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aries: “i have a lot of talent today" 

 taurus: "inspiration hit me like a truck" 

gemini: "i wanna draw something gay but i am limited by my artistic capability" 

cancer: *aggressively tries to get better at art*

leo: "i’d kill three and a half sluts to be able to draw backgrounds like this”

Virgo: “i really want to draw but i’m afraid i won’t be able to" 

libra: "where can i buy inspiration" 

scorpio: "i have .00036% talent today" 

sagittarius: "art is hard when your art style won’t cooperate" 

capricorn: "my inspiration is dead somewhere" 

aquarius: "art is hard" 

pisces: "my art is having an existential crisis and so am i”

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Could you draw a full body Percy saying something smart, please? because he is really smart, of course if you want. Sorry for english, it is my 2 language so I'm no good at it.

I’m sorry I’m sure this is 100% the opposite of what you wanted but I drew this a year ago and I really want everyone to see

Earnest’s Route (1/?)

The writers abandoned the game, so here, as promised.

Part one of Earnest’s route. Please be mindful that I have never done something like this before and require patience. I apologize if someone is out of character but I did try my best. The name used here is Dorothy since that is her original name. 

Since I am no artist, I will call on anyone that might want to sketch things out for the “CG”s. 

“Obviously she chooses me.”
An arm tugs me forward and I crash with someone. Oz. He holds me towards him and presses his cheek to my face. “You do choose me, right? It makes sense for us to be together. Oz’s savior and The Great and Terrible make a catchy slogan.”
A second arm pulls me out of his grasp and it takes all my strength to not fall forward. I turn to see Crowlie glaring at Oz. “She never said she chose you. Cut it out and leave her alone! Obviously Dorothy will pick me; I’m the only logical choice.”
“I haven’t-” I open my mouth to protest when I am cut off.
“Like she’ll actually choose the Scarecrow. I am the perfect choice unlike you three. So, what do you say, Dorothy? Wouldn’t you like to have a real man at your side?” Wesley flashes me a grin as innocent as a sin. I cower away and move out of Crowlie’s grasp.
“I haven’t chosen anyone,” I protest.
My eyes scan the room for anyone willing to help. The guys around me are absorbed in a dispute over a choice I haven’t yet completed, Norton watches them with a worried expression, and Solomon has an avid expression of interest. There is no one around me that I can turn to.
“Toto, help-” My voice cuts off when I see that Toto is too busy to lend a hand. The tiny dog barks playfully at the floating Solomon and nips at him whenever he jumps towards him.
A feeling of utter solitude washes over me and I clench my fists around my dress. All around me, the debate continues. A choice I would rather not make, and have not made, is slowly suffocating me. Everyone seems intent to force me to choose but no one seems willing to let me choose.
“I just think Dorothy could do better than a dead man walking-”
“What did you say tin can?!”
“Dorothy is going to choose me! I have the courage to protect her-”
“And the restraint to devour her. No, I am the most mature choice out of you lot-”
“Fine words from someone who left her on a balloon. I am the far more wise choice-”
Despair tugs at me as I see chaos begin to break out between the men gathered. I turn towards the last two remaining in the room whom have not yet descended into an argument.
“Do something, please, or they’ll tear each other ap-” My voice cuts off when I see Solomon laugh lightly.
“My, my, they are animated,” He completely ignores me and rests his chin on his hand, eyes twinkling with amusement. Next to him, Norton is no better. He is gradually getting impatient and I know he is restraining himself as to not scream. Eventually, the color on his cheeks becomes more present and he closes his eyes.
“Enough! Stand down! You are in the presence of Lord Solomon and fighting will not be tolerated!”
His voice resounds over the room and the argument is cut short. My breath escapes me slowly as calmness slowly ebbs back into the room. I press a hand to my chest in relief.
“Thank you,” I mumble.
My gratitude is lost on Norton as he clears his throat and fixes me with an odd stare. His eyes are cold for a moment, and his voice teeters on the edge of scolding. “Now, Dorothy was in the process of making a choice. Please, Dorothy, make your choice before they resume their fighting. The more you delay, the more you will cause them to bicker.”
“I’m sorry,” the phrase leaves my lips in a quiet whisper. I don’t know why I am apologizing, but Norton seems calmer now that he has heard it. The boys, I notice, also lower their heads.
“Sorry, Dorothy, I lost my patience,” Heartmann presses a hand to his armor and tilts his head down. Crowlie and Leonardo next to him mumble their own apologies while Wesley mutters a ’whatever’ and Oz looks away.
“Now, Dorothy, your choice please,” Solomon calls out. He floats on his cane and ignores the little dog yapping at him.
I press my hands at my side and bite my cheek. How can I choose someone at random? I just arrived not long ago and can not be expected to make such a weighty choice out of nowhere? Choosing a partner takes getting to know someone and so many other things, so how can they all just expect me to select someone at the drop of a hat?
“I-Do I have to?”
My question stuns the men in the room. They edge closer to me, and I find myself suddenly being tugged between them.
“I know it’s sudden, but you can just choose me for now. I can keep you safe from them,” Heartmann offers.
He is shoved away by the others who make their own suggestion to the same extent. I inch back from their advances until I am at an arm’s length away from Norton and Solomon.
The former looks inclined to speak on my behalf, and he opens his mouth to do so, but Solomon shakes his head. His face remains as joyful as ever, but I am quick to notice an intensity to his gaze. For whatever reason, he wants me to choose a boyfriend here and now.
“Dorothy, you have to choose. I brought you here to make a choice between them, and they are all fine choices. Wesley and Oz were even called for the occasion. Just pick whomever you like, you must have a preference.” His eyes twinkle with amusement and I look away.
“I think it would be better if we postpone this,” Norton states, “Dorothy just arrived and she must be in shock-”
“She can just choose someone until after her birthday. It’s not a marriage, Dorothy,” Solomon shoots him down with another bright smile.
Frustration gnaws at me and I feel like I’m suffocating for a second. “I really think I should wait a bit before making a choice-”
“What’s so hard about choosing? Just pick me and get it over with.” Wesley edges towards me and I move away. I am tired of being pulled in opposite directions and have no desire to be touched again. My hands wrap around my form as a way to steady myself.
“Back away, wizard! Dorothy just pick me and you can leave-”
“No, choose me-”
“No, me-”
Chaos quickly descends again and I feel faint. My head is spinning as the room descends into an argument. I squeeze my eyes shut to steady myself and my fists clench at my sides.
Stop!” My scream cuts off the noise in the room. I feel startled gazes on me, and I nearly cower away, but I force myself to remain firm. If I let go of their attention now, they’ll start arguing again. “Do you really want me to choose?”
Solomon nods at my question and offers me another dazzling smile in an attempt to calm me. Next to him, Norton has a frown on his face that looks both bothered and sympathetic. Everyone else stares at me intently, their breaths held for my words.
I scan each face in an attempt to make a choice.
It’s no use. Their faces blur through my mind and I find myself unable to select someone. The entirety of this situation is so ridiculous that I find myself feeling tired. My fists ease and I press my palms to my dress. The room seems to be spinning for a second, and I feel like the air is slowly being drained out.
“I choose…” My voice sounds distant, far away, “I choose…”
I can’t do it. I can’t make myself choose something so important at the snap of a finger. I shake my head, look at the expectant looks I am getting, and spin around.
“I choose no one!”
My scream echoes through the shocked room and I take off in a run. Behind me, I hear my name being called and people scrambling to follow. I shoulder the door to the throne room open and keep running. I have no idea where I am going, but I know I have to get away.
A color rises to my cheeks, shame and shock, when I realize what I did. I ran and embarrassed myself in front of the most important people in Oz. Granted, people that were forcing me to do something I didn’t want to do, but still the most important people here.
I squeeze my eyes shut and dive into a quiet corridor of the palace. The sounds of people running sound distant now, but I keep going. I need to get away before they reach me-
I smash into something hard and fall back. My back hits the floor painfully and I cry out in alarm. Slowly, my eyes travel up to meet someone above me. I had crashed into them by accident.
A handsome man stands above me; his hair is a pale white, his eyes a bright red, and his clothes odd. I gaze up at him blankly as he stretches out a hand.
“Are you okay?”

I want to start off by saying i am not artistic at all. That being said i am pretty proud about how this turned out. It took me a couple weeks to get it to this point and I really like it. Mark and Jack are my two favorite youtubers. I love both them and what they do for their communities. It would make me so happy for them to see this so I can show them my love and thanks for all they do. Especially today because it’s my 20th birthday! (June 27th, the day before Mark’s!) Thank you again for all you two do! @therealjacksepticeye @markiplier


i was talking to my friend about sebastian stan’s beard and then she had to bring up chris evan’s beard and then we decided that there should be a fourth captain america movie

the plot is that steve and bucky retire from saving the world and just get to be happy and in love. since they don’t have to be clean and shiny for the public, they grow beards and always look cozy

scenes include:

steve gets home from the store. bucky’s flipping through tv channels and lands on the news where they see the avengers doing something heroic and probably unnecessarily dangerous. steve grabs the remote, turns the tv off, and says “do you want marshmallows in your cocoa?”

they cuddle in front of the fireplace with either a romcom or 40s jazz playing for background noise. they’re both wearing sweaters & fuzzy socks. they each have a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows. the lighting is very soft. 

the picture fades to black. steve and bucky are safe, happy, and in love. it’s everything they deserve but that marvel will never give them


Oh look, I drew a little cracky comic in my sketchbook! Inspired of course by FBI’s finest, the super empath Will Graham who can sense a criminal’s motivations and most intimate feelings just by looking at their crime scenes.

Unless, of course, that criminal wants to get into his pants


i spent more time on this than i planned on 

here’s my ctc OC ,  black bat flower :] (She’s completely based on me ok)

Name: look fren i dont know what to call her but u can call her larissa or devil , or batty , B ,you choose

Age: 15

Birthday: 23/02

Height: 1,32

Quirk: Darkness manipulation (damn i didnt know i was this edgy)(but u gotta admit she’d look cool as he*k with darkness and flower petals and everything)

Sexuality: Asexual

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Wrath and tsurugi?¿

I found my old sketch and decided to color it~ but added some nonsense too.


i’m sry i tried 2 b serious.

This is another OLD ask, from when I asked for quick pair suggestions. But I got this one after I closed them the day before, yet I still wanted to do it. UGH. But then ALL THE EVENTS IN THE MANGA HAPPENED and I was(and still am) afraid to get my hopes uppppp AHHH. HELPPP. let them be wrath pair come onnnnnnnn.