Grantaire only has breakdowns when he’s alone and when no one can see him
He feels like his friends shouldn’t have to deal with him when he feels like breaking and pushes them away so he can finally not disturb anyone and just cry when no one can hear him

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If youre still running the character creation meme, E9?

i love making gross fashion disasters .. she looks like she uses XD excessively 

send in a letter+number or letter+letter / number+number and i’ll design an oc around the combined palettes! (or inspired by it!)

I dedicate this to the forgotten souls: The happy molds from our childhood;
before stress and anxiety and depression.

I dedicate this to the time we had REAL smiles
And not just curves drawn on blank faces
so white that they willingly accept any color painted on them by mediocrity
Or so black that their individuality is not seen.

This is for YOU!
You who regale tales of happiness
but is trapped in a bubble of sadness
wishing for an escape
Or a hero in a red cape.

This is for her -
overdosed on her own thoughts
and poisoned by yours.

And him;
frustrated by his own shadow
so he only comes out at night.

And me;
too afraid to tell my own story.

—  c.handy // And me

long mornings and longer thoughts

ATTENTION SDCC 2015 ATTENDEES: As you may already know, Hannibal will have a presence at the upcoming SDCC that includes a panel in Ballroom 20 on Saturday July 11th 5:00pm - 5:45pm. We’d like to take a minute during the panel to show our love and support for the panelists at what could be the last ever Hannibal SDCC panel! And obviously the best way to do that is with flower crowns.

The plan is to surprise them by getting as many of the panel attendees as possible to be wearing flower crowns and giving a loud standing ovation as the panelists first enter the stage, while holding up our “FANNIBALS FOREVER” signs!

Here’s what you need to do: make/buy/get a flower crown for yourself and anyone going to the the panel with you to wear during the panel, and bring a FANNIBALS FOREVER paper with you! (You can get the page here. Please print in landscape format on regular white 8.5x11 paper and do not alter the image or paper in any way.)
Can’t afford a flower crown, or get one fast enough? Can’t print and bring the paper? Don’t worry, your fellow Fannibals have you covered! CCI has given us an official fan meetup space that we will be using to distribute free extra flower crowns and paper signs!! Stop by the Manchester Grand Hyatt hotel on Friday July 10th, any time from 7:00pm - 8:00pm, inside the Cortez Hill room on the 3rd floor of the Seaport Tower. All Fannibals are welcome, but please only take a crown and paper if you will be attending the Hannibal panel on Saturday and don’t have one. (Flower crown donations welcome!) We ask that you RSVP here so we know what to expect.
If the meetup time doesn’t work for you but you are in need of a crown/paper for the panel please let me know ahead of time and I promise I will work something out for you!

We want as many panel attendees as possible to be wearing the crowns and holding the signs when our panelists come onstage, so please spread the word! Let’s show Bryan Fuller, Hugh Dancy, Richard Armitage, and Martha De Laurentiis the love they deserve at SDCC!

hngh I actually tried to focus more and allow myself to get a bit more detailed. I really wanted to quit halfway into this but AAAA I’m happy with the final result c’: Dubai BTS fashion ended me let me tell y’all…

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Ngoziu is a great illustrator, but a mediocre storyteller. It's one of the reasons we're seeing a rise in dissatisfaction with OMGCP and Zimbits (gaining by the day really). If you love it, great! You're right. Everyone who disagrees can go find something they enjoy. But the fact of the matter remains that the story as it has been written since the kiss is flat and /yes/ uninteresting. They're still cute characters, but lifeless. I am skimming now & everyone I know is also. It's basically dead.

I… I literally do not know how to respond to this?

Like, people are obviously entitled to their opinions, and I generally don’t start arguments that are based in personal opinions, because it’s pretty much like: 

Originally posted by kawaiild-stallion

…which isn’t fun for anyone.

I’m just confused about how a few sentences about how I support positive representations of healthy relationships earns me this… very confusing message?

If you aren’t interested anymore, and are just “skimming” it, why bother? Why read it all? Why put time and effort into joining the Discourse? It confuses me, Anon.

Originally posted by bookish

I feel like there are a lot of posts out there about how Ngozi uses visual storytelling masterfully, and how the background colors and test placements are all significant and cohesive over years of posting the story, so I won’t rehash that all (well, more than that did, I guess). [However, it’s pretty crappy to call other people’s work out for being subpar? It takes a lot to put your work out into the world, and N does it for free. Be respectful, dude.]

But I do want to reiterate that I find it super disconcerting that so many people find a legitimately pure and healthy relationship between the main characters in a story to be somehow lacking? I worry for some of you, honestly (and I really mean that, no sarcasm intended, it is worrisome). And incredibly weird to me.

As for the assertion that “it’s basically dead”?

I feel like at least almost 3,000 people disagree with you. Quickly, loudly, passionately, and with a lot of money proclaiming otherwise.

As for the “rise in dissatisfaction with ZImbits”,

Originally posted by samisoffthewall

I’m pretty sure most of that comes from people upset that their fanon characterization of the barely featured (because it isn’t about him, like, almost at all?) antagonist is so very not supported by canon. N has said from the start that KP is the foil in Bitty’s story. He’s the antagonist. Being mad that he isn’t portrayed as a good guy, and projecting the role of “bad guy” onto the main characters is just…

Originally posted by partyingzebra18

So. I don’t actually want to start a fight, Anon. I wasn’t even going to reply, because the idea of getting anonymous hate because I enjoy something is so strange that I don’t really know what to say. But, seriously, if you and your friends don’t give a shit about the main character’s story, maybe do yourselves and the rest of us actually invested fans a favor, and stay out of the fandom discussion.

And for anyone reading this and thinking that this Anon was totally justified in sending this ridiculous message