ATTENTION SDCC 2015 ATTENDEES: As you may already know, Hannibal will have a presence at the upcoming SDCC that includes a panel in Ballroom 20 on Saturday July 11th 5:00pm - 5:45pm. We’d like to take a minute during the panel to show our love and support for the panelists at what could be the last ever Hannibal SDCC panel! And obviously the best way to do that is with flower crowns.

The plan is to surprise them by getting as many of the panel attendees as possible to be wearing flower crowns and giving a loud standing ovation as the panelists first enter the stage, while holding up our “FANNIBALS FOREVER” signs!

Here’s what you need to do: make/buy/get a flower crown for yourself and anyone going to the the panel with you to wear during the panel, and bring a FANNIBALS FOREVER paper with you! (You can get the page here. Please print in landscape format on regular white 8.5x11 paper and do not alter the image or paper in any way.)
Can’t afford a flower crown, or get one fast enough? Can’t print and bring the paper? Don’t worry, your fellow Fannibals have you covered! CCI has given us an official fan meetup space that we will be using to distribute free extra flower crowns and paper signs!! Stop by the Manchester Grand Hyatt hotel on Friday July 10th, any time from 7:00pm - 8:00pm, inside the Cortez Hill room on the 3rd floor of the Seaport Tower. All Fannibals are welcome, but please only take a crown and paper if you will be attending the Hannibal panel on Saturday and don’t have one. (Flower crown donations welcome!) We ask that you RSVP here so we know what to expect.
If the meetup time doesn’t work for you but you are in need of a crown/paper for the panel please let me know ahead of time and I promise I will work something out for you!

We want as many panel attendees as possible to be wearing the crowns and holding the signs when our panelists come onstage, so please spread the word! Let’s show Bryan Fuller, Hugh Dancy, Richard Armitage, and Martha De Laurentiis the love they deserve at SDCC!

here are my meager gemstuck contributions

Each of the characters can summon their associated strife weapon from their gem. John gets a hammer, Rose gets wands, Jade gets a rifle, Karkat gets a sickle… and so on. That one’s fairly obvious.

Gem placement is usually, but not always, governed by class. Knights’ gems are on their shoulders. (Dave’s gem cracked, and it summons a broken sword.) Seers and Witches get forehead gems. Sylphs have their gems located in the abdomen. Thieves have a gem in place of one eye, and Rogues have them in the palm of a hand (both relate to stealing: see what you want, take what you want). Princes and Maids have gems in their bosom/heart. Bards have crotch gems, a parellel to the legendary codpiece.

Breath players are one exception: John’s and Tavros’ gems are located on their backs. Both can summon wings in some way.

Role inversion results in a discolored, sort of clouded over gem. Witch of Void! Rose’s gem and wands are black, Seer of Time! Jade’s gem changes color frequently and randomly (like her randomized shirt signs), Crocker! Jane’s becomes bright red… and so on.

(( edit: Also (I can’t believe I didn’t think of this sooner) inversion is the same thing as gem corruption. When Rose gets corrupted, she turns into an eldritch beast. Jade turns into something Light-based, possibly a big eyeball monster? Jane gets all techno-y/artificial. Aradia becomes a frog-like shapeshifter, Tavros’ form spouts red miles, and Gamzee’s is bliss- and lax-inducing. ))

John and Jade love to fuse, and have loads of fun doing it. Dave and Rose have a harder time fusing, especially because of Dave’s cracked gem; they tend to save their fusion for the direst of times. John fused with Rose once, but found it really weird. Ditto to Jade and Dave.

Other common fusions include Equius/Nepeta (so stable they spend as much time together as they do apart), Terezi/Vriska, Sollux/Karkat, Feferi/Sollux, Vriska/Tavros (usually Vriska pressures Tavros into it against his will – an abusive fusion derived from an abusive relationship that almost always results in disaster), Eridan/Sollux (extremely powerful but unwilling to act), Nepeta/Feferi, and Dirk/Equius.

Calliope’s gem is green and located on her left cheek; Caliborn’s is red and on his right cheek. Together they form a very powerful – and very unstable – gem fusion. They would have unfused a long time ago, but Gamzee thought it would be hilarious to use advanced gem technology to weld them together permanently. Now the two souls, unfused in all but physical form, vie for control over their powerful shared body.

Also Caliborn wants to fuse with Jake and overpower both of them.