One of my new projects that I am working on.
I am not a big fan of posting a project online that isn’t finished, but I am way to excited, and I just started with this jacket. So what do you think? Do you like this basic already?

Now it’s time to put a lot of shit on it and make it more pretty and more wastelander-ish, suggestions are welcome :) you can leave them in the comments if you want to.

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Are you going to ECCC by any chance? I think it would be so cute if you could gift Cait with a doll wearing one of your special creations. I bet she would love it! If you aren't going, maybe you could send her a doll with a special outfit of her very own. She'd think of you every time she looked at it. Just a suggestion from one of YOUR fans. Love your work.

Oh wow! Well thank you for being a fan, first of all. Really appreciate all the love for the DollFrasers.

And no, unfortunately I am on the wrong continent to go to the ECCC. I am based in the UK.

However, I have been wondering myself whether I should find another couple of dolls to be Claire and Jamie, and make them outfits and then perhaps send them to one of the ladies who are attending - I am friendly with a few! 😄- and they could give them to Cait and Sam on my behalf….

What do you think? And what outfits should I do if so?

Sherlock fans please read

Okay hi! So I have seen SO much Sherlock hate on my dash recently and it’s rather upsetting to think that fans are turning on eachother because they all have different views. Now I am a johnlock fan and I was rather disheartened by the fact that the show didn’t end that way and I also was a little upset that sherlock didn’t focus on the relationships we all knew instead of a new one with someone we didn’t know. I am aware that a lot of people have been posting hate due to this which I find rediculous as a lot of time, money and effort has gone into this show for our entertainment
I also know that the non johnlock Shippers have been hating on the Johnlock shippers because they are expressing their views and I believe thats worse than being upset that there was no gay in Sherlock
Tumblr is a place to express your views even if they are different from everyone else’s and it’s a place people are supposed to feel safe from the hate they may encounter in real life
So I want to put a stop to all of the hate. Towards both sherlock and Johnlock shippers. It’s not worth it at all
Stop the negativity people
We’re a fandom and I don’t know about you but to me that means family

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Hi Emily! Big fan, love you and your book and everything you do. Do you have any advice on working with people with whom who I am friends? Particularly if I am going to be the one in the superior position in the work place? I am terrified of destroying friendships but I also think that my friend would be a great addition to our team and we could do brilliant things together. With your experience in the comedy world I thought you might have come across this before. Thank you so much.

I work with friends all the time. Sometimes I’m the boss and sometimes they’re the boss. Sometimes it goes great, sometimes it’s not so great, most of the time it’s just fine. 

When you’re a boss of friends, here are a few tips:

-Don’t hire someone just because they are your friend. Hire them (like you said) because you think they’d make a good addition to the team, you appreciate their work, etc and so on. 

-If not everyone you’re working with is a pal, don’t single out your pal for buddying up and fun times. Have fun with all your staff, or be business-like with all your staff- whatever your boss style is. 

-Do your best to be objective when evaluating a friend’s performance. Your friendship cannot enter into your supervising relationship. That employee (who is also a friend) has to be as much of a blank slate as all your other employees are while you are their boss- you have to pretend you know nothing about how your employee drinks coffee, who they’re dating, how they handle stress, what they do when they’re angry….. I actually sometimes would do a dumb thing where I’d say to a pal “Ok, I’m going to put on my boss pants” as a way to set the conversation to work only. I am a big advocate for strong boundaries- when I’m at work, I’m at work. It sometimes means I miss out on silly conversations with pals. To me it’s worth it, and it makes hanging out with those pals off of work hours more fun, and it makes the thing we’re working on better. 

-The natural inclination of humanity is to get away with stuff at work and to resent the boss a little bit. It’s just kinda true, even if you work hard and have a fun job and have passion and are committed. And even if you’re friends with the boss. Don’t let your feelings be hurt by little employee stuff that you find your friends doing. It’s weird for them too.  

-If you need to delegate or assign tasks to your employees, do it the same way you’d do it for anyone: firm and with kindness and open ears. No apologizing. No backtracking or qualifying why. 

-And if you need to have any sort of disciplinary conversation with your friend, do it the same way you’d do it for anyone: firm, clearly communicated, and succinct. 

Overall my advice could be summed up as- separate your friend feelings from your boss feelings. Don’t let your friend feelings be affected by something your employee does, and don’t let your boss feelings be affected by something your friend does. You’ll figure out how you like to handle things and make adjustments along the way. 

And if a friendship or relationship is really really special to you and you’re afraid you’ll fuck it up- don’t do it. Good employees are everywhere. Good friends are not. 

A little rant

I have started studying film. I’m working on writing some screenplay samples and I want to start directing skits and short films for youtube when I can afford a camera. My brother runs a youtube channel reviewing films, and he has had a major impact on me when it comes to cinema and television.

So knowing all this, I assumed my predictions for every plot device and outcome in Sherlock season 4 was a mix of cynicism and deduction which I had hoped I had developed from being such a big fan of BBC Sherlock since it’s inception.

I was wrong.

Over the course of two days I purchased and completed the entirety of Sherlock season 4 and I am bitterly disappointed with how they chose to end it. Now please know that whilst I am disappointed, I liked it. I found it enjoyable and somewhat clever, and we saw development for characters that I did not think we would get to see. 

Now I will proceed to pick apart every inch of Sherlock season 4 in order, whilst arguing against some of the frankly unnecessary criticisms I’ve seen in the later episodes. So let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

Episode 1.

The car ride. Why was Sherlock there for the pregnancy? Why in the same car? Why would the Watsons take the extra time to drive to 221B and pick up Sherlock when we know his preferred method of transportation is a cab? This seems highly impractical.

Sherlock is a dick. No, not in the way we know him to be, all smart and analytical and full of himself. No, this Sherlock can’t manage to stay off his twitter even when his goddaughter is being baptized. And if you’re going to use atheism as an excuse please don’t bother because we are all aware that Sherlock is more than capable of showing human decency.

The table. Even with Sherlock being… Well, Sherlock, there’s no reason why he should get so hung up on an empty space on a table. And the detail about the motion sensor? It’s impossible for Sherlock to have found such a tiny detail important enough to store in his hard drive which we know has limited space. He would have dismissed this immediately.

Family. Mary says at least once that AGRA was her family, they were like family, family family family. SO WHY DID AJAY NEVER ASK HER ANYTHING? Like surely if they were so close Ajay wouldn’t blindly just want to kill her. He may believe that Mary betrayed them but there is no way he wouldn’t want to know why.

(these are gonna get shorter because they don’t need as much explanation)


The aquarium had no relevance except for giving us an excuse for special effects Sherlock was seeing like some bullshit spidey-sense and an expositional shark clip

John’s extremely delayed reaction when his wife was shot


Episodes 2 and 3 will be up soon

- truce / twenty one pilots

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“Imagine a kid’s anime where you find an animal buddy but it doesn’t do anything and you have to go fight!”

-Woolie, “Speaker of Untruths” Madden.

On this week’s episode of “Fight Kids” fresh off of honing his Killer Instinct in a battle against Super Bunnyhop’s Blackface Boys, young Matthew McMuscles prepares to take on the first of the three kings of David Cage’s Sadness Trilogy.

Will he triumph and become the ultimate Fight Kid, or will he lose and walk the path of the Scrublord? Find out, this week.

au where Nino becomes an astronaut and goes on a mission to Mars and ends up getting stranded but he survives because he grows potatoes


just kinda general doodles

Based on @videogamelover99’s beautiful fics for this au
which is inspired very much by @pengychan’s writings from which Nora and Liam belong


But seriously, I’m sorry that this is so late, I am pretty happy with this one. I rememberd the one I did for the 12 million milestone (duh it was like yesterday :D ) 

Okay well this is not that good, but I still like it :P

I think I actually improved over last year so, yaya!

I hope you like this @therealjacksepticeye

Congrats on 13 million! You da best ^^

but first, some music

Bday presents for J-Hope (by HONEY BUBBLE)

Honey Bubble, a Yoonseok fansite, is offering to help you deliver your birthday presents to Hoseok. So if you want to give him something, please contact them. 

(It’s not often that fansites do this for overseas fans so it’s really a great opportunity. :D)

Don’t Take Them Away From Me

Newt Scamander x Muggle!Reader

Summary: The reader is a muggle in England, and a No-Maj in America. What happens when the reader goes along with Newt to New York? What will happen when MUCUSA finds out that Newt and you have a relationship, and that you know about magic. What will happen when they take away his creatures and you, and you have something to tell him.

 A/N: This is an imagine to commemorate the new movie ‘Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them’. And because I am a big fan of the Harry Potter franchise so I am excited to be writing this. I have had to change some of the story line to fit the reader into this.

 Italics = Flashbacks

 Warnings: Possible Angst, some feels and fluff. Newt almost crying and doing so. None other than I can think of, so that’s it. But some possible mentions of sex, or Newt being sexually interment. Mentions of anxiety.

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You had known Newt from the start of his book. You had met him in a coffee shop, in 1920. You could see that he was in the corner scribbling down on his note pad with his pen like the world was about to end, from the serving counter. You had decided sit next to him and start up some conversation with the soon-to-be-author.

 “Do you mind if I take a seat here, please?” You asked looking at the red/brown haired man looking down at his papers. He lifts his head and sees your (Y/E/C) eyes looking at him, and a small smile on your lips. He immediately became nervous when he saw you, and started stuttering.

You could see his face more clearly when he looked up. He had countless reckless that were scattered on his face. You could see his mix between green and golden eyes. You instantly fell in love with the man in front of you.

 “Y-y-yes y-you, um, c-can. I-if you want to.” He said in the best way he could, considering that to him, you were gorgeous; and you were standing right in front of him.

You pulled the seat out from under the table, and place your coat around the back of the chair.

“My name is Newton Artemis Fido Scamander. But you can just call me Newt.” He managed to say without stuttering, or making a fool out of himself.

“My name is (Y/F/N), but you can call me (Y/N).” You smiled, taking a sip from your cup of tea.

 That was the first time you had heard him speak, and it was the moment that you became friends. You then started seeing each other and then started working with him on his book. You can still remember the first time that he asked you out on a date.

 “(Y/N), I would very much like to ask you something.” He asked as you turned around to him. You were both on the streets of Trafalgar Square in London. You were having lunch on the side of one of the fountains. You looked at him straight in the eye, seeing that he was nervous. “I would like to ask if you would like to accompany me on a date?” You just stared at him, trying to get your answer out, with a mouthful of food. “You see I very much like you, and it’s okay if you don’t like me back or anything. I just wanted to see if I had a chance with you.” He was literally holding his breath when he was saying this.

 You had finished your mouthful of food, and replied with your answer.

“Yes Newt I would love to go with you to dinner. I have liked you since the day that I sat next to you in the coffee shop.” You placed your hand on his cheek, and the heat of his cheek warmed up your hand. You also started to lean forward and placed you lips on his. It was your first kiss together. You could feel his breath get caught in his throat and then it being expelled through his nose. You both pulled away from each other, because you both needed to breath.

 Your first date that night was the most magical night that you had ever had. Later in the relationship, Newt revealed his biggest secret to you. One that has been bugging him since your date in Hyde Park.

 “(Y/N). I have been meaning to tell you something. Since our date in Hyde park.” You were both in your shared flat when he had decided to ask you. You both had been dating for the matter of two years, and you had always wondered why he kept in an old batted suitcase, that was never put away. Newt said that it must be out always, in case there was an emergency. “I must show you now, otherwise I won’t be able to say it all.”

 You looked at him, confused. You had told each other everything. He took the case out from under the dining room table. He clicked both latches that were on the case and open the case. He placed one foot in the case and then the other, climbing down the ladder that led him to his creatures, but you couldn’t see the ladder. You couldn’t believe that your boyfriend could fir his 6-foot self in a tiny case. He continued to climb down the ladder and onto the case, you just stood there in shock. Then his hand came up and beckoned you to follow him into the case.

 As you made your way down the ladder you were taken back by the sight. You could see multiple habitats with strange creatures in then. They were beautiful and they were flying around, stomping and doing what you assumed what they normally did.

You saw Newt standing near a desert like habitat area. You saw that he was looking at something in the area, so you decide to see what he was looking at. You made your way over to where Newt was and saw him petting a gryphon-like creature with six wings and two long tails with feathers on the end.

 “This is Frank, he’s a thunderbird,” your eyes landed on the small creature, and saw him hiss and growl at you.” You may want to step back. He doesn’t take kindly to strangers. He was trafficked, you see. I found him in Egypt; he was all chained up and I couldn’t leave him there, he was so young. One day I wish to return him to the winds of Arizona.” You stared in awe at the beast.

Frank could tell that there was something going on between the two of you, and started stalking his way cautiously towards you. Once he reached you, and sniffed you to see if you were dangerous, like the people that took him. When he confirmed that you weren’t a threat to him, he snuggled into your stomach. Newt stood beside you, eyeing Frank to see if he was going to attack you, but instead he was admiring you and Frank together. That’s when he learned that if a muggle could cooperate with magical creatures, then wizards and witches could.

 “Newt, how is this all possible?” You asked, petting Frank just as Newt did earlier.

 “That’s the thing that I’ve been wanting to tell you. I’m a wizard.” He exclaimed as he took his wand out of his pocket to show you. You looked at him as if he were mad. To prove you wrong, Newt cast a spell and made some roses appear in his hands which he then gave to you.

 “Well I have no evidence that say that you aren’t a wizard.” You replied, giving him a kiss.


You just couldn’t see the box in his pocket. That was the point where Newt decided that he was going to write his book, and you weren’t going to let him do it alone. But he had to ask you something a year later after that day. You had been helping Newt take care of the creatures, and they have taken a liking to you since you were Newt’s girlfriend. They recognized you as their care taker also, making them want to be around you, even more than Newt.

 You were both feeding the creatures inside of Newt case. You had both saved a branch of Bowtruckles. They were found in a cage in Glasgow. You both decided to keep them and take care of them as well. A certain bowtruckle, that was named Pickett, he had attachment issues to both Newt and yourself. He was with you always, or if not Newt. You had both tried to get him to connect and be with the rest of his branch, but he insisted on stayed with you two. The other bowtruckles were accusing you both of favoritism.

 But now you were feeding the branch woodlice. It was how wizards could extract wand wood from the trees that they would be protecting. When you heard a tiny squeak from behind you. You looked down to see Pickett holding a ring in his tiny, spider leg like fingers, which creeped you out at times. You then looked up to see Newt running towards you and the branch of bowtruckles.

 He scooped up Pickett in his hands, taking the ring from him while doing so, and then turning back to you, with panicked expression on his face.

“You saw the ring, didn’t you?” You nodded eying him. He sighed placing Pickett on his shoulder and then telling him that they’ll talk about what he did later.

“Well, I was planning to do this later, when I could actually do it. But Pickett, thought that it would push me forward into doing it if he broke the ice. So, before I run away out of pure fear of doing this, and before the niffler gets this.. (Y/F/N), will you do me the honor of marrying me?”

 You got down on your knees, so that you were eye level with him and placed your lips on his. Expelling all the passion which you held for that man in front of you. Newt got the message and placed the ring on your left hand and kissed you again, wrapping his arms around you; hugging you after the kiss. You both had happy tears running down your faces. Without noticing that the creatures had made their way toward you both and making a circle around you both. When you both pulled away from each other, and when they saw the ring on your finger. They had an outburst of roars, growls and other sounds of happiness, and congratulated you both.

 Since a year after that, you both got married, and since then, you both went around the world, observing creatures and writing about their habits for young wizards to see and read about. You have both decided that you were to go to America, to study new creatures that would be native to the land. But to also release Frank into the wild desert of Arizona, like Newt has always wanted.  You both made your way to the docks and you both arrived in New York.

 You had met some lovely people. You met a muggle like you, Jacob Kowalski, and two witches called Tina and Queenie Goldstein. They were a bit chocked that you and Newt were married, because of   the American muggle rule. All ‘no-majs’, as they called muggles, aren’t allowed to have any relationships with magical beings and they’re not allowed to marry them, they’re not allowed to know anything about the wizarding world. And if any muggle did, they would have to be obliviated, and you didn’t want to forget about Newt or the creatures that you have come to love.

 But unfortunately, Newt’s case was opened and you had to collect all the creature and put them back in the case. You were just in central park, trying to catch an Erumpent that had gotten out of the case. Later you were planning on catching the other creatures. But right now, you were in the case. With Newt and Jacob in the case. Which was being carried by Tina to MUCUSA, to show the wizarding world what Newt had been doing. You felt the whole case shake. Newt was the first to emerge out of the case. He was in front of the New York Ministry of Magic. Then it was Jacob who made his way out of the case.

 You were the last one to come out of the case. You stood in what seemed like the main discussion room. There were wizards and witches that were looking at you three with shock and yet curiosity.

 “Scamander?”  Yours and Newt’s head turned toward the British Envoy.

 “Oh-er- hello.” Newt introduced himself while closing the case.

 “Theseus Scamander? The war hero?” Monolu Wotorson asked.

 “No, his little brother. And what in the name of Merlin are you doing in New York?” The British Envoy replied and then turning his attention to the both of you.

 “Miss Goldstein, who is this?” Madam Picquery asked the witch.

 “This is Mister Kowalski, Madam President. A no-maj who was bitten by one of Mister Scamander’s magical creature.” Tina answered, truthfully. All Ministers started to whisper to each other “No-maj? Obliviated?”

 “Wait, why did that no-maj turn her mead towards you as well? Is she a squib, or a no-maj from off the street like Mr Kowalski over here?” Asked Percival Graves to Madam Picquery. All the attention was then turned to you. More whispers began to break out amongst the court.

 “NO!” Newt shouted, earning the attention of the Ministers. “She is a muggle, or a no-maj here. But she is also my wife and she knows about all of this. She knows about the creatures and what they can do.” The Ministers were taken aback about by his outburst. Newt began to realize what he did and moved next you, wrapping an arm around your waist protectively.

 “Well, you are in America. And we handle things a little differently around here. We are sorry that the British Minister cannot do anything, for he is in a different country. So, we must obliviate your wife and your friend. You have no say in this because you risked the expositions of the wizarding world, and you shall be trailed for this. Arrest them!” Madam Picquery announced.

 “No-no- don’t hurt those creatures. Please they aren’t dangerous. It was an obscurus, please don’t hurt them.” Newt tried to reason with the Ministers and Madam Picquery.

“And take the no-majs to a different cell.” Madam Picquery declared to the officers. You and Newt looked at each other, reaching out for each other and embracing the other in your arms.

 “it’s okay, it’s going to be okay. I will find you, they will never be able to keep you away from me.” Newt was whispering to you, trying to calm you down. You were terrible with separation, you were in eqypt when you two were first apart as a couple. You ended up having a panic attack, but Newt did save you and knew then you have separation anxiety. “You aren’t going to be taken away fro- “You cut him off before he could finish his sentence.

 “I’m pregnant. You announced to him. Newt became silence when you said this. He pulled away and stared into your eyes, seeing if you were lying. He broke out into a smile and hugged you as hard as he could. You were both so involved with each other that you didn’t notice the officers coming towards you.

 “No, no, no. Please don’t take my wife or creatures away from me. Please, don’t take them away from he!” The cuffs were on both of your wrists and on Newt’s as well. You both tried to fight against the officers to get back to the others arm. You noticed that Newt had tears coming out of his eyes. Your energy was kept keeping calm, but tears were streaming down your cheeks as well. But you were both taken away from each other and lead to different sides of the hall that lead to the cells.

 You were placed in a cell with Jacob. It was small and there was a bench next to one of the bar walls. You missed Newt, but at least you had a friend, so your anxiety was kept at bay. You sat down on the bench with a huff, and placed your head in your hands.

 “Don’t worry. We’ll get out of here. Newt and Tina will come around and save us. And if not Queenie probably will.” Jacob tried to comfort you, placing a comforting hand on your shoulder. You were trying to see the positive side to this, but you couldn’t see anything that would remotely be positive in this situation. You leaned back against the bars and placed a hand on your stomach and just stared at the ceiling. Jacob picked up on why your hand was on your stomach. “Oh my god! Would they still oblita- something you if they knew about it.”

 You just replied with a shrugged of your shoulders. “I don’t know. Newt doesn’t work in the ministry, and no case like this has been said in wizarding history, per Newt.”

 You both heard footsteps coming down the hall way. You looked up to see Newt and Tina coming down the hall way with their hands cuffed behind their back. They both notice you and Jacob as well. They fought against the executioners and managed to get to the bars before their arms were taken ahold of and pulled away from you. You and Jacob tried to hold onto Newt and Tina so they could stay a little longer. They were both screaming out in protect as they were lead down the hall. You went back to the bench and sat down. Again, placing your hand on your stomach and looking down at your belly.

 You were three months along and you were showing. In most cases, women didn’t start showing until they were four months along. You just assumed that because Newt was a wizard, it was moving along a little fast that it usual would.

 At that moment Queenie dropped the coffee she was holding and searched for the source of the thoughts that she was hearing. She went down some stairs and saw that you and Jacob were in a cell, and were to be obliviated. She saw that you had your hand on your stomach, she also picked up on the fact that you were pregnant. That and she also read your mind to see how you were holding up.

“Oh my goodness honey, You pregnant! And with tw-twins!” she announced. You were shocked. You didn’t understand how she knew that, but you just went with it. She then cast a spell to get you both out of here.

 You guys saved Newt and Tina in the end, and got out of the ministry by all going into Newt’s case. You guys apparated to the apartment when you guys were safe.

 Newt made his way over to you and wrapped his arms around. So carefully, because he thought that he would somehow hurt your babies.

 “I told you that I would get you and the creatures back.” He told you with a smile on your face. Obviously, he didn’t know about the twins. You both pulled away from one another to see Tina, Queenie and Jacob staring at you with huge smiles on their faces. Especially Queenie.

 “We’re smiling because we’re happy that you guys are back together.” You had almost forgot that she could read minds. You were still wondering how she could tell that you were pregnant with twins. “I know because I could hear their hearts beatings. And Newt, (Y/N) is pregnant with twins.”

 Newt looked at you, with pure joy and happiness in his eyes. Hearing that the woman he loved was carrying his children. He whispered in your ear, as he hugged you again. “If one of them id a boy, we’re calling him Pickett.” He smiled, with his head on the side of yours.

You both couldn’t ask for anything else. You were with each other, and you would have two possible witches or wizards, or both, running around in a few months.

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someone just legit sent me an ask bc they felt the need to let me know that theyre ‘so over MCR’ and ‘their music is cringeworthy’ and they listen to ‘real music’ now and im laughing so hard lmaooooo

like CONGRATS BINCH but no one here gives a flying shit fuck take your music elitism and pettiness and shove it up your rectum