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1. who’s your first bias and who’s your current one?

My first ever bias was Daesung from BIGBANG but like not long after that I found Minho from SHINee lol my current Bias ? I have to many but my 2 faves are Jaebum & Taehyung

2. why did you get into kpop?

Well my American friend told me about Kpop almost 7 years ago and she told me to listen to Rain so I did and I fell in love and now I am obsessed lol

3. if you could join any kpop group, who would you choose?

Blackpink ! those girls are so cute and I think they would be so much fun.

4. if all of your biases proposed to you, who would you choose?

You gonna make me choose ? this is disrespectful ! oh shit I literally cannot choose. I’m trying to pick between Tae & JB but I literally can’t I’m sorry !

5. if you could be in any fanfic, what would it be?

idk man I actually haven’t read any kpop fanfics before !! if y'all know of any good ones LET ME KNOW !!

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Negan AU where he is an alpha of a werewolf pack and you're his mate, a girl who is smaller than usual and a virgin & he is scared he might literally break her but she loves it hard and rough?

I LOVE this AU! Omfg you have no idea how obsessed with werewolves I am 😍😍😍✨✨✨✨✨ I’ll add this to the to do list!❤️

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Hey! I'm glad you reblogged that post about straight girls arguing over who tops! Its something that really bothers me in the Larry fandom because it feels more like fetishizing than support when people obsess over their sex lives, not just who tops but also all the sexual head cannons and fan art - it's ok for fictional couples, but for real people it always seemed really invasive and inappropriate. Anyway, can you recommend me your fave Larry blogs that don't do that? Thanks!! :)

I mean tbh I used to be one of those annoying “straight girls” (funny, since I am neither straight, nor a girl) that would argue about this and I am embarrassed by my past self. :D Now I am like… meh? I mean I have my headcanons and I tend to avoid certain tropes and blogs, but overall I think I will take them on their word that they “share that really.”

As for the sexual headcanons and fanart, I would say they themselves have behaved in very sexual ways and I personally can’t pretend they don’t want that to be read as sexual? Like say, Harry wearing a collar in AM. It’s a bdsm collar, it’s naive to think he had no idea what it was especially considering the pictures posted later about where it came from etc. 

My issue is when people either only talk about their sex life or make everything about their sex life. I don’t want to give examples (I might, if you came off anon), but it’s a thing the fandom does (and I myself have been guilty of in the past and probably still do sometimes).

Basically I think nsfw fan art, headcanons and fanfic are cool as long as they are not the only reason you are here. 

About sfw blogs I will give you a list of some but jsyk i might be guessing about some of them so you might have to ask some of them if they post nsfw stuff. 

Also, I don’t think i follow that many larries anymore and I followed a lot of new people that I am not incredibly familiar with yet, but I will try to do my best.

@aaronbutterfield (never really saw him post anything nsfw but ask just in case) 

@alarrylarrie (pretty sure amanda is sfw but i have only been following for a few days I might be very wrong :D)

@cosenoditea (they haven’t been on in months and I haven’t talked to them in a while but i hope they will come back, they are literally one of my fav people)

@diggingandfluff (very sfw and always has been)

@dogsliampaynedoesntinstagram (very sfw and also has a lot of interesting opinions on politics etc.)

@droppingtheveilofmaya (very sfw also like the nicest person on this hellsite) 

@funreadingchick (i actually can’t promise about this one but I rather enjoy the content)

@halobey (again you’d have to ask)

@irretrishtible (pretty sure but again ask, anyway very cute blog)

@lapelosa (sfw - she has a few posts with more sexual content but they are from older times. anyways also like one of my top 3 fav probably)

@larrinfinity (actually i am entirely uncertain but I feel compelled to rec my friends :D)

@larryloveforeverforever (pretty sure she’s sfw but again ask?)

@lawyerlarrie (pretty sfw)

@meliorasequentur ( i might be wrong, i just like their opinions a lot)

@noechan (more of a multi fandom blog but i like them)

@nsfwboyfriends - (surprisingly pretty sfw although i am not sure how active they are)

@ohnooooonedirection (she hasn’t been on much lately but i still very much enjoy her and she’s a very smart and interesting person)

@opinionatedbish (I am not sure how much she’s been around, but she wrote that cool essay about babygate on her wordpress and I like her a lot, you might want to ask about nsfw)

@pour-some-sugar-on-me-baby ( a bit of everything really, but still nice)

@perfectboyfriends (might want to ask about nsfw again)

@quietasides (they make a lot of gifs and it’s sfw I think?)

@saracha33 (very sfw)

@srslycris (very sfw)

@softlouiswarmharry (sfw and cute blog)

@septembertwentyninth (again would need to ask, but she’s very friendly)

@stylinsooon (tbh she posts more skam and other stuff these days but)

@sexatoxbridge (don’t let the url fool you it’s mostly dogs, memes and long discussions about current bs)

@t-from-paris (again i think she’s sfw but I might be wrong?)

also possibly

@obviouslymeandyou and @ham-let-faq but i have only been following them for a short amount of time so i am not sure.

and that’s all i have? sorry if I’ve missed someone or added a nsfw blog. there are a few blogs i enjoy I am on the fence about whether or not they post nsfw stuff ( @thendowncamethelightning @zenlikejen @tellmethisisnotlove @freddiesmyqueen @adifferentkindofson @bearmustard @spandeedie @verily-i-say - they might occasionally but then so do I?, anyway, they are good eggs.)

If your blog is pretty sfw and I’ve missed you, add yourself? 

Shout out to fit girls...
  • Shout out to fit girls without perfectly flat tummies.
  • Shout out to fit girls with wide thighs and cellulite.
  • Shout out to fit girls who don’t have time to prepare instagram-worthy smoothie bowls and hate kale but do their best to eat well anyways.
  • Shout out to fit girls who struggle to reconcile their love of working out with disordered eating/obsessive exercise, you are badass warrior bitches, I am so proud of you.
  • Shout out to fit girls who can’t afford cute workout clothes but go to the gym and kick ass in sweats and old T-shirts.
  • Shout out to fit girls with loose skin and stretch marks, you are still beautiful and powerful and you deserve to feel sexy and confident as fuck.
  • Shout out to fit girls struggling with mental/physical illness.
  • Shout out to fit girls just beginning their journey who battle discouragement and self-doubt on a daily basis.
  • Shout out to fit girls who hate cardio.
  • Shout out to fit girls with disabilities.
  • Shout out to fit girls recovering from injuries.

You are all rock stars.

i find it kind of funny, i find it kind of sad
the dreams in which i’m dying
are the best i’ve ever had.


His obsession with ramen 

Q: whats your ideal girl? 

WH: a  girl who knows how to cook ramen 

WH: *looks @ kihyun* kihyunie~ 

KH: (but) i am a man 

WH: gender doesnt matter as long as they know how to cook ramen ;) 

WH: i love you~ ♡  

Underrated K-Pop Groups (Male Edition)

So basically I was thinking about all of the underrated groups and decided to make a small post about them. I will eventually make a female edition of this list!

1. Boyfriend- Bounce, Obsession, Boyfriend, Witch, Glider.

2. Topp Dogg- The Beat, Arario, TOPDOG, Follow Me.

3. Monsta X- All In, Hero, Trespass, Rush.

4. History- Might Just Die, Psycho, What am I to You, Dreamer, Queen.

5. U-Kiss- Stalker 끼부리지마, One Shot One Kill, Believe, Stop Girl, Neverland.

6. B1A4- Sweet Girl, Tried to Walk, Lonely, Beautiful Target, Baby good night, What’s Happening.

7. UP10TION- Attention, So Dangerous, Catch Me

8. Royal Pirates- Run Away, Drawing The Line, Dangerous.

9. UNIQ- EOEO, Best Friend, Falling In Love, Happy New Year, Luv Again

10. Boys Republic- Get Down, The Real One, Video Game, Hello, Party Rock.

11. MADTOWN- Emptiness, OMGT, YOLO, New World.

12. ROMEO- Miro, Nightmare, Target, Lovesick.

And now for some groups who aren’t completely underrated, but still need some more love!

1. VIXX- Dynamite, Chained Up, [hyde], Error, G.R.8.U, Voodoo Doll, Eternity, Super Hero.

2. Block B- Toy, Very Good, Her, A Few Years Later, Jackpot, Nillili Mambo,  NalinA

3. B.A.P- Feel So Good, Young, Wild, & Free, One Shot, No Mercy, Where Are You?, 1004 (Angel).

4. Winner- Sentimental, Baby Baby, Empty, I’m Young.

Anyways, feel free to add some groups that are underrated that I didn’t put on the list! I know there are a hell of a lot more.


Coffee Book Tag! 

Thank you, Marianna from Impressionblend for tagging me. This tag is called the Coffee book tag (obviously), and although I am not really a coffee drinker at all (but completely obsessed with tea) I think I can manage. I also might add my own tea related ones to the end.  I will tag Cait at PaperFury and Sarah at Commas and Ampersands (neverbythebook).

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