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I'm a girl, (5'5",) dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, sort of curvy, but not really, obsessed with YouTube, (especially Dan and Phil,) Doctor Who, Phan, Netflix, and My Chemical Romance. I'm a pretty happy person, and I love food, (I'm a vegetarian, by the way,) even though I wear a lot of black and am pretty antisocial. Panromantic lesbian. Love DC Comics. Super nerdy. My life exists only on the internet.


Internet Support Group (Dan Howell Fluff)

Summary ~ Dan normally skims over the emails trying to find new ones for his video, but yours intrigued him.

Word ~ 1278

Requested ~ Yes

Dan Pov
I sat at my computer ready to look for some emails to put in my next Internet Support Group. I got the normal ones about loving your best friend, being obsessed with fictional boys, proposals and the occasional dick pic. I was looking through them when I stumbled upon an email titled ‘Fuck Off Mate’ I curiously clicked on it and started reading.

Hey Dan, I have a problem.

I love the internet it is great, before you click off I am not asking you for procrastination advice.

I was sitting in class looking at some internet videos when one of the girls in my class came over to me and sighed. She then continued to tell me that I would never get a guy if I was always on the internet. I laughed it off trying to ignore her but she kept pushing the conversation say, 'Do you ever wonder why no one wants to ask you out? It’s because no one knows who you are because you are never at any parties, you are too busy on the internet’ I told her to 'hop off my shit and that just because I’m not a slut doesn’t mean I have no sex life’ She seemed shocked by my answer and left me alone.

Then the next day I was sitting on my phone in I.T class when the same girl shouted to get everyone’s attention. She then turned on the projector showing my vine account. On my vine account I make edit s of Youtubers and celebrities with the occasional funny video and a cover. Everyone started laughing as she scrolled through my videos. I wasn’t upset because I knew that if I was putting up those videos publicly, they might be seen by people I know. I was more annoyed that she was trying to embarrass me when I have never done anything to her. I stood up asking why she felt the need to try and embarrass me even though she doesn’t know me, she simply shrugged saying it was fun. I was face to face with her now and my blood was boiling. She continued to say I was a loser just like these internet people which resulted in me slapping her. And because I have such good luck the teacher walked in just as I slapped her. Need less to say I was sent to the principals office, and was told I was suspended. My parents are furious with me and are threatening to take away with internet. I don’t even care about being suspended, how do I convince my parents to let me keep my Wifi?

I looked at the email taking it in before I burst out laughing. I didn’t want to wait til I filmed my video to answer her question. I opened a new email and started to reply to her.

Hey, It’s Dan Howell.

I have received your email and I must say I have never read anything like it. I understand how annoying 'popular’ people are. I appreciate you standing up for me and my fellow Youtubers, and I do not blame you for slapping her she sounds horrible. My favourite part of your email is that you don’t care about being suspended you only care about internet. You remind me of myself oddly. I wouldn’t have hit her because I am so timid, but if I had balls I would have done the exact same thing. As for the internet problem there is only one thing to do, lie. You have to tell your parents that it was a mistake, you don’t know what came over you, you might have to do some charity work just to prove how horrible you feel. I hope you get your internet.

Keep me updated on your story, or even tell me some of your other adventures by titling them 'Fuck Off Mate’ So I know it is you.

Sincerely Dan.

I filmed my video and got on with the rest of my day. It was late at night when I felt the urge to check my email again. I logged in and searched for an email from her. There was one. I didn’t hesitate to click on it ready for some fan-girling words and maybe her asking for a follow but it was completely different.

Hey Dan,

Firstly thank you for answering my email. I did lie to my parents and as a punishment I have to spend the next week with my nan, but she has internet because she is a badass. I am glad that you understand why I slapped her, everyone else seemed so bitchy about it telling me.

'It was unnecessary’

'I could be in big trouble’

'How will I explain this when I get a job’

To those questions I answer. 1: You were not there you, don’t understand how slappable her face looked in that moment.

2:I am in big trouble. It is to late for future tense you are telling me this while I get my stuff from my locker so that I can leave the school.

3: I don’t know much about applying for a job but I don’t think they get your records and if they do then they understand that I am a badass mofo and they should hire me straight away.

I unfortunately do not have any other stories as I am normally a very boring person. I just keep my head down and stay away from the assholes. I wish I did have more to tell you, because then we would email for longer. Thank you again for answering my email and giving me advice.


I read her email enjoying her sarcastic humour and genuine writing style. I wanted to continue our email conversations so I started writing. I told her that I really enjoyed her humour, and that I think that she is the first person that is on the same sarcastic level as me. I told her that any job would be lucky to have such and intelligent girl with a good slap. We emailed back and fourth all night and suddenly it was 6am. I enjoyed her comments on different things that were going on in the world. Around her 5th email I followed her on twitter so that we could DM, so that I didn’t have to keep checking and searching for a response. I DMed her again telling that I had to go to bed but I wanted to talk to her tomorrow.
The next day I DMed her a 2pm I waited for a reply. At 3pm I realized that she may have a life so I distracted myself with other things. At 7pm I couldn’t distract myself any-more so I checked my twitter again. I was happy to see that she had replied to me 20 minutes ago.

Hey Dan sorry I didn’t reply earlier I was in town getting a board game and some books, how was your day?

My day was very uneventful, what did you get?

I went to Orcs Nest to get the Tokaido game, then I went to the book shop to get A Work In Progress by Connor Franta and Girl Online by Zoe Sugg.

That’s cool, I didn’t know that Orcs Nest had other shops in other places.

Well I went to the same one as you so I don’t know if it has other shops in other places.

Wait you are in London.


Do you maybe want to meet up?

Seriously? That sounds awesome.

And that was the first day of the rest of my life.


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I was reading the info blurb thing on your blog and I read your job as hot, yoga instructor not hot yoga instructor and I was like "damn you go girl, love yourself" haha

Omg I need to update my bio I’ve gotten like 10 people who think I’m just obsessed with myself

… Lol but if we’re being honest, I am a HOT yoga instructor who teaches hot yoga 😏😏😏😏

This is my new baby girl Sadie! She is the most amazing little one in the world. She is about seven weeks old and is a lab/ border collie mix! I am obsessed with her, so of course she has her own blog @shitheadsadie! I hope you all love her as much as I do!

YouTube Channels I watch:

Many/most of these YouTubers fit into at least two of the following categories, but I’ve tried to group them by their more dominating overall theme :) Some are my friends, some are people I’ve never had contact with, and everything in between. I owe a lot of my feminist education to many of the ladies in that category, so I definitely recommend hitting subscribe on those channels.

(Asterisks indicates a channel I am obsessed with and love to binge watch) 


Feminism/Social Issues/Rad Women:

Spirituality and Life: 


If you have any channels to recommend based on my interests (or would like to share your own), please feel free to reblog or comment below :)

(PS You can check out my own channel HERE!)


On twitter Marlene tweeted ‘BY+AM are family’ or something along the lines of that. I think that means that Bethany Young is Aria’s twin. I think it could explain whys arias so obsessed with mirrors. It symbolizes that there’s two of her. That she has a twin. I think that story Ali told Hanna in the Halloween episode was about Aria or Bethany, which is why Bethany was sent to radley. The story has two twin girls fighting over dolls. Maybe this is why Aria’s also obsessed with dolls. Im not an Aria is A theorist but maybe this is why Aria is always acting so shady. Everything she dies symbolizes something i.e. looking in mirrors,obsession with dolls. aria-is-a-pll ariaisafantheory

What I Think....

FINALLY! Now that they kind of sort of denied Camren I can move on with ma life 😏 lol NAHHHHHHH! I am not an obsessed Camren shipper. I could honestly stop right now and forget that I even thought they were cute together in a romantic way. I knew they were going to talk about it sooner or later, but I’m still extremely iffy about those two. THEY ALL LITERALLY get shipped with one another all the time. There are manips of Norminah and Laurinah as well as videos of them on tumblr and on vine. What pisses me off is that Lauren still interacts and is all cute with the other girls EXCEPT with Camila. I don’t know them personally and I really don’t give a fuck about their lives. Yes I am a fan and will support them because I like Fifth Harmony as a whole group. I do not favor one girl over the other. They are all different and I love that about them. As for their personal lives I could care less. But the fact that Lauren acts that way towards Camila because of the Camren rumors makes me want to like punch her in the face. I don’t care if I lose followers it’s just that she Is EXAGGERATING to the fucking extreme by not touching, hugging, getting close or even kissing Camila on the cheek in public. I mean damn don’t kiss her on the cheek, but at least get close to your fucking FRIEND. Fucking hold her hand or put your arm around the girl when taking a picture. She spends so much time talking about how she doesn’t care about what others think but yet she flips out over Camren. No man like if you don’t want someone speculating about you and another person being in a relationship, you say something about it. That’s what she did with Louis right? And with that other guy, why not do the same with Camila. It’s just sad guys. It’s so sad that they let this get to them like that. That it led them, especially Lauren to act like this with the other. People get shipped all the time with their besties and I’ve yet to see someone act like Lauren does with Camila. At least Camila tries to interact with Lauren sometimes. It’s just so sad.. ✌🏼

Marina and the Diamonds Themed Ask
  • The Family Jewels
  • Are You Satisfied:What is something you want to accomplish in your lifetime?
  • Shampain:What is something that helps you feel better when you're sad?
  • I Am Not A Robot:Have you ever told someone a lie to make yourself look better?
  • Girls:Have you ever gotten into a physical fight?
  • Mowgli's Road:Do you eat your mac & cheese with a fork or a spoon?
  • Obsessions:What is something you're obsessed with?
  • Hollywood:Do you want to live in America when you're older?
  • The Outsider:What is something you get stressed about?
  • Guilty:What's your guilty pleasure?
  • Hermit The Frog:What's your favorite animal?
  • Oh No!:What is more important to you, success or family + friends?
  • Seventeen:How old are you?
  • Numb:Are you a morning or night person?
  • Electra Heart
  • Bubblegum Bitch:Do you chew gum a lot?
  • Primadonna:Would you consider yourself a picky person?
  • Lies:What's the biggest lie you've ever told?
  • Homewrecker:Have you ever accidentally broken up someone else's relationship?
  • Starring Role:Do you like attention?
  • The State of Dreaming:Do you remember your dreams well?
  • Power & Control:Are you a "neat-freak"?
  • Sex Yeah:What is one thing you are passionate about?
  • Valley of the Dolls:What is your favorite book?
  • Hypocrates:What is your pet peeve?
  • How To Be A Heartbreaker:Do you have a hard time opening up to people?
  • Radioactive:What is one song that gets you pumped up?
  • Fear and Loathing:Are you afraid of the dark?
  • Froot
  • Happy:What is one hobby that makes you happy?
  • Froot:What is your favorite fruit?
  • I'm A Ruin:Are you good at letting go of the past?
  • Blue:What is one song that puts you in a good mood?
  • Forget:Are you forgetful?
  • Gold:What is your favorite color?
  • Can't Pin Me Down:What is one thing that makes you angry?
  • Solitaire:Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
  • Better Than That:Are you good at holding in your anger?
  • Weeds:What is your favorite flower?
  • Savages:Are you a spiritual person?
  • Immortal:If you had the choice, would you want to live forever?

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At the last show I had a Larry sign with me (nothing big it was just a picture of them both with a little heart in the middle) and this girl came up to me being really rude and mean about it. She said I was just a straight girl obsessed with gay men or something? And I told her I was a lesbian, so she started getting really close to me and touching me and when I expressed I was uncomfortable she went back to her friends laughing about how much of a liar I am?? I'm still like what the fuck

What a fucking weird asshole.


I went shopping today - yeey - and went into Muji. Bought a notebook (yes, AGAIN!) *sigh*, an erasable pen and an organiser (i’ll keep my post-its in there). Of course, i also bought coffee - bc every studyblr needs coffee, duh. Aaaand the new virgin mojito bodypeeling from the Body Shop - because why not? Spend the rest of my evening reading the second book of Eragon - i actually never got past the first one. I always regretted it because i loved the first one. So here i am. Reading Christopher Paolini. And i’m - of course - still amazed by his writing skills.

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You need to get a life and stop obsessing over two people that you do not personally know/will probably never meet.

Three things to address here:
“get a life”
PAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you must not know me baby allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kimani. I am a track athlete (and have been for 14 years). I am on full scholarship at UCLA. I study design (which is my life) and have been studying architecture for 5 years now. I am a tennis player (which I have been playing longer than I’ve been running track) a girl’s singles regional champion and also former hitting partners with Serena’s niece. I’m an artist and designer and currently working at an art gallery/ artist complex here in Miami. Miami being where I have also pursued another side career of mine: modeling. It’s not my main priority but I’ve done my fair share of shows and shoots for designers, photographers and artists. I am also a pianist and occasional vocalist (when my cousin who is a music producer asks me to….) I am a decent friend and an alright daughter and a paid blogger for an arts program. “Get a life” which one?
“stop obsessing…”
LMAO THIS IS JUST ANOTHER HOBBY. What the hell is wrong with supporting my favorite artist and a guy who’s making her happy right now? How about YOU stop worrying about me ;)
“over two people you’ll never know personally/ meet”
You must not know about when I met Taylor and when she posted about me on her Instagram but that sounds like a personal problem you should probably work out for yourself.
So how about this, instead of being a hateful asshole who has to hide behind the word “anonymous”, how about YOU go get a life and stop obsessing over who I’m “obsessing” over and get your shit together because I’ve been weak before and right now I am stronger than ever. Anything you say to me is nothing I haven’t already said to myself before. You chose the wrong one bby. Go fuck with one of them other girls who will take your shit but this ain’t her. I know who I am lmaoo bye

@stylelikeu My style is all about nostalgia. I own very few new clothes and i am obsessed with thrift stores and finding things from the past. I love wearing things that probably meant something to someone else and creating new meaning and memories. I like to think of myself as a woman from the past who has the power to decide how she is seen. I think people assume my style is intentional and interesting. While i love fashion, i dont consider myself very fashionable. I guess i equate fashion to how expensive a garment is. Maybe thats wrong. Either way, i love that i have a style people assume cost me a lot but really didnt cost much at all. #iamwhatsunderneath #6forselfacceptance @mulatto_mermaiid @mehgantonjes @milesjai @cara.brooks @powderpink @ashlay_m @jetblaque #naturalhair #blackgirls #plussize #bodypositivity #style #fashion http://ift.tt/1HHp1Dm