But can you imagine how Bones feels the first time he sees Jim in that new outfit

Jim’s putting it on and comes out with his usual nonchalant demeanor while asking Bones what he thinks, and Bones has to take a second because that brash, messy-haired kid he fell in love with is fitting the image of a mature, legendary captain more and more every day and he couldn’t be more proud of Jim

FMO’s Steve/Bucky fic recs

In the spirit of appreciating fellow fic writers, here are some of my faves! They tend toward the tame and cuddle-focused because that is who I am as a person, basically.

#1 all-time fave: 

This Part of Love by taste_is_sweet (G)

- The one where Bucky’s going to basic tomorrow and Steve tenderly combs lice out of his hair because that’s what you do when you love someone. That summary totally fails to describe the gorgeousness of this fic, so just trust me. This one is relatively short but there’s such a palpable sense of love between the two characters that’s really shown rather than told. It totally destroys me emotionally, in the best way.

More recs under the cut:

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I’m gonna go on a mini rant. I have nothing against 5SOS, I’m just personally not a fan. I’m a huge 5H fan though, so of course I’ve been voting for them like crazy. I’ve been combing through the hashtag and I have not seen with my own eyes a single tweet bashing 5SOS. The majority of harmonizers are just lifting their girls up without tearing anyone down. But I’ve seen so many posts by 5SOS fans making it personal, saying stuff like “we gotta beat 5H” and shit like that. This just pisses me off so much. I’m not saying all harmonizers are innocent, but I am saying that 5SOS fans are far more immature. They slut shame my girls and they act like their goal is not to help 5SOS win, but to make 5H lose. And that makes me really angry.

!! EDIT !! I would like to add to this post because now that 5SOS has won, I have seen some really disgusting tweets from people who were upset that 5h lost. I made this callout post for 5SOS fans that take it too far and now I’m calling out 5h fans too. I refuse to call them “harmonizers” bc a real harmonizer would never be so cruel and petty.

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I just spoke to a very rude person who said he has aspergers. It was stressful because he's combative. He asked what kind of autistic I am and I said, "just the general kind I guess," and he said "Oh, the kind I hate." And tried to make me feel as bad as possible. He thinks he's better than all other autistics because he's "high functioning." I just got less verbal the more rude he was. I couldn't explain it, and still am having trouble. How can I explain the spectrum doesn't mean high to low?

Oh my god, that’s terrible. I’m sorry to hear this happened to you! Yes, we try to support the community, but there are of course some people who are elitist and rude. We are very much against this division into “high-functioning” and “low-functioning,” or “Asperger’s” vs. “Kanner’s,” for that matter, in the instances when they are used to degrade and harm others. There is something floating around that people don’t like to talk about, which I’ve heard called, “Aspie Elitism”. Basically it means that some people with Asperger’s believe that they are somehow better (more intelligent, more verbal, more creative, more ‘special,’ etc.) than people without the diagnosis of Asperger’s (this can include people with other forms of autism, and sometimes even non-autistic people). It’s essentially people taking the idea of a spectrum and thinking it’s a hierarchy. I like to think of the spectrum as a true spectrum–not a line with low-functioning on one side and high-functioning on the other side, but a variable condition that can be as individualized as being different based on the time of day.

[Image is a line with arrows going in both directions. On the left-hand side are the words “low-functioning” and “Kanner’s autism”. On the right-hand side are the words “high-funcitoning” and “Asperger’s Syndrome.”]

This is what a spectrum really is:

[Image is a spectrum of all colors used in a Paint program to choose shades of color. It coordinates with the (inexpressible) range of autism and autistic traits in a given person at a given time.] 

God I think the most annoying thing about writing is the editing, always, always there are these two or three words that don’t feel right, and I’ll rewrite them in ten different ways, and by then English becomes foreign to me and I’m sitting here like is washing even a word, it doesn’t sound like a word, is it a word. I really wish I wasn’t such a minimalistic writer because I fine-comb all my sentences and it’s always skeletal and I just hate it and then when I read over my work it just never flows for me, because in the span of half an hour I’ve edited and saved it in ten different versions, re-read it like a hundred time and I am like, I should really sleep on this, but I just want to freaking post it into the abyss and get it over with! 

All of this for a piece that is like 30 words long - wtf!!! (shameful!)

silversteampunk asked:

Can you please keep the drama out of the Ava's Demon tag? I'm not trying to be mean in the slightest, but if someone in the fandom is being a problem it's not hard to just block them. Again, I'm not trying to mean, but it isn't your job to police people and put them out on display. There's a huge difference between calling out public figures and calling out kids on the internet. At this point it's really just bullying. Again I'm not trying to be mean or combative.

wrathiabellarmina is not a kid. she is 20. she is older than me. she has to own up to her actions.

wrathiabellarmina suicide-baited, emotionally abused, and misgendered a minor. i am letting people know she is a dangerous person. and you’re calling me the bully here?

i already said everything i wanted to say in the tag, the only reason i’m still talking about this is because anti-sjs keep sending me asks.

Sleep is for the weak

One night when it was bad you asked me why I never fall asleep the way I used to.
“ I am scared of him.”
You tilt your head in confusion and hold my smaller hand in yours and ask me “ who? Who is this man?”
“The night.” I tell you in complete confidence in knowing that something so complex to you is so simple to me" Your laugh disarms me as you comb through my hair,“ The night isn’t a person, it’s just the sky turning of its light. it’s gods cruel way of giving everyone a second chance”
I place his nervous hands back in his lap,“ the night is a real man. He sneaks up on me and holds me in place so I dare not to squirm. He is a poet writing my every line for me to commit to memory. He’s a man with no face, but when I see him I recognize it immediately. He masters in weakness and points at every flaw and flinch, and his cold fingertips reach my temple and my mind explode with stress and anxiety in a heavy storm of color.”
You’re eyes are brimming with concern and ask me how you can help me.
“ There’s no helping me, or the people he goes to torture every morning when he is finished with me.
I only ask you not to let him smother me.”

https://youtu.be/tK1xgRW-Mm8?t=324 watch from here on out to see me, dr . east!!! i relate to him so so so much!!! we are the same person. i am going to cosplay him in september to meet jeffrey combs!!!! Dr. East even transforms into a monster and also swallows this thing by accident and then a monster rips out of his stomach and also he’s super spacey and stutters and laughs and is shaky and overly polite how much more Me can it get he’s me!!! its meeeee

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(1)What type of man do you like? (2)What's in your bag (3)What do you want to buy?

1 - Physically I really like a strong jaw *o*, brown eyes, full lips, broad chest and shoulders, big arms and hands ^^ Personality I like a good sense of humor, laid back, charismatic, confident, honest and someone that I can relax / feel comfortable around. A strong character really. ^^

2 - *runs and gets it* Makeup bag, purse, lip gloss, crispy M&M’s, Hello Kitty tin with 3ds games in, hand sanitizer, comb, Hello Kitty fine liner pen, my work name tag, headphones, note pad, plasters and random receipts cx

3 - I would really like to rent an apartment, but realistically I am going to be buying my drivers license and saving up for my own PC (laptops are way too expensive ;-;)

Question Tags

The rules:
tag the person who tagged you and let them know when you’ve finished. answer the questions/tasks and then tag people let the tagged people know they’ve been tagged.
i was tagged by oc-goth
Thank you

answer these questions:
1. how tall are you?
I am honestly not too sure but i’m about taller than both parents and most family members

2. what colour and style is your hair?
Short brown hair. My current style is a comb over sort of thingy but within a week or two it usually grows and has a mind of it’s own

3. what colour are your eyes?
Light Blue

4. do you wear glasses / contacts?

5. do you wear braces?
I think i’m planning to but i need to undergo other dental surgeries too such as aligning my jaw correctly among other things

6. what is your fashion style?
Don’t really have a good fashion sense. Whatevers picked out for me i’ll wear it or i’ll just put on a t-shirt and some pants.

7. what is your name?
Robbie (but Rob is just fine)

8. when were you born?
October 2nd

9. how old are you?

10. where are you from/live now?
I live in Workington, Cumbria famous for that taxi driver who went nuts and murdered a bunch of people in 2010 and the floods which destroyed many different parts of the town in 2009.

11. do you have siblings?
2 older sisters (One born in 1988 and the other in 1991)

12. what school/college do you go to?
I used to attend Southfield Technology College but i will be going to Workington Academy Sixth Form in September

13. what kind of a student were you?
I was quiet when i started but during the last few years i gained the confidence to speak more freely.

14. did you even like school?
It was more positive that negative really although there were a few negatives

15. what were your favourite school subjects?
IT, Drama, English and Philosophy and Ethics

16. what are your favourite shows?
Don’t watch a lot of TV but a few that spring to mind are South Park, American Horror Story, American Dad, The Following (RIP), My Name Is Earl, King Of The Hill, Beavis And Butthead and anything involving Jackass

17. what are your favourite movies?
Too many to really mention but i am certain my all time favourite is Natural Born Killers. But I tend to like most movies to be honest, as long as it entertains me somehow someway i don’t care.

18. what are your favourite books?
Not the number one book reader to be honest but i do like to read a good horror novel and autobiographies (definitely the Long Hard Road Out Of Hell)

19. what is your favourite pass time?
Listen to Music, Surf the Web, Watch films and Play Video games

20. do you have any regrets?

21. what is your dream job?
I’d love to work in the film industry in someway or another, but i really would like to do Crime Scene Photography as that’s a morbid curiosity of mine.

22. would you like to get married one day and where?
I would say maybe, i have never been in a relationship before so i can’t say i’ve ever thought about it.

23. would you like to have kids one day and how many?
Yes i would like to have a few kids but not too many. Even one would do good for me.

24. are you a girly girl, a regular girl or more of a tomboy?
I’m a guy but i’ve mostly grew up around females so i do sympathize with them so perhaps in my heart i do have a weakness for a few girly things but other than that i’m more manly than anything.  

25. do you like shopping?
If for stuff I like, Yes. If for stuff I don’t like, No.

26. what countries have you visited so far?

27. what is the scariest nightmare you have ever had?
I spammed through Bioshock Infinite late one night and had a dream that my friends and I were in the game. It wasn’t really creepy but more unsettling to be honest.

28. do you have enemies?
None that i am totally aware of.

29. who are your best friends?
Liam, Lewis, Matthew, Niall, Cameron, Kai, Jordan H, Daniel, Jordan R, Blea, Kayleigh, Izzy, Danielle, Rachael, Megan, Elisha, Charlotte, Josh

30. do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend and what is their name?

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It’s 3 am. I can’t sleep but I know you’re peacefully dreaming the night away. The Suns close to peaking but my minds far from resting. All I can think about is how madly in love with you I am. Baby I’m infatuated with you. I adore everything about you. Your smile, the sparkle in your eyes, the rasp in your voice, the way you comb your fingers through your hair. Your personality, your spirit, your energy, your vibes. Every little thing about you amazes me, I can’t help but wonder how blessed I am. Just to have you. Just to call you mine. Just to know that one day I can fall asleep in your arms and wake up the next day, laying next to you. Baby not a day goes by where I don’t think about you. You occupy my thoughts, my dreams, my fantasies, my heart. I never expected to love you this much, I never expected to stay up thinking about you, to have you tell me you love me as much as you do. I don’t know what you’ve been through, but I know that I’m here not to fix your past, but to love you unconditionally from now long into the future. I want to give you everything your heart desires, I want to take you to all the places you’ve dreamt about, to show you how much I truly care for you. Baby I love you beyond words, beyond emotions. I love you on an astrological level. The stars in the sky don’t even amount to how much I adore you. 

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Hey bud you seen to know a lot or at least have valid opinions on cultural appropriation. Would it be appropriation if I am white and have really curly hair that has naturally formed into a sort of dread lock?

I am a white person with very curly hair and let me tell you…if your curls are turning into dreads, comb your hair. Get some conditioner in that shit and comb it out. It’s just a big knot and it’s not cultural appropriation it’s just kinda…nasty……..no offense………just take care of your curls….

offreckles | starter call

                    there was something curious about the
          girl. she was hyper and excited most of the time,
          so happy. nothing in the world could ever bother
          her, it seemed to the prince. he was staying at 
          the castle for only a week to hopefully make some
          trading arrangements. dwarves love their fish and
          erebor was willing to trade the finest gold and gems
          they had to offer, not to mention steel weapons of
          any kind hand forged. fili would be forging some
          as well — once an agreement was arranged fili
          would make a ceremonial longsword for elsa, and
          even anna if she desired it. though he had planned
          on making anna a comb for her hair or perhaps a
          jewel encrusted dragon’s egg. she definitely needed
          something out of the ordinary. her personality was
          big enough for an army. something enviable and fili
          wished that of himself.

                    ‘ my fair princess, in one week i will have to 
          leave for my own kingdom. i wish to craft gifts as a 
          thank you. i am forging your sister a longsword for
          any celebratory occasion, but i was wondering what
          i could make you. ‘

Good News!!

So it actually turns out that I am a qualified “homeless veteran” and there’s a VA program that’s going to help me find permanent housing!!

Just got this info about 20 mins ago and there’s still a lot of paperwork and things to comb through; but I’m really hoping this works out!

T’s Audition Tape?

The screen began with grey static, which cleared after a moment to a shaky video of Chris, digging through filing cabinets, grumbling all the while.

“Chef, I can’t believe you lost the audition tape!” Chef scoffed at the accusation.

“I didn’t touch the dang tapes. The interns are the ones who do those kinds of thing.” Chef rolled his eyes as he spoke, watching as Chris’ search became obviously fruitless.

“Ugh! Stupid interns! What am I even paying them for?!” Chris exclaimed, roughly combing his fingers through his hair in frustration.

“I-Interns don’t get paid..” T chimed in timidly from behind the camera, causing Chris to glare at them.

“You aren’t part of this! As soon as we find your auditio- wait,” Chris paused, suddenly noticing the object in the small person’s hands, “why are you holding a camera?” Chris gave T a confused look, before quickly snatching it away from them. He looked into the lens, unable to see that the camera was, in fact, recording. “Where did you find this?” He tilted it a bit, checking himself out in the lens before turning the camera around. Only then did he see the glowing red recording light. “Has this been on? Were you recording us?!” Chris shouted, and T visibly shrank away.

“I-” The video cut back to static. The audition tape was never found.

It’s bizarre to accept that I’m the reason I don’t have close relationships.

It’s taken me so many years to accept that my personality just stems from a severe emotional unavailability. In this vacuum I’ve created my self esteem is rock solid, but if I allow anyone to get really close to me it’s so easy to realize how fragile of a person I am. I really hide in plain sight by being defensive and combative while fully admitting to being sensitive. It’s like if I say it that means I’m aware, but really it was an empty recognition. I didn’t truly realize how fucked up I am when it comes to relationships and friendships until now. I don’t want to always be so closed off, but at the same time I’m so comfortable in my bullshit it seems like it’ll be hard to dig myself out. Even talking to a professional seems frightening and like over sharing and I don’t want to really burden anyone else with my stupid struggle to be a person. 

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Hey, I just got a pixie and I love it but I would really like to know how to make it wavy/curly without heat. Any ideas?

Hey! Congrats on the new look, & I will be the first to admit that I am NOT an expert in hair care treatment/methods/blahh but I will share what I know :)

I don’t like using a lot of heat in my hair either so my hairdresser told me to try pin-curling my hair at night, before I go to bed. 

Personally I like pin-curling rather than constantly breaking out the curling iron.

Pin-curling is basically using your hands or a comb to twist strands of your hair into tight curls, and then using bobby pins to pin each one in place. Just put on a hair wrap or bandana to keep them all from falling out, and in the morning just take them all out, rake your hand though your hair, and then you’re ready to go.

TIP: You might want to put a small amount of a wax based oil/moisturizer in your hair before pin curling it. It will make it easier to manipulate ;)

I really hope this helps! Good luck!✨✨

What is reality?
I am a plaster doll; I pose
with eyes that cut open without landfall or nightfall
upon some shellacked and grinning person,
eyes that open, blue, steel, and close.
Am I approximately an I. Magnin transplant?
I have hair, black angel,
black-angel-stuffing to comb,
nylon legs, lumionous arms
and some advertised clothes.

I live in a doll’s house
with four chairs,
a counterfeit table, a flat roof
and a big front door.
Many have come to such a small crossroad.
There is an iron bed,
(Life enlarges, life takes aim)
a cardboard floor,
windows that flash open on someone’s city,
and little more.

Someone plays with me.
plants me an the all-electric kitchen,
Is this what Mrs. Rombauer said?
Someone pretends with me –
I am walled in solid by their noise –
or puts me upon their straight bed.
They think I am me!
Their warmth? Their warmth is not a friend!
They pry my mouth for their cups of gin
and their stale bread.

What is reality
to this synthetic doll
who should smile, who should shift gears,
should spring the doors open in a wholesome disorder,
and have no evidence of ruin or fears?
But I would cry,
rooted into the wall that
was once my mother,
if I could remember how
and if I had the tears.

—  “Self in 1958″, poem by Anne Sexton, June 1958-June 1965.