Yesterday someone recommended The geography club as a good gay movie to watch… let me tell you it is just plain awesome!

My god it just explains how is it to be gay in real life, a little bit of fun, love and so much drama (not the Titanic kind of drama tho).

OK, so the movie is about this hot guy who is really cute and smart and he is in the closet right, I mean who hasn’t been there? so, he decides to meet someone trough the web (this is kind of what my life was, except I am not that hot) he goes to meet this guy and the ass stands him up. after a while he goes on a trip discovers another incredibly hot and popular boy who also happens to be gay but cannot be more hidden inside a closet (few centimeters more and he would be hiding in Narnia) they like each other, hang out and of course they kiss, (so much love in this movie!), someone watches them and he ends up in the Geography club.

This movie really has a lot of love and real life situations that most of us will be identifying with, I won’t tell more because I would totally spoil you the fun of watching it, and believe me it is a MUST. 

I don’t actually have a rating system but this one has five rainbows, butterflies or whatever you want, you just have to watch it. 

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So today in school some kids were talking about how gay it is when a man wears a thong and I was just like "You don't even know how many straight guys wear them." Then I looked at his friend who had been suspiciously quiet throughout the whole conversation and said "Maybe your friend right next to you is wearing girl's panties right now. Who knows?" And then I walked away. Am I a horrible person?

You’re literally awesome.

My Only Problem With HBO's LOOKING is:

Once again, when presented with a semi-diverse cast, including two Latino men, an HIV-positive bear, and a gay man over the age of forty, I am expected to identify with the young, white gay guy with the awesome job and life whose only main issue and concern is deciding between two men, both of whom are decidedly way more interesting than him.

// I think it’s time for me to be flat out honest with all of my followers with a few muses regarding their sexuality.

Diarmad is gay. There is no changing of this and I know this might upset a few people but I am not going to make him what he isn’t. He’s an incredibly loyal and loving person and would be an awesome friend to people if you give him a chance.

Charley is bisexual. He has a preference for not just guys but Diarmad specifically. Like Diarmad, he will be an amazing and loyal friend, though he is a bit more reserved.

Apollo is bisexual BUT his only preference is Diarmad. If you do want to ship your muse with him, PLEASE talk to me because the only reason I have Apollo as a muse is that he came to me in a dream and Diarmad didn’t want to let go of that.

Ailill is pansexual. So is Nikomedes and his son Kyros.

Andreas and Perikles are gay and won’t be in an rp romance with anyone as they prefer their story marriage. Same thing with Níkolas and Danival. Please don’t ask me to change this about them.

Silataani is pansexual and an arse so … be careful.

Valdar is gay and won’t be in an rp romance with anyone but his Lestat.

Daríus is bisexual with a preference towards guys.

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Hi there! I just really wanted to say thank you to all of you and you're all so gorgeous. After 15 years of having at least shoulder/chest length hair, i've decided to cut most of it off. There have been people who have told me "it's not right for your face shape" "you'll look gay", and to those people I would just like to say fuck you, I will look amazing and I AM gay you dummies. I'm going to get it cut within a week and I'll be sure to submit a picture to this blog. You guys are awesome!

YOU are awesome! xox

So I met this guy at my gf's volleyball game today. I think him and I are going to be great friends.
  • Him:*points to #35 out on the court* She looks really familiar.
  • Me:Yeah, that's my girlfriend.
  • Him:*looks puzzled* But I thought you were a girl?
  • Me:I am a girl. And she's a girl. We're both girls and we are dating.
  • Me:...
  • Him:*turns to friends* See guys. I told you she wasn't hitting on me. Shes gay. And I think that's awesome.
  • And then I was bombarded by teenage boys telling me how cool I was that I am a lesbian. Best night ever :)

(Having a conversation on how you can quantify your straightness)

Jastine: I am probably like, 95% straight
Melvin: I am 110% gay
Me: I am like 110% straight
Melvin: I know right, guys are so awesome


My gawd… It is really hard to draw Ronan without his mask/hood/everything. I had some references of Lee Pace but still… it looks more like that Prometheus guy had a baby from handsome Squidward 8D

Anyway, the new chapter of my fanfic will be online soon! ^_^

There will also be a collage of the picture I posted with Peter + this one. It will be awesome. Also totally gay. But that’s the point.

(pls don’t mind that background… it’s just… flowers. Because… dunno..  I am bad with backgrounds and it’s Valentines Day?)

So my great uncle, whom I’ve never met(other than maybe when I was a baby, like that counts) is friends with me on facebook. We never talk, but he’s a super supporter of gay rights (also totally in his 70’s and dating a guy in his 30’s, starting to see where my attraction to younger dudes comes from), is always posting cool LGBT stuff and likes almost everything I post, which is more than most anyone else other than my mom. I just find it super awesome because it’s like he’s saying “hey, we’ve never met, but we’re family and we’re both super queer, and I support you in all your endeavors because that’s what family does” and it’s real refreshing to have someone from the older generations be so accepting like that, especially since most of my extended family kinda pushed my gender-fluidity under the rug and just pretends it doesn’t exist.