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I think that as a lover of Scorbus, I can say that everyone in this fandom loves you, your art is sometimes really lovely, sometimes really dumb and crazy, you have a bit of everything to be perfect. I know that you are taking recuests, so I was wondering if you would like to draw on ink something from our King!Scorpius / Griffindor!Albus AU, because I'm loving this 2 caracters and I want to see how you see them.

Anonymous asked: (Sorry 4 the bad English, I’m an Italian student) Anyway I was wondering if u can draw something about King!Scorpion and Slytherin!Albus. Like something with a badass Scorpius and a punk Albie like @al-ways-trouble and @ask-scorpius-hyperion-malfoy Thanks if u do this! 

[ InkPenciltober 2016.10.28 - King!Scorpius & Punk!Albus ]

I ended up leaning towards what the anon asked for and drew punk Slytherin!Albus instead of the Gryffindor AU because it’s double badassery Scorbus *v*

I’m more used to drawing sweet and modest characters so I have no idea if I got the look right… but I hope you like it all the same!

Jessica Jones Director to direct first two episodes of Marvel’s The Defenders (x)

Acclaimed British director S.J. Clarkson (Marvel’s Jessica Jones, Dexter, Life on Mars) has been announced as the director for the first two episodes of Marvel’s The Defenders, streaming on Netflix in 2017.

Executive Producer and Marvel’s Head of Television, Jeph Loeb said, “S.J.’s take on the material is outstanding. We loved her work on “Marvel’s Jessica Jones” and couldn’t think of a more talented and accomplished person to helm the first two episodes of “Marvel’s The Defenders.”

Marvel’s The Defenders will see Jessica Jones, Matt Murdock, Luke Cage and Danny Rand coming together for the first time. It was recently announced that Sigourney Weaver would be playing the series’ villain, though it has not been announced who that will be. 

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i don't believe in astrology either but you don't have to be a dick to people on their posts. especially while exposing them to your massive follower base so they can mock them too.

I wasn’t being a dick at all.  I just rephrased the post and wrote about Saturn the planet with a similar syntactical structure. The posts have parallel language. I thought it was 100% pure

Turns out I didn’t get supervisor at work but my pal who did wanted it real bad so I’m super happy for him :D

“you were gonna sacrifice him…you were just gonna let him die in the crossfire?”
“i was trying to protect you”
“no, you don’t care about me - you just care about yourself”

okay but imagine the fdtd writers being rude and making a parallel to this

actions speak louder than words

“you don’t care about me”

but richie does and he’s gonna sacrifice himself and show it ;_______;

To anyone who has come to my blog in hopes of eliciting a visceral reaction from me via a message sent anonymously and with hateful or unkind language: I am both too old and too tired to care, so please feel free to hit send on whatever potentially unpleasant message you’ve concocted, provided you understand that I will not take a second of my own time to even think of a response to you, much less type one up and publish it for others to read. Instead, your message will simply join the ranks of other deleted, forgotten messages, and you yourself will merely be added to the pile of blocked IP numbers that give you some form of identity on the internet, even when you think you’ve been clever enough to hide behind the veil of anonymity. If the mere process of typing the message and sending it is what brings you such great joy, then please, keep on keeping on, but know that I will do the same and I will find my happiness in ridding my inbox and my blog of your both your words and your entire existence. Thank you and have a fine day.

@picaresquedreamer replied to your post Anyone have book recs???

Everyday by David Leviathan, Seraphina by Rachel Hartman, The Blue Castle by LM Montgomery. These are ones I that just popped in my mind and are really good!  Hope it helped!

Everyday by David Leviathan - Holy shit that sounds sick! I might try it!

Seraphina by Rachel Hartman - Not really my thing, but I’m kind of interested??


Thanks so much!!

There’s only one thing Bostonians love more than iced coffee in the dead of winter and that’s complaining about the weather.

What can I say? It was Facebook’s turn to ask questions after an hour with Twitter. Then I had to write down my own characters to make sure I put them in the write place. Then I realized I could add at least two more chapters to Book II based on half the stuff I missed when I had that power outage. So now, I’m off to Chapter IV of Book III (finally). Thranduil gets a lot more traffic than I am ready for or anticipated. Gets in the way of work and fun. I need fun. And a nap. Maybe a cookie? I don’t know. What do you think? God, what is going on? My life is out of control and I have no one to talk to. Except Thranduil, I guess. Oh, well. Just another lonely day, I guess. 😔

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I have… overwhelmed myself.