“Amethyst ?”
“Yeah P ?”
“You know you’re my partner in time right ?”
“..heh, as long as you’re my partner in crime~

Day 2: Crossover
Life is Strange
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ID #26417

Name: Bell
Age: 17
Country: Serbia

I’m a huge bookworm, I love Harry Potter (I’m a Gryffindor, house pride!!). I love TV shows and everything Marvel related. I’m learning how to play the guitar. I adore music (rock and pop). I’m a very artistic person, I draw and wright.
I’m a introvert but I also like meeting new people. I would like to meet some people that are not from my country.

Preferences: No, as long as you’re not homophobic (I’m bisexual, so it would be very weird), racist ect. ect…

When you realize you can’t paint and you neglected your beloved chemistry book…

Thanks a lot to the people who support arts even if it is not fanarts (not art related to any fandom) just ocs or original arts ! Because supporting something you are not into it but to help the artist is the real care! So thank you guys ! ×3

I might have mentioned to my professor when I submitted my original play that I, uh, have already drawn a lot of the characters from it so;; he asked me to send them all to him :0

So I went and did some “concept art” of everyone haha, though technically it counts since it’s the first time I’ve drawn all of them full-body, and the first time I’ve even colored Ava, so yeah ^^ (I didn’t include Lucian because I didn’t feel like coming up with an outfit for him. Laziness at it’s peak right here)

You know the drill, all of these dorks belong to me, please don’t steal them or their outfit designs c:

I tend to go overboard sometimes...

So as part of photography we were asked to make photograms so we could learn more about using the darkroom as well as the enlargers. The smart thing to do would be to make something simple for a good grade. And I did that and my first print came out simple although the quote was unreadable. And then it got complicated…

The idea was simple at first - show memories escaping an open pocket watch, have someone reaching for it. Done. Somewhat inspired by Doctor Who. Except what ended up happening was that I spent way too much time obsessing over the whole thing. I had to go over the quotes on the acetate paper numerous times to make sure no light would go through them and make it unreadable. The whole thing was also going to be way too difficult to arrange in the darkroom so I had to arrange it between two pieces of acetate paper and then tape it shut. Then there was the meaning, some of which did not occur to me until I was putting this photo together

1. Pocket watch opens, releasing all the time and memories the man had
2. Skeletal hand in the corner is the man, nearing death, trying to remember all of what he did in his life and begging for just a little more time.

3. If you count the waves and dots, you will find a total of 12. How many hours are on a watch?
4. Three quotes, all relating to different parts of the man’s life (Came from small beginnings, manages to make a name for himself and does great things that gains himself respect. After a life of rushing about, he finds that in his old age he finally wants to slow down and, maybe, he just doesn’t want to go yet)

5. Also from three different fandoms: Uncharted 3, Firefly, and Doctor Who

6. Three quotes for three arms on the watch
7. The three quotes follow a theme (Kind of a stretch): 1) # of dependent clauses is zero, topic of the theme is a major part of Uncharted 3. 2) Quote is from a Mal Reynolds (Three syllables), if you remove the contraction from the quote, becomes 10 words. 3)The last words spoken by the 10th Doctor, who can regenerate 12 times (So far…)

The best part of all of this? I haven’t even done the photogram for this yet and the project is due on Monday…

At least I already did some of the reflection here right now. I’ll post the finished project, in all it’s black and white goodness, when I make it and get it back.

So mad...

From what I just heard from @bluebiesartblog  I really want to make an Artist on Strike kind of month-long campaign. I might even make a logo JUST for watermarking all my artwork. We can work together as artist to try and make it clear that art theft is serious. And it is honestly making the artist more and more uncomfortable with sharing their artwork. This is why I personally haven’t been posting my artwork on Tumblr lately. Would like to chat with some of the artists about creating said strike. Maybe for this April coming up? 

Idk, I felt like drawing kiddies. Tis on the…left is little Gia (or lil’ G as we call her) and meh baby Ken, but a kid version of him. It was crappily done but…

I should honestly be in bed, but…I couldn’t stop >.> Older Ken and Gia are the ones talking, btw. I miss these two because I swear to god, I just see them being like really cool somewhat-siblings-but-really-are-not XDDDD

Gia belongs to @captainphoe

The Butterfly Man // Part03 // Darkness
This is the story of the maelstrom, the black vortex. My story… - original writing and recording - "Shapes in the darkness. Stirring up the silence of the water. Floating, almost drowning in the liquid fear"

Since posting from Soundcloud to Tumblr still doesn`t work (both the Soundcloud- and Tumblr-Support said that they are aware of the problem and working on it), here is a link to the next “Butterfly Man” part. A bit more complex storytelling. For those who know the story already, this is a new recording since I finally know how to use my equipment ;P