and baby animal videos
  • Slayy at campfire songs
  • Crowd hazel everytime she visits and ask what precious gems she’s brought them this time
  • This one 5 yr old camper asked Frank if he could turn into a peacock and he did bc puppy eyes and he was so surprised when the child walked over and proceeded to pluck a feather for decoration
  • Annabeth screamed when she saw Frank as a peacock bc she thought it was Hera in disguise
  • Morning runsss to clear the mind and just the idea of exercise and all
  • Made Piper get autographs of Tristan McLean (she wasn’t very happy about that)
  • Constantly consulted by children of hephaestus for design ideas and ways to make things look better
  • Piper starting a “too lazy to put some effort in my outfit, but somehow look like i kinda tried and i look fabulous” trend
  • Really good at comforting people, like if you need someone, dial 1800aphrodite
  • Also really good at comebacks, yall better watch out bc they will slayy
  • Crazy powerful and almost always have the advantage of surprising ppl bc everyone thinks they’re maidens in distress (which they usually aren’t)
  • Dance parties w/ the entire camp
  • Always look amazing in the water???
  • Like they can do that one hair flip in that water which looks like a rainbow spiral thingy
  • Makeup is always perfect and eyebrows on fleek af
  • Instagram goalss
  • Really beautiful cryers (like some people look like a drowning rat while crying, but they just look like they’re in a movie)
  • Always know what to say and a+ flirters
  • Do really cliche cheesy and romantic stuff that make you fall in love with them 10x more
  • Really funny and its super attractive and overall super (duper) fun to be around
  • Hair is always like perfect?? And everyone is jelly bc no humidity issues
  • Amazing singers and have duets with apollo kids a lot
  • Know the basics of all the romance languages while some advanced/old campers can speak fluently
  • This one time they got a sibling from all the way from switzerland bc aphrodite vacayed there for a bit (and ofc she brought them chocolate)
  • !!! really good at getting what they want bc of pouty lips and puppy dog eyes !!!
  • lov e to cuddle
  • Mitchell is rlly talented with clothes and becomes the camp’s unofficial fashion guru for both all genders (or non genders, whatever floats your boat) of many different sizes
  • During piper’s reign (as cabin counselor) people embrace self love and being okay with all types of love (or not being in love)
  • Hugs!!!!
  • Smell sweet no matter what
  • Like the aphrodite girls did the dirty girl mud run and smelled like perfume even after all that exercise

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What are Your top 10 favorite inukag fanfics??

Oh ‘Nony, I love this question! But it’s also very hard to answer, because there are so many good fics! As it happens, I’ve already compiled a list similar to this, but I’m gonna go ahead and create another list, because there are some new and ongoing favorites I want to add to it. There may just be a little overlap between the two lists.

  1. Sachi by Quillwing717. I am so obsessed with this story, it’s almost ridiculous. The amount of time I’ve spent thinking about it and imagining different backstories for Kagome… *sighs happily*
  2. Waiting on a Wish by Quillwing717. Ugh, the InuKag chemistry. So good.
  3. The Half Breed’s Wife by Gypsyn (who is now on Tumblr, by the way! Rejoice and be glad!). I was so jazzed to find this fic (Grape and I even had a little squee fest about it XD). It’s just wonderful: the pacing, the budding relationship between InuKag, the world-building details, everything! I highly recommend it.
  4. Speed Dating for Dummies by Reinamy. I reread this one a lot, because it’s so funny and so cute and just ahhhhh.
  5. Phony Digits by StoatsandWeasels. I love how this story translates the InuKag dynamic into a modern setting. It’s funny and so entertaining, but it will also punch you in the face with feelings when you’re not expecting it. Go read it, you won’t regret it!
  6. Stolen by Discord1. I literally stayed up all night to read this, and then I reread it the next day.
  7. Therapeutic by everstar. It’s short, but man does it pack a wallop of feels. I reread this one a lot too. 
  8. I Hear Your Silence by KeiChanz. Oh gosh, I love how this story portrays the bond between Inuyasha and Kagome—all the little intimacies and silent moments they share. Augh, my heart.
  9. Metamorphosis by Sueric. Honestly, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve read this.
  10. Unspoken by forthright. I’m actually kind of a fiend for oneshots (and short stories in general), and this is one of my very favorite collections.

Most of these you’ve probably already read or seen, but they are all way up there on my list of favorites. (Also if you feel like squeeing about any of them, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO DO SO IN MY ASK BOX, I WILL SQUEE WITH YOU.)

Tumblr famous bloggers

You know, I have thought about this a bit and I believe it is time for a post. I often get to hear things like : “you are nice so I´m gonna ask you for advice” or “why do you treat me so nicely, I am just a small blog nobody knows me” or “ don´t waste your time with me”… Seriously? In what kind of community am I that the smaller blogs are afraid of asking stuff because they think I will look down at them or ridicule them or whatever.

There are  a lot of bloggers in this fandom who think that as soon as they have a certain amount of followers, they have the right to treat everyone who is “beneath” them like shit. I mean wtf?! And a lot of those blogs gets followers like hell and I still don´t get why. I mean, isn´t tumblr about sharing your obsessions with other bloggers and maybe start conversations? And not about fame or follower counter or arrogance? Like seriously, it is pissing me off!

I am quite popular now but goddammit I was a tumblr nobody a few months ago! And most of the fairly popular blogs treated me like shit. I wasn´t active on here for months because I thought I was not worth being here. And I didn´t forget that. That´s why I always say “I don´t care if you joined 5 minutes or years ago, fame doesn´t matter to me. Only a nice blog with a cute blogger does.” I just hate that some famous people have created their little  orbit here where only chosen blogs have the permission to be a part of, and this is fucking rude! And those bloggers are still popular as hell.

And they answer sweet questions with rude comments, but call themselves sarcastic afterwards. Well, for me sarcasm doesn´t include for example correcting spelling mistakes in asks, without even thinking that maybe not everyone on this website is a native speaker.

So, this rant isn´t meant to hurt anyone and I know for sure that there a lot of famous blogs who are the biggest cuties in this world so I am not talking about everyone. Also, some of you might think now: “ugh she is rather popular, she can talk.” Well, I do have a lot of followers, but that does not mean that I have changed personally! I just wanted to get this off my chest because it makes me so angry to always see the big differences between bloggers on tumblr. That´s all. Rant: over.

BJD Negativity Needs To Stop

I am so sick of all the negativity in this hobby. I don’t understand why people care so much about what about people do. It’s ridiculous. Why does it matter if someone sells their dolls frequently? Who are you to say someone’s doll is ugly or the worst? And why are people so OBSESSED with copying? You do realize that it is entirely possible to come up with a similar idea that someone else has had? And even if someone did “copy” an idea it will never be 100% the same since they will never be in your head.

Do your own thing! Have fun, and spread joy! Take pictures, make videos, post on the forums, talk about how excited you are! Don’t be afraid of this hobby. There are so many more positive people that want to see what you do then negative ones who try and bring people down. Don’t be afraid to make your OC or to dress your doll a certain way! 

Just remember what this hobby really means to you. If you feel sad, let someone know. Don’t hold onto these feelings and let them fester. Talk about your experience and let’s make a change!

There is something so wrong with people being scared of this hobby. This hobby shouldn’t bring sadness or hate. 

Let’s spread positivity and love! Let’s not make this hobby something it never should be. Let’s share, be inspired, and kind! 

I can bring you up when you’re going down
I can smash your head all over this town 

‘Cause we’re the queens of noise / come and get it boys (x)


I am finally done with this picture, holy crap. honestly I almost gave up and said forget it after I finished the KKT outfit…but I’m so glad I kept with it

I was so obsessed with the Chanel’s outfits on Scream Queens, some were terrible, some were amazing, all were ridiculous, so I drew some of my personal favorites!

sadly tumblr made me scale down the image because this file is ridiculously large so you can find the full image here

Our testimony...

After this fall’s season finale, OnceABC’s Twitter account spreading its Hook fangirling excitement on a daily basis, Lana’s comment on “sisterly love”, the relentless bullying from the likes of Charlotte P., the weird and frustrating interview Adam and Ed gave After Ellen, I took a break. I didn’t watch a single episode since forever, receded a bit on fanfiction. I couldn’t stay away from Twitter, though. I observed your tweets. I analysed your words. I also freaked myself out. I mean, I’m in a healthy relationship with a wonderful woman, I have a good job that I love, I am happy, I have a very fulfilling life… But I started to realize this this f****reaking ship was/is turning my world upside down.

I didn’t have any explanation for it. It just happened, this SwanQueen obsession. Everyone who bullies, threatens or ridicules us as a whole or a single swen pisses me off beyond reason. Every time one person dismisses our ship, either by calling it a delusion or by reminding us with glee how this relation will never be canon, I feel this anger, this unexplainable feeling of injustice twisting my gut. This hatred, though, along with your words, has helped me understand my attachment to this fictional relationship.

Every generation has their legendary couples, their favourite fairytales, their fetish love stories. Those stories are then passed to other generations as a gift, a reminder of what it was to be in love in their time, a lesson about their passions and affections. “Paris and Helena”, “Romeo and Juliet”, “Guinevere and Lancelot”, “Elizabeth Bennett and Mister Darcy”, “Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler”, “Johnny Castle and Baby Houseman”, etc.  The LGBT community has a very small sampling of these. Of course, heterosexual pairings being more numerous and homosexuality being condemned by religions and laws since forever didn’t ease the way for those romances to blossom.

That’s when something like SwanQueen catches people’s eyes. Because what does it have in common with all the aforementioned couples ? Everything ! Apart from their gender, they are IDENTICAL ! Everything, life, ranks, politics, families, separated these people. Those cherished love stories, they talk about forbidden love, about persons who are supposed to hate each other, who defy and challenge one another and then learn how to use their differences to achieve something. These tales picture couples that are born in hatred and war and prejudice, yet those couples ended up ablaze with the intoxicating flames of lust and devotion.

Swanqueen IS our contemporary fairytale. Swanqueen is a testimony of our generation’s LGBT love stories ! SwanQueen is our “Pride And Prejudice”, with a child ! This is why it is important to us. Heterosexuals have libraries full of epic romances from every moments through history. When something like SwanQueen is born, EVEN unintentionally, it makes a lot of emotions simmer in us : relief, hope, eagerness, expectations… When our awaiting eyes watch a daring Emma Swan cut down a fuming Regina Mills’ apple tree, when we see two mothers with lips 2 centimetres apart as they try to save their son, when we see a panicked redeemed Evil Queen pleading to a teary-eyed Saviour who sacrifices herself to save her, we read the same signs, emotions and tone that heterosexual people do when Lizzy teases and spurs Darcy, when the young woman refuses a proposal from a very close Fitzwilliam looking at her mouth or when Lydia’s disappearance forces Elizabeth’s walls to fall down before a caring gentleman.

So this is it. This is the reason of my unexpected incursion inside the world of “shipping”. SwanQueen would have been the testimony I wanted to pass to the future generations. Not a story about fairy dust/predestined romance or a true love not-true-love thingy with a shady hero/villain. I wanted a tale of revenge, redemption, forgiveness, sacrifices, passion and love between 2 beautiful women sharing a son, because it was new and true. 

I guess I will have to find it elsewhere. The queerbaiting went too far. They will never get one more of my audience point for all the next Sundays to come. I will still crave for this amazing love story, and I will find it where I know it will thrive : in the hands and minds of the amazing fanfiction writers out there. Where I will be shown respect and understanding.

Alex: Come on, Danica! Show some spirit! It’s spring!

Danica: No, Alex. It’s still cold. Now take that thing off your head! You look ridiculous!

(couldn’t put the dialogue in the drawing because there’s not enough space :P)

OK…so for some reason I am obsessed with andythelemon’s beautiful OCs, Alex and Danica, they are just adorkable^^ They don’t look exactly like them and the coloring sort of sucks…but they are fun to draw and I TRIED! LOL

Danica and Alex belong to their respectful owner, andythelemon

I don’t know anymore. It’s like I’m dreaming, and it’s like I am waking up from one. I obsess so much over you, I spent years pondering while you lived your life. All my thoughts, my feelings and ideas of you in a constant rewind inside of my mind. That’s all you are. A sequence that’s played over and over driving me mad. Exposing unhealthy emotions, ridiculous trickery of a fake fairytale. That’s all you are, inside of my mind; you’re make believe.
—  Michael Daaboul

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Do they think life just ends at 25? Like I'm 30 and I'll read the heck out of fan fiction and am deeply obsessed with all sorts of stuff. We all have every right to enjoy what we love, don't matter the age

i think some ppl rly do. for how progressive everyone claims to be they still have this mindset of school-college-work-marriage-kids-death that’s supposed to happen in your life and apparently there’s no room for enjoyment of any kind past 25 which is ridiculous

i don’t feel my age, i don’t look my age, the only way you’d know i’m not in my early 20s anymore is if you look at my id or smth. you don’t change with age, you don’t magically feel like an adult when you turn 18, 25, 30 or 40. what you have is hopefully personal growth and maturity but you don’t feel any different, you know?

anyway ofc you know sorry for the rant lol