mmm like for a starter my d00ds  🇺🇸 🇺🇸


summer’s over and I’m leaving for finland in a few days so I slapped this together. & today I finally got footage of a spotted eagle ray I’m so hap

Here Comes a Thought (duet cover)
  • Here Comes a Thought (duet cover)
  • Originally Performed by Estelle and AJ Michalka

This song is beautiful and I wanted to be Stevonnie (so guess what????? I sang as Stevonnie)

(done on the Sing! Karaoke app. my username is skeletxnqueen, and the person who sang as Garnet is ImTheHighwayman)

the sad piano music in Mystic Messenger actually makes me cry

i want a full track of it, to put on my ipod, so i can sob frequently over pixel characters and their horrible struggles


captivatesme  asked:

Mishie can we talk make up?! What primer do you use? The ones I have are all no longer standing up to helping my skin with anything T = T Also do you recommend any liquid eyeliners? Mine have run out. I caved from youtube hype and bought the new estee lauder mascara that's dual ended, it works well enough. T T I want your makeup skills too

i dont use mascara.. i dont want to curl my lashes all the time and I have to use waterproof so it makes my lashes brittle.. 
I actually use my liquid liners I got from japan.. the sailor moon one and this 24hr tatoo liner.. SOO GOODDD (forgot the brand tho O_O)

but before I found those amazing liquid liners from Japan I was using stila’s liquid liner it did not smudge on me or anything.. I have greasy lid because its hooded. and I tried the Kat von D tatoo liner it was good too! try these if you want but I recommend KVD one more. 

primer so far I like hourglass one the best but SO FREAGIN EXPENSIVE.. I only use it when I have to go to water park/special events 

but right now I use Murad mattifier moisturizer for summer it controls oil well.. plus two faced porelss  primer + powder  
these two (picture taken from http://www.perilouslypale.com/)
i find with the murad moisturizer plus the primer and powder  keeps my face matte longer.. my face turn into an oil production plant in the summer 

I have went back to my too faced born this way foundation it looks the most natural on me.. and I use the lightest shade i was like wtf???? 
and I use my KVD locked in tatoo foundation as concealer ish over my scars.. like literally a DOT of it. that foundation is soo thick and high coverage holy crap. 
and ofc beauty blender for foundation. best tool ever istg… but price tag is.. >.> I tried the cheaper dupes but they just dont work as well idk why T^T

Are There Lesbians? Yes

What Happens?
In the near future teenager Wade Watts (username: Parzival) discovers the first key to finding a hidden fortune left by the creator of the world’s largest MMORPG, OASIS. On the run from a corporation who will stop at nothing to control OASIS, Parzival and a small group of friends race to be the first to find the “Easter Egg” and keep OASIS from corporate control.

The Verdict:
Ready Player One is one of those books which I had been meaning to read for ages before I finally got to it. In fact I’m pretty sure I’ve been meaning to read it since it was first released in 2011, but it wasn’t until a month or so ago when The GF picked it up at the local library and encouraged me to read it, claiming it to be one of her top three books this year (I keep meaning to ask what the others are). It did not disappoint.

I absolutely loved this novel. It is fun and humorous – how could it not be when it has so very many 80’s pop culture references and Monty Python quotes? At the same time however, it paints a very real picture of a world where the majority of people live online because reality has gone to shit. The comparison between virtual and real worlds is stark but without the pessimistic grittiness that you might get from, say, a DC movie, and the extended use of virtual worlds is written without judgement from the author (unlike the lady I served at work yesterday who was mad about Pokemon Go, like honestly Debbie why do you hate fun?) Let’s just say that Debbie definitely wouldn’t like Ready Player One because it is, at its heart a fun book. The good guys are complex and the bad guys are really bad, and the whole of humanity is put somewhere in between, and its nice to see people come together in a positive way against the evil corporation. Though I guess that really just goes to show we, as humans, really do like to root for the underdogs.

“But the lesbians!” You say. “Hurry up and get to the lesbians!” Ah Gentle Reader (always wanted to say that) if only I could. You see, the lesbian in Ready Player One is my favourite kind – the surprise lesbian. Sometimes used as a way to represent the LQBTQ+ community without any actual representation by saying “they were gay all along muahahaha, we’re all the same!” Ready Player One manages to take a short breather to point out that being gay in an almost-apocalyptic world can have its own problems, even when you can hide your identity online. It was also good to see “the big gay reveal” have such a realistic response, rather than the clichéd and annoying drawn out session of soul-searching. Because when the fate of free media is at stake, whether or not your friend is gay becomes a minor issue.

To be honest, I’ve read a few hit-and-miss books this year, ones that lacked immersion or extended interest. Ready Player One has given me back my reading mojo, so I definitely owe it that, even if it made the few books I read afterwards pale in comparison.

help i started watching parks & rec and then leslie and ann went on a practice date 

so obviously they should go on a real date and also make out

So the other day while I was kneading bread I came up with a new headcanon for after the abrupt ending of The Hour. I am still bitter and brokenhearted. My headcanon is this: Marnie teaches Freddie to bake. She needs something useful to do with herself, after all, and she knows he needs the same thing. They can work in companionable silence, or chat over the television, or chat about baking. Kneading and mixing and shaping are soothing, repetitive… and all things he can do with his relatively undamaged hands. 

I can’t believe Chicago was a week ago :( I feel like I lived a month in that 48 hours of madness. Ah. Well.

I’m taking my melancholic ass to bed now at a reasonable hour with some fanfic and setting an alarm to get up and write in the morning. Gotta make some Trinity progress after all the sweet feedback y’all have left me :’)