I know I am nothing more than a small artist, but I need to get this across. Content creators and artists like myself will be affected by the death of net neutrality. For artists like myself, not only will it become harder and harder for us to get our art out there, we’ll all struggle to gain support. If this becomes a reality, no longer will it be that content creators can make a living off of the internet, it will become a risky business not many are willing to take.  We can’t have this happen, and I need my voice heard, you need your voice to be heard.

sakebobomb  asked:

OwO I have an awful memory and can't remember if I asked for a match-up. But may I? I am 5'6", Gemini, Smart ass... Artist, Singer, Actor, Everything artsy... I have crippling depression, too many memes to keep me happy. I love bunnies, stars, coffee, flowers, and nature. Um... Hmm... I get along better with animals than I do with people. I can't really think of anything else.

There were so many people I could’ve given to you but, I narrowed down the guys and I chose for you…Jihyun Kim!

Okay so here me out on this, he would love your smart-ass tone because you’re expressing yourself and (I canon that he was a bit of a smart-ass too). You both are really into artsy things and you usually both draw with each other, and sing on some occasions. Also with the depression thing you both can help support each other on it and (I also canon that he does like memes and not the old people on facebook kind). Also he loves that you’re into bunnies, coffee, flowers, and nature because he loves them too! He shows you all of his pictures that he has of them while you both cuddle up on the couch. And he absolutely adores how you can connect with animals because he thinks both you and the animals are adorable.

So that’s who I think you would be good with. I apologize if you don’t like the person but this is who I personally think you would be good with. 

Exalted Secret Santa, Ninth Edition

Hello friends,

I have hosted the Exalted Secret Santa art exchange for four years on deviantArt and for three years on tumblr. We have had nearly 30 different participants through the years and a few who have come back year after year, so I am happy to see both returning artists and total newcomers (to the event, or to Exalted itself!) If you are a tumblr artist and interested in participating, please reblog or send me an ask! You would be required to do the following:

1) Post a journal to tumblr by December 3rd, containing the descriptions of at least two characters you would like drawn. These could be your own characters, friends’ ones, canon characters, alternate designs if you only have one character; it’s just nice to provide the person drawing for you with more than one option in case they are not comfortable with your first. The journal should provide all the physical and otherwise relevant details needed to draw your character, though please provide a picture reference if at all possible. (In case you want a template, this post from last year is a great example.) In addition, if you have any relevant squicks or phobias that might come up in the course of a stranger drawing your character, please note it in the journal. (For example, “Kejak always has his emerald spider on his shoulder, but please don’t focus on it and keep the spider cartoony, since they freak me out a bit.”) Make it as easy as possible for your gifter to draw your character!

Feel free to post it up as soon as I’ve confirmed you’re in! The longer you go without posting the journal, the less time your sender will have to draw for you, so try to get it up quickly. Please tag these with #exalted or #exalted secret santa so that I can find them (or feel free to message me with a link to it). Once they are all completed, I will make a full post with links to every journal, and tell you through asks or the message system who you will draw for.  

2) Have your asks or submit box open for your assignment, or make sure to check your messages. Please let me know if you are going to drop off the grid at any point during the secret santa in case the person drawing for you needs any further details beyond what is in your journal. If there are any emergencies that will render you unable to complete the trade, please let me know as soon as possible so I can work out an alternative.

3) Submit a piece of finished artwork by December 31st. (you will have over 3 weeks to work on this. if you think you cannot make this due date, please do not enter the secret santa. It always sucks to be the one who doesn’t get a present or who gets it weeks after everyone else. do not do this to someone.) Tag your submission with the secret santa tag and with your giftee’s name if you want, or I can notify them it’s up. Once most of the gifts are posted I will begin to collect them in a big awesome post for posterity.

Let me know by December 3rd and I will have your assignments to you within 24 hours if at all possible. Again, before you respond, please consider if you will have time for this trade during the busy holiday season and get back to me if you are sure. Feel free to message me with any questions you have!

Sorry, I do not accept writing or mechanics submissions for this Secret Santa (though you are welcome to accompany your picture with some text, and totally welcome to host a writing exchange of your own!)


Commission Time!

I am a Professional Artist from an Indy Comic company known as BadCog Studios I am the colorist of that company Working on their Comic Outlaw Epic and couple others. I have been doing art for years and well I wish to make a more steady income. I also need new PC Parts. So I am offering my art skills.

$15 for sketches

$30 for inks

$45 for flats

$60 for full colors

$75 if you want all 3 things

and for those who want to support but don’t have a lot of money. For $3 you can buy a mystery Doodle its a doodle will it have color will it be detailed who knows? It is a mystery -wiggle fingers- its like a mystery box!

Prices are up to talking AND if you have lines that wanted coloring there is a special discount! Prices of course very with difficulty, subject, and what not.

Also Artist has the right to refuse work. 

Hey, dogs are good.


Oh look, I drew a little cracky comic in my sketchbook! Inspired of course by FBI’s finest, the super empath Will Graham who can sense a criminal’s motivations and most intimate feelings just by looking at their crime scenes.

Unless, of course, that criminal wants to get into his pants

Okay, but seriously on the topic of straight people being so overly concerned about their children being exposed to homosexuality…

As some of you know, I am a makeup artist in a holistic beauty boutique in a very wealthy area of eastern New York. The week before Halloween I was offering simple costume makeup designs for both adults and children. So my last client of the evening was a 15 year old girl who came in to get her makeup done for the Halloween dance at her school. I was enjoying a conversation with both the girl and her mother when suddenly the topic of transgender came up. I got a little nervous because I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut when I hear people speaking negatively about these sorts of topics and as I mentioned, my store is in a very upscale, white, conservative area…

Anyway, the girl starts telling us that her friend prefers to be a boy now. She says it very simply and comfortably and it made me happy to see her talk about it as if it was really no big deal.

Her mother says

“How does she even know what transgender is though? She’s a little young to be making a decision like that. I really think the media is taking things too far with all this gay stuff. I’m not against it or anything, but didn’t you just tell me two boys in your class are dating too?”

The girl said that yes, two boys she knew were dating and another boy she knew was gay also. (And she also corrected the pronouns her mother used for her friend)

“I don’t mind that she knows that homosexuality is,” the mother said. “But I don’t think it should be taught at such a young age. Did you know it’s on Disney channel now?”

It took me a moment to respond, I just kept painting the girl’s face until I could figure out what I wanted to say.

“Well,” I said. “We tend to teach heterosexuality literally from the time a child is born. Most children’s books and movies are even centered around a romance of some kind like a Prince and a Princess for example. There’s rarely a children’s movie that comes out where the main male and female character don’t end up marrying each other in the end. If we don’t have a problem flooding our children’s minds with heterosexuality from the time they are able to sit up and watch a movie on their own, what is so wrong with showing them two boys or two girls being in love? We aren’t showing them sex. We aren’t showing them anything inappropriate. Since when is love inappropriate? If we show them love in all it’s forms (be it gay or straight) from an early age, they will see that it’s all perfectly normal and natural and maybe we can finally put homophobic the past…”

The woman considered this for a second and then said “I just feel like they see it and then they start to think that they might be too.”

“And maybe they are. But isn’t it better for them to know that it’s okay? They aren’t hurting anyone.”

Then the girl said. “No ones going around just thinking they are gay because they know what gay is, mom. I know what a chicken is, that doesn’t mean I’m going to wake up tomorrow and start clucking.”

I loved this kid. I hope she does well in all of her endeavors

Not A Friendly Reminder

If you are a dick to artists you are an asshole

Especially about commission prices.

The actual standard for commission prices is a 200 dollar starting range.

That is to cover software costs and such before you even dive into what you want.

People like me charge less cause we know the average person can’t really afford that….but note that we need to cover bills as well.

Food money, phone bills, electricity, materials for our artwork, rent, water, etc.

That shit piles on QUICK.

“well why don’t you work a part-time job then?! that will lower the prices!”

No it won’t, and in this day and age not everyone can get a job, some physically and/or mentally can not…..and if you honestly think/say that I should get a job to also undersell myself to you so you can get a commission… never talk to me again.


i spent more time on this than i planned on 

here’s my ctc OC ,  black bat flower :] (She’s completely based on me ok)

Name: look fren i dont know what to call her but u can call her larissa or devil , or batty , B ,you choose

Age: 15

Birthday: 23/02

Height: 1,32

Quirk: Darkness manipulation (damn i didnt know i was this edgy)(but u gotta admit she’d look cool as he*k with darkness and flower petals and everything)

Sexuality: Asexual

Hey so remember when I made these earrings back in 2014?

Well friend and follower @impetusofadream sent me this photo of her (cropped for privacy) and Aaron from back when he was touring earlier this year. Apparently he complimented them, ahah!

So I think that counts enough as proof to say that both George and now Aaron and have seen my Les Mis art and that’s honestly more than I could hope for. Awesome.

L O Y A L T Y. 

fic by redpaiadin // read it on ao3

Keith slumps, and his eyelids flutter as he falls into a cloudy, warm limbo between asleep and awake. Just then, he feels arms wrap around his waist from behind. “Hey there, sleepyhead.” Then there’s a kiss to his temple and Keith smiles, making a contented hum in the back of his throat. He leans back into the gentle embrace, nuzzling soft brown skin, scent of cinnamon peaceful and familiar as it overtakes Keith’s senses.


Four different instances of Klance cuddles, because I can. 

Notes: Hello! So, I felt like writing some tooth-rotting fluff. And this happened? Title is from Loyalty by Kendrick Lamar, because I’m trying to keep up a theme here lol. 

Enjoy reading! 

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