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I have 3 confessions actually. 1. I absolutely love eating pussy, it's so fun to lick and suck on a girls swollen clit and make then cum. 2. My roommate always has girls over and they sleep on our couch and I always go out when they are sleeping and masturbate next to them. 1 girl woke up and swallowed my whole load and then fell back asleep. 3. I am super obsessed with lactating girls, for some reason it's super attractive to me and always gets me rock solid.

3 for 1 submission! 😍💋

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me in junior high: oh man, i sure am obsessed with this girl and think about her multiple times a day. It's definitely because we are academic rivals and in all the same classes, and i follow her around and randomly IM her because i want to disrupt her study schedule and give myself an edge. this is completely logical behavior and in no way reminiscent of a repressed and kinda unhealthy crush. i just want to get better grades than her. yes.


I’m thinking of doing some more Ryden vs Brendon’s song lyrics stuff just because I am an overly obsessed, gay loving, weirdo girl who finds pleasure in getting your teen hearts beating. So here is house of memories:

If you’re a lover, you should know
The lonely moments just get lonelier
The longer you’re in love
Than if you were alone
- Brendon and Ryan could’ve been together for years, but perhaps Brendon saw that he was lonelier after the break. Ryan went through multiple girl friends but always picked himself up and had friends to fall back on, but Brendon didn’t have that same feeling for him. So he latched onto Sarah. Maybe Bren thought Ryan never really loved him, so when Ry was in ‘lonely moments’ he wasn’t lonely because he knew what being alone was like, for he “faked” being in love with Brendon, but Bren felt truly alone after the break because he had Ryan in his heart for so long
Memories turn into daydreams- everything they once had became hazy because he couldn’t tell what real feelings were going around, making him believe those memories were made up and purely his daydreams
I don’t want to be afraid
The deeper that I go
It takes my breath away
- I’ll just straight up say it: butt sex
Soft hearts electric souls- sex
Heart to heart and eyes to eyes- making love
Is this taboo?- is it wrong to love a man? is it wrong to feel so passionate about someone? 
Take my picture now
Shake it til you see it- Ryan took a lot of polaroid pictures
And when your fantasies
Become your legacy
- Ryan was Brendon’s fantasy. Ryden has become Bren’s legacy with many fans
Promise me a place
In your house of memories
- Brendon just wants Ryan to remember him. To have his mind taunted the same way Brendon’s has come to be
I think of you from time to time- we all know Brendon can’t help but think of Ryan *coughtmzcough*
More than I thought I would- once he was married he thought it would all just disappear
You were just too kind- Ryan is a sweetheart
And I was too young to know- they were both very young
That’s all that really matters- he’s trying to convince himself it was nothing but teenage exploration and it meant nothing more than that
I was a fool- Brendon still doesn’t think Ryan ever loved him
Those thoughts of
Past lovers
They’ll always haunt me
- Ryan’s image crashes into his mind, pouring into his music, haunting his very existence
I wish I
Could believe
You’d never wrong me
- he wants to pretend they never fought. That Ryan loved him. He wants to convince himself that Sarah won’t do the same so he can go on with his life, but Ryan is the only man he loved. A taboo love. A strong love. How could it not change his feelings forever?
Then will you
Me in the same way
As I remember you
- he remembers Ryan as the first man he loved; he places him in a special place in his mind, above everyone else
Promise me a place
In your house of memories
In your house of memories
Promise me a place
- he ends it repetitiously and specifically with promise me a place rather than in your house of memories because he can’t stop thinking about if Ryan ever thinks of him and he wants Ryan to swear a vow that he’ll always have a place in his mind. Ryan Hasn’t put out a lot of music, but it’s obvious he is doing fine without Brendon (on the outside at least, which is the only side Brendon sees). Bren has no way to truly know how Ryan feels about him. 

anyway at the social gathering last night i went on a minutes-long tirade about fanfiction and what i do in my spare time: ie, write fanfic about a dnd podcast to the other people in my major, ended up explaining fanfic to another girl who seemed genuinely fascinated, talked about how fuckin obsessed i am, learned another girl knows fucking taz and has probably read fic cause she also knows what fic, ao3, etc are, and now im terrified that she’ll find me, and anyway, that’s where my life is at. 

on the plus side! ratchet studio byo went real well! look how Aesthetic we all look! look at my lighting! me and my studio boy bought that for 16 dollars on amazon and it was the best purchase of my life. 

Just in case you guys were wondering if I still am obsessed with Zutara: A girl I don’t know that well invited me to her apartment for pancakes the other day, and after she told me she loved Avatar I spend the entire hour I was there talking about nothing but the Book 4 conspiracy and how Zutara fit the narrative 10x better than any show couple canon or not

Hmmm I wonder why I am so obsessed with this girl I talked to… Guess I just want to be her friend because she’s not in my friendship group™… I feel butterflies in my stomach when I talk to her because I don’t want to mess this new friendship up… What a nice smile…

Hey everyone! After being on tumblr for a few years (yikes lol), I realize I never did a proper introduction!

• My name is Liz (technically my nickname but let’s just roll with it)

• i’m 18

• i’m a gemini

• I freaking love broadway musicals (hamilton, heathers, wicked… you get the picture)

• slytherin

• i’ve changed my studyblr name so much lol (formerly lizleestudies & lizleethestudybee)

• i speak English and Spanish

•i’ll be majoring in Civil Engineering in uni

• i am obsessed with glee, gossip girls, Gilmore girls…anything that was popular between 2001-2012 i really love

• I made a studyblr after being inspired by: @studyign @studypetals @studydiaryofamedstudent @studyquill @hermionerd-studies @lycheestudy

• and that’s about it y'all!

rb if you want me to follow you, and check my stuff out when you can. Later!

  • *Me every time during Burn*
  • Eliza: I'm erasing myself from the narrative
  • Me: Yeeess
  • Eliza: The world has not place in our bed, they don't get to know what I said
  • Me: Yaaaasss
  • Eliza: You forfeit the place in our bed, you sleep in your office instead
  • Except also me every time during the Finale
  • Eliza: I put myself back in the narrative, I stop wasting time on tears I live another 50 years
  • Eliza: I raise funds in D.C. for the Washington Monument
  • Eliza: I speak out against slavery
  • Eliza: I establish the first private orphanage in New York City

Celebrity inspiration post!!

Ok so here is one of my most recent celebrity inspirations! I am obsessed with this girl Iskra Lawrence!
I came across her completely by accident, when i was looking though his plus size model instagram and i became obsessed! 

Although she is quite small, she is still considered a plus size model and I’m ok with that only because my personal opinion is that models and people portrayed in the media should be an inspiration to us all, and i believe that she is inspiring because she is of a healthy size and although doesn’t have the so called “thigh-gap” she is INSANELY fit (just have a look at some of her instagram videos). She is not only is she drop dead gorgeous but also a great plus size and fitness inspiration!


me in the accursed seventh grade: why am i so obsessed with that girl? why am i shy around her why do i look at her in class and want to be around her… oh i got it! i must be JEALOUS of her because i have a CRUSH on her BOYFRIEND which explains why my feelings about her are romantic, because they’re about her boyfriend