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i hope you don't mind me asking, but what company do you use to make your patches? i am but a wee artist but I'd like to start making n selling some patches?

my buddy jackie (you should check out her website and shop) reccomended mallpatches and they’ve been p good!

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Hi. My ultimate goal in the future is to create my own animated tv show but I'm currently in high school right now. I've created some character designs for the show and I have an outline of what it's going to be like but I don't know what can I do now to get myself closer to that goal? Thank you :)

Hi Anon,

That’s awesome! As of right now, I’ve never actually pitched a show. I can only tell you how to get as far as where I am currently, which is a storyboard artist. But here’s my two cents.

I would start researching how to get a job as a storyboard artist, or any form of internship at a studio. Many show creators start out as storyboard artists. Start small and work your way up, and be prepared to work very hard. Show creators usually have a good amount of experience under their belts doing other jobs in animation before they are trusted with running a show. Imagine being captain of a ship but never stepping foot on a boat before…that would be a pretty rocky voyage.

Another thing to keep in mind: the studio may want to see multiple show ideas. A vague idea for a world and characters would probably be enough just to have in your back pocket, in case they say, “Your pitch was interesting, but we already have something like that in the pipeline. Do you have any other ideas?” 

And not to sound like a wet blanket but…be prepared for your ideas to change a lot. And your character designs. And your outline. Everything will change, and that’s okay. It’s part of the process. And if you really can’t imagine something changing, be prepared to stand up and fight for the ideas you really believe in. 

Like I said, I’m a board artist and all this is just what I’ve observed! I haven’t even pitched a show. But hopefully this helps you take your next steps.

ps: Feel free to hire me later… ;)

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my one favourite hc that i dont think of that much is that andrew has actually a nice singing voice and neil is good with drawing, like imagine andrew singing something that is close to what he thinks and feels and neil sits there and never takes his eyes off andrew

oh man i agree that andrew has a great singing voice but it sadly remains an unearthed talent bc i cannot imagine a universe where andrew would actually sing fjfkgk also i am so on board with artist neil i love the idea of him really getting into it and filling up sketchbooks with intimate charcoal studies of andrew i also love the idea of artist andrew like, he’s that asshole who can just casually make a masterpiece in ten minutes then shrug it off like it’s nothing

side note, as I edit this terribly angsty karabita fic I just want to share

I have considered writing a fic about Karamatsu’s Adventures With Etsy, which mostly involve him creating a shop that’s all actually well made stuff, but it’s all covered in sequins and his face. And it’s just. Horrible. But then a bunch of hipsters find it and think he’s being ironic and start buying his shit in droves. It becomes like this insane street art/performance art thing, like totally memetic bullshit. And everyone’s like “why are people buying your garbage???” and he’s like “because I am an artiste”.

(Chibita would eventually get tired of him being an arrogant shithead and show him the people making fun of him online, then instantly feel terribly guilty because Karamatsu is heartbroken. Karamatsu decides he must be True To His Heart ™ and makes a series of painful videos that shows he’s uh. Genuinely awful. And loses a lot of his fans. Chibita must comfort him. But some weirdos online are attracted to his big heart and endearingly earnest sensibilities, and he still retains a small but loyal fanbase. the end.)

idk guys this is my sense of humor

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Hey there, I saw your post on the art theft and those related to it and I am honestly outraged, as I am a struggling artist myself. This is such a low thing to do! I hope you do find the will to make such wonderful art again and those people stop getting their asses confused with their elbows and apologize and stop stealing from then on.

Thank you!! I believe if you steal another’s design or illustration you have no right being a designer or a creative. If Milklim is stealing art or even buying taobao shirts with my stolen art on it, in my opinion they’ve stopped too low. They’re no longer competitive, no longer creative enough. It’s a sad reflection of their current designers having no ideas of their own.

Now I did hear that Milklim was sold to the company that made Wonder Rocket and Kokokim. In changing hands into a conglomerate maybe some of their newer designs are dodgy, I noticed they’re simpler, less exciting than before “watered down”… This is the fast-fashionidization of Harajuku… And we all know, fast fashion is rubbish and likes to steal art and designs. That’s why I think this has happened, as for my own art. I’ll probably eventually get back to it, I’ve been hurt from a few incidents that caused me artblock, one being university teachers that told me I shouldn’t draw like that, another being my work stolen in Shibuya 109.


Oh look, I drew a little cracky comic in my sketchbook! Inspired of course by FBI’s finest, the super empath Will Graham who can sense a criminal’s motivations and most intimate feelings just by looking at their crime scenes.

Unless, of course, that criminal wants to get into his pants


i spent more time on this than i planned on 

here’s my ctc OC ,  black bat flower :] (She’s completely based on me ok)

Name: look fren i dont know what to call her but u can call her larissa or devil , or batty , B ,you choose

Age: 15

Birthday: 23/02

Height: 1,32

Quirk: Darkness manipulation (damn i didnt know i was this edgy)(but u gotta admit she’d look cool as he*k with darkness and flower petals and everything)

Sexuality: Asexual

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Wrath and tsurugi?¿

I found my old sketch and decided to color it~ but added some nonsense too.


i’m sry i tried 2 b serious.

This is another OLD ask, from when I asked for quick pair suggestions. But I got this one after I closed them the day before, yet I still wanted to do it. UGH. But then ALL THE EVENTS IN THE MANGA HAPPENED and I was(and still am) afraid to get my hopes uppppp AHHH. HELPPP. let them be wrath pair come onnnnnnnn.