I think Taehyung is on the edge with depression

I just spent the whole day thinking about it because if you noticed for the last few months he is not the same I mean ok he is more mature which is okay my boy is a man but he got that darker aura he didn’t had, for example his boxy smile is missing he is so serious for the most time now in all recent videos, in the bst era he was smiling a little but now he maybe told him self he shouldn’t pretend anymore and this may be because well his grandma or his friend that took his life in October and I really have this bad feeling he is falling into depression.

On the other hand Suga seems to be with him a lot these days because well he knows how depression feels and don’t want Taehyung to fall into that hole ?

He is only human I worry about him.

Even if the old Tae isn’t here anymore a Happy Tae should be here and I feel so Emo I am seriously crying over Taehyung in my room for hours

This is just my opinion you don’t have to agree with me.

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So I just binge-read your whole story yesterday night and it's one of the best things I've ever read ... I'm so hooked now! Just wanted to let you know that you did an awesome job and I am in awe over your storytelling and editing talent :)

Y-You did?! Omg I feel so honored, lmao. Because that’s a whole lot of posts!! Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked it and you are eager to find out what happens next - I hope to not disappoint you! :) Thanks for the compliments aww~ Dankeschön :3

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Thursday Three
  1. I can’t get over this: Jay’s mom posted “Finally got my baby back [smile emoji] [phone emoji]” on facebook. She was talking about her phone, which has been off for a little while. She was not talking about her actual baby. What makes this worse is that one of her friends commented asking about Jay. What do you call something that’s funny and also sad?
  2. A few days ago I finally got up the courage to email Jay’s CW’s supervisor about how shitty the CW has been. Got an autoreply that the supervisor had quit the week before. ???? Sarah called the CW but she doesn’t know who her new supervisor will be yet. How is this possible? Sarah called in a favor from our friend who is the adoption recruitment supervisor at another agency. She’s going to walk our CW through how to put in the request for adoption recruitment services… I am so, so over this.
  3. I had two really cute moments with kids today and I also got to come to the rescue of my boss, which I love. Didn’t stop me from checking some job boards for new openings, but it’s progress.

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Hi there! I just found your blog but I'm so moved by your art. I don't know how you do it but your art chills me to the bones while warming up my heart. I am in awe over your eye for beauty and art, and I am so amazed by your talents! I can only imagine how beautiful a soul must be to see so much beauty at every turn, and to capture them with such finesse, I'm just in awe!

Thank you so much for your kind words!!! 😍

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Hmm, how about a note from Gaster, after he's somehow gotten out of the void, trying to court his crush - whoever may have become the object of his eloquent affections?

(I went way off track with this, way, way off track. Hm. Not exactly what you asked for, but I hope you enjoy it, just the same.)

A letter waits upon your desk. -it’s from Dr. Gaster.

‘I have never been a man to speak simply for the sake of speaking. Yet this is not why I stay silent, unable to trust my own words before you. I am enraptured by your enthusiasm, your wit, your gentle manner, and I stay silent. -and today I stood silent, this time when I should have spoken. I found you nearly upon your breaking point, and let you walk away without one word of comfort. Please believe, I am still soul-sore over that lacking. To let you suffer such doubt when I have seen your work strike awe in the eyes of your peers? No, I have seen you give so deeply to your art, that your soul is laid bare with every stroke of the pen! Yet I said nothing. It was not for fear of clumsiness, but fear that you might know it’s reason. And while perhaps I still am simply a fool, stumbling foolishly, for you I am willing to risk it. These are words which have borne more significance to me than any other, and so I offer them, in hope they hold meaning to you as well. -You have people who believe in you, even when you do not believe in yourself, and even in the darkness, you are not, and never have been, alone.’ -W.D.

So this happened… if this isn’t the most   Adorable   rebloggable thing on my blog I dunno what is I am dying of cute over load. Speaking of sleep it’s about time I pass out and sleep myself g’night .

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