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It really doesn't bother me much that ED doesn't want to name or label Rober's sexual orientation. What really upsets me about it is that they don't make Robert try to explain what he feels. Like someone would tell him: you're gay and he'd yell at them "I am not gay" and that's it. It's stupid, he's been sleeping w/ a guy for months, why can't they have him give an explanation, not a label but a reason why?! Do I make any sense?

Yeah I 100% understand where you’re coming from and agree. I’ve already shared why I feel bothered by the #NoLabels stuff, but there’s really a thousand awesome ways to tell stories like that since they ARE true to life. But Emmerdale isn’t telling this sexuality story in an awesome way–at least not yet. I do have high hopes because it seems like this is a longterm story, so I suspect it will he addressed over time. But I will be seriously upset if Robert is never given the chance to actually DISCUSS his feelings for men–sexually, romantically, with Aaron specifically, any of it. Audiences need to hear words from his mouth about how he’s feeling, and these words don’t even have to he concrete words like “I am bisexual” or “I am gay.” I just want him to think OUT LOUD about his confusion and everything else. So yeah nonnie I totally get you.

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I'm so confused so one min you act so straight but the next you act so gay 😕 not tryna to be rude your awesome

I don’t act gay or straight. I act like myself. Maybe you guys need to quit looking at a damn label & just look at me for the person I am.
I am FAR MORE than sexuality.


Mainly because I am really intrigued to see Natasha and Elise play different roles (other than Carmilla and Laura) and to see how their chemistry shows and/or adapts in these new roles.
Way to go The Gay Women Channel!
I’m also really excited for the movie itself! I can’t wait to watch it!!!!


When #GrowingUpGay doesn’t seem to speak to you the way it should...

I’m looking at the growing up gay tag and i see all this stuff about lesbians liking sports and shit or not ever being even slightly girly. Like, the lesbians in that tag all seem to be more butch than femme and since I’m in a neutral state between those two but i am slightly more femme its really awkward and I feel like I’m a total fake or a poser or something… I don’t know what to do about this.

Edit: an awesome person on tumblr, who it won’t let me link to on mobile but I will try on the computer later, said “While I haven’t really explored the tag I have seen posts with feminine gay guys giving off this same vibe. Posts like that are conflicting because they’re supposed to be funny & supportive but I feel like they’re saying there’s a certain gender expression that goes with being gay and sometimes that’s more upsetting than “gay is bad” because other LGBTQ+ people rejecting you while trying to be relatable” and I just thought I would mention this. I wholeheartedly agree. Thank you for saying this and helping me put into words why I don’t like when they do that!!
Some about me

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Time/date: 8/1/15, 13:03
Nicknames:  Cap, Cappy, Captain
Birthday: 7/16/1990
Height: 5′11′’
Favorite color:  Purple 
One place that makes you happy?: The woods
How many blankets do you sleep with?: I cocoon, I have a whole bunch on my bed but the amount I actually use changes every night.
What am I wearing?:  Shorts and a tank
Last book read?: I’m currently reading I hunt killers by Barry Lyga
Favorite food?: Anything homemade, especially if I make it.  I love cooking
Last movie watched in theater?: I took Rogan to see Jurassic World, I still have a bunch of movies I need to see now
Dream vacation?: Ireland! Land of my people! 
Dream wedding?: I have a few planned, but it would outdoors, it would also involve a reception with a breakfast bar as dinner so I need a guy who is as Ron Swanson about Breakfast as I am.  I know what I’m about here son! 
Dream pet?: Hedgehog, I can’t have one where I live sadface
Dream job?: Teaching theatre to college kids! I’m hoping to go for my doctorate next fall! 
Tag nine people you want to want to know better: urkraft, drewluski, matthewhubbard, tylerthegreatdeanieyouknow, orrinbroseph, mjpou88, bacon-dragon, the-cub-among-us, pizzaotter and anyone else who wants to do it…I mean y’all don’t have to do it either but hey its fun times sometimes I guess

Hello, my name is Kayla, I’m 16 and I live in Canada, and yes I live about an hour away from where Sidney Crosby was born #imustbefamous I’m into theatre, I do makeup for a local theater, and I’ve made awesome friends through that. I’ve submitted here before, and people messaged me but that was it.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a boy or girl, your sexuality doesn’t matter either, I’m straight, and I have a transgendered friend. I think it would be cool to have a gay friend idk I just love them. I am kind of leaning towards having more guy friends, because bad things have happened to me from guys and I’m trying to gain my trust back in them. I don’t have many friends, 2 of them I met online and one I’ve been friends with since 2012.

I love reading books, I have like ten thousand in my room, but oddly enough I always buy more because “I don’t have many” I love watching romance movies with my mom, I’m obsessed with minions omg. My favorite shows are The Fosters, Young&Hungry, Chasing Life, Being Erica, Dance Academy, there’s probably more but I can’t remember, OH did I mention I have a terrible memory?  Just did sucka. 

I have social anxiety and no it doesn’t mean I’m antisocial, I kinda am, but that’s not the point. I love pop music, country, some rap, and contemporary. When I’m out of high school, I wanna do something with animals, theatre or travel. I’ve always wanted to go or live in Ireland, England, Australia, or Africa. Um so anyone from there… Message me? :) I want friends with cool accents so I can brag to my fellow Canadians. 

I have Snapchat, Facebook, instagram. But I’ll give those to you if we get close! My email is maughanm74@gmail.com and my Kik, which is probably faster is Michaela_Maughan

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My sexuality is pansexual as if I recall. I don't think I really am though. I was only ever interested in one guy. My first love lol. Then I dated a couple more and it didn't feel right. I think I'm gay...

All I can say is date whoever you want to date and just be happy. I’ve been struggling with this myself but really they’re just labels and who cares. You like girls? Great! You like boys? Fantastic! You like both? Awesome! I know so many people that were so convinced they were straight and actually tried to be straight but now they’re 20 and married to someone of the same sex anyway. What I’m trying to say is that it’s okay to not “fit in” to a certain sexuality completely and sometimes it’s better to just let it go completely until you’re either 100% sure or you know just forever. That’s just my opinion on all of it though. But just remember that no matter if you’re gay or straight or bi or pan or whatever, you are human and you’re amazing and deserve all the respect in the world. Just try not to worry about what sexuality refers to you that much. Maybe you are gay, maybe you are pan you’ll find out eventually ( or not) but you know just be with someone that makes you happy at the time. I’m sleepy so I tend to ramble and stuff sorry for that. And also I’m proud of you for admitting it to yourself, because you did at one point and I know that can be a real struggle to some and whether you are gay or not I love you, you amazing person you ❤

Why would God make me gay if I was suppose to be straight?

As I lay wondering in bed, with the lights out, listening to music, and weeping at the fact that I am not in a relationship with Sam Smith,  I cant help but wonder why God the almighty creator would make me gay rather than straight. This has not been the first time that I have wondered this, but the one time that it has truly hit me harder than any time. 

Growing up my parents never really forced religion in our household. It was, however, one thing that we knew about, but we were never forced to go to church. Also growing up I was always told that God will loved you for you and nothing else. When I was older I decided that I wanted to go to church, however, they always ended the same, preaching hate and discouraging those who were trying to identify themselves. I had given up hope that I would be able to worship this fantastic God that did not hate you for being you. I luckily found a church that accepted me for who I was, and even better would allow me to wear pj’s to church if I wanted too!  I was then baptized at the age of 18 into a Methodist church that had accepted me for being gay. 

Truth be told, not all Christians are the same. Every gay person needs to realize this. We are so caught up in the fact that “Christians worship the bible and only the bible and if they don’t then they are not true Christians”. This is indeed not true because the true Christians will love thy neighbor and there are some out there that don’t care who you are that they just want you to know about God and Jesus. So stop being so defensive about being gay and just see the view that someone else is trying to make without commenting. 

I believe that God put me here to do something amazing and that I will do in his honor. He may have put me through some crazy shit, but I have to keep believing that I am here to do something amazing and I will know what it is when the time comes. Why are you here and what can you do to change the world?


I have NOT posted an update in sooo long! I am simply too busy enjoying and loving life! So, here are some photos I must share!

1) These are some of my awesome frands! The guys in glasses are (left to right) Nick and Brady. Nick is my super gay friend and I love him to death, even though sometimes he totally gets on my nerves. But, I love him no matter what! Brady is….an interesting story for another time. It is highly personal and I may have to be really drunk before I say anything about that… And the dude taking the photo is Brice! Brice and I are close, but then again not. We can be apart for so long, then come back together and act like nothing has changed! He is definitely a friend for life! 

2) The snapchat about bow ties: I get made fun of at work and by other friends all the time because I am ALWAYS FREAKING COLD! I have awful circulation, so I wear sweaters to work in the dead of summer. I just can’t help it! anyways, this was to my friend John who was wearing a bow tie, so we were commenting on each other’s adorableness! Woot.

3-5) So, my birthday was last weekend! I am officially 19! Yay! The weekend was super fun! I finally got my new road bike, which is beautiful in every single way possible! I am so in love! Her name is R2D2. Don’t ask–my father and I just decided it was a thing! And yes, this is my father in these three photos! He is the coolest person I know (besides my freaking amazing step mother of course!). We are best friends and….just thinking about how important he is to me is overwhelming. I am so grateful that he is in my life! He is such a blessing! Gah! Love you dad!!! This was Sunday of last weekend! We are big-time Cardinal fans, so he decided the best way to spend the Sunday afternoon was to go to a game, and we did! The game was 18 innings…and the Cards lost by 1… Ugh! We left in the 12th because I was super worn out and we wanted some good, homecooked food left over from the night before! So we headed out and bonded even more on the way home. So nice! 

6/7) This was from the night before the game, ON THE DAY OF MY BIRTHDAY! We had a BBQ with lots of family and friends, one of these people being Megan who is in this photo set! Megan and I had a few drinks, but our friend Jordyn was driving so she could not join us. So, we decided that it would be nice if we went to Andy’s Frozen Custard so she could have a little treat, too! Since I am vegan, I asked for just a cone, and it was dry…but, it is all about the idea! I was overwhelmed and beyond grateful for everyone who came to the BBQ, I love each and every one of them more than I even understand! It was amazing and literally the best night of my life, on the subject of birthdays at least…hehe.

8) This is Mackenzie. She is in a band. She plays bass. And she is one of the coolest people I know. When we met, we had no idea we would be such good friends, but that is what makes it that much better! I love this chick, and she is super talented! 

9) And this was a few nights ago! I love Asian food! I had rice with steamed veggies and tofu, and of course I needed the sweet and sour sauce! Sooooo amazing! 

Soooooo…..good update? Haha. I am currently working on moving out of my apartment and it’s going well. I just have a lot of laundry to do before I pack everything up. I am not sure how late this night will be, but I am looking forward to my cycle tomorrow afternoon! EEEEEEP! LOve R2D2!!! hehe

Have a splendid Sunday, my loves! Life is crazy, constantly changing, and never anything less than amazing!


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(continuation) For the people who don't know me personally at school, I usually pass as a guy so for most people they just see a straight couple. It's awesome that you can be the man you are and I'm happy for you, dude. I can be the man I am around my close friends, who no longer call me by my birth name, avoid pronouns, and support me. So I'm grateful for that. And I can't wait till I can get T and top surgery and everything. That's my dream.

transboys unite!

dunno what we’d do without the internet, hey?

i think getting involved with the gay/straight alliance wouldn’t be too forward, tbh. sounds like you’ve already made some pretty key steps in your social transition, like being out to your friends / family, and not being afraid to show a lil pda with your girl. plus you mostly already pass as a guy to the people who don’t know you!? word up.

it wouldn’t be sensible to out yourself to everyone if it isn’t safe, but to me i reckon the time could almost be upon you! guess you just gotta roll with the punches and take life as it comes. you’ll know when the time is right and your friends will support you when it all goes down.

each milestone makes life just that little bit greater.

the future is bright for both me and you, bud.

p.s. what part of the world are you from? i’m guessing southern hemisphere seeing as it doesn’t seem like you’re coming to the end of your school year?

Seriously, Dude!

I am a very easy going person, my friends always have fun when they are around me; i been categorized by my gay friends as a gay guy trapped in a woman’s body, and by my straight male friends as a guy with boobs; and is not that Im not feminine, is just that im very cool! LOL, I am!!! ok ok…yes, I am cool, easy going, love to joke a lot, and i always have sex in my mind, I mean 24/7 thinking about sex or at least joking about it; and this of course, gives them the feeling that I am a guy with boobs or a gay, in any case, a guy!!!

I met this super hot guy 3 years ago at a bar where he works, and he is completely my type, tattooed, awesome body with a perfect six pack, a bad boy look that inspires me wild and dirty sex…to the point where we had sex a couple of times on top of a cooler in the back room of his work place. He is a very hot and sweet surfer boy, and I used to surf a little back in the days when I was living at this island in the caribbean, but of course i dont do it anymore, now im more….refine? lets say. but to conquer this guy was not an easy task, I was after his ass for 2 years before he finally surrendered to my charms; but in order to accomplish this, i had to pretend I was that cool girl he was looking for, and that I love the “wild’ just like him. I know this type of guys, so i started saying that surf is my life, of course! and love to smoke weed, obviously! and that I could spend the rest of my existence wearing just a bikini, shorts and flip flops; that i could live in a bungalow right at the beach with no tv, no ac, no phone (I’ll die!!!), somewhere in Costa Rica or any wild and almost virgin beach in the world with awesome waves; and riding an old willys jeep! riiiiiight! if I drive anything less than a BMW I get allergies! come on!!! I need a damn hotel with room service and powerful air conditioning; fluffy bed with a goose pillow top instead of the hamaca i told him I sleep in! U should have seen me trying to hang the damn thing in my room when he was going to visit me! not to mention I opened the door wearing nothing more but a pareo! I need the city, stores, cars, people, tanning salons cuz i hate sand and going to the beach…..and flip flops? are you serious? Im a midget! i need high heels!

Anyway, the guy thinks I am his better half now, and lately he is been giving me his goodies more often, I guess the relationship is improving! that of course, without mentioning the little detail that Im so cool with him that now he calls me “Dude”! seriously? dude? you got to be kidding me! so what’s next? ohh yeahhh dude! dont stop dude! keep sucking it dude!…or what?

I mean, if he calls me dude while pounding me, then i’ll kill myself! just dont call me dude!!! im not your dude! and no! i dont like weed! or your stupid surf shit!
I want a nice french restaurant, not precisely in costa rica but at the french riviere; a willys? oh honey, you need to drive something that wont stain my dress with rust!

But then I met this very cute guy who seems very sweet and polite….and he is calling me “homie”; whats wrong with you guys? is there any old school type of guy out there? hello? helloooooo(echo)….what’s next? a guy who calls me doug? or a cuban who calls me “meng” a colombian calling me parce? a mexican telling me “cabron”…..what happened to the “honey” or “sweetheart” or “pumpkin pie” and all those stupid nick names we all use when we are in love….